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  1. So if what youre saying is true, I bought 2 copies of the game to self boost, only to forget that this other stupid ass mode has a broken trophy. Greeeaaaat job EA. I figured something would go wrong since I already had Generous Friend.
  2. I found the books boring, personally. I guess thats why the creator of the Witcher hates the game series so much, because its so much better than the books.
  3. What Kenji said. It is my favorite since 2K14 and the best of the gen by a pretty wide margin.
  4. Yeah, all around these are all great moves. WWE 2K19 is still considered to be the best of the current series of games so for it to stay alive for a while longer is exciting to me, not to mention for us trophy hunters looking to finish off those online trophies.
  5. To summarise: • WWE 2K21 has been officially cancelled to give Visual Concepts more time to work on WWE 2K22. • WWE 2K Battlegrounds is coming in Fall 2020. It's a new game, not much known, but a short teaser can be found here. • 2K have recruited Patrick Gilmore to oversee the development of WWE 2K going forward. (Especially 2K22) But the biggest piece of news: "Next, we want to address WWE 2K20. We’ve heard and appreciate your feedback, and continue to listen to you closely. Since launch, we’ve released five title updates, addressing hundreds of reported concerns, and have released four WWE 2K20 Originals DLC expansions to build on and improve the experience. We’ve also heard your requests to keep the WWE 2K19 servers running; they will remain active for the time being."
  6. Its unobtainable if you dont have "The Generous Friend" trophy. If you have it, every other online trophy is still achievable
  7. Might be a case of the Arkham Origins situation, where the developer says its shut down but it actually is still online? I guess lobbies are all but gone, but seems to me, at least for the time being, the game is still alive. I would act fast though. Im too tired to start right now but im playing as soon as I can get a 2nd copy of KE.
  8. What do you think the FF7 remake is? lol
  9. Soldier 76 on Volkskaya Industries. 22 kills total. Not too hard. This was in 2017.
  10. At a discount for sure. I dont really like the game but Sindel, Shang Tsung, and Joker are all really fun and are pretty good.
  11. Yes, it just depends on what tower level it is. I know for Sindel its her 4th Kharacter tower, but, like I said, looking them up and just doing them in battle unlocks them anyway.
  12. In the Towers of Time or doing their Kharacter Towers unlocks them but, theres no reason to go after them like that since you can unlock them simply by doing them. Hell you can even do the Easy Fatality version of them and still unlock them.
  13. Game was active at the beginning and has steadily been growing in terms of community and population. I only rarely had trouble finding matches even early on. Now, theres no way there isnt action going on.
  14. Ill try Orange Box and MoH Airborne soon. Just gonna have to wait on them.