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  1. okay so another update I 100% uncharted 3 remastered now adding another point towards my backlog progress. The game wasn't that bad for the tweaks really help in brutal, but you still get one shot and I fealt as if it was easier to die in this one rather then in the other 2 games.
  2. I enjoy what I played of zesteria so far. Just need a break from jrpgs. Kh3 I’m kinda waiting for the dlc so that way I don’t make the same mistake as Spider-Man and horizon. My psn name is boss thank you good sir.
  3. okay guys an update is in order I started tales of zesteria this month and made some progress in kh3 and ac 3 and I just got the 100% on uncharted 2 giving me a point for the backlog list of mine.
  4. okay so an update I platinumed final fantasy type 0 and final fantasy 15 giving me 2 points now its time to start a new game.
  5. I trophy hunt because of the adrenaline of that sweet ding. I play what I like and also whore all the trash there is. Rat godz hear me now.
  6. update going to be working on ff 15 for the majority of this month. That's including dlc.
  7. Another update, I just platinumed final fantasy 13 lightning returns and am now starting ratchet 3. I also got my account back to 90% completion. Ff lightning returns was not the best of the three. My thoughts are that ff 13-2 is still the best one of them but that's just imo. Also I bought one piece world seeker.
  8. Update I just platinumed mass effect for 12 points in total. The game didn't run well on the ps3. so many crashes, but it was still such a good game despite that.
  9. little update I just platinumed spyro 3 for a total of 11 points. Now I have to decide on my next game.....
  10. I’ll join I have the following 1. Assassins creed 2 2. Assassins creed brotherhood PS4 3. Assassins creed revelations PS4
  11. Started my journey through Spyro 3 yesterday. It’s looking to be my next platinum.
  12. I forgot to update I had kh 3 preordered before I started this backlog thing so I am adding it to the backlog.
  13. whelp I finished my 10th game in spyro 2 woot woot Coin me up buddies. I also just bought Tales of vesperia subtracting another 3 points.
  14. Sign me up. I have the platinum for kh 1 will be doing the franchise in do time.
  15. my 9th 100% in this backlog of gigantic proportions is done final fantasy 13-2 is completed and 100% making 9 games completed. WOOT WOOOT WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!