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  1. Definitely delete your save and start over for this trophy. Following these steps you will for sure get the last trophy. He is really difficult if you don't have the Power of Love Sword equipped. So make sure to have it when you fight against him. And yeah, you need to defeat Mr Chau to unlock him, if you lose the battle, you will need to make he appear again on the map for a rematch.
  2. The PS3 version had an online mode that kinda worked to be honest.
  3. You're probably right about this. Today I've helped a friend to get all the trophies on private matches and it was a pain to be honest... Keep in mind that he was already halfway with the objectives for the trophies. I've also got the platinum trophy for Dragon's Crown and Streets of Rage 4(I love both). The online works perfectly for me on both, I even comeback to play some matches, so there's that... The PS3 version had better online. Believe me or not, they made this version have worse servers than the previous gen version, its almost impossible to believe how Ubisoft did this to a port from a game that was released in 2010. I loved this game so much back then. : ( Well... I still love it. But the platinum is enough and I'll move on. Maybe occasionally doing an couch coop run here and there.
  4. Seems like the online mode is completely dead. I can't find any matches and I've tried for two days now. That's sad because this is a pretty fun game. This is some of the worst online I've seen too. On the first days it took me less than a minute to found players. It's completely dead now... Even if you're the host. No one will join your room.
  5. So online mode is already dead? There's no one playing. I'm glad I finished these online trophies.
  6. You're probably right. Congrats on the platinum trophy!
  7. I know how you feel. "Chaudown" was my last trophy too. Backup your save and create a new one. Follow these steps: 1 - Start a new save. Use Konami Suicide Money Code and Power of Love Sword Code to put the four characters at max level. It wiil help you to speed run four times. 2 - Play as Scott on the first playthrough and unlock all the strikers for him(Including Mr Chau and Ms Chau). Use all of them before beating Gideon(The attacks needs to hit the enemies). To unlock Mr Chau you just need to repeat boss 1, 2, 3, and 1, 2, 3. Rinse and repeat until he shows up on the map. After using them you can beat the game. 3 - Use the strikers from all four characters BEFORE you finish Gideon with them. Just play with all of them using the striker on each playthrough(All of them needs to hit). 4 - You just need to finish the game with Scott, Kim, Stills and Ramona to unlock Nega Scott. Remember to use the strikers for all these characters while finishing the game with them(You only need Mr Chau and Ms Chau on Scott). Do not touch Knives and Wallace on that save before that or "Chaudown" will probably glitch. 5 - You will finally unlock Nega Scott if everything is fine. Remember to use all the strikers before the Nega Scott one to make it safe. Start stage 1 and use his striker(Nega Knives) on the first enemy. Bam! "Chaudown" and Platinum unlocked. I have the PS3 100% too and there I haven't had these problems because I only used Knives and Wallace after I got "Chaudown". I really think that its probably the reason it glitches. Doing these steps fixed it for me.
  8. Yeah. It's glitched. You only need to finish with Scott, Kim, Stills and Ramona to unlock Nega Scott(Even on this version). I did it two times as "Chaudown" glitched on me on my first playthrough.
  9. That made me laugh for minutes. Super lazy.
  10. Took me hours to get the three online trophies done. Online is unplayable. You need to keep trying until you get a lucky run(at least 6 times).
  11. I would be fine with some new trophies. Only 5 hours left. lol
  12. Yes. When I started playing the game it was pretty hard and even with that I ended up finishing Expert mode some days after finishing on Normal. You will get better at the game. Keep playing it.
  13. @Vergil I always a wanted to try this game and this helped a lot on getting the platinum. Thanks!
  14. 1 - Djimmi The Great 2 - Dr. Kahl's Robot 3 - Wally Warbles All the others were pretty much doable with some tries.
  15. @Vergil This jump cancel parry is fantastic. With that my rate against the horse was 100%. Then I just had to keep training parry the super and eventually got the trophy with a good feeling of rhythm.
  16. I tried the method at the beginning and it was really hard for some reason. Ended up just doing it the normal way training the rhythm. I still think it can work for other players anyways. : )
  17. Congrats on the trophy! One of the worst on this game.
  18. @Luka I'm sure that they count. When I got my trophy against Leatherface boss a lot of my hits were from the X-ray and he had his armor. As long as you can see a hit count on the screen it will count.
  19. I did it with Teros/Orion(Axe and Spear are easier to use for it on my opinion). You need to press + at the same time(At least it works great for me) and then Down+ or . Your opponent needs to be at very low health or very close to the edge on the map. The way I know it worked is when it instantly killed them.
  20. Horde mode can be played with four players online. Really hard actually to get this trophy. If anyone wants to try I'm open to the idea. Queen Nai seems like a good choice.
  21. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y Congrats on getting this trophy out of the way!
  22. The AI don't cooperate at all. You have two chances to get it and have to restart all the time from the first fight if you fail. Seems like the tower have some predefined enemies. The best opponents to get the flawless victory against are Scorpion, Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn. This one seems like the hardest tower to get the trophy(Since you always have to restart).
  23. Trophy Hunter(Predator Tower) is up. Already got my platinum.
  24. Seems like next week we will have a premium tower with a secret fight.
  25. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I'm sure you can get it next week. I played more against Corrupted Shinnok when the game had a hour left or something. He was indeed easier than the last boss. Leatherface was basically impossible on my first matches and even later he would still defeat me in some without I get any hit on him. With Corrupted Shinnok, I could punish him, survive the 30 seconds a good amount of times, everytine I got some good hits. Hopefully, the next premium tower will be one with a secret fight on it. 😅 You can feel free to ask any more questions later. These timed trophies are awful. lol