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  1. So i know mortal combat has a record for putting trophies in on the final dlc. Question is whether or not it is safe to buy the base version of this game for 14.99 or should i keep waiting? i'd hate to buy it now then have to fork out more later for the ultimate edition or something. does anybody know if the game is finished at this point or are there still future plans?
  2. Will the digital ps4 edition come with the ps5 edition or do you have to buy it twice? I thought it was together for the price of one but i read another post someplace that said you had to buy both versions. does anybody know for sure?
  3. I'm going to be doing it all again twice if the ps4 has a separate list. I have to admit as much as i like hitman playing them all again for the masteries is going to be the grueling part because each mastery takes so many playthroughs of each map. However, this is the perfect game to play a little at a time. No need do it all real quick. Can't complaint about 84 trophies to earn again on one of my favorite franchises from a solid developer. This time we get the platinum. I wish they would have just split the game into three platinums one for each hitman. Would have been better. Hitman one final legacy edition, hitman 2 final legacy edition and hitman 3. something like that x2 for the ps4 could have equaled 6 platinums for the price of one.
  4. I feel like a idiot I didn't remember putting 20 into quick hack on the broken camera that rewarded 14,000 plus every time you hacked it and then I reverted back to a save. I sat there and tried to unlock the trophy yesterday half the day only to find out I already did it.
  5. Is the trophy bugged for anybody?
  6. omg you got me.
  7. I actually accept the loss unlike people like you who have been crying for the past 4 years.
  8. Decided to remove the original comment since this isn't really a site where we should be mouthing off our political views. However spaz i'm curious about something? I see you are quite active on the forum on this site and have been for a long time. I see you have posted quite a few times about this generation and people in it and how they act. I'm guilty of this too so please take no offense but as I see it forums whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or forums on sites like this are some of the most degenerate forms of social activity people in this generation participate in. It always ends in attacking others views or expressing personal views nobody wants to hear. It's always toxic. Anyway since you are quick tho point out the generational behavioral problems I'm curious to how you believe you are different or what you have done in life to contribute to a better world? I see you engaging in the tearing down of others views and expressing of your own quite frequently. I'm curious have you did things to make your generation better or are you just another degenerate trophy hunter bowsing degenerate forums 24/7? Do you browse the forums from your childhood bedroom in your parents house or do you have your own place? Have you ever brought a child into the world and raised them up right? Have you ever adopted a pet and gave it a good home? Taken care of the elderly? Have you ever fought for your country? If not why should anybody care? I have no illusions that people care what I have to say but dude you have thousands of comments on here and thousands of likes and probably dislike too. What makes you so great and above the generations behavioral social patterns and tendencies that you so heavily engage in??
  9. I have stick drift when i go into the menu every time almost especially in the journal. It's not the controller because I use both mine and they both do it.
  10. that is a stupid argument that they deserve to make amends. They should be truthful about the product they are releasing and operate with good faith honesty and integrity toward their customer base. It's childish to believe companies shouldn't face consequences for their actions. It's sad that this game is actually a really fun game to play and it release in such a poor state It's a shame that they couldn't be truthful about the state of the game on older consoles and it's a shame they had to release the game in time for christmas to make money instead of fixing and polishing the game. If this type of thing is what you expect from the people you do business with fine. the fact they were a reputable company before makes it worse in my opinion and tbh they haven't released that many great games. From my understanding witcher 3 wasn't all that great shape when it 1st released. Evidently i'm not the only childish one because the stock has tanked and now they're facing lawsuits from Grown up investors and i'd say their business is in a lot of trouble. I didn't do that. I think you need to grow up and start realizing that by accepting shit like this you will continue to get more shit. Im not some snowflake that is gonna beat around the bush. i could give two shits about CD project Red and their business. If they want to do good they should do right. This isn't like you go out and buy a coffee maker and it breaks a day later and you go back to the store and they give you a new one. once you get this game and play it fixing it is a little too late imo. think about children who been asking for this for christmas and maybe they don't get but a few things and they get this it it has some progression bug or it crashes 3 times an hour. just because you have other games you can pick up and play and wait it out why it's fixed doesn't mean everybody else is as fortunate. It was a shitty move to release a game broken and unpolished for the holidays for the children people who believe otherwise i question.
  11. How so? If you are a company who misleads people, produces lousy products than maybe you don't deserve to be in business. how is that childish? people want to pity them they are the company responsible for their actions and their poor quality how is that childish? Maybe you like to argue when you have no point and you are childish???
  12. absolutely spot on with your analysis. long travel times between destinations, fetch quests that have no meaning, endless locations, and vintage points. 80 hours of these things and only 20 to 30 of the story. The assassins creed world could be great if they made them more story and linear. I could imagine how good a Assassins Creed could be made if it were made like a naughty dog game such as last of us. To me this would be a welcome change for the franchise. The open world formula needs to be eliminated not made bigger. They should take 3 years off and reinvent the franchise entirely.
  13. Just want to point out what a great topic this is. Nice to see people who put forth some effort to actually achievement hunt get some praise. When i started hunting trophies I had just went through a divorce and was out partying and drinking too much. This hobby may have saved my life. i had been married and going through life dogs, house, child, wife, bills, high stress job and missed the entire ps2-midway ps4 era. when i picked up gaming again after nearly 15 years since playing limited amounts of 007 in college i was horrible at games. i never played online didn't even know it was a thing. I thought some of the platinums i'd now consider fairly easy at the time tough and out of my reach. the whole purpose was to challenge myself and get more enjoyment and accomplishment out of gaming. I too follow may of the profiles that have already been mentioned so i won't bother mentioning them again but a lot of great profiles mentioned on this topic. good job guys. I hope i can keep improving and be as good someday! Keep challenging and enjoying yourself.
  14. Why they're the dumbasses that released the game in the state it was in? I hope they reap the whirlwind and go out of business.
  15. I thought the game sucked and played like shit. I loved warface too. Probably the die hard warface crowd went back to the original game.