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  1. Looking at my schedule, think I'll have to drop out of this competition. Good luck everyone!
  2. Looking at my schedule, think I'll have to drop out of this competition and give up my spot for someone else. Good luck everyone!
  3. I agree. Personally, LiS should get the time traveling requirement for the May theme.
  4. You can play both PS3 and PS4 characters and ramp them up individually. So, if you transferred your PS3 character at level 100 (which created your PS4 level 100 character), you can still go back to the PS3 and continue ramping up your PS3 dood. I still do that with friends that stayed with the PS3 game.
  5. Well, games such as GTA V, while in free roam, those buttons really get a workout when you are trying to stay alive 😀 The newer controllers don't seem as robust as the earlier versions
  6. I'm interested in this. Sign me up with: King Oddball 0% Infamous: 2nd Son 16% Unfinished Swan 0% Beyond: Two Souls 0% Steamworld Dig 2 6%
  7. Use the warranty if you can. I have 5 PS4 controllers, 2 are unusable because the L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons. Guess it just shows you are a gamer. Funny, the PS3 dual shocks are still working fine. 🤔
  8. If you are still accepting players, please add me to the event! CJ is now @SquidBaronet? 😀
  9. April Month End Update: Challenge: Play a game that is part of another event KOI 100% Platinum trophies: 8 > 16 100% Non-Platinum completed: 9 > 13 Completion: 28.89% > 32.07%
  10. I had preordered Rise of the TR, enjoyed it and then watched the price drop. I'll probably wait for this one to go one sale, but will definitely pick it up.
  11. Welcome to the site!
  12. Great to see so many updates on everyone's games! I've got nothing to report - still trying to get back to the games I'm committed to.
  13. I'm enjoying for a change of pace.
  14. Welcome to the site! Also a die-hard PS fan! Still love the ole PS3, but the PS4 is really great. Are you thinking of saving for a PS4 Pro?
  15. Like everyone else that has PS+, it is: Really looked forward to this game, even tho the reviews were so-so. But, I'll probably enjoy it (famous last words)