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  1. Damage is where you need to improve then. For the spinning enemies try jumping over them when they come at you and use characters with good ranged attacks like Asuka. Another tip is try using Ice Sword to freeze the enemies to slow them down. @Alternatewarning Redgrave is playing the Vita version where that video is of the PS4 version and some of the stuff that player did is not possible on the Vita just so you know.
  2. Some games can have high completion rates but can still be 100+ hours and not everyone wants to deal with that. Anyway Yugioh would be the only game there I'm interested but I still don't know if it's really worth it at that price however.
  3. I did all the covenant grinding offline myself and it took about 9 hours or so with 400 Item Discovery. I had Crunchyroll or something streaming on my laptop when I did it.
  4. Now we just need Ys IX localized next.
  5. Here's a summery of the things to know about both the School and Island Modes in Danganronpa 1 and 2 respectably: In both games you don't need to do any of the build requests if you're only working on Report Cards. In DR1's School Mode you MUST complete the last request or you won't see any of the friend endings. This is not the case with DR2's Island Mode. You don't have to do all the requests in either game (that's really hard to do even with high stats across the board) Hope this helps a little at least.
  6. I personally think this game is a bit under-rated but it's true that it's a mediocre RE. It's at least not Outlast with crap FPS gameplay, literally faceless protagonist, disrespect to the series canon and lack of understanding with the characters (that ending) with no visible resemblance to RE at all (HELLO RE7!!!) The biggest and main flaw is the QTEs, especially the left analog stick ones since you have very little time to react and they damage your controller which happen to mine after my recent Professional run.
  7. My Vita hard crashed for the first time ever earlier today after downloading the Strangers of Sword City Revisited demo.


    Now I know how to activate Safe Mode and I blame the demo.

  8. In Gaming Sessions, I can't type all the details in the Host's Notes or even in the comments without what I'm typing getting cut off, which keeps me from typing needed info where it's needed