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  2. I went to Japan for 10 days, and how any intellectual I bought some vita games. 😙 Also I found this two magnificent Playstation game just for 9€ And the unopened PSP version of Ao no kiseki just for 10€ Even the second hand visual novels on vita in Japan can be very expensive until reach the amount of 45€ for a 10 to 30 hours of reading, and buy some of them new can reach the 7000 yenes per visual novel (sora no kiseki for example each game was 5210 yenes new)
  3. Well, maybe Vita did not do a good performace, but the console has great title like Persona 4 golden (a game for everybody), the problem is the list of game availables on vita, vita is a great system if you like japanese game in general and visual novels, even more in Japan where you can find more great games, in other hand western videogame company want create more visual "quality" games with great FPS performace or whatever they want to do with this premise, and reach that goal in a system like vita... well I think we know the answer, in other hand if Sony create a better handhled console with the technology available nowadays the result could be very interesting.
  4. Gematsu (:
  5. Indeed, but Sony always lose the battle vs Nintendo if we talk about handhled consoles (still nowaday the 3ds do very well) but after switch, I think Sony should considere the possibility of a new console like Switch but with the Sony logotype. Just think about the possibility of have games like Persona 5 in a handled console is simply amazing, I would love see soon something like that. I still have my PSP as well, I just played with it couple of week ago when finish trails in the sky 2.
  6. That kind a game has the essence of "by a hard game" so game designers created a game with the intention so yeah, that kind of game are the harder JRPG. Well... I think Arlanad serie in this case teach the player very well the important of the time and how do a good management of the in-game time, look around for information like trophy guide, forum, walkthrough can be tiresome for some people, especially those that don't like play with guides but I think the word "hard" is not the suitable word for this kind of game. I thought the same the first time I saw this thread, if we talk about in pure game difficulty maybe Dark soul or that kind of game but the rest... just tedious like you said, like kill a boss that demand a certain preparation or some mandatory items or upgrade weapon, etc., or games that has a focus in world building or narrative like kiseki games where the mechanics or the battle in general are just a kind of "complement" and very easy to understand, I mean is fun go and kill enemies and have all monsters information but the intention behind the game is other, talk with npc, know more about the world, the problems it has, the relations among characters, etc. At the end people who play jrpg know very well what they want to do and what expect.
  7. Hello Winnie, hope you enjoy the forum.
  8. Exactly, the majority are actually easy, it need time and usually you must earn a lot of missable trophies. For example Atelier Meruru plus has a difficulty 7/10, it's so hard to earn the platinum? well... actually no, the game is not hard, the problem is the preparation you must to do and manage your in-game time good enough in order to do all. Other game that has a very high difficulty is Star Ocean 3. SO 3 is an easy game, it need more than 120 hours and do a lot of thing, prepare an ultimate set of item and trails, clear a lot of boss, completed a tower with more than 150 floor but when you create a very good equipement and unlock some key skill... the game is a 3/10 in my opinion and it's an ultra rare platinum. Other ultra rare platinum I have have whicht is easy as well is Omega Quintet, but in this case the game is simply horrible and tedious.
  9. Of course, and games that still are only available in japanese are both Crossbell games and CS 4, but maybe is just matter of time until have them with english subtitle. Personally I never start with this serie for that reason, it was in 2017 when realesed trails in the sky 3 on steam, and I started trails in the sky for that reason and after know about CS3 I started with CS.
  10. Haha 😅
  11. Maybe we could learn enough japanese before considering the time falcom take to realese an official english trnaslation. 😅
  12. I hope so, but at the same time I don't know if Falcom want do it, I mean, nowaday we can play all sora no kiseki game on PC and soon the first tree games of CS, I don't understand why they not localised Crossbell game at least on PC because on vita is simply impossible, maybe PC port is more suitable than PS4 and when he said "leave an option to play them in some way" it sound more PC than PS4 in my opinion, I would like to have more kiseki on playstation with english subtitle, at the end it mean more trophies.
  13. I want play again Escha and Logy... I hope see it on PS4 soon. 😅
  14. :platinum: #80 Trails of Cold Steel II

    Well... know wait until the end of the year to play the thrid games, a great experience and thanks the trubo mode I manage to got the platinum in just 73 hours (because I did a last round to beat the optional boss).