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    My 8gb memory card is death... I lost all my progress in more than 20 games or maybe less, I don't have a backup or something like that but still have another memory card (4gb) with me...


    I was playing a game on my vita when this amazing error appear (thanks Sony for you incompetent system) now I have a question: Can I continue play the same game in other memory card or my trophies could pop up again?

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    2. AlchemistWer


      I take two photo, the first one is the applications the vita has and the last game is the game I was playing before the error




      And here the save data




      No I don't have any data anymore. I lost all my old save data while I was playing (incluying the game I was playing), in other words we can say that the memory card did an install reset without permission, the error name is C1-2752-6.


      I just don't want have any error or problem with my trophies, for that reason I want to know if first need to do something before play again.

    3. AlchemistWer


      I mean the second game inside the list ** 😅

    4. Honor_Hand


      I see you already had 10% progress towards the last you were playing. Assuming you lost your progress and your save file, all trophies should pop okay if you start a new save file from the beginning. I'm guessing the next set of trophies you have are for story progressions.


      Also, yes, losing all your saved progress like sucks. It has happened to me more than twice on PS3. A good idea to prevent that is to always have a backup at hand. Not sure on the Vita, but with the home consoles you can use either a USB stick or the cloud (if you have PS+) to store backups of games.

  2. Happy birthday my dear Atelier series. A day like today in 1997 the beginning of an alchemy story began! even though you are not your old self anymore and a lot of stuff change, you will always be my favorite video game series and one of the main reason why I learned english and japanese and of course the main reason why I'm trophy hunter.


    Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg: Laboratory - Minitokyo



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    2. AlchemistWer


      @mecharobot Defenetly, Arland is also my favorite too.

      @Masamune Haha, a lot of people think the same, personally I enjoy more Iris series, specially the second game.

    3. AlchemyAwesome


      wait you can speak japanese? that's so cool! i was gonna go to japan this summer but corona chan 🤔

    4. AlchemistWer


      Hi Alchemist friend! actually I can read japanese more than talk it, of course I can do more with my english than with japanese but yeah, I can understand games like Atelier in japanese and some others RPG. 😄

  3. I have the majority of maids you posted, but actually the reason because I'm playing Azur Lane is for Formidable 😅
  4. Finally I have Sirius<3, now I only need Formidable to reach the supreme glory of Azur Lane's Maids.
  5. Pizza Hut in China know how sell them products very well to be honest. 😅
  6. A Helena retrofit is a great new, hope she come soon than later. I need to save more cube/gold because spent a lot in the last event looking for Amagi (and got her) and still I don't get Sirius and I really want her now and no after the rate down 😭
  7. [Ao no Kiseki]

    Chapter 2, day 2... just amazing.

  8. Since Zero no kiseki's trophy guide and walkthrough are done now is time to move to Ao no kiseki. This time I will work one more time with @Honor_Hand in order to do Ao no Kiseki trophy guide, this time without a walkthrough 😅
  9. Today I was talking with a friend about .Hack universe and how was it forgotten... I hope see again the entire saga on PS4 and who know, maybe a new game! even today when I see images like this I can't avoid think about how epic this story is.



    hack//感染拡大 Vol.1 気ままにプレイ Part1 - YouTube


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    2. AlchemistWer


      Yeah, without a doubt .Hack is an amazing example of a story that take place in different place at the same time like can be manga, anime, game, novels etc. I play all Kite's games on PS2 and of course .Hack//G.U on PS4, it's a shame it only has a single trophy list. 😅

      The narrative is very interesting and I really like how CC2 mix the year 2000 problem with the story of the entire serie.

    3. AlchemyAwesome


      the .Hack//Sign anime was one of my first : D 


      so nostalgic!

    4. AlchemistWer


      @AlchemyAwesome Hi alchemist friend, yeah it's a very nice anime 😄

  10. #93 Persona 5 Royal Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 1/10 It's a shame but I like more the first version than Royal, this time all is easier than before and a lot of missables trophies are not available in Royal version and all feel more boring and straight. The new stuff Atlus add are ok, but I don't think it's worth if somebody already play the first version. In toher hand people who never play Persona 5 can have a easy time with Royal if want a Persona's platinum.
  11. If you know japanese you should try 英雄伝説空の軌跡 first chapter.
  12. [:platinum: Platinum #93: Persona 5 Royal]


    I have mixed feelings about this new version after play the first game. I was waiting for a new Persona 5 like Atlus did with the previous, but this time all was boring. The first problem I found in this new version is the trophy list, I know this is a small issue but really annoy me because now the game is extremely easy, no compendium trophy, no social link trophy, no all sidequest trophy etc... now all is more straight if we talk about trophy.


    The second problem I have with this version is the new content but no with the new mechanics but with the story, personally it was OK but just it, nothing more.


    If you never play Persona 5 and want try it and don't know which version get I could recommend Royal if you want an easy time with trophy and know the plot. In other hand if you want a experience like P4 Golden and go for a lot of missables stuff play Persona 5, personally the last one keep how my favorite version of the game. 

  13. Umm, I don't think so. We se the rarity of each trophy here on psnprofile but if we see the "global" rarity on playstation is even less so we don't have an "official" ranking of rarity and if we follow the playstation rarity we can see trophies/platinum here that are rare how ultra rare or common how rare and yeas, we can say that the reason is because here on psnprofile are only trophy hunter while on playstation is everyobody in the same place but in the end even Playstation don't care too much about trophies like we do.
  14. 最新DLCが収録されたパッケージ版 = (Edition packet: A compilation of the most recent DLC). I suppose it's what you want to know correct?
  15. I hope so too, but at the same time I don't know if they could do it. The vita version of Sky's games is without a doubt much better than Crossbell game, play Crossbell game on vita is like play the same game on PSP, of course something changed but not like Trails in the Sky on vita which is awesome. Maybe Falcom could bring Sky games on PS4, but if they chosse Crossbell instead Sky games first maybe is because they don't think about Sky games anymore. The steam version with english subtitle is the HD version (PS3 games in Japan). And if Zero come to west I'd have to translated some names in the walktrough/sidequest guide and trophy guide I did for the japanese version 🤗