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  1. Just realized the PS+ games are out. It sucks now that I just don't get that excited anymore.  😞

    1. MidnightDragon


      Thanks for reminding me. Was so excited about Shakedown Hawaii I forgot. xD 

    2. DamagingRob


      I'll say Edith Finch was interesting, at least. The game I played before it (Soma) was way better, though. But going from 6 games to 2 is really going to make it more likely to be disappointed.. Should have waited until the PS5 was out, to cut the other two systems. 

  2. Thinking of starting Tomb Raider: Definitive.  Any suggestions or advice on game play?

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Epic fumble is a very missable combat trophy and can only be gotten in Shantytown. I'd make a backup save once you get there to make sure you don't accidentally miss your opportunity. Other than that, be wary of the conversations and make sure you stand there until they're done talking and just focus on the comat trophies as you go.


      You may need to create a boosting session for the MP. It's hot garbage.

    3. Lorajet


      Reading through everyone's posts I had forgotten that this game has MP trophies.  Definitely something to jump on get out of the way, if possible.

    4. gruffiiti


      Just finished up the MP trophies a few weeks ago. Kind of a slog but satisfying once done. Most are easily doable solo too. If you need any help though just let me know.

      Likely will get back to the campaign next week when back from the lake.

  3. Interesting when you go back and realize how great some of your PS3 games are....

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    2. Lorajet


      Just noticed I have Bioshock Infinite in my backlog, Forgot about that game.  Wonder if I should go back to it? :hmm:

    3. Temmie


      I remember buying my PS3 the first time only intending to play Catherine.  Then GTA V came out.  Then I found out Sonic Generations was a thing.  Then it kinda snowballed from there.

    4. MidnightDragon


      @ResoluteRock Was being sarcastic!

  4. Welcome to the site!
  5. Besides Hollow Knight and Teslagrad, any other good Metroidvania games I should add to my library?

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    2. Lorajet


      This is great!  I never knew there were so many of these awesome style of  games!

    3. Shadiochao


      There's quite a lot available on Playstation. Here's my list of all the metroidvanias I know about: lXkLGQ7.png


      Most of them are on PS4

    4. Lorajet


      Looks like I have about 10 of them in my library.  Looks like I have some homework to look at these games and see which ones should be added. Thanks!


  6. I hate it when you get a message from a random wanting to sell mods for GTA V if you send them money. I mean, really dude? :rolleyes:

  7. Long Island Iced Teas and GTA V! What a combo! I think I actually played better, even won some races. Of course, others were pretty toasted, too. At one point I couldn't feel my knees.
  8. It isn't really trophy hunters that create boosting sessions; we enjoy playing the online portion of the game with others that have similar interests and avoid the "random" trolls. I mean I like games with just SP, but online adds some variety and teamwork.
  9. Have friends on both consoles, so no prob for me jumping from console to console. I've renewed my love for RDR, find that playing GTAV is pretty similar on both consoles (except for DLC) and someday hope to get back to Bioshock Infinite. Even tho some fav games have been remastered for the PS4, it is difficult for me to pick up those games if I already have the PS3 versions in the backlog.
  10. Bummer. I already have The Witness, not a COD fan, so an empty month for me. And, only 2 games? So, the question is: PS3 games are still for sale on PSN. But we aren't going to get anymore PS3 Plus games. Does this mean they will stop selling the PS3 titles? Doesn't make any sense since Sony filed for the backwards comp patent.
  11. @rockstarjazz Forget about the game causing your HD to flip out, that didn't do it. If your HD is trash, they are pretty cheap and easy to replace. I've done it on the PS3 and PS4. There are many places on the net that can help you with how to set up the HD, install it and get back up and running. Here is an example: https://www.techradar.com/how-to/gaming/how-to-upgrade-your-ps3-hard-drive-1285911
  12. Is there any way to stop the Discord spammers from posting on so many of the boosting sessions? Either tell them to stop or put them in another category and prevent them from spamming the sessions?
  13. @TheYuriG Thanks Yuri - they seem to be getting worse each day
  14. But if a player says he used a modder to get a trophy, such as Run Like the Wind, shouldn't he be reported instead of the white list?
  15. You've hidden 251 trophies from your list, so I assume these games were part of that? Sorry, but I believe 3 strikes and you're off the leader boards.
  16. I think it was the best GT of the franchise, and I wouldn't say they forgot about it. Just that they have released 2 more versions of the game, GT6 and GT Sport, so really no reason to keep the servers open. As others have stated, the servers closed in 2014. I personally felt Sony should of kept them open longer than they did. So anyone who loves this franchise should buy GT Sport and knock out as many server trophies as they can before those servers close. I've never seen a legitimate way of obtaining the (2) GT5 trophies since the closure.
  17. I'm on a roll today, aren't I?!
  18. Infamous 2 for the PS3 has 4 online trophies; Infamous 2: Second Son for the PS4 has 0 online trophies. Sorry - I was thinking of the PS4 version.
  19. I don't know of any online trophies for this one. It is fun, but a little repetitious. Then you need to play a second time for the other karma (good or evil).
  20. My problem is I keep forgetting that the PS3 doesn't have a party chat, so we can't talk to each other unless the game we are all playing has a chat function. So, yes, the PS4 was quite a jump in the right direction. I have Infamous 2. It is a decent game, but I stopped playing because I have so many other games I'd rather do a time sink.
  21. I'd rather have someone comment that I was able to help them or that they had the same problem I had. Dialogue is more important to me than a reputation point. You can always give them a thumbs up so show you really liked their post.
  22. Hollow Knight - probably one of the best games I've played in a long time, even tho I'm getting my ass handed to me :P

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    2. Hemiak


      Yeah, looking forward to it myself a lot. 

    3. Durandal


      Couldn't have said it better myself. Everything about this game is so captivating. it is hard to put it aside it, even when you get your ass handed to you. The game certainly knows how to reward persistence and patience. Glad you are enjoying it. :)

    4. Lorajet


      Thanks everyone!  I get frustrated, leave the game, but then start it up again!  Can't stay away from it.

  23. I always use Amazon
  24. I admit it: I play some easy games but not for the plat. Right now I'm trying to play Hollow Knight and getting my ass handed to me. Jumping into an easy game to just have fun is a stress release before I go back in and get really frustrated. As others have said, just playing for the enjoyment works for me.
  25. Another franchise I have and haven't started. Too many games, so little time...