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  1. Can confirm, its down. Video below and it is officially retired on the Ubisoft website.
  2. Sometime in the early morning of Thursday, April 28th, 2022, Hyper Scape officially passed away. Its now posted on the Ubisoft page as retired as well, video proof below. Availability of Hyper Scape Hyper Scape was officially retired on 28 April 2022. This means that the game, its website, and all related content are no longer available. Personally, I genuinely liked this game, coming from Apex and Fortnite it was actually different and unique, and with work, it could've had potential, unfortunately under the influence of Ubisoft, wasting the hype ona PC only beta , and a horrible console launch, it was doomed. I remember wondering if I should've bought this game's first season battle pass. Somehow even in 2020 I knew, and I declined. I find it quite paradoxically sad that a game set in the future, has no future. Rest in power, contenders.
  3. have done the pc version legit since I haven't played stanley parable in damn near 8 years atp. Though I dont see why people are whining about leaving their ps4/ps5's on or abo0ut moving the clock.
  4. I can add to the list THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 which is, a PS2 classic. Not sure whether the ACA versions on the PSN store suffer the same fate but the textures are always glitching while playing and there is input delay. It hasnt crashed and is playable for the most part, I havent been able to finish an arcade run but thats moreso on time than on the game.
  5. Also comes with a pack of MYFACTION cards, all of which are evolution. For people who want to do the PINNACLE OF POWER challenge , or havent done it, this does include `1 level 4 card, a gold Yokozuna. Only costs 10 bucks standalone. That or you could buy the Undertaker Immortal pack now. Both are 10.
  6. dont we all.
  7. Can confirm kendo stick is method is no longer working in Proving Grounds but I personally didnt really use it except to drive up the score in Iron Man matches. Or tornado handicap matches. I actually dont think 2k went out of their way on this, just a result of general AI behavior improvements they mentioned. But alas.. one less exploit. I actually didnt know about the barricade one, but the good thing is ive just personally havent lost the ladder matches at all anymore. Just finished up chapter 2, at 420 Faction Wars wins, im looking to be done by May. Might not even have to do all of PG depending on the RNG giving you tokens in FW.
  8. They did. As far as I can tell, nothing. I was still able to use Ruby Asuka, still a level 90 for submission offense. 1 thing did change and it may just be me but the AI is no longer immediately going to try breaking up a pin or submission. In 4 matches they went for it once... only after I attempted a pin first. and then tried a sub. This could be huge if it stays. And now theres a notice when you try to start another myfaction game, it says MYFACTION SERVERS ARE BUSY, TRY AGAIN. instead of the usual error. Thats pretty much it as far as MyFaction changes.
  9. Looks like a good update, but, the section myFACTION doesnt seem to indicate any balancing for the current Asuka strat - addresses the kendo stick stuff again? MyFACTION Improved reward icon visibility for weekly Evo challenges Addressed reported concerns regarding an exploit connected to weapon baiting in Faction Wars Added MyFACTION nWo Standalone cards …plus much more. <--------------- this seems ominous.
  10. Thank god. Might double dip after all.
  11. Not really., pretty good at apex so i can win with all the characters again
  12. double whammy, not fully auotpop. just autopooped 3 trophies (Reach player level 50, be jumpmaster 5 times, and Well Rounded (5,000 damage with 8 different legends) but every other trophy didnt.
  13. its the exact same list. they changed nothing, this is one of my all time fave games but the list sucks.
  14. Shoutout to 2K really making sure nothing that benefits the players not having to use shitty ass MTX gets patched asap while other stuff in the game like locking whole ass characters behind this stupid ass mode and glitches stays being worked on. Asuka method is the best way to go for now, go forwards men. I had transitioned to that method anyway it can be alot faster.
  15. Only at 140 something in Faction Wars but... am I the only one who thinks theyre gonna add more diamond cards eventually? I mean do we have to go out of our way to go through Proving rounds right now for the last 2 Diamond cards?