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  1. I've no idea what this game is but the title has sold me, haha
  2. Are the likes received from other players, or in game characters?
  3. This is the real question
  4. I had the same problem with Japan. I did all the others first time except Greece, which I did second, but Japan took me five tries, due to that darned last track. I finally did it last night - I used the Gentleman for the extra boost and the handling, and then I didn't bother trying to get the extra nitros on the track during the race, because they were what kept tempting me into crashes, and instead put all my focus onto trying to stay in the middle of the road at all times to avoid screwing up on all the little wavy bits of track. I still only came in third, but coming in first in the other three tracks still gave me gold overall. I'm dreading that track in the 109, there's a real chance it will get me eliminated 😂
  5. I can't wait - I adored Theme Hospital back in the day.
  6. I don't mind the episodic format in general - I actually quite like having the cliffhangers and so on, but the schedule for LiS2 has been pretty ridiculous to be fair. There was a bigger gap between the first and second episodes of LiS2 than between the second a third episodes of The Walking Dead Final Season, even though Telltale went bankrupt and Skybound stepped in between those two episodes.
  7. It's not been a great E3 really. I did love the Nintendo and Square shows, though - FF8 is probably the perfect announcement for me.
  8. Haha, oops. Thanks for clearing that up
  9. May just be GoT (only one I've tried), but you don't have the option to download episode 1 from your library /purchased games, only episodes 2-6
  10. I can still download the PS4 version of BttF, which is good, because that's the only one I'm likely to replay to be honest. But I've tested with Game of Thrones, and even though it's purchased and in my library, I don't have the option to download episode 1, only episodes 2-6, which makes it unplayable. I've already platted it, and probably wouldn't give it another go, but it's galling that I don't have the option to replay a game that I bought fair and square for a system that is still active. Never mind, though, it's one of those things, I guess.
  11. There's a three player fight against Baraka available at the moment, I just popped the trophy.
  12. Honestly, the thing I'm most excited for at E3 is hopefully the next Smash Bros character. Maybe even with the classic E3 "And it's available.... Now" moment
  13. Good news is that the patch is out, and trophies work now. The bad news (especially for your no present run...) is that trophies that Should have popped need to be earned again.
  14. Email from the devs: Hey [Real Name] !We are aware of this and working on this right now to fix, hope to get a patch out asap! -- Matt Conn Release Manager & Producer ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove
  15. There definitely seems to be some issues with the trophies. I should have had the cupid one, the sunflower one, the evil elevator one and the play as old school TJ and Earl one, but nothing. The only ones that have actually popped for me are the ones for doing something wrong, haha.
  16. Just popped this trophy myself, and my experience was similar to WHAT47's - the first companion activity became available the morning after the party that happens in camp after the first Dutch mission of the chapter (trying to be vague for spoilers, haha). I guess that what's happening in the story between the last few Chapter 3 missions and the first few chapter 4 missions "switches off" companion activities briefly, as everyone is preoccupied.
  17. Portrait of Mooin' got a big laugh from me.
  18. If they stack I'll do both. Don't really fancy another two playthroughs though...
  19. Nabbed myself a legendary lieutenant from a Fort in Phokis. What's the betting Evie shows up now, haha
  20. I have the exact same issue. I'm not gonna buy helix credits though: guess I'll get this trophy the old fashioned way haha.
  21. That's just my assumption though, don't take it as gospel yet (I can't play it in my region for another two hours, haha)
  22. I would assume it means first play on that particular save file, not first play ever (so, by extension, I assume you can also go back to levels when you've beaten them to replay with better gears/weapons)
  23. Looks like there's no 100% All Regions trophy this time, which should shave a good dozen or so hours off the Plat time.
  24. I'm very glad to see this happening. It's just a shame that it comes out the same day as Red Dead: bold move, Konami...
  25. It's Sony that you pay your money too, though - on your bank/card statement it shows as a payment to Sony/ PS Store, so that's where the refund would have to come from. If the payment was credited to Telltale games, that would be another matter. *Edit* All of which is irrelevant unless Telltale actually Admit that the last two episodes aren't coming, of course... Most likely outcome IMO is that they'll keep saying that they are "exploring ways to bring the episodes to release in the most timely manner possible, and they thank us for our understanding and patience" or words to that effect, while never actually bringing the darn thing out. If there's no official cancellation, and they act like it's still coming, there are no refunds from anyone at all, haha.