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  1. Impress Warren Vidic in Assassin's Creed Revelations (twice) Healing Hero in Valiant Hearts Binge Watching and Drift Like a Tester in The Crew 2 No-Win Scenario in Star Trek Bridge Crew The Master Assassin trophies on Assassin's Creed Chronicles Not trophies, but beating Ghost Recon Wildlands and Far Cry Primal (survival, expert difficulty) with permadeath.
  2. So I'm trying to get the Breadwinner trophy/Uplay action and I know it resets monthly. The last few days it said the war was over for the month, and the people in the winning faction (the Wolves) could do their special missions. But starting yesterday it said instead "Faction War ends in 29 days" so I assumed the March war has started. But Faction missions, PvP races, and sending friends on missions gives me no RP! I'm earning Bucks, but nothing else. My statistics say I've NEVER earned RP. Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Maybe the leap year is messing everything up. I've read dozens and dozens of forum and Reddit posts complaining about bugs going back at least five years. If this is bugged, and Versatile Showman (the other Uplay action I need) are bugged, maybe I should just cut my losses and delete the game. I enjoy the Crew 2 much better.
  3. All the R6 stat tracking sites tell me I have 12 penetration kills in casual/ranked, but no trophy. Do you have to get all the bullet pen, nitro cell, etc kills AFTER the trophy change? Did nothing carry over? Anyone else have this?
  4. Does anyone know for the Ubisoft ChallengesLost CauseBorderlineBad HarvestSecurity Breachwhere it says "Complete [Smuggling/Production/Security/Influence] in Ghost Mode" do you have to do every mission in Ghost mode, or can I do them in normal, and then just beat the four bosses in Ghost?
  5. I agree it’s likely tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  6. Ok thanks. I created a gaming session if you want to try to boost.
  7. I have 12 and have gotten one since the change and no dice. Worried this is screwed forever.
  8. I swear last night I did a total of 20 exclamation mark icons, hourglass icons, and those icons that look like a T. I did at least two on each of the 5 locations. I did the Kingfisher questline, the big battle, the mino-tour questline...I guess I will have to wait until I get to level 50 to do the arena and pray that works. I will be very upset if it's glitched.Anyone have any insights?
  9. I'll do 10 online. I have the trophy, but I am trying to get the Ubisoft challenges for 10 custom matches with friends and 10 wins in competitive play.

    1. DonConsolmagno


      Sure - I have about 3 online done so far. 

    2. Khaos004


      Awesome, thanks! I am away on a road trip most of this week, but we can connect and get it done.

  10. Yes, I think so too. Months and months later, they made the Origins ones available for 40U each. I can be patient. And I don't actually want to use the weapons necessarily, just want to have all rewards, challenges and badges in AC games.
  11. Ok thanks! Hopefully the dory will be made available down the line like Chop Chop and Harlequin in Origins.
  12. Hi did you have any luck?
  13. Haven't seen anything yet. I think if new content was coming tomorrow we'd have seen something by now.
  14. Ok thanks for the the update!
  15. Did you have any luck?
  16. You'd be my hero! Thanks!
  17. Thanks. Does anyone have any other codes?
  18. Thanks! Does anyone know how to get the other three locked rewards?
  19. Anyone find anything to get these trophies?
  20. Yes, you're right. Only side quests count. i added them up and I have 19 done. I will get the trophy when I finish the arena because I missed the Hydrea quests. Thank you!
  21. Really?! I've seen people say bounties and contracts count, and others swear they don't. Tonight I will try some message board activities and see if that helps. Thanks!
  22. Oh good. I don't like pressure of weekly or timed IRL challenges. I can't play whenever I want to.
  23. What message boards are being referenced? Do we have to keep track of something online?
  24. It's not that easy. Took me many, many tries. I eventually did it twice - on PS3 and PS4. Probably the hardest trophy in the whole series for me. Even harder than Il Principe.
  25. Is the Unite program dead? I was hoping to complete the Ubisoft Club challenges.