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  1. Yup. Which by the looks of it... you did not take advantage of the glitched hole and not have to get 3 condors, 5 albatrosses, 50 eagles, all legit. Good luck and god bless.
  2. im just worried gimme mode is gone after today, since the last revenge vs character from yesterday still had servers on.
  3. Ill be the one to confirm that it looks like Everybody's Golf has been shut down. Going to any online mode now and it says server connection failed. Will note that it still gives you gimme mode but cant confirm if this will stay since the revenge vs characters changed yesterday when the servers were still up.
  4. Got the last fish. Got all the secret VS characters except the ones that you need to finish official tournaments for. Revenge VS is 3 down; 15 more to go. Gotta grind more official tourneys and Full House. But all online stuff has been obtained. All in a week. I went HAM in Everybodys Golf, sheesh. 27/31.
  5. How do you do them trickshots easily? Ive not really used them so ive tried to do 1 of them and i just suck.
  6. I dont think its the last time, since the base game has only 5 courses and theres only so much different conditions they can do, ita bound to repeat again or be back a next day. Long as it isnt mega or tornado cups youll be fine.
  7. Bout 15 mins. It is random and youll get other people 2x sometimes but youll get him. Also if anyone cares; the course for the glitch is avail now for the next 24 hours. Go.
  8. Just got on open course so it should be back now.
  9. Just got to rank 7 and just beat revenge kato so thats a HUGE worry off my mind! Bouta do the professors quizzes and finish up for the night.
  10. Will do. Am rank 6 now, close to wrapping it up. Pretty fun but I fucking hate Vortex Valley so much.
  11. Should I beat Secret VS characters as they come or just defeat them once I get to rank 7?
  12. Really thought this was a thread in some philosophy thread PSNP just started or something before I realized it was a trophy for some puzzle game.
  13. Christ these companies are getting worse and worse with these fucking deadlines. It really has been one busy shutdown season thus far and the fact it keeps getting added to it is very annoying.
  14. I read in other threads as long as you get Kato first as your revenge character and get the fish every other character will cycle offline. Because yeah its 18 days minimum to get all the revenge characters and its 16 days till shutdown.
  15. If I start now I should be fine right? 16 days to go. I have some time in the world to do it so if I gave myself another unobtainable plat lmk !