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  1. I wrote how I got this trophy in my guide over at PST but to be honest, at this point I would just wait if I were you - the devs have confirmed they are changing this trophy to 1000 miles in the next patch.
  2. A ribbon still won't make me care about other people's trophies, or make me care about what they think of mine, so do what you feel, I guess.
  3. It's been confirmed in a few places that it's win, unfortunately.
  4. That screenshot I posted is a few days old. People have started unlocking them now. However the matchmaking is breaking on & off, so it's hard to get in a match sometimes. I don't think the 2 can be mixed, there are 2 separate tracking pages in the game for online head to head stats and tournament stats, both of mine are accurate (something like 8 out of 8 head to head wins and 2 out of 3 tourney wins), so I would have unlocked at least one of the online trophies now if that was the case.
  5. I don't think the 5/10 minutes trophies are even possible, I told the devs this on Twitter and they said they'd discuss it with their team. They told me the trophy is for potting all 15 reds, colours and then the colours in sequence - so 36 shots in 300 seconds, that's 8.3 seconds a shot (I messed that part up on Twitter :P). No way is that doable? With the method above, surely it would mess with the timer or something? There's no way of knowing when their timer starts or what. They told me the trophy doesn't unlock in six-red, which is a shame, because there I managed a total clearance in what I timed as about 4:45. Hopefully they change it. My 147 took probably around 40-45 minutes of planning, it wasn't a 5 minute thing. Side note, the trophy list differs on the Internet compared to what it says on the PS4: It's only Play 50/100 matches compared to Win 50/100 listed here and elsewhere.
  6. It doesn't surprise me that this is glitched, the first one was glitched too on release. It didn't recognise that you had all collectibles. They patched it though, and as far as I'm aware the games are made by students so I'd expect this to get patched also.
  7. Hey @Ry4nsG4m3r74g I saw you have the trophy now - what worked for you? It's not unlocking for me either.
  8. From what I'm reading though... the only "complete the game" trophies are to complete a level and complete a world... so even if the second world is a pain in the ass, we may never even need to go that far? Presumably coins can be farmed in the early levels if required. Unless of course, unlocking a mini-game depends on stuff past the first world.
  9. Is there any way you can make a new PS4 user and not sign up for PSN, make any new 2K accounts or whatever you need, then once you have the trophy, sign into your account on this user and sync it from there? Although that might not be possible since you need to get online and you'll need a PSN...
  10. Definitely GTA IV. I played and completed most things before the trophy patch and I didn't wanna put myself through it again, especially since they added multiplayer trophies.
  11. Sorry for hijacking the thread, not worth making a new one imo, but... I am a premium member and my profile has stopped auto-updating as of a couple of days ago. Right now it says it was updated 1 day, 11 hours ago.
  12. ONE. You only need one controller. And it wouldn't matter if X and Triangle were the only buttons that worked, either.
  13. They have actually stealth released this a few weeks ago:!/en-gb/games/monster-jam-battlegrounds/cid=EP0281-NPEB02308_00-MONSTERJAM000001 Now available in UK store, at least. Doesn't appear to stack though or we would have seen it by now.
  14. I have about a month left on my yearly membership, I want to just get the lifetime one now - is there a way to do that or do I have to wait for expiry? I can't see a button for the life of me.
  15. I did ask them after you posted this but they said no, basically.
  16. It was £13.99 on release for 5 days. I know that because I bought it on release. It then dropped to £7.99 and has stayed that way ever since. The initial price must have been an error.
  17. Platinum now achievable
  18. I have this problem too. I have tried the same things that you say, to no avail. It must have glitched on us...
  19. The same is true of MAG. They sell it for like £3 or something in Game, it's a coaster, nothing more. I caught a guy in there not long back saying to his mate that it looked good, I had to butt in and tell him that the game doesn't work any more. And I was in Game to point out games I wanted for Christmas, before you ask - I wasn't paying their extortionate prices!
  20. Surprised nobody has mentioned LA Noire. Really enjoyed the graphics in this game.
  21. Does anyone have any tips as to what map, which dinosaur they killed, what part of the dinosaur they hit and how much you had to compensate for bullet drop? I'm sitting at 110+a few metres, hitting a Stegosaurus and aiming for the heart but I'm not sure whether I'm overcompensating for bullet drop or something, it's never a one shot kill. I've tried the eye too but even a headshot won't work.
  22. Right, I have it now. I still struggled with the Stegosaurus on the first map so I went to Basmachee Rocks (sp?) where there is practically zero foliage to get in your line of sight. I then snuck up to a Parasaurolophus (to me they seem less armoured and have bigger hearts) and did it first time from around 120m. Thanks for your help and hopefully this will help if by some miracle someone else gets stuck!
  23. Yeah I'm using normal rifle. I'm standing 110m + a little in case he walks closer. I think my problem is overcompensating the bullet drop, the dino seems really far away as you can't zoom and I'm probably aiming too high. I'll have another go later. Thanks for your reply.