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  1. I think I've encountered the same bug. Got 240300 souls but the trophy didn't pop. Now I'll try to finish again the game to see if the other trophy will pop
  2. Yes, the trophy is bugged. There is a topic on the forum of PS4 version. We reported it to the publisher, let's hope in a fast fix.
  3. I run through cap 8->12 and The Fool popped, made the same phone call of my first run, dunno what went wrong. I've reported Hanged Man too, let's hope that will be an insta pop after reloading last save
  4. Same problem here. And also the phone call trophy bugged... made all calls but the trophy didn't pop EDIT: I'm on PS5
  5. I’ve tweeted 2 days ago and again today under the 1.06 update post. They didn’t tweet me back
  6. I really hoped when I read the news
  7. Hope they fix it soon, this is my last trophy for the plat
  8. Hi all, I have a problem with the rots on village area. I’m sure that I’ve collected all of them (made 3 pass with a video guide just to be sure) but the game still says 23/24. All other areas collecting went fine, this is my last collectible trophy left and it’s frustrating. Anyone encountered this bug? Any way to fix it or I have to hope in a patch?