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  1. OK so after playing Destiny 2 again after like 4 years that brought returning addiction I have finally got back to THPS trophies. Just two trophies left, all gaps and level 100 trophy which I am not looking forward too! Forgot how some of the gaps are proper tedious to hit. 

  2. Those 100 MP games and getting to level 100 on THPS I’m not looking forward too. The game is great fun though just a long one getting those trophies. Will be popping in and out of the game periodically. 

    Does anyone play Destiny 2 on here? Or is there a forum someone could direct me too. Cheers. 

    1. LancashireLad87


      Don't you have the option to clear 3 skate parks in a specific time limit for a legend challenge instead of playing 100 times in multiplayer? I'd recommend Warehouse, Hangar and Mall.

    2. lynx_1985


      I think it is yeah but I completed the warehouse speedrun and was proper stressed. I may give some others a go in a min 👍. 

    3. lynx_1985


      OK I’ve just done it now the par times aren’t too bad actually. 

  3. Finally popped the Got There trophy on THPS School II was by far the toughest hard got there for me. 

  4. Just have Marseille, Bullring, Skatestreet and Skate heaven left but I started playing Destiny 2 again so haven’t been playing much of THPS. I wanna get those hard get there’s done!

  5. Any need for the hard get there on School II in THPS… that was insanely difficult. Just have a few left in THPS 2 now Skatestreet, Marseille, Venice, Bullring and Skate heaven that’s off the top of my head like. 

  6. The hard get theres on Tony Hawk are insane I am shit at the game but it doesn’t help when some of the gaps are so precise in order to count. Over the box on Skate Park for example, for me it is it is extremely inconsistent no idea how to get it constantly also the gaps on Downhill Jam. Really frustrating I’ve only done like 7 or so so far too…. Grim 

    1. Baranov_925


      I wish you best bro. I tried by myself, but it made me cut my life in 2 pizzas, this is my last risotto very anxious.

    2. lynx_1985


      Man I feel ya I’m going to have a go at some again later or tomorrow. 

  7. Yeah that’s the main issue I have with it tbh and yeah I have a few on mine but I’ve stopped now after finishing up the bundles I had that cane with a PS Vita. I mainly use the site to concentrate on cleaning up my backlog to get my completion percentage up now along with the forums.
  8. I thought Tony Hawk was going to be like SSX but I am absolutely dog crap at it. I wasn’t bad at SSX. Man I miss SSX…

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    2. LancashireLad87


      Tony Hawk is a very skill dependant game, if you need any advice or tips to fast track yourself let me know and I'll PM you.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      I miss SSX (and even more so SSX3) as well. Also on ps3 SSX was only online game where i could destroy competition and instead of being called names get message like "Great run!" 





    4. lynx_1985


      Yeah man the online aspect of it was cool and always civil never got moaned at or bitterly messaged. The survive runs I also enjoyed they could get proper tense when you’re about to approach the longest distance someone has not wiped out!

  9. And yeah it is rough by the way just threw it together today need to link a page and change a duplicate paragraph! 👍

  10. OK let's see what this is like


    Kinda trophy blog

  11. Third day of Covid 🤒 cracked open my PS3 box of games just looking through my backlog. 

    Also making a little shitty blog site that I will share on here soon. 

    1. Janire1911


      Hope you're feeling well, I too tested positive for Covid a few days ago. Luckily I was only really sick for like 36 hours and since I don't have any symptoms any longer this is the last day of my quarantine.

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. AK-1138


      For all intents and purposes the status feed is already a shitty little blog site. Hope your symptoms are as mild as mine were, get well soon!

  12. Just finished Nubla 2 and the final part of the game is by far the worst experience of back tracking I have ever done in my life.

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    2. AK-1138


      I'll take a good old-fashioned paper doll in need of a cute cardboard domicile over a Nubla game any day

    3. zizimonster



      Sounds like "New-Blah" to me. 😏

    4. AK-1138


      @zizimonster I would chastise you for engaging in undue jiggery-pokery dad jokery...


      ...But you're just so damn right, though.

  13. Trying to clean up all the easy plat games I have left in my backlog and then I’m going to try and not buy any more!

  14. OK so I knew this would happen with me being away from home I ended up buying a Vita however, don’t think I’ll have time to play on it tonight or tomorrow. Going to get a memory card now. Are there any decent survival horror games on Vita?

    1. zizimonster


      I believe people like Yomawari. :hmm:

    2. lynx_1985


      Will check that out tomorrow 👍

  15. Looking at the debug menu in Tormented Souls and unsure how it worked. I spammed a load of stuff and got two trophies for the shotgun and first aids. Damn it I knew I shouldn’t have messed around with it.