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  1. For anyone (like me) who struggles with the last room on Brutal, the one with the circling waves, I found a way to make it a whole lot easier: bring some of the water from the previous room with you. If you dive into that last pool and let loose with bombs and the machine gun, you can actually shoot a fair amount of water over and it will get trapped in a nook in the next room. You'll still need to play it safe and be careful not to shoot it any further, since it'll run down into a pit and out of reach, but it gives you another five or six heal opportunities. Hope this helps someone.
  2. There doesn't seem to be any definitive info, but I was able to get the plat over the last 24 hours by staying offline and not pressing the PS button. I kept it suspended overnight and it worked just fine in the morning, but it should all be the same if you just restart the Vita between sessions. I turned wifi off and restarted my Vita before starting the game, for whatever that's worth, and trophies synced just fine after I got the plat and closed the app. It seems like it's glitched the same way Bioshock Infinite is; everything works until your PSN sign-in status changes, then nothing works. So, starting and staying offline should stop any problems...hopefully. I'd recommend cycling between save slots anyway just in case something doesn't unlock so you don't need to do another complete playthrough. Best of luck!