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  1. You must do it! with .Hack and Persona 5 to me the experience was much better with the platinum in mind than just for do some things here and there, I highly recommend you go for the platinum (: but if no, in any case, enjoy the story!
  2. I see, but like I said before actually don't remember a lot of stuff about Sophie but remember you can try on gamefaq as well if you have problem and nobody here can help u with equipement. In effect some trails are found in some place and other can be fused with different trails. About the quiality you can find a video inside the guide, it does not matter if you equipement has 70 of quality, after you do what the video explain you ca have every piece in 999 of quiality.
  3. Welcome, I saw you are playing .Hack//G.U. I hope you enjoy it! I love the universe of .Hack and really enjoyed this new Hack//G.U, the platinum journey is also very fun.
  4. Identity of Complete Isolation [Phone Trigger] Ignored a phone call. Butterfly Effect's Divergence Chapter 3 Clear Warrior Girl's Pride [Phone Trigger] Received an unusual proposition from Suzuha. 25% CG Achievement Unlocked 25% of CGs.
  5. Umm... it have been a long time since I got the Atelier Sophie's platinum, I actually don't remember which equipement used when beat the last boss which is mandatory in order to earn a trophy, when you said bosses you mean the dragons, the spirit and the last one that live in other world don't you? I remember one of my problem was precisely my health item, it does not had the apropiate trails and after improve it a little bit more I beated the demon lord. Sophie has a glich that can help you to get every piece of equipement with 999 of quality and you must do it, also since it does not have time limited you can take you time in order to improve a better equipement. Use this guide if you need a better equipement. Also if you know japanese, I'm sure you can find a different information to do a good equipement or items, remember, Atelier in general need always a good equipement but also support items, health items and of course dmg items.
  6. Yeah I know, since you now have a mage you should looking for another method to fight with Ifrit, hope you do it fast and without a problem (:
  7. Do it! I used this method when fought with Ifrit, if you have a problem later.
  8. Of course, remember (and I don't want discourage you) but when the server closed all of us will have another sigle-player dlc. Of course unlti december 13 you have more than 3 week but in your joruney to unlock Ifrit's house you must do a quest that is a little bit hard (a level 80 quest)
  9. @X_Wizi_X I see you are enjoying Comrades. 😅
  10. You can, even the Ifrit battle is with AI, but some mission that are mandatory to unlock the way to Ifrit battle can be a challenge if you do it alone, I don't remember the name quest but one of the mandatory quest to unlock Ifrit is hard because you must beat a boss and avoid that some globins reach the end of the map, if them escape the quest end. I did it online because solo was impossible at least to me. The rest of stuff can be done offline. I did all in 41 hours with the Wk grind include, but when beated Ifrit I think my tottal time was 37 hours or so. If you have time to play you can do it in less than 1 week, 5 or 6 days.
  11. I only saw Kenny 3 times, the first one was in online match "the daily mission" and the other two was absolutely random. Try to play a online match and hope nobody got a meat before start the match. About Chocobos, I found a level 50 in a very low level mission it does not matter if the quest is a level 4 or 50 it's absolutely random, I found the level 50 after 5 or 6 attempted. That is what we don't know, and since SE already said they will closed the server december 13 I assume it mean the global service.
  12. True, but at the same time if they move the dlc to a stand alone game what may happen with the trophy list? if it became unobtainable I don't think they could create another trophy list again just for people who want earn trophies.
  13. Since you can earn every trophy in offline mode, maybe SE may do something about thropies and let people earn them after the server closed. The entire DLC need around 40 hours in order to beat it and have the 100%. The good news is that nowadays you can find a lot of information but keep in mind that some info is already obsolete because SE did some patch here and there. Yeah, but maybe you could have a hard time with some specific quest. Also the level is important but more your equipement, you can have 4 weapon in total and every weapon you have in your inventory add more dmg or element resistence. In this thread you can find importat and usefull information as well.
  14. [FF XV, Comrades DLC] Yesterday I finished the Comrades DLC, it took me 41 hours and five days in total. This is the main reason why I don't like play games with online trophies, in the first place how I don't have a lot of time like 3 months ago to play games I just sleep around 4 hours per day because the only "free week" I have is precisely this one. Games with online trophies are to me the most stupid idea ever and create a lot of presion at least to me. Final fantasy XV is a mediocre game, not a bad game just a mediocre game, because add more DLC is never a solution to improve a game in my opinion and never like the idea of pay more just for do 2 or 4 thing more in  game that already is over. In any case, if somebody need help with the dlc or have doubt about start it or not let me know and I will try to help you (: 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Mesopithecus too late now! :facepalm:

      . Mmmmmm if the march 2018 dlc takes anywhere between 10-15 hrs I might go for it because I suppose I did most of the work already. Though I don't remember a thing so I'm going to be extremely lost and have to face tough enemies from the get-go because I was at a high lvl xD


    3. Mesopithecus


      If you decide to go for it and need any help, just shout.  I'm still playing pretty regularly just for fun and don't mind helping out :)

    4. PooPooBlast


      Aw thank you!! Appreciate it :)

      Sure thing! 

  15. Let There Be Light Amassed an output of 999,999 kW. And Finally my last trophy. Comrades is over to me. Total time: 41 hours