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  1. If anyone needs the Team work trophy in MK11 there’s a tower  active now where you can join two other players. The tower is directly under the island where you buy the character towers. I think it’s called Old Skool and select the tower with Kano as the boss. You’ve got like 20 hours or so until it changes. 


    You don’t need to win for the trophy by the way mine popped as soon as the fight started. Tried it earlier and it’s pretty tough I’ve just jumped into MK11 knowing the bear minimum want to sink some hours into at some stage and get OK. Love fighting games but you need to learn shit to deal with the people who move spam online. 

  2. Received MK 11 just waiting on the very large update to download so will be a few hours before I can play it. 


    In in regards to that team work trophy associated with completing a tower with 2 other players; is there match making with randoms or do you have to actively invite 2 players?

  3. Just ordered Mortal Kombat 11 off Amazon bonus being it was cheap along with the trophies appearing to be pretty straight forward. 

  4. Started that Get for with Mel B game (got it from pound world years ago but never touched it) and going in and out of that Pac-man arcade series during the workout videos. Man, wish I didn’t buy that Pac-man game now, it’s difficult! Looks like I’ll have to memorise paths and shit. Only bought Pac-man as it was £1.19 and a lot of people had the plat!

    1. Spaz


      I never liked her to be honest. Just someone who got famous.

  5. Two years after first playing it I finally got the plat on Surgeon Simulator. Been going through my backlog recently and for the past month whilst playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Handball 16 (which both games contain game breaking glitches didn’t get any in PoP luckily enough but experienced the one in the latter) I played Surgeon Simulator. When I would get frustrated I’d leave it for a bit and play the two aforementioned games along with new games that I haven’t played yet including Outlast II which I am really enjoying so far.


    Will probably jump back into Outlast II tomorrow don’t think I can bear starting afresh on Handball 16 just yet...

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

    3. Spaz


      How difficult was Surgeon Simulator?

    4. lynx_1985


      Even with getting used to the controls some of the time trials are very difficult. I especially had trouble with the eye surgery time trials as getting the eyes in quick was a pain for me. I eventually found out you can put the eyes on a scalpel and insert them that way a lot more accurate so it’s easier and blood loss not a factor in time trials. And all the ambulance surgeries are a pain because of the RNG. Random things can fly into Bob’s face and screw you over you have no control over that. 

  6. I know this is an old topic but this glitch happened to me earlier today during the end of my second season I even tried a save I had on my cloud but still no joy. Literally game breaking. I started in French league 2 then joined a 2 star tier 2 German side. I will be avoiding the German leagues in the future as these have a round of 40 games. I have to start a fresh now.... I’m glad I wasn’t in my 5th season when the game breaking glitch occurred heard this happened to someone. EDIT: I played on the digital version that was free with PS+ a few months back.
  7. I’m eventually getting there it are the eye surgeries that I really struggle with. Best I’ve got so far was a 2:33 on the bog standard surgery not looking forward to the ambulance one as struggling with the stationary time trial. Getting the eyes in quick is really difficult.
  8. The only reason I’d be worried was if it was like buy these items to help you out or grind for hours, sure I heard the second shadow of Mordor game do that. If it’s just cosmetics or weapons etc, like the recent AC games then I’ll just ignore them as I do in every other game. Cosmetic or not though microtransactions being present in any game is still annoying I’ve never agreed with them.
  9. At the very end when I was on the rafters in the in the TV studio I thought then when I got down to Engel she was going kill me somehow, I’d be too slow or something but once I got down there and killed her I had a rush. I know it’s only a trophy but the time I had put into getting it.... months. The worst places that I died where Venus - I was kicking myself as I normally do OK on that part bait everything out and kill them (those set of double doors you see when you come up the stairs, two guys are to your left in the dining area). I always used to bait the first commander to the double doors by just waiting there for him never risked being quick or stealthy as knew I’d die. Died on the Ausmerzer 2 times: the vent above the first control room with the commander a nade got throw up and I didn’t see it; final boss I ran into a doorway and got stuck as I wasn’t really looking properly due to the fact I was keeping an eye on the bosses as I, ironically, didn’t want to die. Was great when I finally got the platinum though. In regards to the DLC they are tough yes but you can do each mission on Mein Leben rather than it all in one sitting which gives you a bit of a breather.
  10. How on earth do you play this game? Mostly defending, how do you defend?? The AI just waltz past everyone and then scores 9 times out of ten. Even when I have players in front of the attacker the probability of the AI scoring is insanely high. I can’t see how I can win games legitimately consistently with the AI scoring most of the time. Most the shots I do without using tactics go over the bar but the most annoying thing is there is no tutorial in this game what so ever. Or am I just god awful at this game?
  11. Just picked this up again as I am tryign for Ultra rare games that I have and I think I’ll be able to do the ones were time are not a factor but getting A++ on all and completing the time ones are insane. No idea how I’m going to do them. With the eye corridor operation I got it down to around like 4585ml but it took me ages to get the eyes in the sockets. They never want to go in the bloody sockets. Got a time of like 6 mins and a rank of B. Did look at the video for it mentioned here will take a look at the rest of the playlist too.
  12. Outlast 2 - loving the setting/environment and atmosphere of it so far. Although I have heard horror stories about the game for the wrong reasons, glitches happening during insane runs. Jak and Daxter - got this free when I per-ordered Uncharted: the Lost Legacy off Amazon. Rented it years back for the PS2 and 100% before I returned it. Random Lego game - fun if no trophy glitches. Wet - been going back to some PS3 games finished the first 2 Bioshock games now looking at Wet. I had fun with it initially but didn’t have the time to play it when I first picked it up. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - I went back to the HD trilogy at some point in the last 2 years, started this but never done any more runs of it. Had this on the PS2 and got the teleport glitch thing near the end of the game which is still present in the HD version. Hope I don’t get that again. God of War II - need the Cyclopes eyes, full upgrade and challenge trophies will happily sit down and run through this game again though. Love the GoW games, went back and cleaned up the first one recently. After II I have the remaster of III to do on PS4.
  13. Finished The Messenger last night cool little game really enjoyed getting the collectibles but a bit to progress the story near the end of the DLC was extremely unforgiving. Then completed Coma: Recut kinda like a mini anime Oulast. Speaking of which I just started Outlast 2 and it appears cutscenes are unskippable?

    1. Spaz


      The DLC is definitely harder than the base game. I’m usually skilled at 2-D platformers and that DLC to get the mask had me stumped in a couple spots. 


      It’s a game with highly skewed statistics on this website.

  14. Until Dawn - need to reinstall that had so much fun with it.
  15. I am on the fence with this game it looks proper survival horror with some cheese but performance wise I’ve read (here and other places) it is pretty woeful. I love survival horror games and this does look like a fun nod to RE. How does the game run now a few weeks down the line? I’ve got it in my Amazon cart but yet to click buy.