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  1. Damn. I hope I don't need to grind this much for them. Just finished the lab jail (still on a first playtrough) and so far i've found one on every jail since the first (failed to kill the one in the lab due to some shenanigans lol).
  2. Yep. He is... quite the character.
  3. My question regarding the dlcs is how much they affect the main game. Like, are they more the kind of thing you do completely separated from the main story (kinda like a post-game thing similar to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne) or can they affect a normal playtrough, allowing you to get items and stuff while progressing trough the story? They are also on sale on my region but I also wanna grab another game so I'm debating getting both the dlcs, just one or maybe even none of them for now.
  4. Not to be a prick, but I managed to get it trough normal play. Took so many tries... then I got lucky and got it in a match I wasn't even trying until I realised I only needed one more bonus. So yeah, it's like 70% luck due to how situational some of the bonuses are, but not impossible. Revelations has thankfully made the process much easier.
  5. I thankfully managed to get the MP done a couple years ago with a group from this site. Took a few tries because one of the bonuses for Employee of the Month glitched, but it was done. I did have one of the story related ones glitch out, along with some others (Thankfully, not involving collectibles), so that was friggin fun. Maybe someday I'll compel myself to go back and finally get the platinum plus the dlc, but there is no rush at the moment.
  6. Well, consider my shit lost because GODAMN LUCIFER ALMIGHTY! Perhaps not the remake i always dreamt of but still... this is sick, man. Hopefully they can still take some cool notes from the Hard Type mod and fix some of the weird shit with balancing of the original. It saddens me a bit the amount of people on this thread not aware of Raidou or his games, but for those confused, he will serve basically the same purpose as Dante in the version of the game you probably know. And I could be wrong but Raidou is actually an even better version bebcause he can learn Pierce! He can actually do shit in the TDE final boss lol. Well, i can't wait to gt High King'ed and poked to death to obtain a platinum on this game! DAMN!
  7. Got "Dat Plat" in Enter the Gungeon plus the 100% and unlocked the Finished Gun! That was fun and the game is very addictive, but time to move on to something else...
  8. Damn, that's nice as hell, man. Voted for Ghost since TLoU is already pre-ordered. I'm more of a physical copy kind of guy when it comes to most games, but if I'm lucky, I'm lucky.
  9. Its been a while but yes, as far as I can remember, I completely ignored the guy until i had everything.
  10. There are more materials to find including a Blood Rock at the last level. Plus, the DLC weapons are all very good save for a few gimmicky ones.
  11. Psychonauts done! Really fun game and plat. My only real complaints are the last level (because yeah lets do an escort mission for the first time in the game on the very last level...) and the crashes I've experienced. One of them right as I finished the final level for the first time so I had to replay the second half of the level to actually watch the ending. Now I'm not sure what to start. With Persona 5 R physical copies being delayed to late April here in Brazil I might pull the trigger and get FF7R.
  12. Finally gritted my teeth and did the last Pantheon in Hollow Knight and got the plat a few days ago... felt soooo good. Wanted something a bit more chill so decided to start Psychonauts. Never played it but have heard some praises sang its way. Seems pretty fun and I wan a continue it but the latest Borderlands 3 DLC came out and took my attention from it. Gonna get that 100% back and continue my dive into minds!
  13. I see. It seems the War of the Chosen DLC is the most troublesome part stability-wise.
  14. Since this topic is getting more attention now, I'm gonna ask here: Is the game still running poorly? Specifically on a base PS4. I passed this game up many times because every time it goes on sale I'll look online and see the same complaints about crashes, freezes and just obnoxious load times, specially on War of the Chosen.