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  1. I'm blown away on the design of these badges. I am just, well, speechless. @Masamune you are a great talent! @Mesopithecus You have done a stellar job taking care of this event! Thank you so much (I'm sad that it is coming to an end).
  2. Update! 0 1 2 3 Black the Fall 6343 4 5 6 7 8 9 The Unfinished Swan 3029 💯
  3. Update! Dying Reborn Old Man's Journey Black the Fall The Unfinished Swan 💯 Planet of the Eyes
  4. Team Pinhead update! 3. Dying Reborn 5. Old Man's Journey 9. Black the Fall 10. The Unfinished Swan 💯 12. Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones
  5. Congrats to the winners!!! And, kudos to @Dangisuckatgamin for offering such a generous event!
  6. No, I don't own one. Because: 1) the VR is was too expensive, 2) I'd rather just get a PS Pro instead (to backup my launch PS4) and 3) there aren't enough games out there to justify the cost.
  7. PSN Wishlist:  PLEASE let us delete games with 1 trophy!  That should be part of the next update. :rolleyes:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      I could hide it, but...eh, not worth it and it'd probably screw up some of my milestones.

    3. Rantaro


      I'd like this. I would seriously remove Tom Clancy's Endwar, Street Fighter IV, Hitman Absolution, and Homefront. 

    4. Lorajet


      Actually, if I could delete 7 games I would be a happy camper.  Also, please, please developers, don't pop a trophy as we start the game!  We don't even know if we like the game!

  8. Sorry you feel like that, and good luck in the future.
  9. @eigen-space Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Don't worry about the updating - we are all good here. Hope you feel better, and get that internet back up!
  10. Oh, geez. We are CRAFTING now? Like we are going to be bedazzling our vests or something?
  11. Hi!

    Maintenance was yesterday (Thursday). Try to sync your trophies again, or you might need to earn 1 trophy to get everything copacetic. Welcome.
  12. Depends. I've bought games but the original purchaser either 1) redeemed the codes or 2) the codes have an expiry date. Such as, they are good for like 6 months but by the time you get the game the codes have expired. I've gotten pretty excited to get an used game, had the codes in there just to find out they aren't usable. Like @Deadpool--Rik said, some games have all the codes/DLC built in so you don't have to worry about this.
  13. Like I said, I've hidden/unhidden the games over and over again on the PS3 and PS4. Earned trophies, contacted Sony. No luck. They can see all of my games/trophies on my PSN account, I can see them, but 3 games refuse to be shown here. Just some interface glitch that I have to live with. No bothering me enough to start a new account.
  14. Seriously, like any of us care.
  15. Got people already set up for MP, which I'm pretty excited about!