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  1. No mic required technically but it is the point of the game since a lot of areas require 2 people to open them.
  2. Is there a private match functionality? I played with a friend and found it enjoyable. Thought maybe we could just get a party of 6 to play and do some of the trophies since some will require it for sure
  3. Np, figured it help since I’m terrible at fighters and got it after a few attempts on this lvl. 😊
  4. They have to be on the same team. What worked for me was put the space calamity level and replay until you either knock them or they fall off on their own. I had friendly fire on since they I have no teammates
  5. PSN ID: dawnofthedead34 Region: NA PS Systems: ps3, ps4, ps5 & Vita. hey I’m just looking for more people to play co op games with or just party up and chat about games while working on trophies. 😊
  6. The trophy punch drunk, with the new pinhead dlc is glitched atm I believe. Tried using a perk and killers that apply oblivious status effect and got no progress. Unless it doesn’t keep track and it pops but doubt it.
  7. 10pm still not available 🙃
  8. Anyone else in the US having trouble claiming the ps5 version? Mine still doesn’t appear /:
  9. Hey so I just bought this game from the sale and it seems like my trophy set is glitched? It won’t appear and the trophy for starting the story won’t unlock anyone know anything about this? Nvm trophies are fine just wasn’t going far enough lol
  10. I would assume you can’t access fut either. Since you need to be connected to the servers to login to fut.
  11. Ah ok, thanks for the info!
  12. Oh so you don’t know yet if it has a platinum?
  13. Sweet! Thanks for the info
  14. If you got it digital, and search the game in the store it says it entitles you to the ps4 and ps5 version now 🤔 hope we do it get it for free
  15. So I was wondering if we are getting this for free? If you go to the psn store it says you get the ps4 and ps5 version. Does anyone have any info?