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  1. Will give that a go tonight, thanks ☺️
  2. Nano-Virus is kicking my arse, too. I can never seem to lockdown fast enough.
  3. Great news. I'm in the UK so that's my evening sorted
  4. I would assume not, as the F1 car(s) aren't a part of the regular vehicle selection screen IIRC
  5. Did you hear anything back on your ticket?
  6. Seems odd that there's an "all head decisions" trophy but not an "all heart" But I am really glad to see the back of the darned "X is one of the top traits" or "X and X have a good relationship" trophies, haha. A Rational Mind and The Odd Couple added three playthroughs each onto my time with Little Hope even following guides.
  7. It would make sense for Microsoft to push for a third. A Shinji exclusive horror game would be a boon for Xbox in Japan
  8. I'd be up for trying PGA. MKX is a great game too.
  9. Very well played.
  10. I stayed in Haven with Steph - but I feel the "real" final big choice is forgiving or condemning Jed. I forgave him. He was a coward and a weasel, but I don't think he was evil. I had everyone believe me except Duckie. Not sure why he didn't, I thought we got on well, haha.
  11. I'm not seeing the percentages either. On GameFAQs and Reddit there are people saying they didn't see them and still got the trophy, as well as people who didn't get the trophy saying they didn't see percentages. It looks like there are two separate server glitches - one that prevents stats and trophies, and one that prevents stats but not trophies. But obviously there's no way to know which you have until the time comes. I'm enjoying the game too much to stop playing while waiting for a fix, so I think I'm gonna make a backup save when there's only one collectable to go, so if I don't get the trophy I can still finish the game, then reload the backup save and wait for a fix before nipping in and quickly picking up the plat.
  12. Yeah, I was expecting it to be Kraven emerging from the shadows, not Venom, haha
  13. Looks like a Venom/Kraven team-up for the main threat. That alone has me sold.
  14. PowerPyx is saying that you need to be online for the "all collectables" trophy to pop (after earlier thinking it was unobtainable) for some reason. But yeah, other than that (which is presumably an issue that will be patched, this looks like a standard LiS list
  15. They're announced on the Wednesday before they come out. They release on the first Tuesday of the month, so the announcement is due today - in about 18 minutes in fact, if it sticks to the usual timing.