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  1. You've hidden 251 trophies from your list, so I assume these games were part of that? Sorry, but I believe 3 strikes and you're off the leader boards.
  2. I think it was the best GT of the franchise, and I wouldn't say they forgot about it. Just that they have released 2 more versions of the game, GT6 and GT Sport, so really no reason to keep the servers open. As others have stated, the servers closed in 2014. I personally felt Sony should of kept them open longer than they did. So anyone who loves this franchise should buy GT Sport and knock out as many server trophies as they can before those servers close. I've never seen a legitimate way of obtaining the (2) GT5 trophies since the closure.
  3. I'm on a roll today, aren't I?!
  4. Infamous 2 for the PS3 has 4 online trophies; Infamous 2: Second Son for the PS4 has 0 online trophies. Sorry - I was thinking of the PS4 version.
  5. I don't know of any online trophies for this one. It is fun, but a little repetitious. Then you need to play a second time for the other karma (good or evil).
  6. My problem is I keep forgetting that the PS3 doesn't have a party chat, so we can't talk to each other unless the game we are all playing has a chat function. So, yes, the PS4 was quite a jump in the right direction. I have Infamous 2. It is a decent game, but I stopped playing because I have so many other games I'd rather do a time sink.
  7. I'd rather have someone comment that I was able to help them or that they had the same problem I had. Dialogue is more important to me than a reputation point. You can always give them a thumbs up so show you really liked their post.
  8. Hollow Knight - probably one of the best games I've played in a long time, even tho I'm getting my ass handed to me :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hemiak


      Yeah, looking forward to it myself a lot. 

    3. Durandal


      Couldn't have said it better myself. Everything about this game is so captivating. it is hard to put it aside it, even when you get your ass handed to you. The game certainly knows how to reward persistence and patience. Glad you are enjoying it. :)

    4. Lorajet


      Thanks everyone!  I get frustrated, leave the game, but then start it up again!  Can't stay away from it.

  9. I always use Amazon
  10. I admit it: I play some easy games but not for the plat. Right now I'm trying to play Hollow Knight and getting my ass handed to me. Jumping into an easy game to just have fun is a stress release before I go back in and get really frustrated. As others have said, just playing for the enjoyment works for me.
  11. Another franchise I have and haven't started. Too many games, so little time...
  12. Super quiet today on the forums...

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    2. Lorajet


      I did it in a friendly public session, but with a bounty they can still kill you

      Wonder if it was a modder?


    3. MidnightDragon


      Either that or I just got lucky. Once I got to 1,000, I hid and occasionally shot in the air to keep my wanted level up. Then went into the outfitter after 10 minutes and got the trophy.

    4. Lorajet


      You know, I'm going to try that again and see what happens. Was in friendly session, full bounty, almost 10 minutes and this guy came flying up and shot me.  I was shocked, I mean, it was a friendly session.

  13. That moment you play GTAV on the PS3 and notice you have 9 Elegys in the garages. I know they are free, but what was I thinking? :lol:

    1. MidnightDragon


      xD It seemed good at the time?

    2. Lorajet


      Filled up the garages!  They ARE nice cars!

  14. Old Man's Journey. Yea, I know a 5 yo could probably knock this game out in an hour. Me, never. It is the train trip; you have to keep moving the tracks up or down so the train doesn't stop. I don't know if it is my controller, joystick or just me, but I get almost to the end and fail. Probably the most frustrating game in my backlog.
  15. Always a pisser when the session host is MIA. Like, really Dude?