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  1. Welcome to the site! Great people here, fun events and your place to go if you need help in a game.
  2. I'm always brought back to reality when you play an open world game and realize how many trolls are out there...

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    2. Spyro


      No mute option?

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Other people are the main reason why I hate online play. As soon as I have done online trophies in a game, that is the last that multiplayer has seen of me.

    4. Spaz


      Then of course, you have man childs like DSPgaming who roam online. They're even worse than the kids.

  3. Well, since we are discussing open world games such as GTA V; there are quite a few players that would like to get started in a game and might need some help or guidance in missions, etc. When they say up front that they are beginning players and would like to learn a mission, how to mod a vehicle, etc, other players that bash them repeatedly over their mics when these noobies make a mistake could classify as jackasses for me. I prefer to use the word jackass instead of toxic. An example is today I was in a public free roam in RDR. A couple of players were having fun doing Pike's Basin and minding their own business. Another group formed a posse and decided to vote kick them because they wanted the "public" lobby to themselves. Now that I think of it, that would be toxic.
  4. Wow! Where has the month gone! Just noticed I've been slacking in this event.
  5. I'd like it for glitched or buggy trophies. Would be nice to get an idea of problems before investing too much time.
  6. All releases this year. Pre-ordered a few games that I ended up cancelling because of glitches, bugs, bad reviews.
  7. Friend popped Making Moves this week on an alternate account and it showed up when he was Level 54. It will happen, it just takes a little time.
  8. @Shyanji Just stop dood.
  9. I has a habit of of popping when you are Level 51 or a bit higher. Does it for almost everyone.
  10. Onrush maybe, is that MP? SOMA definitely.
  11. @Valyrious Good to know about Steins;Gate! Looked interesting.
  12. SOMA and SteinsGate are the only ones that interest me. Not a terribly bad month.
  13. Don't have a Vita, hope to get Cardinal of Combat on the PS4
  14. So today's big reveal: PS+ games for December!

  15. I'm looking forward to winter, but I'm in SoCal, so getting into the 30s F seems very cold to us.