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  1. Bad decision Sony, you need another portable successor and now with the switch in everywhere this is the best timing to create something much better because now people just want play while walk... Nowadays improve a console is harder than 12 years ago and we don't need a PS5 yet.
  2. Haha, my wish for a Xenosaga remake/remaster confuse me. 😅 but you are completely right.
  3. I agreed, I don't the price of nintendo mini console but almost 100$ is maybe too much more when some games you can play already on vita/ps3 or even ps4 like FF VII and with trophies.
  4. I hope a physical format come to west but I don’t think we will have the option of a collection edition like the Japan version.
  5. Xenosaga? Suikoden? No! Final fantasy VII! I’ll pass for now until some awesome games come on this new cute playstation. 😊
  6. Exactly! 😄 no matter how many times because Rorona-chan, Totori-chan and Meruru-chan deserve it.
  7. Ummm both are cute. 😶 Meruru’s trophy are nice because it’s a crown and she is a princess and and... wait no, Rorona’s trophy are amazing it’s a kind of disc.
  8. Keep in mind the new Rorona on PS4 will be different than the vanila version, of course it’s the same game you can play on vita (plus version) but absolutely you should play both of them, but if you don’t want play the vanila version you can do it without a problem. (: NANI!?
  9. Of course, now is just matter of time! 🙂 hope the next year the game realese here.
  10. Aagh...<3 I knew it, the same throphy list like the plus version, I can't wait to play again the Arland trilogy but this time in the glorious PS4! 🤗 I hope now people who never try the plus version on vita try this time each Arland game.
  11. You should do it now. 🙃
  12. Hi! this thread is only to post any new vita game. If you are looking for vita games try to buy them on, some distributor keep a decent price and you can buy a lot of vita games new like Persona 4, both trails of cold steel, muv luv, blazblue and much more.
  13. Oh I remember this game but I never play it, if the remaster is true I should try this time.
  14. Muv-luv Alternative ALTERNATIVE Back to the Battlefield! The Light of Other Days Completed Episode 1 Soldier, Ask Not Completed Episode 2