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  1. You'll have lots of opportunities to max out your reputation after the prologue by engaging with refugees. The trophy guide suggests you have to achieve it during the prologue but this is incorrect. There's really no reason for it to be a concern.
  2. I had a lot of fun playing the game. It's a favorite of this generation for me. The trophy list is pretty restrictive unfortunately, like you mention, so I did it in two runs so I could enjoy the game to the fullest.
  3. I played the Royal Edition on a Pro for 100s of hours and never encountered the issue you mention, or any serious issue.
  4. Hey everyone, I've recently written a guide for the A Woman's Lot DLC, which has two trophies that are mutually exclusive with Virgin, namely Full House Sinner and Cleric's Pet. You can save scum to keep Full House Sinner from voiding Virgin, but I've found a way to keep the Cleric's Pet objective from voiding Virgin, which would allow you to 100% the game in one run. The relevant objective for Cleric's Pet is to "get drunk with Father Godwin", which you can do as part of Mysterious Ways (main quest #10), by failing a skill check when talking to Godwin, in order to get him to invite you to meet him at the Uzhitz tavern. You then need to agree to drink with him to meet the requirement for Cleric's Pet. The difficulty trophywise is that the drinking cutscene is followed by a brawl and a church scene from which you can't walk away, because that automatically completes the quest objectives, leading to a scene which voids Virgin. What I've found out, is that you can commit a crime after the drinking cutscene, in order to lock yourself out of the sequence, letting you obtain both Cleric's Pet and Virgin. The best way to do this, is to pickpocket the alehouse maid you find standing in front of you after the brawl scene. This does mean you lose reputation, making King Charming more difficult to unlock. Here's a video showing the process: Personally, I still recommend doing two runs, given the complexity of the trophies (A Woman's Lot mainly). This would mean doing a Virgin and an A Woman's Lots playthrough separately. Another option would be to do one Virgin + Merciful playthrough, and then part of another to do A Woman's Lot, which would save time as you won't need to complete the main questline . This workaround would also save you a playthrough, if you've already unlocked King Charming during a previous run, and still need to get Virgin and Cleric's Pet. Regards, fadingtrails
  5. I wish people wouldn't be okay with these kinds of trophies. I don't mean to single anyone out, but people trying to figure out ways to AFK them etc. instead of calling devs out for their cynicism are really part of the problem.
  6. It wouldn't take more than finishing an event for it to unlock.
  7. A dev (Rob K) has told me on Discord that the trophy was changed. I don't actually have the game yet. Can anyone confirm? Four days ago: Less than two hours ago:
  8. Thanks. This worked for me, although I did have to complete the first subquest of the DLC: "Game of Throws".
  9. You didn't happen to tell Nicodemus to cure the captive bandit first?
  10. You have to grind the herbs. Unless maybe if you have the Trial-and-error perk.
  11. Could you please share which one so maybe we don't have to go through the same experience?
  12. Hi. There's not really a right or wrong when it comes to setup. What works is going to depend on your driving style. I would suggest lowering assists gradually; try to do consistent laps and see if your time improves. Lowering Traction Control seems to let people find the most lap time.
  13. I haven't tried the tourney myself but the wiki seems to say that it takes place on a regular basis.
  14. Congrats. People tend to find more time when they lower Traction Control.
  15. I'm thinking about writing a guide for GRID's Season 1-3 DLC. The trophies were released with the Season 3 patch. Since they all ask you to beat lap times with particular cars I thought it'd make sense to combine the 3 guides, saving people from having to switch between them. However, when creating the guide I'm forced to select which DLC it's for. The Guide Handbook says: Does this mean it applies to combining DLC guides as well? Also what does the last sentence mean exactly?