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  1. Use the Museum map if you're struggling on Rings. Tried and failed multiple times both forwards and reverse ways around the map and always fell short of got knocked off by one small section, Too many pitfalls and edges to fall off of. On The Museum there's only one hazard and that's a pit at one side, just go round in a figure of 8 and jump over your own train when it starts getting massively congested in that figure of 8 (go behind pillars and up ramps to the outside), by the time the inside is less congested you should be around 350-360, so just go slowly and try to build up to to 420 using the boost to jump over your train where needed. ended up with 485 and unlocked the trophy. Video guide showing roughly what to do below, massive thanks to whoever made it because i got it after 2 attempts as opposed to 20+ on Rings
  2. Yeah, im terrible at Racing games and fighting games, at least now i can add twin stick shooters to that list. I'll just keep coming back to Inksplosion periodically, it's always that one time you try where everything just clicks and you do it.
  3. The lagging of the game makes it almost unplayable. By the time the lag has dissipated yo're near death. Rocket gun is also absolutely fucking useless.
  4. Why would Sony close the servers on a game they don't own the servers for, that falls to EA.
  5. Companies release a game, they support it and end it, it's extremely galling paying for something that will inevitably end but i suppose everything has a lifespan when you look at it, what i do think is game companies should release patches to unlock any online related trophies if servers have been closed down, it's all well and good having server closure notices and designated periods but it's inevitable people will miss out due to the lack of awareness of closures, in essence paying for half a game. I suppose it's more wishful thinking on my behalf, the hatred of having an incomplete game on my profile and the annoyance it has caused me just seeing it there unfinished, i got Motorstorm: Apocalypse done well before the deadline but the likes of EA games where you have thousands of unattainable trophies over numerous games irritates me greatly, its a developers choice to tie trophies to servers and online components, not the consumer, In my opinion, if a game is released with a online , the developers should be made to state a timescale that online services will end by, rather than a 30 day notice period hidden at the arse end of their website.
  6. Loved it when i played it years ago, got locked out of my old tag and never replayed it, went back to it on Friday last week and had the Online done in 7 hours over 2 days. Very easily doable before the server shutdown.
  7. Social Chest at Ambergris Key, 55,178