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  1. I do enjoy Ratalaika's easy plats, and i don't have any problems with easy plats in general, but... they're pumping these out so fast that i can't even keep up anymore.
  2. In all honesty though, Mortal Kombat should be banned for being a terrible influence on children - it might interfere with their language development by teaching them an improper way of spelling "combat".
  3. Holy shit! I loved this game. Hopefully this rerelease means that we might actually be getting a sequel
  4. I thought this was supposed to be a child-friendly gaming platform, i am deeply offended at all the violence in this games and i DEMAND that Sony changes it... or else i will get someone at Kotaku to write an EXTREMELY scathing article, maybe even with a title like "Sony Allows Offensive Content (And Here's Why That's A Bad Thing)"! Seriously though, fuckin' RIP Sony. We live in Clown World and the Switch is the #1 console for mature games now (ignoring PC, of course)
  5. Sony just keeps going further and further off the deep end. A few weeks ago i got an email from Sony, where they bragged about how they would generously give me a reward for being a Plus member. The reward was a discount coupon for socks. At this rate i'll just skip the PS5, honestly
  6. So if i change my name today, then my PSNP stuff will only be fucked for a week before unfucking itself? Guess there's no harm in changing it today then
  7. So do you guys have an ETA on how long it'll take for PSNP to be namechange-compatible, now that namechanges are finally here? I'd rather not get a namechange until i know it won't fuck up my Premium etc
  8. Fuck yeah, i'm always up for more Bubsy
  9. I wouldn't call DNF a masterpiece but it is a very under-rated and under-appreciated game :).

  10. So it's not okay, but we should just stay quiet about the changes being made and the motivations behind them. You're coming off as deliberately disingenuous here, since you aknowledge that there's a problem, but try to shut down anyone talking about it. I doubt you're actually trying to have a civilized conversation about this, considering how incoherent your arguments are, how eager you are to defend the bad industry practices that you claim to be against, and how you seem incapable of behaving yourself reasonably. This thread is already spicy enough without me feeding the trolls, so i'm just going to stop responding to you, since it's clear that you're nowhere near emotionally prepared to listen to anyone else's viewpoints.
  11. Wow, this post is a doozy. Let's break it down. 1: "Politics" is a childish trigger word? I used the word politics because the localization changes are political in nature. It seems like you're trying to shut down discussion by trying to decide which terminology is allowed to be used. Similarly, i mentioned Gamergate specifically because it was the center of another, semi-recent localization ruckus. It seems to me like you're not actually reading anyone's posts, and rather just blindly attacking people without caring about context. 2: First you accuse me of acting out, then you mention "ragemode". Considering that none of my posts have been particularly enraged, i shouldn't have to tell you how childish it is to accuse someone of being angry just because you disagree with them. 3: You act as if bad localization is okay because bad localization has existed for a long time. I don't see your logic here. Are you saying that, if a bad thing happens for long enough, it becomes okay? At no point did i dismiss previous examples of crappy localization - in fact, i never even mentioned them - it just so happens that this thread is about a more recent example. If you feel it's more important to discuss whether or not getting banished to the Shadow Realm is better or worse than dying, then by all means, nothing is stopping you from making your own thread on the subject. By trying to shut down discussions about bad localization, you are trying to maintain an environment that lets localizers get away with bad localizations - which is ironic, since judging by the tone of your post, you aren't entirely happy with bad localizations of the past.
  12. Localization does sometimes require changes, on some level, to help keep the context understandable. But when changes are made to twist the original writing, in order to stay in line with the localizer's own political opinions, then that's pretty bad. It's similar to the minor outrage over the Prison School dub a while back, where the localizers randomly inserted out-of-place dialogue about Gamergate that, obviously, wasn't present in the original. If criticising a company's decisions qualifies as "acting out" in your book, then you should step back and ask yourself why you're so eager to dismiss anyone with concerns about the obvious political bent of the localization team at Atlus.
  13. Outstanding move, Atlus. Bend the knee to people who won't buy your game even if you self-censor, and alienate your existing fanbase in the process. Surely this will help ensure that the game sells well. Not that the people in the localization team actually cares if it sells well, though. The people responsible for censoring the game would probably be delighted if Atlus lost sales - SJWs love infiltrating "problematic" companies so they can sabotage them from inside.
  14. Suicide Guy. The game itself is braindead easy, make no mistake, but what made it difficult for me was the fact that it gave me severe motion sickness that left me feeling nauseous for hours afterwards. Which is weird, because i never get motion sickness from games, usually.
  15. You think the reputation limit is the most useless feature on the site? I disagree, i think reputation itself is the most useless feature on the site.