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  1. I had a problem with the cogs where I couldn't pick them up or place them. I went ahead and backed out of the game and came back in. Then I could move Kate. There are quite a few instances where it seems like you can't get around something. Just keep trying and moving her a little left or right and she'll usually move on. Also, there are problems with her getting stuck in one place and you can't advance or retreat. Same thing, back out of the game and come back in. That always did the trick. Other than that, really good game. Good Luck!
  2. Syberia 100% ✔️Snow ✔️Retro ✔️Part of another Event Syberia II 100% ✔️Snow ✔️Retro ✔️Part of another Event Next is South Park: SOT and Until Dawn (I guess also the DLC) Stats before the event: Platinum trophies: 8 100% Non-Platinum completed: 9 Completion: 28.89% New Stats: Platinum trophies: 9 100% Non-Platinum completed: 11 Completion: 30.27% (Platinum trophy earned from XBlaze Lost : Memories, which does not qualify for this event) @Pikachu I'm a proud premium member now!
  3. Trophies are nice, but I really just play to have fun. If it has a plat, well, hey, that is a cookie for me! 🍪
  4. That game IS pretty bad. I tried going back to it yesterday and left...😀
  5. Week 1 of the PSN US Holiday Sale is on now!

  6. Ominous
  7. Third Update: XBlaze Lost: Memories 100% Syberia: 100% Syberia 2: 100% forma.8: 0% Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 0% WRC 5: 21% Apotheon: 2% Big decision on what to work on next.....
  8. I think I mashed the X button more on this game than My Name is Mayo!
  9. Syberia II, then back to South Park SoT for cleanup. Then, Until Dawn cleanup and DLC. Whew! @Intoner_Zero Agree with you on XBlaze. Too much dialogue!
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Prey looks interesting so need to check that one out.👍
  11. Well, hope you are on the mend due to your accident. ☺️ Quite an ambitious undertaking, but certainly doable. Spreadsheets look good. So, do you already own all of the games listed? Are you leaning more toward PS4 than PS3 games? First thing I'd do is to be sure you can get the platinum for all the games you wish to play. Such as server shutdowns, glitches, and just plain irritating problems that prevent you from your goal would be a PITA. I was going to suggest GTA5, but with the "Run like the Wind" unobtainable, that would prevent 100%. Some of the games take quite a while on your list. Be sure there are boosting sessions for any of the MP trophies you need. Hate to show up at the party and be the only one there.
  12. Be nice as a last harrah, that they slash the PS3 game prices to $5 and under. Kinda a parting present for all of us who have supported them. ☺️
  13. Agree with Parker.
  14. Old School: Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours Had played this game a few years ago on the PC. Enjoyable, but noticed how old the graphics and movement is. Still, good remaster of an old game.
  15. Good vids! Ukulele reminds me of Invizimals, which I loved until about the 10th level, then got a bit boring. Was surprised about Uncharted. Haven't finished it yet but I'll see if I notice the same issues that you noted. It was good to see some gameplay on Steamworld, and now I'd like to buy it. Thanks!