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  1. Anybody know a price? I only found a pc key on Amazon for $25.
  2. Does anybody know the price for the game?
  3. Sorry for late reply but thanks for telling me! 👍🏽
  4. Damn ): well at least I’m not the only one. Got scared since I’ve had trophy sync errors in the past.
  5. I can’t have the eu version, I have an NA account it just won’t synch ):
  6. Oh so even if I have the Na version?
  7. Hey just a question does your trophy list synch? Mine won’t ):
  8. Oh true but it’s not win it’s just get a kill with each class
  9. Win a match is the only one I can see and like 2 co op ones
  10. I would also like to know this
  11. It’s not actually, another developer made this. (: published by a company called GrabtheGames.
  12. Hey guys, haven’t seen a topic for it but looking for people to just chill and play on the battle royale mode of fortnite. Send a friend request if you’re done to play (:
  13. Hey guys 👋🏼 Looking for trophy hunting friends to hangout and chat in parties while we trophy hunt! Psn is dawnofthedead34 😃 I’ll add ya what’s your psn?
  14. So I do this and have to find all the guns again?
  15. Hmm I got dlc packs so idk if maybe that glitched it? I’ve seen people say to go pick up the gun from the ground after killing an enemy I’m gonna try in a few days