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  1. I'm sitting here playing a game with 13% platinum achieved and it's probably more difficult than most ur's on my list. Ultra rare is a stat that can be very misleading. However, they are still fun to get i think if you are trying to build a nice profile. With that said some of my more difficult trophies aren't even UR and I am starting to believe that average rarity is a better statistic to shoot for as far as profile building is concerned. I think a balance between platinum /game /completion count UR's and Average rarity is best. The best accounts are Retro Accounts. Retro are the true skill games and the backbone of what gaming is all about. someone might spend 1000 hours on a little 8 bit game they can download in 2 minutes and it's worth more than 100 of todays AAA platinums as far as platinum value. side scrollers over the top shooters, classic arcade style games designed to make you try over and over. Even many of the great fighting platinums come down to a grind a boost or some cheese or cheat method to get the platinum so while it may seem impressive to see a lot of fighting games on an account at first glance, and i'd agree if done legitimately they require some of the most skill, you have to analyze and see exactly what they got and how they got it. The retro style game to me will always be cream of the crop UR or not.
  2. @DavySuicide thanks i will try it
  3. Thank you for the quick response because that is exactly why i asked the stupid distract the guard trophy which i've been doing for two hours now. I'm actually really liking the game but this trophy is getting old throwing this brick next to the guard. i started with fire crackers than i read they don't work for it as well or possibly not at all so now i'm on the brick. i started picking up one item and selling it to force a save because I started thinking maybe the checkpoint reload wasn't working. Thanks for the conformation! @DavySuicide
  4. Does reloading checkpoints work for all the cumlative kill trophies or just the 5 stealth kills?
  5. no you're correct this is social media but my true identity is not compromised and my fiends in real life aren't sitting in judgment of everything i say so this is a safer less intrusive form of social media to me at least. But you're right it is a from of it. FB is who I cancelled, there wasn't anything worth seeing on there anymore anyway.
  6. People in this country need to start putting Country First and Party 2nd. People putting it the other way around are causing this extreme left and extreme right world we live in. I have came down on both sides but for me i feel their is only one side to come down on so long as freedom of speech is at stake as well as other freedoms. I watch a lot of foreign news anchors that believe they are witnessing the demise of the leader of the free world. I think social media is a big part of it. people sit back on their phone and defend their position to the point they can't see straight. It's another cause of extremism. I canceled social media out of my life.
  7. This is the future if certain people of power have their way. We will have locks on our thermostats in 10 years or less if we don't make better decisions about who we elect in office. California is a prime example of a state ran into the ground by extreme thinking. They literally ruin the state they live in and one day sit back and say it sucks here now and then they leave to go ruin some other great place. I talk to people on the mic that can't turn their heat on because it costs too much in CA and they are literally shivering. From people living in the streets to one useless ineffective energy policy after another the CA government damns the state more each time they pass a bill. Meanwhile we get rid of oil pipelines that literally cause 0 pollution so that now we must drive oil into the country on big trucks. We bring it in on barges from over seas. People sit back and cheer they got rid of the pipeline and they are so stupid they don't understand it causes 100000x more pollution to transport it without them. Not to mention it costs us a lot more to buy it.
  8. Well if you keep it up you'll be at the top of the leaderboard in about a year give or take, i say go for it. Of course there are people in prison who are getting more out of life. It's up to you how you want to spend your days but i have to ask, Do you feel like you accomplished anything over the last few days playing those games? Play good games man. They don't have to be super hard just play quality games, hard or easy. If you want a lot of platinums fast with a little time there are 100's of games you can get a platinum in in a day or two that are very quality games, it just takes a little more effort to find them. Here are a few examples..... Modern warfare remastered Modern warfare 2 remastered Trover saves the universe Mark of the ninja Remastered South park (both games) At the end of a year you could have a hundred of these types of games and still enjoy other aspects of life and at least be proud of the fact you played decent games and didn't completely waste your time. Good luck!
  9. I can't believe they charge money for this dlc to send people back and forth across the map 1000 times to talk to people and do a bunch of repetitive fetch quests.
  10. I actually also disagree that the opinion is unpopular. It is sort of a bandwagon thing to hate on bo4 as it didn't have a campaign and a lot of people feel cheated in that regard but blackout was really good as was the zombies maps. Bo3 was no doubt probably a better game but the rest of the competition is the new Modern Warfare, Cold War, Advanced Warfare, infinite Warfare, Ghosts. Anyone of those could arguably be a much worse addition to the franchise. I fail to see exactly how it was the worst the game had 4 zombie maps at launch if you bought the season pass and 8 total which were all very well done. Blackout literally stomps all over this new battle royal that went free to play. Bo4 very well might be the last good COD game. People on the trophy hunting websites hate zombies and they hate the trophy requirements for blackout. If it doesn't have a easy campaign to take up half the trophies it's no good.
  11. I don't fault people for wanting to play both version of a game and if it auto pops because its saved server side than so be it. I have a ps5 in my living room and a ps4 in my bedroom sometimes i want to go to the bedroom and continue where i left off and I'll be damned if I'm not going to do that because some asshat that probably stacks ratalaka games all day might not like my profile. I paid for two consoles and the game I'll play it how ever the hell I want. With that said i hate that sony has this two list system. I'd much prefer it didn't auto pop but if you can't help it so be it.
  12. Thanks for this will be starting campaign soon!
  13. I think if you look at the 1st achievers you can see. If i'm not mistaken most of it auto popped and maybe they had a few quick thing to clean up. Edit. so I looked at the ps5 feed and someone mentioned trophies auto pop if you have the newer version with the dlc completed but if you have older version or 1.0 version of the game save file was deleted. So i'd look into it more before I tried if I were you.
  14. also i'd add people chasing these game will be sorry because they won't be ultra for long if there is a leaderboard for them. The easy ones will get very rare or possibly rare real quick i'd bet. Also some of these easy game are also great games like PUBG I had a blast playing it. it's easy because it's 90% bots now days but its also a pretty good shooter at its core and it was a lot of fun. I've came across quite a few hidden gems hunting ultras down more than I can say for breakthrough games.
  15. The common trophies still show up on your profile they just don't get points toward the leaderboard. Yes this system could factors in less about quantity of trophies and more about quality.