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  1. 20 melee kills in a round looks tough. I didn't play the beta so maybe i'm missing something maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. maybe there is a melee only mode or something idk. I have to say the list seems a lot more fun than the last installment.
  2. thanks you for seeing the point in time it all becomes easier. if nobody can do the difficulty the devs will eventually drop it down a notch as well because it doesn't really work well for games like these if nobody can accomplish the highest difficulty. Working through these games and advancing difficulties is the entire point and it fails as a game if people can't do it. My whole point kinda was that games similar to this i played in the past always seems impossible at first and then with time it becomes clear how to beat them.
  3. i couldn't ask you to spend your mommy's money on me like that ok kiddo? It's ok. you uh really telly me so i quit now, you uh makey me a mad. bye bye. lmao.
  4. Exactly, every time one of these games comes out the same conversation happens. i remember World War Z after they dropped the capabilities of the AI everyone thought the game became impossible. However, with a lot of practice and getting a good team people overcame the challenge. I remember people saying Earthfall was impossible. More recently Aliens fire team was a 10/10 and impossible and now it's sitting at 1.62% completion rate. I believe that Back for Blood is a tough platinum for sure. But I don't think you can assign it the highest difficulty rating after just a few weeks. If in two months only 2 people managed the platinum maybe so. We'll see.
  5. ok 1st off you don't have to sympathize with me I sympathize with you you're the one having troubles with the nightmare difficulty of the game. 2nd, you haven't finished nightmare either maybe you haven't played it. How do you know other people commenting haven't experienced it. Lastly, it's like having a conversation with a child. The person who completed super meat boy in 9 hours practiced the levels on another account until they mastered each one and then completed it in that time and the fact they did that is evident. You're making a pathetic bullshit argument because you can't think up a legitimate argument to make. Which is why I say it's like convertsating with a child. Everybody who has the game already told you their opinion you have no idea whether they expeirxecend nightmare or not. You have 0 acts completed on nightmare yourself so why should anyone listen to your opinion? I don't care to buy the game. It looks like a steaming pile of shit to me. I already did WWZ and Earthfall I really don't want another game like that right now, but if I did i'd have a solid group of people to play it with lined up instead of sitting around crying about how hard it is because I was having to play in public lobbies without a mic because i had no friends which may or may not be why it's so hard for you, you didn't answer the question. I'm assuming you're using public lobbies possibly without a mic.
  6. ok well two people have already did the platinum which entails all the trophies and all the difficulties. I do not need to play a games to estimate difficulty. Every time I play a game i gather research and various sources to determine and assign a level of difficulty to the game. 9/10 times i'm in a general ball park of being spot on with the value i assign. In a game like this there are a lot of variables to consider when determining difficulty. Are you playing it solo if so it's probably a 10/10. Are you playing with randoms you match make with online? If so it's probably now a 9/10. Are you playing it with friends who are all using mics and have experience working together? If so it's probably a 7 or 8 out of 10. The fact two people have completed the game demonstrates with certainty it isn't a 10/10. You are making an argument that this game deserves the highest difficulty rating. Well that is a slap in the face to people who have completed such games as Crypt of the Necromancer, Super meat boy, etc. Question for you who are you playing the game with? Online matchmaking? Friends you know? Do you use mics? Do you have a full group of 4? Are you playing solo?
  7. k well you argued with the users who actually played it and disagreed with you as well. you don't have to play a game to know its not a 10/10. All you gotta do is use common sense.
  8. I never said the game was easy I just said it can't possibly be a 10/10 if people have already completed it that quickly. I said 8/10 was probably more realistic. Show me where i said it was easy??? You want to ask the question and then argue with people that disagree with you. Why did you make the post asking the opinion if others though it was a 10/10? Clearly you have your mind made up. The game isn't easy but is surely isn't a 10/10 just because you're having trouble with it. You are giving the game a false difficulty rating which may discourage others from attempting it. 10/10 is reserved for the damn near impossible. Two people within a little over a week demonstrated the game isn't impossible. good luck with the game I hope you manage your way through it.
  9. I haven't even played the game but I can say without a doubt any game that is completed with in the first 10 days by multiple people isn't going to be a 10/10. !0/10 is designated for nearly impossible to impossible not it takes a week and a half or less and two guys completed it already. Come on???? 8/10 maybe. a lot of people just aren't good with working with other or they don't have good reliable others to work with. If you're using randoms for games like this than you are increasing the difficulty sometimes as much as two or threee points. Get a consistent reliable team and the difficulty will drop. Why I haven't played this game I've played quite a few like it. So don't give me that shit i haven't played the game it comes down to the simple fact if it has been completed within a small time frame from release it probably isn't more than an 8. This game is designed around team playing.
  10. I'm sure it will be a let down just like most of the Tom Clancy games they put out now days.
  11. the xp doesn't accumulate on the home screen after each match. Pay attention to your rank tonight and then when you wake up it will be different sometimes its off by a few ranks. It updates just not right away.
  12. So to retract my earlier comment I have completely changed my mind about this game. Never has there been a better war simulator than this. While I still maintain it's not really for me, it has been an experience that stands out. This is how war really is, hiding in tall grass shooting at anything that moves. Bullets wizzing over your head machine gun bullets splattering all around you but not because they have spotted you but because they are just suppressing the general area. Artillery hitting all around. So much gunfire sometimes you get caught by a stray bullet 50 meters behind the intended target. Sometimes these engagements last 30 minutes plus and you never see but a few enemies. "is it safe to stand up is it safe to move?" Trust me it's never safe. I've been sniped all the way across the map from the action. Unlike other game like battlefield or COD where everybody is charging into battle trying to out kill the other guy, this game isn't about killing but about winning and taking your time and patience. It takes awhile to reprogram yourself for a real war simulator but once you do there is fun to be had. Another thing that is top notch about the game are the maps and the detail. The maps are gigantic and every inch is riddled with tons of detail and realism. So if you haven't tried it give it a shot. the game will test your patience in more ways than one but in the end you can't argue it is quite a different experience and it works pretty well. The server issues most days haven't been bad. The last several days no disconnects until today and i've had two. the 2nd day i had a butt load though so it see seems to be hit or miss.
  13. I got my concord kept AFK a lot of them because you can kill those two knights and then equip that covenant and get pulled into duels. Since you will many times be sitting AFK away from the action they will kill the invader before anyone finds you. I literally got 4 while taking a shower one day. While that was a obscene amount it is possible to leave it on for long periods like that as the game doesn't kick you for being idle.
  14. yep just got two sneaking over i have no idea why it didn't blow up the 1st two times I tried. But working now! Thanks!