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  1. Can you get all the platinum with a friend in an online cooperative?
  2. Do you know what difficulty and approximate duration this game has? It can be interesting since it gives it the plus
  3. The level 4 trophies "gotchi killer" and "Be the first human to travel in time (in your dreams)" are a mistake, they do not jump, solution? Edit: Solved, exit and re-enter the game and retry.

    1. Arin1979


      Por eso hay que sacarse los trofeos online primero 😋

    2. Arin1979


      Dead Space remake para PS5 😍

  5. I was already surprised that they did not give me any of those trophies, I hope they fix it, because there is no way to get it?
  6. What trophies are broken?
  7. Can you get the golden boy (20 wins) in squads mode? And let them count the victories of your companions?
  8. I have doubts, if I complete the normal game on ps3 of Borderlands 2, will I be able to move my game to ps now and complete only the dlc?
  9. Deadfall adventures only psn
  10. So with the 1.00 release version, can you get all the trophies without problems? Except the 2 online trophies right?
  11. I have the online trophies, I am missing the offline trophies, can the rest of the trophies be done offline without the need for a patch?
  12. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Does the patch affect trophies? I only have the 2 online trophies made, the rest I need