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  1. Wait... they does not add Formidable? when is it supposed to start the event?
  2. Just wait until play Hajimari... the ultimate pom party competition is there, CS IV is just a prologue.
  3. Finally I have a chance to have my dear waifu Formidable, it's time to spend all my cubes.
  4. Finally Uma musume pretty derby (game) will be available on February! 😄 I was waiting for this mobile game since 2018 or so and it looks really nice.

  5. #102 Hajimari no Kiseki Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoymente: 7/10
  6. [:platinum: Platinum #102 The legend of heroe Hajimari no Kiseki]


    And with this platinum I have 5 years in a row earning a platinum on January 4, this new "January 4" platinum is Hajimari no kiseki. Great game but without a doubt my least favorite Kiseki game. 

  7. Welcome! 😄
  8. It has been more than 1 year since I played an atelier game... and it feel like more. It's a shame Sony does not have any Dusk game on PS4 on sales, I don't want spend another 100$ in 3 Atelier games I already played 6 time in total before on PS3 and Vita.

    And I know the next year we will have Ryza 2 but... well, Ryza is the new "prototype" of Atelier and personally I don't like it too much. 😕

  9. Easy, my entire Atelier collection. 😅
  10. [Hajimari no kiseki]

    Now that i've finished the story I can say just 1  things about this kiseki game. I'm happy with what happen in the game, but even with what happen in this game which makes me happy, I don't like this game... easily this is my least favorite kiseki game.

  11. You do well in wait until Zero and Ao localization, both games are pivotal in order to understand much better the story when you reach CS 3 and 4, of course you should play Trails in the Sky 1 and 2 at least before, becuase you can find a massive spoiler here and there in CS 3 and 4. In other hand I never play Nayuta and Kuro no kiseki looks great and one more time Falcom is using a complex kanjis in the title, something like "trails of the dark" but it looks great and they already said that all characters are new so I'm happy with that.
  12. Persona 5 Royal has NA and EU trophy list if you don't want play it in japanese.
  13. Trails of cold steel IV Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10
  14. [:platinum: Platinum #101 Trails of cold steel IV]


    You know, this platinum feel more like "1" than "101" 😅 maybe I'm loosing my trophy hunter soul after reach 100 platinums... but in any case, after 4 months or so I earned a new platinum! the end of the beginning, Trails of Cold Steel IV! Now is time to play Hajimari no kiseki in order to see what is new with trails series.


    And... if you have the platinum of CS IV read below:


    The end of the nightmare difficulty was amazing! I did not expect see the grandmaster!


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    2. MossyOakRcn42
    3. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work, congrats!


      Now that you've reached 101 Platinums, think of it as a new beginning, lol. :P 

    4. AlchemistWer


      @Honor_Hand Haha well, maybe I don't have anymore a goal with platinums but still enjoy earn trophies while play games.

  15. [Trails of cold steel IV]

    (No spoiler)


    Well, it's over... I reached the end of this great story after crying like 10 times or so, and I will keep saying the same advice again and again... if you want start with Trails of cold steel, first play the previous 5 games and I'm sure you might enjoy this story like I did. And if you find people who say Crossbell game unnecessary simply ignore them.