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  1. Suicide Guy. The game itself is braindead easy, make no mistake, but what made it difficult for me was the fact that it gave me severe motion sickness that left me feeling nauseous for hours afterwards. Which is weird, because i never get motion sickness from games, usually.
  2. You think the reputation limit is the most useless feature on the site? I disagree, i think reputation itself is the most useless feature on the site.
  3. Just looked at your rank title and immediately feel like Bethesda can do a great job if they can buy the rights away from Gearbox to make a proper Duke Nukem game.


    They did it to Wolfenstein and DOOM and both turned out to be pretty solid reboots.


    Love your cover photo, Streets of Rage 2 is one of the all time classics on the Genesis.

  4. Toro. A lot of the kinda bad easy plat games have some kind of charm to them even if they suck, but Toro is just a nightmare to play.
  5. Tfw i was gonna make No More Heroes my 250th plat, but then my PS3 died, so now i have to either use a PS4/Vita game, or buy a new PS3 ASAP. Why does life keep happening so much

    1. alicexshy


      Tfw the vita is just as outdated as the PS3, guess you'll have to use the PS4.


    2. ihadalifeb4this


      That's strange. Life never gets in my way.

    3. Spaz


      What model PS3 do you have?


      I've had my 2nd Slim model PS3 since 2012 and it hasn't failed me.

  6. Turns out people get fucked up in the head when they always carry around a small box that constantly alerts them whenever a stranger either approves or disapproves of something they said five years ago. Smartphones were a mistake and social media is probably the #1 cause of anxiety disorders nowadays
  7. Great idea. You could use the leftover money to hire a therapist to help you out with your narcissistic personality disorder!
  8. Great, now go ahead and make your game! I've got a five-dollar bill with your name on it, just waiting for you! Because, i mean, you are going to make a game, right? It'd be a real shame if all you did was talk big on the internet, without the balls or integrity to back it up!
  9. If you put out a super easy and fast plat, with stacks and cross-buy, then hell, i'll gladly give you a couple bucks for it. Especially if you have some funny and creative trophy names that might make for silly milestones, or funny things to put in the trophy cabinet. Now, I don't think you understand how buying and selling things work, but here's a quick little Economics 101 for you: If a person buys something, and he gets what they paid for, and he's happy with it, it's not a scam. It's, you know... a sale. It's how the market works. Now, whether or not some stuck-up little bitch is happy with someone else's purchase, well, that's not a problem for the buyer OR the seller. It's a non-factor.
  10. I'm glad we have you, the Judge Of All Gamers, to decide who is or isn't a gamer. Careful so that high horse you're on doesn't trip over your massive ego. Seriously, you care too much about what other people play. Whether or not someone spends an hour or two on stacking some easy plats doesn't actually matter much. Is this a shitty game that most of us only buy to get some ez plats? Yeah, obviously. People wouldn't buy it otherwise. And hell, i'll gladly do some trophy whoring to give my stats a nice boost. That's worth ten bucks and two hours of my time, IMO. You can feel free to whine about it if it helps you sleep at night. But people like you, who just bitch about how you think you're above everyone else, are worse than trophy whores. You're like the vegans of the gaming community. Then again, you're clearly not a gamer, judging by the completion rate of the games you play. See? It's really easy to make up arbitrary distinctions to put down other people.
  11. Thank you, i was kinda worried that those two trophies would be really lategame, but luckily they weren't.
  12. Old Heroes of Delhua and Frankenslime. To be fair, i guess it's my own fault for YOLOing it without a guide, but it's sorta annoying since they sounded like they would be story-based trophies.
  13. This seems wrong. I played this yesterday without a guide, but i ended up beating the game missing two trophies
  14. To be fair, this game IS absolute trash. Like, even by Ratalaika's already low publishing standards. Still bought it for those sweet sweet plats though, because i'm a whore.
  15. So for the low price of 15 bucks a day, i can annoy everyone on the site with useless bullshit? What a deal!