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  1. Major league Trophy hunter.
  2. I disagree, when you start to like hunt every trophy in any game, you change the way of playing games, currently I'm playing a game on my PSP and obviously, it does not have trophies, but I try to do every single side-quest or find every treasure because now I need to do most of the thing available and try to know more about the story or NPCs than just go for the main story and change to another game. So no, trophies are not a waste of time, is a way of reach a better experience and appreciate the labor of the developes.
  3. Tales of Zestiria, 1 year and 10 months. Reason: Because I dislike the battle mechanics. 😅
  4. Some people stack game because want have the same experience once more, stack all Atelier games need around +300 hours or stack two time Persona 4 golden around 160 hours, so no everyone stack just for ranking. I'm with you, if trophy hunter became in a kind of competence could be bigger than the main event of WSOP, of course without remuneration. Maybe some people like see the her/him number green instead red. 🤔 Of course, I think everybody think this is a solemn true. 😕
  5. #76 Shining Resonance Enjoyment: 4/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  6. [:platinum:Platinum #76: Shining Resonance]

    A nice JRPG with no more than 50 hours to do everything in order to earn the platinum. The Tuning grind is, in my opinion, the worst and boring part.

  7. Nah Mayo is fun
  8. If a good profile you want have, Atelier Rorona you MUST complete.
  9. Enjoy your new Aidoru masuta gemu! 😄 I'm in the same boat like you, but I would like to understand more japanese in order to play Idolmaster. 😓
  10. The PS4 and vita are the same version of the game, and people who already have the platinum on vita or even on ps3 usually don't buy the same again because instead another games that you could stack, Rorona need around 35 hours in order to earn the platinum if you know what to do and when to do somethings, in other words experience with the platinum road and the missables trophies. The same occur with Meruru on PS4 the platinum is uncommon but on vita (the same game) is very rare because less people bought the PS4 version and more people have the vita/PS3 version of any Arland game. Also keep in mind is very strange see the trilogy on sales, and buy the three Arland game pack has a prize of 90$, personally I bought the PS4 pack full prize, but already 2 years ago I bought the same pack but on vita with 80% off, also you can buy every game separately, but people normally buy Dusk serie or Mystery serie because is easier than Arlanad and need less hours and don't need play with a walkthrough.
  11. Add me please, I have every Senran Kagura platinum!
  12. At least this flash sales has Shibuya 428 and Tokyo Xanadu ex(which alredy bought the last year.) I will buy Shibuya since I was waiting for the price drop. I never play Shibuya but it's one of the most acclaimed visual novel and a lot of people recommend it. You should give another chance but keep in mind it's a long visual novel, between 30 to 50 hours according to VNDB.
  13. I like the idea, specially since I just have 1 room free for another Atelier platinum. 😅
  14. I see, yeah a guide can help a lot (:
  15. With this, now I have YS VIII and Celceta physical edition, and my backlog now is officially insane Nice! do you need an advance japanese level to play this Tales of? 🤔