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  1. Plat #16 Master of Unwritten Tales Not a bad game until Drunken Master glitched. Knocked out the 5 comic balloons (3 times!) without a trophy. Had to delete the save, replay Chapter 1 again to get to Chapter 2 and viola. (Thanks to Toogie for that suggestion!)
  2. Latest update for March: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Theme Part of Another Event Platinum trophies: 8 > 16 100% Non-Platinum completed: 9 > 12 Completion: 28.89% > 32.21%
  3. @donut_plz Thanks! I'm back, ready to play some games!!!
  4. @2G53 I can't thank you enough for your suggestions on The Book of Unwritten Tales! I followed your advice, deleted the save and replayed the game to the problem area. The trophy finally popped! So now I'm legit!!! Yippee! Never Alone - πŸ’― Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - Rime -
  5. THANK YOU! ☺️ And thanks for a fun event! Looking forward to Spring Fling!
  6. That is why I said in my post "Threw in an extra one in case of a game glitch"
  7. Yea, unfortunately, I'm at work.
  8. 😑 Running into a problem with Drunken Master trophy....game is glitching. Frustrating being at 98% completion πŸ˜€
  9. Okay, here is my list. Threw in an extra one in case of a game glitch: Spring Forward: Futuristic Spring Into Action: Love Setting those Bombs! Spring Break: Exotic! Uncharted The Lost Legacy Spring Cleaning: Gotta Clean Up My Backlog Bonus Game: Easter Eggs are Fun!
  10. @Toogie53 Please sign me up for this event. Still thinking about the game list....
  11. @Toogie53 RiME should be at 100%!
  12. Tomb Raider has covered so much ground with the other games, it will be interesting to see where the game will be located and what story line will be followed. Am I interested? Hell, yea!
  13. Sooooooooooooo.....you're saying I should buy it or something?
  14. @ERICVOLTAGE Great interview and love your answers to the questions. Nice to meet another diehard PS devotee, plus you like my favorite franchise, GTA. Interesting as I have never played Bully, but now you've piqued my interest. I have looked up Whose Line is it Anyway and laughed so hard; those guys are quick and witty! Also an AC/DC fan along with Soundgarden. Thanks for a great read!