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  1. Game's pretty fun.
  2. I can't imagine RPG Maker being very easy to use on console, unless it supports mouse and keyboard. It seems painfully clunky to make a game using just a controller. At least it looks like a super easy plat.
  3. MMX8 is a terrible game, it's just that it came out after MMX7. So it looks better in comparison.
  4. Not even a plat. I doubt this is gonna do well, since i can't see anyone wanting to play inferior and censored Playstation versions of multiplat games
  5. All the classic-style Castlevania games are really bad. I'd say that they've aged poorly, but that would be a lie, since they all had terrible controls and clunky gameplay, even for their time. There is a reason why the series ended up abandoning the godawful classic gameplay style in favor of the SOTN style, which was actually fun. Anyway, Rondo of Blood is actually pretty easy once you unlock Maria, since she controls a lot better, and you can abuse her Genbu subweapon to cheese a lot of the bosses.
  6. Welp, i just got hit by this glitch too. I liked the game, but i'm not really feeling like doing an entire new playthrough for this. Man, fuck Bethesda and their eternally non-existent QA team.
  7. While i would have preferred it if each game had its own plat, the trophy names are great enough to make up for it. It's a shame that we're getting the inferior re-dub of SotN, but oh well, at this price point i can't complain.
  8. Yeah, i played this game a bunch before, never figured out how to progress. It's probably just impossible.
  9. It requires a lot more effort though, and Sony is nowhere near as lax about that as Steam is about cheating achievements
  10. Lmfao, the only shots you fired hit you right in your own foot. Talk about flying off the handle over your own lack of reading comprehension
  11. You can just use Steam Achievement Manager to unlock them. Steam achievements are so easy to cheat that they're pretty much utterly worthless, anyway.
  12. I'm in the same boat here. Shenmue doesn't really need a remake, since it still holds up well. And there's always the risk of remakes deciding to try to make "improvements" that end up ruining what made a game special in the first place.
  13. I love rail shooters, and Heavy Fire: Afghanistan was pretty decent, but i think i'll pass on this if it doesn't have a plat. The HF games aren't THAT great.
  14. I can guarantee you that the reasoning for Sony's censorship is political in nature, so keeping the politics out of this is going to prove impossible. Not that it matters, Sony isn't ever going to actually listen to us, unless perhaps we can convince a shitload of 12-year olds that this censorship will somehow affect Fortnite. THEN Sony is gonna change their minds real fast
  15. Man, Sony are really hell-bent on ruining their image lately, huh? Considering how arrogant and anti-consumer they're getting, i wonder if they'll fuck up the next gen bad enough that MS ends up taking the lead again, like when they completely botched the first few years of the PS3