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  1. You don't need to worry about it anymore, NISA know how big CS III is and until now nobody complait about the localization/translation. Also I remember read something about NISA hire two or more guys who work in the previous two games and also CS use a complex japanese, so you can sit any random translator and let him do whatever he want.
  2. Thank you for the kind words on my [email protected] guide! It means a lot. :)

    1. AlchemistWer


      Oh please don't worry about it! I know how much effort need writte a guide and like I told you before you are the first person who wrote an Idolmaster trophy guide here so feel proud about yourseflt now! 😅. Currently I'm playing Idolmaster Shiny Colors, it's a mobile game that you can actually play on PC as well and it's like play Idolmaster 2 because you need to "produce" your idols while go to concert, training, etc. like Idolmaster 2 but on your phone but of course with less mechanics.

  3. Platinum #87: Atelier Ryza Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  4. [:platinum: Platinum #87: Atelier Ryza]

    Whit this I already have 20 Atelire's platinums!. Ryza is what any newcomers in the serie can expect, no time limite, simple alchemy system, beautiful world and of course thicc everywhere. 😅 currently the Trophy guide just need some info here and there in order to finish it!

  5. The Atelier Ryza's walkthrough is done! now I can focus on the trophy guide! (I hope finish it this weekends. 😅).

  6. [Atelier Ryza] Currently, I have done the 50% Atelier Ryza's walkthrough and around the 20% of the trophy guide. I really hope finish all this month. This Atelier is... good, you can expect a world like Firis or Lydie and Suelle and the alchemy system is actually no too bad, but the story is very poor to be honest but the camera angle is simply splendid. 😅

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    2. AndyKazama


      @AlchemistWer I hope they don't come in my room I'm 30

    3. mecharobot


      Already got the game last friday for my switch, but the last chapter of Ao no Kiseki was so abnormally long that not entire weekend was enough to finish it. Hopefully I'll get to exploring the game and its angles later today.

    4. AlchemistWer


      @AndyKazama Well, I'm 25 already 😅

      @mecharobot Agh, bad news still I need to play Ao and Zero before CS lll

  7. The majority of great visual novels are available on PC, on playstation you should try at least: Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Ace Attorney or Muv-luv.
  8. I have started working on Atelier Ryza trophy guide + walkthrough.
  9. I just recommend it because the voice behind some characters in .Hack//G.U are really good voice acters in Japan, and if you are into anime, japanese videogame, etc., it could be a good experience play it with the original voice.
  10. Here you go, Atelier Ryza... finally I can play a new Atelier and this time with a lot of thicc thighs here and there. Also a friend went to Japan so now I have another Idolmaster game, Stella Stage! the last game from Idolmaster on PS4 which improve more the experience than Platinum Stars, now I only need to buy free time and play the large amount of game I have... 😭
  11. Thicc thighs create addiction.
  12. Nintendo: We want a true Persona 5 experience on switch. Atlus: Here you go.
  13. I already have my CS III Thors Academy Edition! 🤗 the box is really big and heavy! (1kg)! You can buy it on NisaEurope store if you are interested.

  14. I'm really happy this has a separate trophy for the japanese version, at least you can stack it two time but it's a shame west only have one trophy list instead the first game which has EU and NA separate trophy list. I really want to play CS III, but who know when might have the time to play it, this game is very long and according with a website the script is larger than the 3 books of The lord of Rings together (personally I don't think so). but in any case we have in front of us more than 90 hours of reading and an amazing story! 😄
  15. Metis, Studying That Which Lies BeneathOpened TIPS List. Open the NewGateBegan Steins;Gate 0. Resonating Reaction RenvoirAnswered a message from someone. Missing LinkCleared “Missing Link”.