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  1. This is quite frankly, the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in gaming. Shame on anyone who signs up to this bullshit. Trophies are achievements and thus to be earned? Crying about the difficulty of obtaining a platinum both undermines the purpose of having a trophy system, and secondly makes the gaming community look like a bunch of self-entitled cry-babies. Get a grip people!
  2. Once the speedrun is completed (or quit out of), the main game can be resumed from the point the speed run was started. Pre-warning though, a Hard Mode game save, will revert to normal difficulty after the speedrun and may void the hard mode trophy, so probably best to do the speedrun before or after the hard mode trophy run!
  3. Correct, if the Wiki is anything to go by and on the assumption nothing has changed for the PS4 version; 'A previous save game can be used to initiate a speed run, including all earned items, skills and character development.' 👍 Doesn't sound too daunting in hindsight with a bit of planning and care.
  4. No save at all, so if you leave, you'll have to start afresh. You can pause the game though. There's no official time in which the game has to be done in. The good thing is that you can initiate a speed run from a save of your main game, starting the 'speed run' game with your main game's character and equipment, skills etc etc. Anything collected new in the speed run is lost once you exit, so nothing new is gained for your main character. Good question; I think using an endgame save character sub 20 or even 10 hours would be doable if concentrating just on main questline I never did it originally, but for those interested, the optimum strat for super speedrun can be seen on the DD Wiki here Sarge
  5. My understanding of the speedrun trophy is exactly as you have described; no online functionality, no access to pawns other than default ones provided etc, but with the addition that the following caveats apply: 1) The game cannot be saved and thus must be completed in one session 2) A single death will end the game and you have to start again, though Wakestone revivals are ok Current speed record is 14 minutes..! Sarge