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  1. I don't think there has been much progress made on the maze, sadly. Or very much progress lately at all. Seems like we're really hit the wall with those last few platforms. Also, DenySoft's website is up again... and it just has a few links to buy their games. RIP to anyone who ever hoped to figure out what the hell that vault thing was.
  2. Korone best girl.
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Sony must have SOME sort of criteria that must be met in order to release a game on PSN. One of the main reasons why i still have a LITTLE bit of hope that this game is beatable somehow is because i can't remember a lot of cases of published games being so broken that they're straight up impossible to finish. So it seems reasonable to assume that they require devs to somehow prove that their game is beatable, at the very least. Even the crappiest, most low-effort PSN games tend to at the very least be finished, functioning games. Besides, if you COULD publish totally and obviously unfinished and unbeatable games, then Ratalaika would already have published 30 or so games that give you the plat on startup and then crash on the main menu.
  4. Nope, and i gotta admit, i don't have much hope left at this point.
  5. Yeah, it feels a bit much. As much as i genuinely and wholeheartedly enjoyed the previous games, i'll probably have to wait for a sale on this one, since like many others i kinda need to mind my budget right now. Let's just hope nobody else beats me to writing a guide in the meantime.
  6. Even though i've given up on trophy hunting, i might have to make a comeback for this one, just so i can write a guide for it. Gonna go ahead and guess that this will be pretty fun too, just like the last three Dragoon games.
  7. So, has anyone made any progress? I certainly haven't. I want to keep hoping that there's some way to beat this, since we got pretty far, but i'm dead inside and hope seems increasingly futile. However, interesting note about DenySoft website: it now has a message on it: Fingers crossed, maybe it'll come back and they'll announce Attacking Zegeta 3, lads.
  8. Your friend is totally wrong, they're not just as bad. I mean, the people who hack trophies probably put more time and effort into it.
  9. Yeah, i've had the same theory about the first level being a nexus of sorts. But at this point i strongly doubt that, since it seems like the obnoxious platforms at the very end is the last place that people are having trouble getting to. I still think it's possible to beat the level, since part of me wants to believe that Sony has some kind of quality control (haha), but those jumps are downright brutal.
  10. Man, this shit is wild. The level being straight up impossible to beat doesn't seem very likely in theory, since it does seem like all the dev's other games have been beatable, but the more time we spend on this, the more i start to wonder. I haven't been able to make any more progress myself, either.
  11. Sure, Super Meat Boy is hard and all, but people have already seen everything there is to see in that game. Here there's a chance to discover something new, or at least find out whether or not there is more to the game to even discover. Besides, people thought the first Attacking Zegeta was impossible too, until someone actually finished it.
  12. That hidden enemy spawner certainly changes things. I can see how it's actually possible to bring enemies to jump off of now. Instead of jumping off them right at the top and holding right, have you tried getting several enemies to follow you back down to the other side of the spiked walls, towards the right edge of the level, and then bouncing off them from there? You can get quite a bit of height from enemies after all, so it might be enough to reach a platform if you can multiple enemies to follow you.
  13. I agree that those final platforms are most likely to be where the exit is. I still feel like we're missing something though, those platforms are pretty much impossible to reach normally. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a double-jump powerup hidden on some platform high up in the middle of nowhere.
  14. This exploit is a huge help, but actually finding the exit is still pretty tough.
  15. I've tried mailing the dev before, but never got a reply.