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  1. just started dragon age origins from the backlog going to rotate weekly final fantasy 13 and dragon age origins. Goal is 100% on both. had to buy a new ff 13 disc and my save corrupted but im not going to give up on this game.
  2. BOOYA just achieved the platinum for ratchet and clank thats 1 point for me. WOOT WOOT WOOOT Next up final fantasy 13 possibly.
  3. Im going to join. First things first im going to premise for me games that are under 15 hours are not backlog. they are what I am going to play in between the backlog. also i will not be including ps plus games. i will also be going for 100% on all games played. so here is the list. Must have 5 points to buy a new game. I like this bc then it keeps me from spending more money then i need to. PS3 BACKLOG PHYSICAL PS3 DIGITAL BACK LOG PS4 BACKLOG PHYSICAL PS4 BACKLOG DIGITAL PSVITA BACK LOG PHYSICAL PSVITA BACKLOG DIGITAL points
  4. I like to keep my completion around 80% or higher. Which I am at so I'm super happy. I'm going to start the dlc grind soon.
  5. just this week i knocked out the critical multiplayer trophies. It took me 10 hours to reach 100% readiness. you can still get games in the Mp. You have nothing to worry about.