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  1. Kinda gives me vibes of the opening to The Excorcist
  2. December Mortal Kombat 11 Everybody's Golf
  3. Ah, I'll check next time I earn a trophy then. Tried just synching as is and got nothing. I'm 25 at 82% at the moment so I'm guessing somewhere in the 300s.
  4. Mine doesn't seem to have changed yet, and it's not offering me a firmware update
  5. November: Monster Hunter World Life is Strange: Before The Storm
  6. Haha, this really isn't the sort of game that needs a 100 hour trophy. That said, this is the sort of game that I always tend to go back to for another playthrough a few times a year, so maybe it'll end up popping towards the end of the PS5 life cycle 😂
  7. Looks straightforward, but I suppose it depends what needs doing to unlock the cars (do you need to beat all ghosts for one, etc. - remember that on Horizon Chase Turbo the "use all cars" trophy was the hardest because of what was needed to unlock them all) The Platinum medal and 100% story could be a bit tricky, too. But there certainly doesn't seem to be any particularly unreasonable trophies here.
  8. It's in three parts, IIRC - maybe there'll be one big DLC trophy list when all DLC is out, like in MK, Injustice etc.?
  9. October: Man of Medan Firewatch
  10. Excellent news, cheers
  11. Thank you 😊 Not sure if the bat symbol is edible, haven't tried yet, haha. It's a cherry bakewell flavoured sponge
  12. Absolutely banging 😊
  13. She's definitely a keeper