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  1. I already have a Steins;Gate copy for PS3 new for only 9.99€ when some random people on eBay want until 40€... sometimes look in differents Amazon region can be very useful. 😅

    1. PermaFox


      Woah, that is quite a price difference!

    2. AlchemistWer


      And a lot 😅

    3. DaivRules


      Amazon swings the other way sometimes too. Couple games I looked at were $40-60 on Amazon but $15 on eBay. 

  2. Gust did Nelke in order to celebre the 20th anniversary, but yeah it's a spin-off and more valuable than Lulua....
  3. Bye "Alchemy sage", hello my eternal" Alchemy master" ranking.
  4. I found two original track form two of my all time favorite vaporwave songs and it was mind blowing.... I really like this genre of music and listening the original track feel like meeting again with something... you really can back to the past with this music. 

  5. Hey! how are you? are you playing already Firis-chan? 🤔 btw take a 10 7? Nah, with more than 100 platinum 7 is too low so maybe a honest number could be a 9, you have Symphonia platinum and also SO 4 YOU CAN'T deserve a 7.
  6. More than 5000 views on my profile! 😄

    1. KaiserVendrix


      Gave you a +1 to it now ;) 

    2. Helmet_time


      An achievement that will echo through the ages.

  7. Now you have another friend that did exactly the same. I bought the plus version on vita on sale like 2 or already 3 years ago with 80% off! I paid... nothing like 20$ or so and after that, I never see again the same pack on sales. Hard question, Gust always sell him game with a high price tag, but no only here, in Japan second game store also sell Atelier games with a high price, I remember saw Nelke on vita for 38$ and dusk games on vita for 30$ or so... A limited edition of Rorona on PS3 (vanilla version) 38... 38$!
  8. I don't know... we alredy know how good Arland is but also the trilogy is very old (Rorona is from 2010 and the plus version which is the PS4/vita port form 2013 or something like that) and Gust sell the trilogy for 90$ and the vita trilogy 80$... maybe Dusk could have a "kind" of discount or not because we can buy a pack like Arland trilogy with Dusk trilogy, you must buy it separately and each game cost 39.99$. But this time the video say "deluxe pack" so I suppose it means each game inside a bundle but again... I think the price will be around 80 to 90$
  9. Haha, maybe they drop the price since Dusk is not Arland but nowaday it's the full price for Arland trilogy and each Dusk plus games has a price of 39,99
  10. Hey, you can play it again don't you? with this new trilogy it will be my 4 time playing Dusk
  11. Hey peaguy, take a 10
  12. Defenetly, Gust always wanna sell him games with overpriced, I bought Arland trilogy dx on day 1 because it's my favorite trilogy and at that time I had free time for a week or so, but probably I will wait to buy this trilogy, maybe no when the price drop since is really hard see good offert in any atelier game and also is very strange see it on sales... in any case I really want play again Escha and Logy so I'm happy with this new announcement, it's a shame it's only digital instead Japan wherer you can buy Arland DX on physical version.
  13. Well, actually the problem I have with that game is not lack of skill, it need a lot of repetition and patience and I'm sure I could earn it, and on youtube has a lot of video of how do it but the problem is the "after" because it's like a chain of quest in order to get another trophy but one of the requeriment is do something that give u a trophy (I stop here) and also I have a problem with the franchise... I don't know why I even buy it if I know I don't like the rest of the game. 😕 but well... I hope someday find inspiration to finish it like I did with Tales of Zesteria and Omega Quintet I have the same problem with fighting games, I really like Blazblue but is simply impossible to me earn a platinum.
  14. Probably, I'm 99% sure this trilogy will be the same on PS4 and vita, so you can play it now on vita if you want, but don't worry, only Ayesha is the only which has some extras instead Escha and Shallie (both games are exactly the same on vita or ps3) 99$ like Arland DX trilogy. 😅
  15. Sora no Kiseki second chapter. Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 7/10