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  1. Hey What’s up guys 😄 I’m looking for people to just chill and trophy hunt with. Preferably have a mic. PSN ID: Dawnofthedead34
  2. Anybody know a price? I only found a pc key on Amazon for $25.
  3. Does anybody know the price for the game?
  4. Sorry for late reply but thanks for telling me! 👍🏽
  5. Damn ): well at least I’m not the only one. Got scared since I’ve had trophy sync errors in the past.
  6. I can’t have the eu version, I have an NA account it just won’t synch ):
  7. Oh so even if I have the Na version?
  8. Hey just a question does your trophy list synch? Mine won’t ):
  9. Oh true but it’s not win it’s just get a kill with each class
  10. Win a match is the only one I can see and like 2 co op ones
  11. I would also like to know this
  12. It’s not actually, another developer made this. (: published by a company called GrabtheGames.
  13. Hey guys, haven’t seen a topic for it but looking for people to just chill and play on the battle royale mode of fortnite. Send a friend request if you’re done to play (:
  14. Hey guys 👋🏼 Looking for trophy hunting friends to hangout and chat in parties while we trophy hunt! Psn is dawnofthedead34 😃 I’ll add ya what’s your psn?
  15. So I do this and have to find all the guns again?