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  1. Well I got my blood money plat. not as fast as you but not bad for never playing it. took me quite some time to get use to the mechanics but once i did it was a breeze. Had a lot of fun playing it. Especially going for the notorious trophy slaughtering everyone. Lol. I love how you can just get behind a opened door and shoot them all when they run in.
  2. To be honest blood money is clunky as shit. Don't get me wrong i'm having a blast playing it but the only challenging aspect to the game is the clunkiness. For instance, all the AI in the game are pretty much programmed to turn around if you get within a few feet of them. So in order to perform any action, for example, fiber wire kill, shoving an enemy off a cliff, etc, you must stop a few feet away equip action then sprint to the enemy and time your action precisely before they turn around. Problem is unless you are positioned perfectly and time the mesh of the button with precision you will likely fumble your approach and have to start over. I run up to shove them and grab them and nose butt them instead or disarm them and start shooting alerting everyone in the area, etc. Literally you can set up the kills and breeze through all the missions in less then 10 minutes each the challenge is poor mechanics. I could make a very comical highlight real of my fumble ups. On the flip side though without the shit mechanics the game would be too easy. I pushed a target into a grave and he rubber banded out and started shooting me. It should have been mission complete silent assassin but instead I had to start over. lol. Still it's a fun game. PS2 games were all pretty much clunky. N64 and NES games ran smoother back in the 90's.
  3. This may be a stupid question but does the ezio collection need to be played in order? Do the stories build off each other or are they all sort of stand alone and can be enjoyed in any order? I haven't played any of them. I have the collection and wondered if I could start anywhere in the series or if it's best to start with 2. Not really sure I want to play 2 as it looks a bit dated even on the remaster and I'm hearing bad things about the dlc missions and collecting feathers or whatever and not sure I want to do that on a older buggier game. might just play brotherhood or revelations or both and skip 2. any advice?
  4. there are no semi-unobtainabe trophies in hitman. Make sure to do the bonus missions last for whatever version you play. Landslide., The Icon, and one other can mess up your progress towards mastery level on one of the main missions. However, all trophies in both hitman are obtainable without problem. As for guides just type in the name of the challenge you are going for and what hitman you are playing and then put mr freeze at the end of it and you will find he has a video for almost every challenge in the game with commentary. I would recommend doing all story missions first as they will walk you through about half of the mastery level for each location. At that point you will be familiar enough with the maps the you can do a lot of the leftover challenges without a guide and then finish up those last few levels by referring to youtube.
  5. Well nice job and great job on your hitman platinum collection. Looks like you got them all plat/100%.
  6. Damn it boy. you flew through those games. I never played the hitman from the ps3 era. guides say 20 plus hours for each of them. Were you able to complete them so fast because you have extensive knowledge of the games from ps3 days or does the lack of online make them that much faster? I really can't wait to play them just don't want to drop 60 on them but I might cave in here.
  7. For those of you you have decided to pay the $60.00 and play the game how is it? Did they do a good job with the remaster? This game looked quite dated before so i'm wondering if it's worth the money. Wondering how it feels, looks, plays, etc...
  8. It comes out on my system when it's reduced to half price. $60.00 is absurd.
  9. EA put forth lack luster effort after the game flopped. Remember how quick they put out that 1st storyline dlc, then nothing. It was probably well on it's way to finished after the main game dropped so they decided to drop it. EA was visibly butt hurt that everybody hated on their game and their stupid micro transactions so they flat out said screw everybody who already bought the game as well. I think the same scenario is going to play out with Battlefield V. I realize we are going to get Battle Royale but you know damn well if it was a top selling battlefield V there would probably be 4 other DLC packs to go along with it. EA is probably turning into the worst company in gaming. No way in hell i'd buy Anthem.
  10. When i 1st got my playstation 4 i didn't know anything about trophies. when the 1st few popped in Battlefront 1 I thought it was sort of cool. That 1st year all I played was battlefront and the division except I signed up for ps now and went on a bit of a test the game out frenzy for a few days. The quality of the PS now was so poor and constant connection errors not to mention some of those games didn't age very well. I played the Division so much I ended up getting the platinum in June without really going for it. In October of that year I sat down and decided to get a 2nd platinum the order 1886. After completing the game I was hooked on trophies. I didn't want to do the Division again to start a new account so I hid those ps now games and from that point on I live or die with any game i put on my list. If you look at those games they don't even fit into my list with the types of games I play. I'm a bit OCD with the whole thing I guess. those games were games I'd never want to play both old and outdated ps3 games mainly. Considering I got spoiled by getting back into gaming in the ps4 era it's hard for me to play some of the older games. From that point on i always researched not if a game was hard or easy but if it was something i though i'd like. If not I don't play it. I signed up for ps now again not long ago with the intention of maybe completing a few of those games but the quality was so poor I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  11. To each there own. If you enjoy those types of games to rank high and find enjoyment in that i'm not knocking a person for doing that. You also have a mixture of people who have been accumulating trophies for ten years while some others have only been at it a few. I tend to agree with a comment that was made that if anything is to be considered it is average rarity. I viewed an account a while back with an average rarity of a bit over 19% with over 100 platinums. That is in my opinion a better achievement than the top rank on the leader boards. Of course to obtain that you almost have to be seeking out game and playing them for low rarity like some people on the opposite side seek out games and play them for a cheap easy platinum. For me playing games I like is the most important thing let the rankings and stats fall where they may.
  12. the ranking system means nothing when somebody can play mayo or slyde in 30 minutes or less and achieve the same gamer score from it as somebody who spends 300 hours on something. If they ever devised a way to award more gamer score for more difficult or grindy games then it might be more fun. Life is too sort and there are too many good games to play to play these games one has to play to rank high.
  13. The Division 2 Metro Exodus Doom Eternal Modern Warfare 2 remastered Modern Warfare 3 remastered (assuming the rumors are true) The Ezio collection Assassins Creed Odyssey Overwatch
  14. The game has only been out for 3 months. Look at Infinite Warfare which is a few years old it has over 250,000 owners but I'm betting it didn't have over 50,000 on this site just 3 months after release. Keep in mind this is a trophy/completionist website. another factor that comes in to play is a lot of trophy hunters don't like zombies. they are willing to sit through one map for a platinum but this game had 3 maps at launch. Not to mention the difficulty for the Blackout trophies which scared some people off. also, this game will have a zombies chronicles 2 release with potentially up to 15 zombie dlc maps in total before this game is finished, according to some rumors. Nevertheless I bet in a few years this game has over 200,000 owners but i would say the lack of campaign will hinder future sales more than current so it may in fact be one of the least owned COD games when it's all over.
  15. ok well it's a bit confusing because the others say trophy unavailable and it doesn't so it looks like it's available.