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  1. I appreciate that, Sly.
  2. The psnprofiles guide tells you to fly around at 3334 kph (2070 mph); here's how you can go over 560 kph (348 mph) faster. The following assumes you're using Expert controls. 1. Go into Free Flight 2. Select any large map 3. Select the MiG-31B 4. Equip parts that affect speed: Light Blisk Next Gen High-Pressure Components Variable Cycle Engine Queen's Custom 5. Fly towards the middle of the map. Notice how your speed tops at 3540 kph (2200 mph) 6. Now increase altitude to 11.000km (6835mi) 7. Press and hold L1+R1 (auto-pilot) for a while to level the aircraft 8. Press and hold R2+R1 to accelerate and do circles using yaw. Your top speed will now be 3895 kph (2420 mph). Use a rubber band if you want to. This can save you up to three hours of grinding. Video guide:
  3. I've been playing it for the past weeks and haven't once had a problem finding either a Battle Royal or Team Deathmatch room.
  4. According to trueachievements, letters missed through story choices don't count. I didn't attack the Nilf emissary in Mahakam, and did get the trophy.
  5. I made a guide for this level, too. My two cents: - The second boss will be either Mossy Monument or Crystal Crypt, who are weak to Wind and Fire respectively. - Cetus won't be weak to Poison if he's vulnerable to Light, but to Sleep Those were nitpicks, but imo the guide does put players at a disadvantage for the final fight, for these reasons (I see Phoenix mentions some of these): - The importance of using heavy attacks isn't mentioned (unless I missed it), and having the Tactic Tweaker set up for them. - Higgledies could be used to lower Cetus' melee defense. - Any use of magic is wasted during this fight. - No skills are shown during setup; a melee skill used when Cetus tries to summon reinforcements should consistently break the charge. - Martial Arts aren't touched upon at all; Wizard's Companion is equipped, when Ding Dong Discipline would be super effective.
  6. It's an exploit which makes re-earned ribbons count towards the trophy. I played throught the BAS 2 DLC on normal difficulty and got the 1998 trophy at the end, too. Which was the last trophy I needed, and I definitely used lethal means throughout the episode.
  7. From my experience, and from what I've read, the glitch itself IS consistent, Hunting. People have the trophy anyway because there are more glitches, but they work in your favor. Somewhere along the line, one ribbon counting for two, or counting twice, is how I got mine. It's also possible the Fireman ribbon does count if you get it right, but there's no way to actually get the ribbon. I know, because I tried.
  8. For anyone trying to get this trophy legitimately on PS4, there's a glitch involving Firemen which makes Emporia Arcade's Wave 7 Ribbon unobtainable.
  9. InquisitionSliders
  10. I'm really glad the guide is useful, so thanks guys. I'm fine with any part of it being used in other guides, Lucas.
  11. For some general Solosseum Slog pointers, check out this post I made in the Optimization help thread. Youtuber OhRichard has some good character guides. These were created before the all of the DLC was released, though, so equipment shown isn't optimal.
  12. This mini-guide has been improved and published as the Solosseum Slog Level 27 Guide. This is a guide for Level 27 of Solosseum Slog, which is part of the Tale of a Timeless Tome DLC. With a time limit of 17 minutes, Monstrous Meltdown is considered to be the most difficult level in the DLC, particularly because of its final fight. I recently made a video guide focusing on that battle, but people tend to ask how to get past the first three stages of the level more quickly, which is why I'm posting this mini-guide. For a full guide to the DLC check out the Tale of a Timeless Tome DLC Trophy Guide by LucasIIGD. The following assumes an understanding of the game's mechanics on the part of the reader. I won't be explaining every detail, but anyone is welcome to ask questions or otherwise comment on the guide's merit. I'm not an expert, but I hope this will give anyone struggling with this part of the DLC the information needed to beat it. One thing I should add is that, unlike many other guides, I don't put any emphasis on having the best gear in the game. They require a lot of grinding to get, which really isn't necessary. Making good use of what I picked up over the course of the game saw me finish the level with 8 minutes to spare. There's plenty of leeway if you have a good strategy. Before I get into the specifics of each battle, I should explain which Martial Arts I use and how they're set up. 1) Wizard's Companion If you've reached Level 27 of the Solosseum, you should have 18/20 points to spend at the Specialist's Training Ground (pictured). I have everything unlocked but Faster Caster and Stout Heart. This is mostly down to personal preference. I found having WC locked at four casts makes it easier to use. With Faster Caster I tend to struggle getting all the (optimal) casts in within the time limit. Stout Heart will make you less likely to be interrupted but at the cost of spell strength, which is why I don't go for it. Also, make sure to upgrade your spells as much as possible at the Spellworks. The different cast types are: Spell Stringer (Purple) Spell Strengthener (Blue) Extra Spell Cast Each of them have standard and powered up (!) versions. My preference being: Extra Spell Cast! > Spell Stringer/Strengthener! > Extra Spell Cast > Spell Stringer/Strengthener If, at any point during battle, you think your spellcasting is about to be interrupted, use Extra Spell Casts only, as they will still count. 2) Gizmo Supremo I always equip GS on supporting characters. The Miracle Cure and Utility Belt will keep me in business if I'm using spells, though you'll have to switch characters to access their improved items. Baby Black Hole and Impactotron are useful against mobs, with the latter also doing huge damage to bosses. Use them when bosses are in a stun state. 3) Ding Dong Discipline In this guide DDD is suggested for the final boss battle only, so it's optimized for fighting a single foe. In slowdown phases this setup will allow you to get five normal attacks in, with one final heavy attack. When meleeing outside of slowdown phases remember to always use heavy attacks. Be sure to boost them in the Tactic Tweaker! Battle 1: Lost Souls Vulnerabilities: Light Martial Arts: Wizard's Companion + 2X Gizmo Supremo OR 3X Gizmo Supremo Higgledies: not important Suggested party: Evan: Wizard's Companion, Single best magic weapon, Astra spell Tani: Gizmo Supremo, Best melee weapons, Windwhirl ability Bracken or your best melee option, with Tani's setup Note that while it's okay to use weapons and spells of an element your opponents aren't weak to, you should never use the element opposite to their weakness. Also, I generally don't think status effect weaknesses are worth exploiting. Lost Souls are a mob of enemies which blow themselves up, causing fire damage and knocking you down. For this reason you'll want to keep your distance. The video below shows two ways of dealing with them. Astra has a huge area of effect, so don't worry about targeting enemies. If you choose to use Gizmo Supremo (shown from 4:40 onward), Baby Black Hole will bind the enemies in one place for you to follow up with an Impactotron, or an ability of your choice. Battle 2: Mossy Monument/Crystal Crypt Vulnerabilities: Melee and either Wind or Fire Martial Arts: Wizard's Companion + 2X Gizmo Supremo Higgledies: boost magic offense and lower the boss' magic defense, but this isn't essential Suggested party: If weak to Fire, use Evan: WC and Fireball If weak to Wind, use Leander: WC and Spark Spike, Mind of the Magos Note that enemies' weaknesses can change from one run to the next, which in Level 27 is true for battles two and four. Although this boss is weak to melee and his moves can be exploited with DDD, you'll find he still takes good damage from magic attacks, which is a way more straightforward method. When the fight starts he will immediately charge for reinforcements, so the first thing you want to do is hit him with a spell and interrupt him. Battle 3: Nightmare Rook Vulnerabilities: Wind Martial Arts: Wizard's Companion + 2X Gizmo Supremo Higgledies: none recommended for this fight Suggested party: Leander: WC and Spark Spike, Mind of the Magos Any depending on best available gear Like the previous boss, Nightmare Rook will start the fight charging, so hit him with a spell before you use Mind of the Magos. The fight seems pretty easy, until he starts using melee attacks. You're likely to get interrupted in this fight, which is why I don't suggest bothering with higgledies. Try to read his attacks and keep your distance. If you think your spells will get interrupted, prioritize Extra Spell Casts. If Nightmare Rook is directly above you, Spark Spike is likely to miss, so mind your positioning. Battle 4: Cetus Vulnerabilities: Melee combined with either Light-Sleep or Dark-Poison Martial Arts: Ding Dong Discipline + 2X Gizmo Supremo Higgledies: "Flimsy Flimsy!", and/or melee boosts, see image Suggested party: Highly dependant on available gear; bring your best melee party Evan: DDD, best Light/Dark imbued weapon, Flurry If weak to poison, use Tani: GS, Poisoning or Light/Dark imbued weapon, Arrow Rain for poison chance It's critical you equip an imbued melee weapon, but only on your party leader. By now you should have unlocked some of these through Solosseum Slog, though you'll have to craft them in the Evermore weapon shop. Both the Slithy Sword and Godhead Sword shown in the video can be obtained this way. That is if you don't have any already. Alternatively, if you have a powerful melee weapon that isn't imbued with the appropriate element, you can use higgledies to add the element to your attacks; but don't forget to keep activating the effect. In terms of gear it's important to equip as many melee boosts as possible. I end up with 1900+ melee strength, but Cetus can be beaten with less than that. Strategy: Time stamps can be found in video description/comments section. - Heavy attacks: boost heavy attacks (triangle) in the Tactic Tweaker and remember to stick with them throughout the fight, with the exception of slowdown phases. - Poison: arguably worth exploiting if your supporting characters have appropriate gear that boost status effect chance; the Gloopy Curry food also helps here. Note that you'll have no chance of poisoning Cetus if it's not shown as being a vulnerability. - Flimsy, Flimsy!: remember to keep debuffing Cetus; as long as a debuff is active, its icon will show under his HP gauge. - Charge break (3:25): Cetus will regularly charge for reinforcements, indicated by a purple aura. You'll want to save your Zing - and therefore your abilities - for when this happens. - Ding Dong Discipline (4:11): watch Cetus' movements while you're hitting him as his lunging move is relatively easy to exploit for a dodge. You'll be able to get five normal attacks in followed by a heavy attack for massive damage. Later in the fight, Cetus will quickly move in and out of the ground giving you an opportunity to dodge toward him and get a heavy attack in (6:48). This is more difficult, and the surrounding rocks can hit you hard, so consider this to be optional.
  13. This is late but I'd like to say it's not very useful to list optimal equipment since some of the best gear is unlocked through drops (RNG). Which is to say most people will never see those weapons etc. unless they grind for them, and that really isn't necessary. It'd probably be more useful to list monster types encountered, possible weaknesses and suggested Martial Arts.
  14. I don't think so.
  15. I checked the official forums and my takeaway is that the game won't be fixed. Some topics: Bug: There is zero support here Is there an update in the make at all for this game? Seems like it does.