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  1. I've decided to drop out of the event. Good luck to everyone on your games!
  2. Anyone hear anything about the NA getting this sale?
  3. Boosting threads are not allowed. Use the gaming sessions, set up a session, check out the PSNP Discord channel or do a shout out on your status update.
  4. It looks like you have 3 strikes, which means you are off the leaderboards. So as @PSXtreme_ mentioned, you are off whether you hide them or not.
  5. You are responsible for your own account, even if you join a lobby and you magically get trophies or achievements. The moderators/team here have heard every excuse, just hide the game.
  6. Hide the games and move on. That is the problem with being in MP lobbies that have a tendency to have hackers or modders.
  7. So, almost done playing this game. It is true that the trophies don't seem to pop when they are supposed to - especially "Fill Inventory". But stick with it, log in each day for the bonus. and the trophy WILL pop. Also, just remember if you have 18 items in your inventory, and you are trying to overload it (adding another item to make it 19), don't! If you paid for the item it will still deduct the money from your total and you will lose the new item. Easy game - just play and do the requirements for the trophies and everything will eventually pop. Painful as hell, though.....
  8. @Matrim_Drasgen Damn, none of my Ultra Rares are Platinum
  9. This event works for me! Here is my humble list: ~ # All Done (Donut County) Big Adventurer (Little Adventure on the Prairie) C Doubt the State (Black the Fall) Energy Cycle Edge Platinum (Energy Cycle Edge) F Gem Smashers Lover (Gem Smashers) H I'm Batman (Batman TT) J K Lord of Ironrath (Game of Thrones TT) Moving On (Murdered: Soul Suspect) Number Nine Ticket (Grim Fandango Remastered) Omnipotent (Xblaze Lost: Memories) Platinum Mark (Just Ignore Them) Quote Unquote (One Word by Powgi) R Slasher (Slayaway Camp) To Crush all Trophies Beneath Sandaled Feet (Conan Exiles) U V What If? (Life is Strange) X Yoku's Island Express (Yoku's Island Express) Z Non-English
  10. Some sparkly things and anger issues
  11. That sucky feeling when you die twice in Hollow Knight and lose all that geo.....😭

  12. Plat #47: SlasherCollect all trophies to unlock the platinum trophy
  13. @iXanon Good to see the excitement building for this event! We need a countdown clock in the OP to really get us worked up!