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  1. I'll be very surprised if this game doesn't come to PS5 or PC eventually but either way very excited for another Disgaea game and hopefully there will be DLC characters again from previous games.
  2. I honestly wouldn't recommend doing this considering Beenox has been patching these out fairly quickly and if you set a time with this that you are unable to beat otherwise then future Grand Prix challenges might be impossible to beat.
  3. Nah nah, it isn't my YT Channel but it is probably worth keeping an eye on this guy's channel anyway if he found something like this.
  4. Just in case any of you are struggling with Thunderstruck's Oxide Ghost.
  5. Jungle Boogie is the best place to grind on. Online has a set hour of extra rewards that begins after you play a race and that resets daily, playing on weekends apparently also gives extra coins (online) So ideally, you use up that hour of playing online and after that timer ends for the day you go grind on Jungle Boogie continuously for max efficiency in grinding.
  6. Just for clarification: Spyro has been confirmed but not for next month, he'll most likely show up in September alongside the PC release of Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  7. I'm pretty sure the AI starts rubberbanding really hard on hard mode, which is probably what makes it even more difficult.
  8. It's a shame that the big boy skip in Papu's Pyramid is most likely gone.
  9. No it does not but it doesnt matter in the slightest, the game is smooth and doesnt drop below 30 so its fine.
  10. Oh no, certainly not a 3/10 you definitely need to master the mechanics of the game to beat the Oxide time trials, which brings me to a question actually, do you need to do Oxide's Time Trials on the Nitro Kart tracks aswell or do those still have Velo's times?
  11. I mean N. Oxide time trials still probably have difficulty to them but they cant be anywhere near as bad as Emperor Velo's Barin Ruins time trial in Crash Nitro Kart.
  12. A few select trophies got replaced in RB6S stuff like get ''100 defensive terrorist hunt wins'' is no longer there and has instead been replaced by things like ''Get 5 kills with an AR''
  13. They already confirmed that both Penta Penguin and Oxide won't have the stats that they had in the original and instead have been placed into classes just like the other characters, which most likely has been done so that online isn't just full of Oxides and Pentas
  14. I'm wondering if the Is Everyone Here? trophy includes Penta Penguin or not.