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  1. You realise you're on a trophy hunting website, right? Right..?
  2. Any chance they added a trophy/achievement merchant in this one like in Automata? 80 hours of farming super rare materials (RNG hated me) for the upgraded weapons in the PS3 version has really put me off wanting to do this all again
  3. The Xbox achievement system works on Gamerscore (Gs). For full titles, a game would usually have 1000gs or gamerscore, with the harder or rarer trophies equivalent to Gold and Silver trophies usually (but not always) having a higher Gamerscore award tied to the achievement. For example, a normal bronze trophy equivalent might have 10gs, or 20gs or 30gs, whereas a silver might have 50gs or 100gs, Gold trophy equivalents might have even more. Depending on the game/developer, this figure could really be anything. Base games usually have 1000gs unless they are older Xbox Arcade titles which used to have 200 gamerscore each and now I think that is increased to 400gs. You could consider those equivalents to games that don't have trophies I guess. On top of that you obviously have dlc which will (but not always) have achievements and gamerscore as well, and that can literally take some games into the thousands depending on the amount of content/dlc.
  4. Didn’t get it, am very very pissed. Killed all 16 racket bosses with wiretap, no trophy. Can people confirm if the game needs to be finished for the trophy to pop? I know that I got the flip trophy immediately after the flipping of the last racket boss, but is this one different?
  5. Couldn't agree more. I myself am on my third playthrough; 2nd playthru killed everyone, no wiretaps, no trophy. 3rd playthru (clean saves, deleted all the others), I have two racket bosses left, have wire tapped, no trophy yet (some people seem to be getting it popping after a random number - I have not). It's literally the last trophy I need for the Platinum and 100%, am so angry - 2K have the cheek to release a 'definitive edition' which contains the same broken shit that the community have reported since the original launch. Sent an angry support ticket to 2K which I don't expect a response to. If the trophy doesn't pop on this 3rd playthru, I'm done, I just can't bear to do another playthru on the off chance it might pop.
  6. How do you even grind 95K from rank A to rank S? I didn't think that rank could be earnt again if you retry a battle? I've just hit rank A and I don't see enough missions to even total 95K, and that's not including the fact I am struggling like hell to beat chapter 8s fight (Find the terrorists hiding..) I'm only 49 - do I need to farm up some levels to tackle 6 star fights, or is it a case of getting good? If the latter I may as well uninstall it lol Edit: OK so did it eventually thru long ranged cheese of Machine Type A, and finished the game/story - just that S rank grind and the level 99 grind - question above still stands!
  7. Just platted Yakuza 6, woooo. Good game, a lot different from the previous titles, and much shorter platinum, but very much enjoyed the twisty turny storyline!
  8. No, that you can't. Whilst you can certainly do Gambit, you need the dlc to get that.
  9. You can indeed All of the requirements for the trophies are base game, so plattable whether the PS+ version, or the free to play version, just with all the extra content thrown in, such as Warmind and Osiris mini campaigns.
  10. As per Qwerty407, I got this trophy last night. Basically had to delete one of my unused characters (if you had three chars before Shadowkeep/FTP model switch Shaxx quest cannot be completed as I think even if you had it it just removes it), did the starter mission (destiny 1 intro hype) spoke to a few NPCs as per the quests, then Shaxx. Did a few bounties. All in all, took me less than 2 hours to get the gold trophy.
  11. Yep, they could well have already met all of the requirements either on Xbox or on PC and the game has been tracking it all, loaded cross save onto PS4, and boom, trophies/plat.
  12. Free to play version will not include Forsaken or obviously Shadowkeep, but it does come with a lot of content (source Interwebs): When New Light, the free to play system for Destiny 2 launches in September, the following things will be totally free for everyone to jump into: The base campaign + all of the base game All of Curse of Osiris and Warmind Every single planet as a patrollable area to do bounties on and explore — the Moon, Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and all DLC planets Full access to Crucible Every strike All Year 1 Raids (Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars) Full access to Gambit
  13. I've whinged about this over on PushSquare, but I've become sick of this constant updating. I don't think I've seen any other game in my library that has had so many HUGE patches. Whilst I appreciate the 'added content' and I've harped on about this before, but as someone in the minority who still has standard ADSL broadband because of the area I live in, getting 12-18GB patches every damn week has put me off playing the game, and I noted another one last night. As a side note, this addition of extra difficulties is just the laziest content I have seen in a long time. I'd argue that it isn't even content, it's just yet another mode for the same thing for the sake of another trophy. This stuff should be in the base game, not an after thought wrapped in 'additional content' paper. Unless this spate of enormous updates ceases, I will likely never pick this game up again.
  14. Vanquish. That last challenge broke me. Too old to be able to pull that one off now!
  15. Sign me up, chief! I've platted 4 already, and will be aiming to plat 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3, 5, 6, Judgment, Dead Souls, and Fist of the North Star by Christmas next year :-)