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  1. Maybe you might find a random man of culture.
  2. No platinum /: let's play it on PC.
  3. Yeah I'm waiting and hope Yostar add she this year, Formidable is one of the best aircraft in the game, a tier 0 in PVE but most important she is the ultimate Azur Lane waifu!!
  4. But of course I saw it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it's the best loading screen in the entire game, but I really hope Yostar add Formidable soon... 😭
  5. Yeah you are missing something, remember that you need to have each info per enemies in the game, items, stats, description, etc. Try to see every single enemy one more time and take your time.
  6. Hahaha, btw probably I'll buy her skin. 🐮
  7. I do it, but I love see my ships flying with this item haha. 😅
  8. Love live all starts is an interesting game, some stuff are very similar like Idolmaster Shinny colors, which is great because this Love live has english subtitle! I already have two documents with a lot of information about team building and other things cuz the game is a bit complex with some RPG elements. Somebody play this LL btw? 🤔

    1. TheVader66


      Yeah I am playing Love Live both All Stars and SIF. I think both Azur Lane and Love Live School Idol Festival are tied for most played mobile game.

    2. AlchemistWer


      Well, since we don't have any Idolmaster available in english Love live has all earnings in the west. I'm not a big fan of love live but it is a great franchise. 

  9. @AndyKazama Cows can fly.
  10. Too much culture in a single image.
  11. The problem is that we are talking about a ship with a 1.2% rate to drop in gacha, compare with other carrier like you said Fomidable or Saratoga (both tier 0 btw), maybe spend a lot of coint and cube only fot get Shinano is maybe no a wise idea if you are looking for great ships of course, her last skill looks great but it has a problem, you need more sakura empire ships in your fleet and sometimes skill like that are annoying.
  12. Found it, as you can see Shinano only has 4 more aviation points and of course HP.
  13. I just learn that Shinano is a "better" version of Taihou, it means that ships like Formidable, Enterprise or Essex are better than Shinano in PVE so no more gacha.
  14. 5:15 new meta, thanks gentleman.