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  1. Thanks for the quick fix
  2. I have a strange behaviour since a few days. I switch to US and start a search. Suddenly the region changes to UK.
  3. Hey guys Isnt it possible to use the [Guide] How to get 1.00 Digital Games. solution to get back to 1.00?
  4. I will give it a try. Looks like it is a little bit complex, because of the ps5 and ps4 version, if you play it on ps5. I checked it both ways and most of the game, the first menu in the game said, that the dlc is not installed, but the submenu said, that it is installed.
  5. For me there are some Sub-DLC which I should buy again. They are already installed, but in this case the game also complains, that I have to buy the Parent-DLC for this specific DLC. When I check the store they all have the installed marker, but the game is not really able to recognize that fact and so these DLC are also not selectable in the main menu. Problems occurs on PS4-Version, played on PS5
  6. I installed the whole game again, and well, it's still not working. Dont think this is a Sony issue. The developer did a huge mistake and are unable to solve it.
  7. I have the EU Version. And like Xionx said, there is an error message on the start screen, with several error messages. Don't know if there is another issue, playing the ps4 version on ps5, like I did. For now I dont care anymore.
  8. The whole game is broken now. Most of the DLC were not recognized and I had to download again, but the game still shows an error message at the beginning. When you try to start a region/scenario the game crashes. So I deleted it and wait for the next update.
  9. Awesome. I wrote them a message and just 2 minutes later, the mentioned trophies popped.
  10. Hi Just to inform future players. You can load your ps4 save in the ps5 version. It's a little bit irritating, but the trophies will not pop immediately. Continue the franchise and after the next game they will pop. It's a really easy platinum and you only need 2 controllers and an alt account.
  11. I am on my 2nd playthrough. -Grounded -Permadeath -Cheats enabled. Not really interested in spending more time with this game
  12. Could be the Caramel Poptick in the first area in a cave.
  13. I don’t know the source, but I saw a screenshot, where both versions are installed. So the ps5 ui offers a submenu, where you can choose between ps5 or ps4 version. Especially for the new ubisoft games its worth playing the ps4 version on ps5. Loading times of wd legions on ps4 are horrible. Especially ingame.
  14. Any 2XP weekend in the future?
  15. I have the german ultimate edition. Someone in a german board talked about, that there was a mistake with the regions. We will see, what Ubisoft can do about this.