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  1. Where do you request to join? Seems fun.
  2. Picked this up from when Amazon messed up the price lol. Seems easy Enough.
  3. A month and a half later! Finally
  4. Wow ): easy plat that will never get
  5. So guessing this just will never get fixed...?
  6. Hey 👋🏽 looking for psn friends that I can party up with and chat about games,trophies, etc or just game with.
  7. Was the Na version not supposed to come out because it’s been awhile and can’t synch ):
  8. Anyone else NA trophy list not synch?
  9. Yea I have the sisterly love quest completed
  10. No it’s him. It’s just not popping.
  11. Looked through a lot of forums and couldn’t find anything on the trophy “who collects the collector?” Trophy in the moxxi dlc. I’ve killed the debt collector mk 2 multiple times after doing the side mission as a rare spawn. Anyone have a fix? Because it’s getting annoying.
  12. Lol yea I know for the most part when the games get added... which they’ve been changing lol
  13. Anyone know when it’s releasing for US? It’s still not out. Nvm lol it’s out 😂
  14. Fast how? 😂
  15. Thank you wasn’t sure how to but ended up doing it lol