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  1. I can't belive this... Are you seriously Sony? after how many? 3 Senran kagura game now you want censored this because now you want become the new old-Nintendo? ridiculous, this is simply ridiculous, I suppose the same happened with Nekopara because we never know more about it when the date realese was this summer and nintendo users already can play it on swicth.
  2. Look wallet, Shining resonance has 30% off.
  3. Konami has relaunched the Suikoden website, I hope this could mean an adaptation for at least the first two games on PS4!

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Oh I see, I'm with no time as well to play games and less to earn platinums. Good to know you enjoy Lydie and Suelle, and this year we can play again the Arlanad trilogy! I can't wait to re-re-re-play again each game. 😄 plus Nelke the next year so 4 Atelier games and 19 platinums in total.

    3. mecharobot


      19 might be a bit too much for me, but 1 or 2 more can't hurt. Not sure if I'm going to triple up on Rorona, but I might double up on Totori and Meruru. Hope you find some trophy time soon.

    4. AlchemistWer


      I hope so too! well... you know... we are talking about Atorie! :awesome: haha.

  4. I can’t wait to play again Arland trilogy for thrid time 🤗 Meruru again will be the challenge game with the extra dungeon but who care? Is Meruru-chan!
  5. In your opinion, which is the best thing a trophy hunter can do? - stack your favorite games. Time to buy the vita version and wait for the realese the next year.
  6. Always is a good idea create multiple save just in case, but again if the guide recommend some point where you should create a save do it, you can create 99 save so you should be ok.
  7. I know someone who never experimented any problem with trophies in FF XII and have the platinum, I think the bugge trophies are just some enemies kill and story related. You can always create a save after start a new chapter or after finish a main quest or whatever method FF XII use to be sure. If you don't like the idea of bugged trophies you always can let it in your backlog.
  8. Uhmmmm... I've never thought what could happen if Gust sell/give Atelier to another studio... 🤔 I think she will build only one town like Meruru but probably no a kingdom and she doesn't use alchemy, you will need the Alchemist help in order to create items. I'm so happy this is just a spin-off 😅
  9. I didn’t know Arland DX coming on december 4, but only digital version... well done koei tecmo.

  10. Nice! this new Steins;Gate looks awesome.
  11. 😞 Atelier does not have grind, just alchemy and cute characters like Rorona-chan. And if you want to know more about DX it has the same trophy list like the plus games, so if you want play the DX version you can start with the vita games. The main focus in Arland is interaction with NPCs, event and of course alchemy, but if never try any Arland game maybe a best choice is go for the vanila version, the only game that is exactly equal in vanila, vita and now DX is Totori, but Rorona and Meruru are different than the vanila. If you want to get the platinum in any Arland game you must use a walkthrough, some events are almost imposible to figure out without a guide. For example I remember a flag that you need to unlock in a specific year in a specific map and fight with a specific enemy with a specific character in your party, yeah very specific. 😅
  12. I know but sometimes daydream can be healthy. 😅 OF COURSE NO! I love Baten Kaitos, Origins is my second favorite nintendo game.
  13. Oh dude, I would like to see Baten Kaitos Origins on PS4 with trophies... Xenoblade is a little bit more hard, more nowadays with the Xenoblade 2.
  14. Now it makes more sense, for that reason I thought the bow can be a very good weapon in early game, but no the ticket to beat all you can find in your way and get the platinum at the same time, you need strategy and another weapons when fight with superbosses like you said.