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  1. Hmmm. Thinking of games that will fit the Team Pinhead theme.....🤔
  2. OMG! Are you kidding me? I've got to have this! 😍
  3. Yes you can. BE SURE to friend Clyde at the beginning of the game BEFORE talking to Cartman or you won't be able to later in the game.
  4. I have no idea what I'm spelling but I popped: E - Energy Cycle M - Midnight Deluxe
  5. Was never interested in the development side, but did used to get invited to game testing. Enjoyed it quite a bit, although I seemed to get a bit of flight simulators 😒 If I was asked to test a game, I wish it could be something more like RDR2.
  6. @ArrenDusk. Agree about Witcher 3. You definitely need to have your head clear and the time to really enjoy the game. And, Welcome to the forum!
  7. Might finish picking up those letter scraps in GTA V today.....

    1. PooPooBlast


      Those were sooo annoying but at least you get to explore many areas you wouldn't otherwise explore. 


      I printed a map btw to avoid watching videos which I hate doing. 


      If I remember correctly there was an annoying scrap where it's literally between the pillars in one of the bridges so you need to grab a helicopter and land it perfectly there. I used a buzzard because it was small.

  8. Just wait until you get that game that has a glitched trophy that won't pop. That can ruin your day. 😒
  9. PSN has been having problems today with syncing the trophies. Try syncing later today or tomorrow.
  10. I buy all my codes from Amazon. When they had a disagreement with Sony, I purchased them from GameStop. But, now all is good so back to Amazon. Never a problem. Only thing I can suggest is to contact PSN (you can do a screen chat) and tell them the problem. They can check to see when the code was redeemed.
  11. Really like this event! Good categories, nice to have a mystery and the HC is interesting too!
  12. What a neat looking game! I might need to pick that one up!
  13. So glad I saw this! One game on there I've been meaning to get. Thank you PSN! 👍
  14. Sign me up with this list..... The Unfinished Swan Black the Fall Dying Reborn Old Man's Journey Planet of the Eyes