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  1. You're correct you post threads bitching about people bitching about games. As I've stated I've seen many of your posts and usually they are argumentative or just plain rude and are in most cases on forums about games you don't even own. You just troll forums like the forum police engaging in arguments wherever you can. Point of fact you don't even own this game do you?
  2. I see quite a few of your posts on this site. You have no point. You don't exactly exemplify positivity as you are complaining about a lack there of.
  3. I didn't say you were being a hypocrite. I asked if it made you better or just a hypocrite, to bitch about other people bitching. It was a question left for you to answer. see my point?
  4. And lets reflect back on you and how you like to chime in on everybody posts like you're the damn bitching police or something, Relax dude, if you don't like bitching on forums maybe you should stay off them because that is pretty much what they amount to isn't it, here on FB or anywhere else? several people bitch about a game and several more jump to it's defense and then someone like you comes along and bitches about all the bitching. Does that make you better or just a hypocrite?
  5. No its no stretch because if the mechanics of a game are so bad you quit it 15 minutes into it it qualifies as a disaster. Did i saying pressing? It's a lot more effort than pressing. Its holding it down with about 4 times the pressure you normally have to hold down L3 to sprint in most games. Considering you are always being swarmed and chased and you constantly need to sprint it's Not fun but if you can't spot lousy game mechanics and control then this game suites you. Have fun and enjoy!
  6. Awful game. I can't believe they had people owning and testing this game for an entire year and they don't have a better game mechanically. You literally have to push in on L3 with all you got to sprint. Let up on the pressure just a bit and you character pulls up and the enemy catches you from behind. It is an absolute disaster. I haven't experienced such a mechanical failure in a video game personally ever. However, usually I make better more informed buying decisions. the game play trailers look great. don't let them fool you. I want my 29.99 back.
  7. I doubt they will add more trophies because they are in a pout that we didn't want to purchase their micro transactions. they made less money on the game then originally planned. Less money equals less support as in trophy support. Especially after they spent months fixing the broken level 50 trophy and fielding e-mails and yes more complaints over it not popping form thousands of gamers. If they thought they could get away with it i think they would just cancel all future dlc as well.
  8. Poor controls? they copied the control and wheel system directly from MGSV which was considered to be top notch. Metal Gear Survive isn't that bad of a game. It's just people crying about kojima because they feel like they know him. In reality kojima wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. Talk about star struck and for a video game producer. "Ohhh boo hoo they dissed kojima so bad."
  9. Respawn time needs to be set to about 8 or 10 seconds so that you have time to steal. Take off the sniper rifle that is one shot one kill and guard and buddy drone. Take off anything that you can't hack so that they will be equipped with abilities you can hack. Set it to 11 bots on easy and you can get about 60 to 80 steals in about 40 minutes. If you have another person hacking is super easy. Both of you spawn in opposite teams and each of you set down a shield next to each other. Commit suicide and switch to insurgent. Run back to the shields you placed as assault and just hack each others shield alternating back and forth until the trophy pops. Neither shield time will expire as it seems to reset time each time you hack making it possible to get all 400 hacks in a matter of 30 minutes to and hour.
  10. Plain and simple 100%. you haven't completed all the challenges in the game until it is 100%.
  11. I have seen that people have contacted support and I believe their response was to delete and reinstall their game which is just a typical we don't care to deal with it response. It has nothing to do with an individual persons game or save file it is effecting a large number of people across all platforms.
  12. completed the easter egg and game crashes during cutscene right after nicoli gets shot and the trophy never popped. This isn't a random crash it happens every time. anyone know a work around?
  13. yeah he ended up getting it. Just had to farm phoenix credits and bought another blueprint and it popped. thanks.
  14. Helping a friend get this platinum and he bought a yellow weapon blueprint and crafted it. trophy did not pop. any solutions?
  15. Idk but II like to go for 100% for both battlefield and COD games. I want to play both of them at launch but I'm to a point where I think I won't pre-order either. figuring out the difference between versions of a game these days is like trying to figure out your medical insurance policy. It looks to me like BO4 is locking an entire zombies map behind the 99.99 version of the game. Correct me please if I'm wrong about this. Red dead redemption 2 is also locking missions behind a more expensive version of their game. From the perspective of someone who likes to go for 100% this is getting a bit concerning. I almost would bet the bank eventually if not this fall we will see trophies locked behind these more expensive versions of games. Treyarch is probably going to be real stingy on their gobble gums or the equivalent to gobble gum in this version as they were in b03. The gobble Gum system was Pay to win if I have ever seen it. You can play to round 20 and only get 2 liquid divinium yet you use 5 gobble gums, so you basically have two options to have gobble gums past round 3 in bo3 which is to close application if you are about to die or buy gobble gums with real money. I don't like either option not when I shelled out 99.99 for the damn game. Treyarch can't afford to include a campaign anymore either they are so poor. Lets not forget about that. Aside from that all these major games are going to have battle royal. I'm very curious to see the types of trophies this will bring. If I have to be the last man standing in a 100 man death match or something forget it. There are 10 or more new release games coming over the next year I want to play but slowly i'm scratching them off my list as they come out with the details for the different versions. BO4 and Red dead will most likely be casualties of their greed.