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  1. Forgot about that one. Yeah it was ass
  2. Coffin dodgers has to be the shittiest game i played for trophies with orc slayer and dying:reborn being worthy of second place.
  3. I play mostly on my ps3 and have done for the last year or so and will continue to do so until I've knocked out the online trophies for as many of my games I can
  4. 20 consoles?? Holy shit!!!!
  5. Is there any other way to get this without using Dante's method? I just played on an alt and it wasn't having it but I see quite a few earning it recently
  6. Quick question guys. Did homefront run off gamespy and is it possible to "resurrect" it via gonespy?
  7. I'm glad the ordeal is done too thank you all
  8. So I request synced the ps3 I earned the road rage trophies on to find the plat has popped all I can say is phew lol this game is aptly named rage
  9. I've just synced and still nothing I'm going to play a few missions but I really think I may be locked out of this one I've had to delete my profile before to unlock Obsessive compulsive and the mind control bolt trophies. I think this game is just too glitchy
  10. If syncing on my second ps3 does not work then I have no idea what to do
  11. OK I'll try it now I did start it on one ps3 and finished it on another
  12. Hi there so today I got my road rage trophies and was at 97% this morning just playing got my last 2 and is now 100% but the weirdest thing is the plat didn't pop for me. Now I know full well this game is a glitch fest as I had to play twice to get the Obsessive compulsive trophy but to have all the trophies and no plat all I can say is wtf lol This game is aptly named rage haha