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  1. I can hear the call of the Annual Trophy Day Blowout! Yep, this is definitely on my calendar!
  2. Detroit: Become Human Plat #50 DETROIT MASTER Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Well, this plat was a year in the making. Started playing it last August and didn't use a guide. Got through the majority of the game and then wandered off to another game. So, came back this year, looked at all the flowcharts, and figured with my talent I could easily make the right decisions and collect the rest of the trophiesl WRONG! Ended up started over again WITH A GUIDE and actually finished the game. At least, it was an enjoyable game!
  3. Detroit: Become Human #7678
  4. I'm impressed! People have added some really good games, and a few I'd like to add to my backlog!
  5. For 69 cents US? No, not really 😄
  6. Nope. I bought it for a break from GTAV and ESO.
  7. Thanks @DaivRules for this. Sad to see so many people pointing fingers thinking they know all the answers. Not all hidden trophies are cheated. They are hidden due to people not wanting the game on their profile or because of syncing issues, which is true in my case.
  8. LOL guess I need to stop speed reading
  9. Definitely Crashlands. Really want to play that game on console!
  10. Road Bustle #11311
  11. Road Bustle Plat #49 1/10 Difficulty I actually enjoyed/laughed through this game! After getting the cheap platinum, went ahead and tried to see how far I could run through traffic. Was fun since you really can't see down the tracks/freeways. I compare it to Frogger Pizza Delivery guy (sorta)!
  12. I'd say you are good on this so spend that money!
  13. Easy. $499.99 US for the digital model and $599.99 for the disc based. Although, I'm disappointed in the size of the HD.
  14. Screw it! I'm in - I need a cheap gratuitous game to boost my morale!
  15. Correct de mundo!