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  1. So you can get ripped off AND get your PSN account stolen, with the added chance of your credit card being ripped off too? What a deal!
  2. Cool, i might just give that a shot once i've wrapped up some half-finished Vita games in my backlog, since it requires formatting.
  3. If that new method of circumventing Vita region locks really works, and it doesn't carry the same risk of messing up timestamps, then that's pretty damn sweet. I wouldn't mind getting even more ez Ratalaika stacks
  4. I'm in the same boat as a lot of others, stopped playing a few months after launch and just picked it up recently. Friendcode is 8043 5354 2957
  5. I'm gonna assume it's a hacker unless the person who got the plat posts some info somewhere.
  6. So is there any word on what price the game will launch at? It seems like it could be entertaining, and Horse Master is a platinum name worthy of a milestone
  7. I dunno, this game seems like it could be fun. Besides, i dunno if anyone would take your opinions seriously when you have «1488» in your username...
  8. At least everyone who asked for it will buy it!
  9. ... Jim Sterling is still making videos? I figured he would have succumbed to diabetes by now, or at least gotten arrested by the fashion police
  10. If anything this game should be a 1/10. It's literally a less than ten minute plat
  11. Man, i should buy AZ1 and give that a play, too. Maybe it'll give some kind of inspiration for how to get some of the trophies in AZ2...
  12. And so the battle for the position of Norway's #1 Trophy Hunter begins...
  13. This game is gonna give me a freakin' aneurysm someday
  14. I don't care much whether or not a game has 30 or 60 FPS. What really bugs me is framerate drops. I'll take a rock-solid 30 over a 60 with framerate drops, any day
  15. Those are more or less the same strategies that i ended up using, although i used Sean a lot too. I think i'm gonna peg it as a 6/10 difficulty plat in the guide, since it gets a lot easier when you find the right characters for the job.