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  1. Wasn't there a trophy with the DLC? As I can remember you had to beat a time set by hamilton.
  2. It's possible, there will be a EM 2021 DLC, but yeah, stay away from this ...
  3. This could also help to speed up the whole process
  4. Were do you both live?
  5. Having a 90+ team a this time of the game is not really hard to achieve and having a chemistry of 100 is the first goal anyway. Does not depend on the rating, just to handle it clever. By trading I now have a 97 team, but I have no chance in Rivals, because of all this high skilled players, playing in the lowest divisions. So now I just let run the game via Remote Play and an autokey app, pressing x, to achieve the 2000 points, because this will be the first trophy getting unachievable. After the release of FIFA 21, all this ****oles, will be gone and I can try the division 4 trophy. But after that one, EA can **** themself.
  6. 21s blueline fear But please leave the club afterwards. Be fair to others.
  7. I can confirm this. But for the second download part I switched back, because the proxy was too slow. In this case it was no problem to block the update, because it's very big and take some time.
  8. Tried it with Perils of Baking 1.08 and it worked. Now I have 1.00 and after that I updated back to 1.08. Next try will be Uncharted 4
  9. Does this version really work? Maybe one of you could host a session for me?
  10. Anyone else with the account linking problem?
  11. It's a very poor service by EA, that they are not able to send an email about the new games available on access. So I just got the information by accident.
  12. Here you can see what happened to NHL 19, so I think it will be april again:
  13. Does anyone have an idea, how the release schedule for new games to the ea access vault is working? In my opinion EA is not doing a good job about it. If I check the older news it looks like they release a few every april and october.
  14. It says 403 forbidden
  15. Maybe someone else can check the link.