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  1. Rogue Aces Thought I’d pull this game out of the ps+ library it was extremely tedious for me getting the trophies as I found the few of them were extremely situational paired with luck in my opinion! The game itself though wasnt too bad.
  2. FFX as my #100 plat. Is it bad that I got 99 Vidas as my #99??

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    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the awesome milestone!

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Great milestone 👍

    4. lynx_1985


      Cheers ☺️


      Ha good shout, Leenewbe!

  3. Same dude! Is a shame as I love the Hitman games I will probably get it when it is dirt cheap.
  4. Avoid setting off alarms as soon as you get off the train, as soon as the door to the train opens sneak off it. Kill the guy in the first room and then sneak behind the guard in the doorway. Then stick to the left to wait for the lift platform, jump on the railing and then lift sneak to button, press it and then wait behind railing. If you don't get spotted by the heavy that is on the lift platform, which can sometimes happen, the extra robots and heavies don't spawn so won't jump down to the lift. They only spawn if you get spotted and set off an alarm early on. Or you can avoid using the lift completely by jumping behind the button on to a rail that goes up to the upper floor.
  5. I would really like to see a Silent Hill 4 remaster, it wasn't the best one and wasn't even a Silent Hill game to begin with but I did enjoy it. However.... The job Hijinx done with the Silent Hill HD collection was poor, a load of glitches and if you hadn't played Silent Hill 2 or 3 back on PS2 then your first experience of it playing through the HD collection would have been an unfair representation of the two games. Silent Hill 2 is by far my favourite survival horror game and the HD port was abysmal, so abysmal that the PS2 game actually looks better than the port in my opinion. Just looking at the fog there is no atmosphere on the HD port they screwed it up, it's basically just a line - when you run towards it it's like you're chasing a line. The PS2 fog was a lot better in fact the PS2 just looked a lot better in my opinion it looked grainy and grungy the way Silent Hill games should look. Also after being chased by pyramid head in the hospital it glitched out for me, twice on the HD collection. James loaded in but everything else didn't, just emptiness like the guys who tried to port the game had. Silent Hill 3 didn't fair any better either, no original voices and full of glitches. I noticed more things on 2 than I did 3 as I played 2 to death on my PS2 and the HD port.
  6. I didn't mind God of War Ascension but for me it was no where near as good as previous games. The thing that really annoyed me the most about Ascension was that you purchased combos etc, which was the same in previous games however, in Ascension you could only use certain combos if your rage meter was full. If you got hit, even once, your rage meter would decrease ergo you lose your combos until you filled your rage meter again which you filled up by hitting enemies and if you didn't kill enemies over a certain period of time you'd lose what ever rage you had built up. That was my major gripe and the boss fights just didn't feel as epic as previous games to me.
  7. Ah I see dude that may be the case then!
  8. I think you have to be logged in on the PS store site in order to see the PS+ discounts.
  9. Yeah I am looking forward to the World Cup, always look forward to the Euros and World Cup. The first World Cup I have memories of is USA 94 that penalty Miss by Diana Ross (and Roberto Baggio, what a player he was though) I remember Bulgaria doing well I had a Barca kit as a kid with Stoichkov on it, the magician for Romania Hagi and Ray Houghton's goal against Italy. I am English (Liverpool fan mainly) so support England.... funnily enough there is another tournament (the one a person mentioned earlier with Steve McClaren) I enjoyed a lot and England weren't in that either - Euro 2008. Turkey did well in that one and were in two decent games the one against the Czech Republic being the best game, if you haven't seen it search for it honestly. I support England obviously but with extremely low expectations. They always get over hyped and I admit they are not very good however, in Euro 2012 we faced Sweden and I have a couple of Swedish friends who were bigging them selves up saying England are rubbish. Even had a few Dutch people say the same, saying they were supporting Sweden. Now I know England aren't the bet team but neither are Sweden, in fact we are better than Sweden so I wasn't like yeah what ever. Then we went down 2-1 after taking the lead and the people I mentioned before were all raving on twitter and then we won 3-2 haha I was so made up. Thinking back about previous Euros and World Cups has got me in the mood now!
  10. Ah I had no idea this edition was already present on PSN! I only buy digital if that's the only way to buy a game or if the game is on sale so only look at digital titles via the deals or sales section within the store. I am old school and prefer a physical copy of the game which also gives me the sense that I definitively own the game!
  11. Hopefully this iteration has a platinum attached to it? I was on twitter and this appeared on my feed - Tweet from ShopTo: https://www.shopto.net/video-games/ps4/PS4HI05-hitman-definitive-edition?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter I love the Hitman games and when the latest one was announced as being episodic it really put me off buying it. I want the game to be whole when I play it, not in bloody bits and it appears Sqaure Enix are going to be using the episodic format for the FFVII remake... I know the Hitman game released "complete first season" but I don't know, I just never got around to buying it. Is the new Hitman game decent? Do you think there'll be a plat attached to the definitive edition? I hope there is but I will definitely be picking up the definitive edition at some point plat or no plat. Loved Bloodmoney played all the Hitman games on PC when they first came out up to Absolution, need to plat Bloodmoney and Silent Assassin!
  12. Outlast 2 you've done the hard slog of the first one!
  13. Bought that Lara Croft GO a while back (got Hitman GO free with it) and don't know why I didn't play it sooner, cool little puzzle game. Hoping Hitman GO is just as fun!

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      No idea why! Easy plat.

    3. Fing3rButt3r3


      Puzzles were pretty straight forward. Fun simple stressfree gaming.

    4. lynx_1985


      Yeah very enjoyable and satisfying along with an easy play!

  14. Until Dawn - need to get around to doing that!
  15. Heavy Rain - I traded that game in years ago for some reason....