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  1. Not to be a prick, but I managed to get it trough normal play. Took so many tries... then I got lucky and got it in a match I wasn't even trying until I realised I only needed one more bonus. So yeah, it's like 70% luck due to how situational some of the bonuses are, but not impossible. Revelations has thankfully made the process much easier.
  2. I thankfully managed to get the MP done a couple years ago with a group from this site. Took a few tries because one of the bonuses for Employee of the Month glitched, but it was done. I did have one of the story related ones glitch out, along with some others (Thankfully, not involving collectibles), so that was friggin fun. Maybe someday I'll compel myself to go back and finally get the platinum plus the dlc, but there is no rush at the moment.
  3. Well, consider my shit lost because GODAMN LUCIFER ALMIGHTY! Perhaps not the remake i always dreamt of but still... this is sick, man. Hopefully they can still take some cool notes from the Hard Type mod and fix some of the weird shit with balancing of the original. It saddens me a bit the amount of people on this thread not aware of Raidou or his games, but for those confused, he will serve basically the same purpose as Dante in the version of the game you probably know. And I could be wrong but Raidou is actually an even better version bebcause he can learn Pierce! He can actually do shit in the TDE final boss lol. Well, i can't wait to gt High King'ed and poked to death to obtain a platinum on this game! DAMN!
  4. Got "Dat Plat" in Enter the Gungeon plus the 100% and unlocked the Finished Gun! That was fun and the game is very addictive, but time to move on to something else...
  5. Damn, that's nice as hell, man. Voted for Ghost since TLoU is already pre-ordered. I'm more of a physical copy kind of guy when it comes to most games, but if I'm lucky, I'm lucky.
  6. Its been a while but yes, as far as I can remember, I completely ignored the guy until i had everything.
  7. There are more materials to find including a Blood Rock at the last level. Plus, the DLC weapons are all very good save for a few gimmicky ones.
  8. Psychonauts done! Really fun game and plat. My only real complaints are the last level (because yeah lets do an escort mission for the first time in the game on the very last level...) and the crashes I've experienced. One of them right as I finished the final level for the first time so I had to replay the second half of the level to actually watch the ending. Now I'm not sure what to start. With Persona 5 R physical copies being delayed to late April here in Brazil I might pull the trigger and get FF7R.
  9. Finally gritted my teeth and did the last Pantheon in Hollow Knight and got the plat a few days ago... felt soooo good. Wanted something a bit more chill so decided to start Psychonauts. Never played it but have heard some praises sang its way. Seems pretty fun and I wan a continue it but the latest Borderlands 3 DLC came out and took my attention from it. Gonna get that 100% back and continue my dive into minds!
  10. I see. It seems the War of the Chosen DLC is the most troublesome part stability-wise.
  11. Since this topic is getting more attention now, I'm gonna ask here: Is the game still running poorly? Specifically on a base PS4. I passed this game up many times because every time it goes on sale I'll look online and see the same complaints about crashes, freezes and just obnoxious load times, specially on War of the Chosen.
  12. 1. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (Still dreaming about that remake...c'mon, Atlus! I'll never ask about Personas 1 and 2 ever again if it happens! Please nerf the fuck out of Daisoujou!) 2. Persona 3: FES (Man, such a heavy game. One of the first games i played that made me actually feel stuff i had never really felt before. Really felt a bit empty when the credits rolled the first time.) 3. Kingdom Hearts II (Did I understand this game at the time? Hell no! Considering this was my first game of the series, it was so fucking confusing but at the same time it managed to charm me right up.) 4. Tales of the Abyss (Luke Von Fabre is an awesome protagonist and I will forever defend him.) 5. Persona 4 (A decent entry in the franchise but probably my least favorite save for maybe the first one. Also, Yukiko is best girl.) 6. Shadow of the Colossus (Damn... it took me ages to actually understand what you were supposed to do in this game. Dont remember the amout of time, but it was a long ass time before i even figured out the sword would point in the direction of the Colossi. When i DID figure it out though, it was an amazing experience.) 7. Shinobido (I was so bad at this game... but still loved playing it. When i DID manage to complete a mission without raising any alerts, it was awesome. Never bothered learning how the alchemy worked in this. Still, managed to finish the story twice, even though i don't remember much of it. I think you turn into a bear eventually...?) 8. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Ah yes, the video game that let me reenact my personal toy-fights. The What-If? scenarios were cool as well.) 9. Bully (My favorite Rockstar game... which isnt saying that much given i only played this, GTA V and San Andreas. Still, this one engaged me enough to keep playing it until the end, getting 100% and doing it all again many more times down the line, unlike GTA SA. I guess i just liked the school setting more.) 10. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (EA wishes their Battlefront series was as good as this. Hours on end spent on Mos Eisley doing the hero/villain-only battle mode.) 11. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Special Edition (Such a chill game. Yet another one that took me a while to understand due to poor english, but fishing on this game during the afternoons are some of my most treasured gaming memories.) 12. God of War (Took me a bit to finally play this compared to everyone else at the time, but when I did, I understood why it was so hyped. The visceral combat was like nothing I had ever played save for Mortal Kombat, and the greek mithology really fascinated me, inconsistencies or not.) 13. Zatch Bell: Mamodo's Fury (This was fun due to me being curious how a game about this show would work. It was pretty fun, even if some of the fights felt like complet shitshows. Fuck you, Robnos.) 14. One Piece: Grand Adventure (Aside from the first few episodes of the show which i didn't really care for at the time, this was my introduction to the epic saga that is One Piece. The Story Mode in this was a lot of fun! If i remember corretcly, depending on what you do you can either end it at Alabasta or go even further to Skypiea.) 15. Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir (Yet another anime I grew into because of a random game I decided to play about it. This was fun though, even if the combat felt very limited after a while. One of the highlights i remember is when Mustang very shortly joins your party and you get to see him in action during gameplay.) 16. Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 2 (Narutimate Hero 2 was the game that introduced me to Naruto, but this wa the best one overall. I had only heard about there being a version of Naruto where he is "grown up" at the time and was very excited to play this,) 17. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force Evolution (Walking around Duel Academy was very fun, the chibi sprites of the characters all looked good. And I, like probably 90% of the male fanbase for this game was very happy with being able to partner up with Alexis. Even if her deck was kinda meh. Which was definitely the reason i choose her.) 18. InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask (Don't know why i played this so many times back in the day. It is a subpar rpg that is very easy to break the difficulty of once you get Miroku in your party because of the instakill capabilities of the Wind Tunnel and the main character's healing abilities. Maybe it was just my love for the show. Or the cool special combination attacks you could do with the characters. Or the fact that you could "date" the characters of opposite gender. Like Sango. Make the badass Ninja, Yokai Slayer which main weapon was a giant-ass Boomerang made from Yokai bone fall in love with your character instead of stupid fucking Miro...oh, ok. That was it.) 19. Lego Star Wars (Paying this with my best friend at the time was always fun. I still remember when we figured out how to open the door leading to Episode IV.) 20. Shaman King: Power of Spirit (an interesting mix of tactical rpg and fighting game. Unfortunately, the memory about this that comes to mind first is one of the cutscenes where Hao would show up would almost always brick the game. It was a pretty long one too, so it always pissed me off when it happened. However, the game itself was still pretyy fun and i loved to have Pai-Long fighting alongside me for some reason. Maybe because of Jun? Though I don't remember her being in the game much... if at all.)
  13. Unless I can get the Pantheon of Hallownest done today for Hollow Knight, I don't think I'll be participating lol.
  14. 432.