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  1. There's a video here that helped me with the golden animal. They are out in the world, not in the trials. The location in the video is good, just need a lot of patience, and the camera is a big help. The eagles also aren't counting for me, but some people are able to get it for some reason. It's infuriating. Thanks for the info about stacking - I was wondering about that. Sucks you have to do them one by one.
  2. If you’ve played other JD games it will not pop because some avatars from the gift machine were already awarded. Ubisoft is working on a fix.
  3. Man so happy to see people say exactly what I'm feeling. I suspect I will be done with Ubisoft - after 6 years of playing only their games - after R6 Extraction. I joked that FC6 was their last single-player game and I might not be far off. I have zero interest in MMOs, battle royales, or almost exclusively multiplayer games like Siege and For Honor. I loved AC and Division and some of the one offs like Bridge Crew (and my wife loves Just Dance) but it seems every beloved franchise (AC, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Division) is gonna get Hyper Scaped. No thanks. Just insane of Ubisoft.
  4. Think it’s still bugged. I didn’t get the 10000 mojo trophy at 100 gifts.
  5. It appears though that the Gotta Get 'Em All trophy is bugged. Only 189 gift machine rewards available, and you need 200 for the trophy.
  6. It was hands down the worst trophy in all of Assassin's Creed. So frustrating. One of my proudest gaming achievements was getting Impress Warren Vidic on both PS3 and PS4 without the glitch.
  7. It worked all three are there now thanks!
  8. Thanks very much! Primal is still hidden, but shows up on other sites, so I will check the PS3 console. When I get another trophy, I will see if the other two show up as well. Problem is Child of Light uses the same image for both the PS3 and PS4 versions, so not sure which is which!
  9. I have a question about different versions of the same game on multiple platforms. I have 100% of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts on PS4, and they are partially completed on PS3. A few years ago, I hid the games because both were showing up on PSNProfiles. Is there a way to get only the PS4 games to show up? I'm not sure how to do this. Last night I unhid Far Cry Primal on PS4 - in the menu hidden PS4 games, then earned a trophy and updated my profile and it didn't show up. So I also unhid it on the menu - Hidden games for PS3 and Vita. I don't know yet if that worked. So I'm wondering if they need to be unhidden in the PS3 menu or the PS3 console - but won't that mean the PS3 and PS4 versions will all be visible? Am I stuck with having with them all showing up or all being hidden? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. No problem, appreciate the reply! Thanks. Yeah, I can tell it's going to suck, but I feel a bit more confident now that I have Wrench and Aiden, and have figured out how to save/load. I can tell it's going to take a lot of patience.
  11. Awesome, thank you! Hopefully this mode doesn't completely suck.
  12. Thanks very much! I did save to my USB right away, I was unsure how to re-select it. I haven't died yet, so I haven't tried to re-select the save yet. If I re-select it, does it open the game and start me from that point? Sorry, I just can't remember how I did it on Far Cry Primal.
  13. @Shipwreck24273 So I finally started a Resistance game. I'm not clear at all that you can turn permadeath off, and I have no idea how to save scum. There is no manual save? Can you walk me through it please?
  14. Ok thanks. Bit nervous to try it, but I want the 100%.
  15. Sweet thanks that’s what I’ll do. Would you also lose them from “normal” mode?