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  1. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West complete edition (base + dlc), available only for USA store. This game was delisted from EU Store 2 years ago.
  2. From my country (Italy), i have same problems. I try to connect for complete doa5 vanilla matches, but go out with 80028ED6 error
  3. I confirme this. From playstation trophies guide: Working Overtime Unlike what the trophy description might suggest, not only do you have to unlock every single level in every single Chapter/Sector, but you also have to complete them. Unlocking all the levels includes the two bonus levels of each Chapter/Sector. You unlock one of each respectively by obtaining an S Rank for each level within a Chapter/Sector and finding the Helix for each level within a Chapter/Sector.
  4. Are you sure? Simply collecting all of the Artifacts in the game won’t be enough to unlock the trophy. You must find and replay the memory on each and every one of the 42 Artifacts. For the majority of them you can hold down or up on the and press Square once the blue square is clear and your controller starts to vibrate very hard. The closer you get to the memory the louder the spirits will be and the harder your controller will shake. You don’t have to listen to the entirety of the memory, just playing and backing out will be enough. You can check which memories you have yet to discover by going in to the Appendice and selecting the Artifact tab. Go through each Artifact and whichever one you can’t immediately press and replay the memory of, you will need to find it. (from playstationtrophies guide) Recheck all artifacts
  5. From PSNProfile guide: Artifacts are extremely similar to the Ithildin symbols, and can only be found in wraith mode (). They are marked on the map, and look like the trophy image. After collecting each artifact, you'll be asked to rotate it to find a 'memory point' which activates an audio log. The memory points glow blue when found, and are extremely easy to find.
  6. I love @Sergen profile. With his trophy guide ( SSF4, Marvel Vs Capcom etc), taughts me method for combo trials and, generally, fighting games!
  7. You will hate this game. You will have to play 1000 games as jason and 1000 as animator, some trophies with 7 other players for platinum. it is very long and you will get tired soon.
  8. Try to enter in training mode and autosearch with your alt account in classified. On Kof 13 is only method for boost or self boost
  9. Samurai Shodown (2019). Online very shirt, single player super easy!
  10. Today, Ubisoft add new trophies for Warlords dlc 7 Bronze 3 Silver 0 Gold
  11. Wizi, thank you for video I modified my original post with your credit!
  12. 😂😂😂 Emergency... only emergency for this very fast trophy PS: i love you
  13. Chasing Jill trophy Credits: Ss_HaDeS_sS
  14. Thank you visighost!