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  1. Brazil 2 - 1 Costa Rica. Let's try to play safer for now...
  2. 3-0 for Brazil. Let's try a strong start
  3. Very nice idea. Thank you for that! I'm liking what Brazil has shown so far the last 2 seasons. I believe on it!
  4. Because i though I had to. Anyway, enough is enough. I don't have to prove how legitimately i got a virtual award from a video game because i couldn't predict that BOTH my internet connection and PSN would suck at the same time.
  5. But they were there in offline mode. It would just not carry over when syncing. I have nothing else to add besides what i have already said, and I don't really care to have this flag forever.
  6. Kingdom Hearts • Reason: Obtained all keyblades before beating the Ice Titan. Defeating the Ice Titan gives the unique Diamond Dust keyblade. So, kinda forgot about this and the old dispute was closed and I was told to open a new one. Basically, what happened is my internet connection failed while i was syncing the trophies on PSN, and when it came back, the trophies weren't there. So, i managed to get the trophy for getting all the keyblades, even though the trophy for beating the Ice Titan bugged. I had to beat him again, on another playtrough, alongside Sephiroth and Kurt Zisa, to actually get their trophies. I don't have any screenshots or anything to really back this up, also didn't think it was going to be a problem since I legitimately got the trophies that were lost anyway. Edit: Oh yeah. This also happened with the trophy for making all the items on the Item Synthesis sistem. Meaning I also had to gather all the rare drops... a second time, in another playtrough. Pretty painful.
  7. The remake for Persona 2: Innocent Sin at the psp. Lost my save halfway trough Eternal Punishment... still dreads me
  8. LionRed10 Kingdom Hearts Some of my trophies bugged because of internet problems. I also had to defeat all the secret bosses a second time because their trophies did not save the first time.