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  1. 7 Call of Duty games Modern warfare remastered COD Ghosts COD Advanced Warfare Black ops 3 COD Infinite Warfare COD WW2 Black ops 4 All 100%
  2. I agree ng+ and difficulty trophies are lazy extra content. I mean great they didn't charge for it. But it baffles me that people think they're getting something great for free when they are just getting to play the same game with a few minor changes. Bend studios is new to this i understad but ng+ isn't something people typically want with 60 hr games. Clearly they think they have developed something much better than it really is to insist we replay the game in all these different difficulties. Survivor, hard, hard 2, survivor 2, NG+. It's all biullshit to trick you into thinking they have given you something. The challenges are half assed boring/repetitive also. This game was ok for a single play through. I complete most every game I play but playing this game several times over is not happening. I don't like it but I can live with it.
  3. I don't remember exactly where it came from but I do remember that some stuff came from normal missions and some hard. So if you have skipped over normal difficulty all together you will miss out on certain things.
  4. cover art is a bit underwhelming though imo. I'd liked it more if it was the cover art for the game we have been seeing all along.
  5. tbh it's how boss fights should be. Yes they are frustrating at first but then after practice I end up getting through the entire fight almost untouched. There was a time when all games were like this. A boss fight was a trial and error type of thing that took repetition to beat. I'm not knocking what you're saying but I'd focus more on the aspects of the game like not re-spawning into the boss fight. A few of them you have to run through a few rooms and fight quite a few enemies every time you fail at the boss. That is freaking annoying. The frame rate issues and lag every time you exit pause is freaking annoying. The game is a pretty good game overall and I must say i'm pretty impressed with it overall. Always going to be a few problems. I wouldn't call two or three hit boss fights one of them. I'd say it adds to the intensity of the game and makes it feel the way it should.
  6. The guy literally engages people on almost every forum post in a negative way like a troll would. Just scroll through his history of posts. I alone have ran across him countless times and i'm just one person. I wasn't bitching about the possibility of future dlc any way I was joking trying to be funny because that scenario has happened to me a lot lately and I planned on playing Control which is a great game by the way. One of the best games this year so far that I have played.
  7. people were really retarted when it came to unlocking characters in blackout too. But we won't get into that. Some people were crying. whining, little scam artists who manipulated and did everything they could to get their way including whine like a little girl. These people had such shit skill they couldn't even hardly win with 12 people standing in front of them against teams of 4. They sucked so bad all they could do was whine and cry and cheat and lie.
  8. why yah gotta be a dick?? It was all a joke meant to be funny. I am forced to go back because I like the S rank. so maybe not a gun to my head but at lest i'm not so stupid i think a developer giving me permission to replay the game is great free bonus add on content. Some people are so easily impressed. I can see nobody forces you to go back and finish anything which is good for you.
  9. it's always games like this with a nice easy fun platinum that add a new game plus on survivor difficulty with no hud and only one life and perma death. Mark my word! 2 months from now when you want to play borderlands and the new COD and Break point, Death stranding, Doom, you can play this again instead. There will be two trophies. One for completing the 35 hour campaign again on this extreme difficulty, a bronze worth 15 gamer score. Also, a bronze for completing it with some sort of disadvantage active like you take double damage from every bullet absorbed.
  10. Fly back and forth across the map in a jet and eventually you will notice an area that you don't have `100% There are a few locations located in a cave or a large hole in the ground and these areas are hard to uncover so the best bet is to fly in the jet until you come across a province or region that isn't 100%. You have to pay close attention to each area as you fly in and out to see if it's 100% or not.
  11. Glad it worked for you!
  12. I just had this issues with the trophy and watched a video where a guy takes two charged shots at the ground. He shoots the first charged shot and stands in it and immediately shoots the second shot so both are on the ground at the same time. I popped my trophy the 1st time using this method where as i know i completed the requirements at least 10 times taking one charged shot. He claimed this was a sure fire solution and for me it was. It worked the 1st try in early rounds. I just did this trophy last night.
  13. been awhile since i did this game but pretty sure I tried that 1st and it wasn't what was keeping the trophy from unlocking for me. The trophy popped for me after seemingly meeting all requirements then deleting and reinstalling the game.
  14. can you break down legendary outfits you already have to use the parts for new ones or do you have to have 20 in inventory at once?
  15. it literally just dropped the patch.