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  1. Very strange indeed. I got my time between offline mode and online mode. I also had to got a little more than 15 hours for the trophy to pop.
  2. @sealightbreeze Congrats with the platinum! As @KenjiCBZ said the daily login and missions counted for me too when I got the trophy last year. But I'm glad you finally finished it. Anyways, if they changed it, its really sad and a bad decision from them.
  3. @sealightbreeze Do you know exactly how much Gold do you got in total? Because you're already level 51. I was level 48 when I got it if I'm not wrong. That's for sure a very strange bug. Have you tried to contact Blue Mammoth Games?
  4. I've played enough to reach player level 52 and I got the trophy without any problems last year. Seems like a very rare glitch to be honest. Since you don't have any way to see how much gold total do you have, besides from the manually one, keep playing and get more, more and more gold to see if it unlocks. Its really the only thing you can do now.
  5. I got the platinum for a good amount of fighting games including Super Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Skullgirls 2nd Encore, for example, still The Max was frustrating for me. I got the "Ultimate Edition" on PS3 way back without knowing anything about the patches or something. Since you can't delete the patches the game difficulty is exactly like the PS4 version. I still think that The Max is harder than anything that Netherrealm did to all of their games even nowadays, it took me days, I've failed countless times on it and my best run before the one that I finally finished it was against the 5th opponent. After that Impossible was like a child play for me. If you can clear The Max the Platinum is yours. All the rest are really easy just like MK9(Just time consuming).
  6. Kuvalda and Crosswind are okay I guess... But Headhunter was pretty hard. It took me more time than Paladin to complete. Paladin has this God mode glitch that helps a lot.
  7. Pretty easy. You can get all the trophies without much trouble aside from the grind ones. It's actually really fun to play this game 2 x 2 on Ranked so the platinum came naturally for me.
  8. @joerose233 You will probably need to do it all over again. I luckily haven't had this problem with this trophy. But the Downtown Cab Co. from Franklin glitched really hard on my save(The same save that I still got 100% later) and I had to play on another one to get this trophy. I think that you can start the game, do the very first missions and go ahead collecting the peyotes again, you don't need to finish many missions.
  9. I've finally got this trophy on PS4 since it also bugged on PS3 for me. The PS3 version years ago got me the call many days later(Real life days) when my Tonya missions got "unglitched". I don't had the same lucky on PS4, that was the only thing glitched on my save, tried for hours and more hours with nothing(Tried all the tricks on the internet). So I finally discovered what is the real problem. You need to look at your cellphone and see if you have the Downtown Cab Co. business number at the top of your list, it's needed to have two numbers from them, the normal one and the business one, if yes, keep trying until you get the call. If you don't have both(Like me), don't even bother trying to fix it, I'm afraid, you will need to do another save for this trophy and rush all the way to "Friends Reunited", after that switch to Frankilin to Lester give his money, go to the Downtown Cab Co and do a quick-save before buying it if anything goes wrong. Buy it and wait for 1-2 minutes to see if you get the first call, if not, reload the save and buy it again. If yes, then it's perfect... Go to Franklin's house, sleep like 6 times in a row, go out of your house, get your car and you will get the call for the private fare like 1-2 minutes after that. Probably will be the one to help the guy with his niece against that Bikers guys, help him finish them and the trophy is yours. That's it!
  10. The game is clearly reaching its end with all these stages and costumes on Champion Edition. These were the stuff made to spend Fight Money alongside the characters. I'll check the update when its out, but I really hope that Capcom do a better job with the next Street Fighter game, that's the only thing I want from them.
  11. It's pretty much accurate. There's no quicker way to get the money. Just keep logging in daily, doing the weekly missions, farming money while playing. Your best bet is just enjoy the game and the platinum will come in some months. Took me a little more than two months to get the platinum just playing it for fun.
  12. Nano is easily the best car on the game.
  13. @AttilioPazzo- I agree. That would help some people get back on the game.
  14. @AttilioPazzo- Congrats on the platinum! Sadly... They probably won't do a new trophy list as they don't did it for Arcade Edition. But who knows.
  15. @Ackerman_Ievi Thanks!!!