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  1. I played: 69 different games (Nice.) Top 3 Games 1. Apex Legends - 537 Hours 2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - 495 Hours 3. Street Fighter V - 149 Hours Top Genre: First Person Shooters (6 games/ 75 trophies/ 1047 hours) Hours Clocked in: 2309 Hours Earned: 664 trophies Bronze/ 494 Silver/ 122 Gold/ 39 Platinum/ 9 Overall, a career low for my trophy hunting but a high in which I play FPSes.
  2. Just tried SSX 2012 and didnt work. I noticed SSX's terms of service were updated to 2019 and had detected my current EA origin account so that was surprising.
  3. For anyone wondering, yes its over now.
  4. I like CMH777, aka Carlos Has. Dude was pretty funny and was dedicated well to the trophy hunt. I miss his YouTube channel where he just reviewed other people's profiles
  5. Triple XP is live now. Just got 90,000 XP from Geonosis Co-Op
  6. Overkill did this before with PS3 and 360 and theyre doing it again, why act surprised? They're scumbags who got their comeuppance with the failure of everything they've done since Payday 2 - Raid and The Walking Dead being the obvious culprits. Theyre on the verge of bankruptcy, and to make Payday 3, they need money.They have no shame too, returning to their old cash cow after already sunsetting support for it a few years back. Maybe next time they try to put something on console they wont abandon it.
  7. Can confirm its working. Mortal Kombat 11 finally got added to my list. Hallelujah Sony. Only took you about 3 weeks.
  8. System Update 7.02 is out, should mean its fixed now. Ill confirm myself in a bit.
  9. 3 weeks now.. Sony time sure is something
  10. Welp Sony put out System Software update 7.01 today. I installed it and... can confirm, still NOT working. I really think theyre not noticing the problem is bigger than it is because my friends are also having this issue.
  11. Well yeah, didnt even know this existed.
  12. Welp there goes any chance of me touching this game
  13. I actually really do enjoy this game's MP and come back to it often but its a fucking drag to level up.
  14. Well at least in a way EA does give a shit about Fight Night so at least there's a silver lining.
  15. Fuck yes. I was just thinking about this last night while I was playing. Thank God for Disney and their shitty sequels