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  1. @Luka I'm sure that they count. When I got my trophy against Leatherface boss a lot of my hits were from the X-ray and he had his armor. As long as you can see a hit count on the screen it will count.
  2. I did it with Teros/Orion(Axe and Spear are easier to use for it on my opinion). You need to press + at the same time(At least it works great for me) and then Down+ or . Your opponent needs to be at very low health or very close to the edge on the map. The way I know it worked is when it instantly killed them.
  3. Horde mode can be played with four players online. Really hard actually to get this trophy. If anyone wants to try I'm open to the idea. Queen Nai seems like a good choice.
  4. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y Congrats on getting this trophy out of the way!
  5. The AI don't cooperate at all. You have two chances to get it and have to restart all the time from the first fight if you fail. Seems like the tower have some predefined enemies. The best opponents to get the flawless victory against are Scorpion, Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn. This one seems like the hardest tower to get the trophy(Since you always have to restart).
  6. Trophy Hunter(Predator Tower) is up. Already got my platinum.
  7. Seems like next week we will have a premium tower with a secret fight.
  8. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I'm sure you can get it next week. I played more against Corrupted Shinnok when the game had a hour left or something. He was indeed easier than the last boss. Leatherface was basically impossible on my first matches and even later he would still defeat me in some without I get any hit on him. With Corrupted Shinnok, I could punish him, survive the 30 seconds a good amount of times, everytine I got some good hits. Hopefully, the next premium tower will be one with a secret fight on it. 😅 You can feel free to ask any more questions later. These timed trophies are awful. lol
  9. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I can confirm that Raiden method still works against Corrupted Shinnok. I've tested it myself and while still hard, I got hits a lot faster on him than against Leatherface. And yeah, the hits are cumulative between all bosses you fought. Save your X-Ray and try to hit it too. ALL the hits from X-Ray counts towards the trophy. Even if he still has armor beforebthe move. Also is a lot easier to land X-Ray on Corrupted Shinnok than it was on Leatherface. @TonicLemonIce Leatherface was a monster last week. Took me almost three hours to land 1000 hits on him. He punished everything all the time.
  10. Corrupted Shinnok is the boss for the invasion today.
  11. Leatherface is the boss today.
  12. @ashleyghudson Today. The boss is Leatherface and took me like almost three hours to get the trophy with Raiden strategy. He is super hard. He will defeat you without even let you have a chance sometimes.
  13. @LETSGOBOWLING24 Makes sense. Both times when my trophy got glitched I bought the Downtown Cab Company kinda late. As for the Masterminds it's a cool trophy to have for the 100%. Well worth it after everything.
  14. @grbolivar Congrats on the Platinum. This trophy is glitched since the PS3 version. So it's a smart decision to have multiple saves. It's time to get Elitist and that Masterminds trophy for the full 100%.
  15. @grbolivar On the PS3 version I had the same problem(I had both numbers). I got it fixed after trying everything possible and switching from online to offline all the time, sleeping with Franklin, etc. At this point... If that's your last trophy, then just start a new save and play until "Friends Reunited" like I did on the PS4 version. I wasted too many time trying to fix it without any success.