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  1. Yes works fine. I played on daytime, let the ps3 run in the night until i woke up and shut it down. Played in the evening again, let it run through the next night and the trophy plopped.
  2. That works. Doesnt matter if physical or digital
  3. Pretty much only need hearts as creator. Would appreciated if you could drop me some.
  4. ty, played yours aswell.
  5. Of course gonna play all the level posted here aswell.
  6. Its a special event in saudi arabia. Shit ton of money for WWE
  7. There is quite a number of people playing that game atm, because of the coming shutdown. Just Copy and Paste a 1 sec Level and it will be played atleast 10 times. After 1 day I had 13 unique players without posting it anywhere.
  8. Yes they are still running. If you arent sure if servers are still up, just watch a the online trophys, if they have been achieved recently it means they should be doable.
  9. Just play the level yourselve once, it should pop then.
  10. I really hope it is BC for all other people but I dont really care since I have all the consoles setuped.
  11. Looks quite hard I would say. Just went through a german trophy guide which is completed like 20% and most of the trophies say you cant die with specific things or you have to restart whole game because those are unique etc etc. On Astats which tracks Steamachievements we have ~4000 owners and 6 have the "platinum".
  12. Battlefield Bad Company 2 7 Years and 4 Weeks
  13. Vanquish Difficulty: 8-9/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Awesome Gameplay, extremly fast paced and action packed. Frustrating but hella fun.
  14. I just love my PS3. I have the PS4 Pro and I think like 40 Games or so for it, still Im sitting here and grinding all those PS3 Games to clean up my List and have a shit ton of fun actually. Once Im finished with the PS3 Games, which will take a while since I still have Gems left like MGS2 etc Im going back to the 4 again. Just finished playing Vanquish except for one quite easy trophy, so im ready for the next game. ^^
  15. Nah dont think so, like you said most people are probably just confused because some spawn multiple times.