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  1. August: Crash Trilogy Far Cry 5
  2. Looks like I've had this too. I got stuck in the last location (trying to avoid spoilers here) where it kept telling me to find evidence, but I'd interacted with everything and the radio call you're supposed to get to progress the game never came. I had the bright idea to quit and reload, and, well ...
  3. July 2020: Crash Trilogy Far Cry 5
  4. The Plus games are usually announced by now (should have been 20 minutes ago by the regular schedule) - I wonder if they're saving it for the State of Play?
  5. Yeah, if there are no new trophies yet then I guess that means there's more DLC to come.
  6. I'd imagine that if there are trophies, then while Stage Fatalities, Friendships etc. would be factored in to the trophies I think those trophies would also have to feature an element of the paid DLC (so that people can't get friendship trophies without also getting the paid side of the DLC) - so a stage fatality would have to be done with one of the DLC characters, or it will ask for a specific DLC characters' friendship.
  7. Yeah, it shows as Free now, but "not available for purchase" One step at a time, haha
  8. Faster Baby is still £11.99 in the UK but the other two are free.
  9. Popped dead on 50 for me. I was surprised considering that I had to do another 20+ krypt chests for that trophy to pop.
  10. Just picked this up, thank you for pointing this out
  11. Oh gosh, this is awesome news! THPS2 is still one of my all time favourite games.
  12. While it's a bit disappointing, I think the reasoning here is absolutely fair. I suspect we'll be seeing similar announcements for many many other games in the months ahead.
  13. June: Order: 1886 Dear Esther
  14. It's the price that puts me off. If the story mode is significant, then I guess it's not too bad, or even if the stuff that's free (stage fatalities, new stages, friendships) was a part of the package, but a few extra story chapters and three characters for £15 less than the whole game was when it came out is a bit silly. And, tbh, the free stuff sounds more exciting to me personally than the paid content. I'll still get it because I'm a completionist (and a bit of a mug), but I'll wait on word of how much story there is before I decide on whether to wait for a sale or not.
  15. Probably depends if they plan on more DLC after this - which they probably don't if there's a physical version - since they tend to add DLC trophies when they're done with additional content.