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  1. Good news is that the patch is out, and trophies work now. The bad news (especially for your no present run...) is that trophies that Should have popped need to be earned again.
  2. Email from the devs: Hey [Real Name] !We are aware of this and working on this right now to fix, hope to get a patch out asap! -- Matt Conn Release Manager & Producer ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove
  3. There definitely seems to be some issues with the trophies. I should have had the cupid one, the sunflower one, the evil elevator one and the play as old school TJ and Earl one, but nothing. The only ones that have actually popped for me are the ones for doing something wrong, haha.
  4. Just popped this trophy myself, and my experience was similar to WHAT47's - the first companion activity became available the morning after the party that happens in camp after the first Dutch mission of the chapter (trying to be vague for spoilers, haha). I guess that what's happening in the story between the last few Chapter 3 missions and the first few chapter 4 missions "switches off" companion activities briefly, as everyone is preoccupied.
  5. Portrait of Mooin' got a big laugh from me.
  6. If they stack I'll do both. Don't really fancy another two playthroughs though...
  7. Nabbed myself a legendary lieutenant from a Fort in Phokis. What's the betting Evie shows up now, haha
  8. I have the exact same issue. I'm not gonna buy helix credits though: guess I'll get this trophy the old fashioned way haha.
  9. That's just my assumption though, don't take it as gospel yet (I can't play it in my region for another two hours, haha)
  10. I would assume it means first play on that particular save file, not first play ever (so, by extension, I assume you can also go back to levels when you've beaten them to replay with better gears/weapons)
  11. Looks like there's no 100% All Regions trophy this time, which should shave a good dozen or so hours off the Plat time.
  12. I'm very glad to see this happening. It's just a shame that it comes out the same day as Red Dead: bold move, Konami...
  13. It's Sony that you pay your money too, though - on your bank/card statement it shows as a payment to Sony/ PS Store, so that's where the refund would have to come from. If the payment was credited to Telltale games, that would be another matter. *Edit* All of which is irrelevant unless Telltale actually Admit that the last two episodes aren't coming, of course... Most likely outcome IMO is that they'll keep saying that they are "exploring ways to bring the episodes to release in the most timely manner possible, and they thank us for our understanding and patience" or words to that effect, while never actually bringing the darn thing out. If there's no official cancellation, and they act like it's still coming, there are no refunds from anyone at all, haha.
  14. It is Sony that owes the refund, though, as they're the ones that sold it. If you bought a physical game from Amazon that didn't work you'd go to Amazon not the game developer. And whether you played half the game is irrelevant - it was sold as a complete season, not on an episode by episode basis. From the consumer rights act, which is legally binding : The Consumer Rights Act defines digital content as ‘data which are produced and supplied in digital form’. This means you have rights in relation to anything you download or stream, including apps, ebooks, films, games or music. Digital content must be: Of satisfactory quality Fit for a particular purpose As described by the seller. Note the last one: it was described on the store as 4 episodes. If only two are delivered then legally a refund is owed (to use Amazon as an example again, if a game crashed and stopped working halfway through, you wouldn't send it back and ask for half your money back) - they broke from their previous business model for this game, where you could buy things an episode at a time (and if they had kept to that refunds would not be owed on the individual episodes) - by explicitly describing the product as 4 episodes, the full amount must be refunded if four episodes aren't released. Release dates for those episodes weren't in the product description though, tellingly: there is nothing to stop Telltale from not cancelling the game, constantly saying they are working on the episodes, and not releasing anything, preventing refunds from being a legal requirement.
  15. All evidence points to it being cancelled but I'm still not convinced to be honest. Melissa did an interview with PlayStation Access before the season launched, and she definitely gave the impression that she'd already finished recording (I seem to remember her talking about the ending). She may be going off all the tweets about it being cancelled. These tweets come from now ex-employee. It definitely appears that everyone who was working on the game has been fired - and on reddit one of them says episode 3 was almost done but not in a sellable state and episode 4 still needed a lot of work - which looks bleak, but not wanting to sound harsh, but these guys don't work there nlany more so aren't going to be privy to Telltale's future plans. They know that THEY aren't making the game anymore, and while it would be a logical assumption that that means it's been cancelled, it isn't confirmed anywhere. I really don't want to sound cold, but all the former employees saying it is dead basically know as much as we do about what is coming next. Then there is the fact that it's still on sale. This is the huge one for me. Telltale have said they'll make an announcement in coming weeks. The Twitter sources are saying it is already cancelled. If the decision has been made already, and they've decided to not tell people for a few weeks while they actively sell the full season still, knowing they won't deliver the product they are selling, that is beyond shady. FWIW, in another thread here somebody posted a transcript from Sony support where they asked about a refund, and the Sony dude said that Telltale are telling Sony the full season will still release at the moment (but that could easily fall under Telltale deciding not to announce what's going on for a few weeks) I reckon that right now Telltale are still trying to work out if a few members of their skeleton staff - who it seems aren't from the actual TWD team - can finish off whatever is left and get it out, half-assed or not. We're 100% not getting it from the original team, and epsidoes 3 and 4 getting canned is still by far the most likely outcome as far as I can see, but we may well get a "f***it, that'll do" version of the last few episodes.