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  1. Well I don’t believe it, I booted it up this morning looked at my abilities and had morph, firecrackers, teleport and booby trap to still unlock. I purchased them and used them then the trophy popped... I jumped ship to the PS4 version of the multiplayer pretty quickly so that’s probably why I hadn’t purchased the abilities. I’m an idiot 🤦‍♂️
  2. I can confirm it is indeed back up but in my case it has reset all my challenges etc... so I don’t know if I have to do everything again. Looks like I’ll be leaving this then. I used to play this game a lot, have scores in every mode on the leaderboards it’s a shame the trophy didn’t pop for me initially I definitely met the criteria as I remember fuming when it didn’t pop back then.
  3. OK well with the fact I was asked had I completed chapter 18? And many other hoops etc during my chat along with this: just proves that the UK have them available and they are being very stingy about giving them out for some reason. Again though as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not annoyed about not getting the avatars, it’s the principle. Sorry to hear that man, after reading further posts it sounds like regions are not consistent within themselves never mind each other.
  4. I agree it was bad on SEs part for releasing them so late with no mention prior but I still stand by the rules things I mentioned. People have done the same things, some are getting rewarded, some aren’t. For example, I completed chapter 18, I raised it with Sony about it in my region, got told to jump through several hoops and it’s not looking promising. Other people in a different region, completed chapter 18, they raised it with Sony and received codes immediately. In some regions people have just completed chapter 1, raised it with Sony and received a code (in some cases all 3 codes) for some avatars. That’s what I mean with the rules, it’s not consistent. People have heard and received different things so they need to just put their hands up and say OK we screwed up, if you did x, y or z before or on this date (just a hypothetical example) then you will receive these codes for accomplishing said thing.
  5. I know what you mean man they not being very clear and just saying to people we’ll pass it on because of all the things that are on the internet are conflicting with what they’ve been told UK side. Easiest way to deal with it is just to make the customer happy and give the rewards out for the same criteria met in other regions. I’m not going to lie like the reason why I am annoyed more, it is not getting th avatars, it’s the principle. I hate it when people or companies do not obey their own rules or don’t treat their customers the same. That’s what erks me more than anything. I’ll wait to see what they say with me, if anything, and then take it further.
  6. I think it’s luck of the draw where you are from to be honest. I’m from the UK got a person in the chat who apologised and sent me an email straight away, the email (incident xyz) was apologising for me having problems with Persona 5 and it will be looked into within 14 days. I didn’t mention Persona 5 once in the chat nor do I own the game. As the email mentioned Persona 5 and not FFVII Remake I tried chat again. The other person I got seemed cool I told him my previous query was about FFVII Remake avatars not Persona 5 as I don’t own the game. He apologised and then asked for a screenshot of my trophies. I sent him it and he said this will be passed on to the relevant team and looked into but I didn’t receive an email with an incident number. That was Saturday. As I didn’t receive an email I enquiried again yesterday saying I am just following up about my prev incident, I heard people receive 3 codes, one for owning the game/completing chapter 1, chapter 18 and obtaining the platinum and got a guy the complete polar opposite of the first one I chatted with “oh you don’t get a code for just owning the game I’m afraid you only get codes for completing chapter 18 and having the platinum” I reply OK I’ve completed chapter 18. “Oh I see, you only get codes for having the game since day one” I have, I got it early due to Covid. “Are you signed up for marketing?” Yes. “I see that this issue has been raised with a colleague and we aim to answer within 2 business working days” OK thanks and what’s the incident number as I didn’t get one second time around? “It’s incident xyz” Incident xyz is the Persona 5 email I received... I dunno man, they seem very stingy about giving them out in the UK, for me anyway. It’s not like I haven’t met any of the requirements, I think I even beat chapter 18 before the official release date. It’s annoying for not getting the avatars but the way they’re going about it with some people, it’s the principle. If someone has met the same requirement as another person to obtain something then they should have access to the same thing.
  7. When I first installed the game earlier yesterday I searched match making for the Singapore but got nothing after like 6 minutes so though it was dead. Later on in the evening though I got matched for Siberia and Austria straight away then I had a 5 minute wait for the Singapore mission so maybe I got lucky? This Ghost Mode they discontinued was it any good? Never got chance to play it as I bought the game after 31st Aug. The co-op sniper missions remind me of the co-op missions they introduced in AC Unity; fun at first but can become stale and you’ll never touch them again. The plus with the Hitman co-op sniper missions though is that there are a load of challenges you can do too were as with ACU you literally do the same mission like 3 times to get like a different pair of pants or some shit. Very throw away for me in fact ACU wasn’t very good which was a shame as the setting of Paris was stunning. Arno was boring and for some reason most of the characters were cockneys. Speaking of settings that’s the one big thing that I’ve loved about the Hitman games.
  8. OK cool thanks man.
  9. Has it been said how long the servers for the co-op trophies will be up for? I got both games in ththe sale and just installed Hitman 2 now but not played it at all. Seems like the sniper missions are not connected to the story? How long on average do they take? And are they easy as I don’t want to jump in with someone and be a drag!
  10. I have to admit I never bought it on launch as I thought to myself this has too much action and OTT scenes it it for me doesn’t seem like a Resident Evil game. Paired with the fact I bought RE5 on launch and was disappointed that wasn’t a true RE game. However, looking at both games as not being tied to the RE series they aren’t that bad. I enjoyed RE5 but thought RE6 was OK but too long in my opinion and the story was all over the place, I think the best way to follow the story was to play the character’s chapters in a certain order not just complete a single character’s campaign and then move on to the next. No idea if that’s true or what order mind. I don’t know though as I am really biased as I love survival horror and the original fixed camera games. RE 1-3 I loved; 4 even though they changed the style of the game I still really enjoyed it, the setting was also great; 5 was good loved the DLC as kinda went back to the originals; 6 was OK for the reasons mentioned above, not touched any DLC if there is any; RE: Remake was amazing; RE2 & RE3 Remakes I really enjoyed but have to admit RE3: Remake felt like it could have been a DLC to RE2: Remake. & RE7 I really enjoyed. End of the day though Silent Hill 2 wins.
  11. Yeah that sounds about right 😅. “Make sure you are connected to the internet” “switch it off and then wait 30 seconds before switching it back on”. At least they ar responding to the tickets more now though!
  12. It’s because of the recent things that have been brought to light with Ubisoft and their handling of the situation has been awful. I know people affected by it. With it going on for as long as it did under their nose’s and plus the fact Ubisoft haven’t really done enough in my eyes to address the situation I’m not buying anything new from them any more.
  13. Yeah I have to admit the first thing that stood out in the trailer for me were the graphics, not the best. Maybe they will touch them up before release. Regardless, even though I love PoP it is, unfortunately, a Ubisoft title so I will not be getting it on release. I will be waiting for a pre-owned copy.
  14. I decided to return to the PS3 version last night and I’m getting it too. I remember when the game was first released that I was pretty sure I met the requirements for the All Rounder trophy as I played the ACMP religiously since ACB. I loved it. As AC is a Ubi game I remember running into many problems with ACR MP back then you submitted you’re problem via the ticket system and 99% of the time the ticket woould be left open until it hit the inactivity threshold and then it would be closed saying “It appears your problem has been resolved” to this day it hasn’t. Hope AC4 MP eventually gets sorted so I can plat the PS3 version really enjoyed the SP to it.
  15. Finished off PoP: TT to complete the HD trilogy. I do enjoy the PoP games despite the glitchy-ness of the controls and the glitches. Luckily I didn’t encounter any game breaking glitches which ruined my run ie the portal glitch in WW, I remember encountering that on the original PS2 version and I was fuming because the glitch happens so far into the game. 


    Would have to rank them in this order: SoT; TT; WW. WW is bottom for me because it contains two game breaking bugs and returning to that room all the time changing shit up got annoying. 

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    2. Raveniteh


      I can totally understand how game breaking glitches can mess up the enjoyment. I had Fallout 3 pretty much destroyed like that few times and since then I can't really stomach it. 


      I didn't play HD trilogy of PoP, actually, just the original releases but my ranking would be revert to yours - WW, TT and SoT. 

    3. lynx_1985


      Yeah they are all fun games I think my experience with the WW scarred me for life though. 16 years later I still have nightmares of the portal not working!


      I did see the remake, looks amazing, it’s just a shame it’s made by Ubisoft with all the things that have come out recently about them!  

    4. Raveniteh


      Yeah this year has not been kind to Ubi and I decided not to support them so I wont be purchasing any of their games from PSN or first hand physical. Will wait for used copies. It sucks tho because both Valhalla and Watch Dogs look pretty good so far.