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  1. I keep seeing you post about this game on different threads I'm thinking i'm gonna have to play the damn thing. I was going to do phantom doctrine for some nice ultra rare percentages but maybe i'll do invisible inc instead.
  2. I watched a demo stream of this game and it looked very bland. Nothing stood out.
  3. Why does this leaderboard have to be perfect in every way? Is the current quantity over quality leaderboard this perfect??? Rewarding the same, maybe even a lesser, gamer score for a 100 hour platinum with difficulty as a 5 minute platinum such as 1000 top rated with no level of difficulty at all. It doesn't have to be perfection my friend. Anything is better than what we got.
  4. I feel like 59.99 is a bit ambitious for a life is strange title. I'll buy it in two years for under $10.
  5. I think at the end of the day we all know who deserves to be the top of the rarity leaderboard and if this set up has them at the top then he nailed it. I really like it. Really like how it gives value to the sub 1% trophies and I think this type of leaderboard will add a new element of fun to trophy hunting. Why not have two leaderboards one for rarity and one or quantity.
  6. I absolutely dread the dlc for this game and having to pick it up again to get 100% back. Aside from the buggy mess and graphical disaster it was the game wasn't really that good anyway.
  7. I hate the auto popping tbh. I played hitman 3 and i own a ps4 which is in my bedroom and a ps5 in my man cave and I wanted to be able to play hitman 3 in both rooms especially since I don't need a computer as it doesn't require a guide in any way. Everything being saved server side it was unavoidable to auto pop trophies. Nioh 2 while i could have avoided it I didn't want to really play the game a 2nd time on my ps4 I wanted to use my main character from my 1st play through on the ps5 and the only way to do that was allowing many of the trophies to auto pop. I don't think auto popping is earning a platinum but i'll be damned if I'm not going to be able to play the game in two rooms of the house on my different console because somebody on here thinks it isn't cool. in some cases if you want to play on your ps4 and ps5 the same game it will be unavoidable. If Ratalaka games count and games like slyde and 1000 top rated where it takes more effort to turn the game on then it does to platinum it, then auto popping AAA titles that have a level of difficulty like nioh ought to count too. At least the first time it was a 6/10 difficulty 8/10 for dlc and took nearly 100 hours.
  8. fair enough it's also not a stretch to assume without the pandemic they would be more than willing to put out a unfinished product a year late. they've did it in the past. They just did it now. Seen some reports the current multiplayer isn't in tip top shape. Good thing this time they have a global pandemic to blame it just might work.
  9. You could use the sever progress wipe option on the hitman website to wipe your stats and then this would keep the trophies from auto popping. Keep in mind you loose everything all upgrades gadgets, weapons, rank. Also,, if you wipe progress you should wait a day or two before starting the ps5 version. a lot of problems have arisen from playing the ps5 version too soon after transferring data it may be same with the wipe. there is a website linked in one of these threads for the server wipe. Keep in mind also you can only do it once so if a trophy glitches on you on the ps5 version this won't save you a 2nd time. some if not most of the trophies won't pop offline. you have to be online to get the majority of them.
  10. I mean we may have completely different builds and levels in the game so it may seem different for you than me. I'm on focus levels, 750 plus. I have gear 190 plus 110 which is almost max. i'd say if i can play on the first mission and let the boss whack me with his club while i stand there for a few minutes without dying then I go into another persons game and he whacks me 3 times and i'm dead that is pretty scaled down. In my own game I can handle Dream of Nioh without a lot of problems, if i play with one other person in dream of demon which is 2 difficulty lower, it can become a bit of a pain so I know without a doubt scaling is a thing plus as i mentioned earlier there are videos that go into detail on scaling on youtube.. I will say sometimes i play with people and I have a easy time on demon but I'm assuming they are leveled up and that is why. To me it kind of goes against the point the whole reason for leveling up so much is to have a easier time and wreck the game but only solo. I think if you got to my level of the game you'd notice it a lot more. not really worth it tbh.
  11. no there is scaling for random encounters and it can be quite a lot too if a person is way under your level. Add in the upscaling of enemies for extra players, playing on demon can feel harder than dream of nioh in your own game.
  12. but there is scaling. I sneeze on enemies on dream of the demon in my game and they die, if i join another persons lobby through tori gate sometimes I die quite easily and it takes quite a bit more damage to kill the enemies. there are even videos out there that talk about the down scaling you get when you play with others in their game that are a lesser level than you. nevertheless fighting bosses with 3 players makes it a joke because the boss isn't really designed to take on a whole group of people and it really makes it hack and slash, dodging and parrying becomes irrelevant. Not how the game should be played for sure.
  13. if you ned help just ask. I play the game almost everyday still after getting the platinum. Don't mind helping. It isn't harder than nioh 1 though. You only have to play main missions to unlock higher difficulty. You can get through each difficulty in a day summoning help. After which, you grind The last level killing the boss over and over to over level for dlc. solo i can destroy all the content on way of the demon difficulty through the entire dlc with only dying maybe a few times. The problem with nioh 1 that makes it more difficult to me was all the double boss fights but a good living weapon build can cure that problem.
  14. dude i'm gonna answer this last post then be done with it as i already admitted my mistake. So why focus on this company? if you read the post it started with me buying one of their games in an unfinished state way back, breakpoint. as far as the global health crisis is concerned ubisoft has been releasing unfinished games long before the global health crisis ever took place so i wouldn't be using that as an excuse because it's bullshit. It's about money and the health crisis is largely about politics as with almost everything else. Ubisoft delayed all these game in fall 2019 before COVID was know to exist, including Watch dogs legion, which was further delayed to this pst fall and the online until now. my point was mainly delaying big parts of game like online isn't better than releasing games unfinished because the gam player base will be dead before online even releases. this isn't Red Dead redemption or GTAV online we're talking about where they can get away with releasing content a year later and everyone will still be playing it.
  15. I wan't endorsing devs to release games regardless of of state dude. i'm simply saying not releasing big portions of s game in a timely manner form release of the game isn't any better that releasing games unfinished. The reason i believe this is because take a portion of the game that involves online it will be dead upon arrival which tbh a game like this it is already pretty much too late. If people were still playing this game it wouldn't be on the sale rack at 60% off all the time 6 month after release. The multiplayer experience will be short lived if it lives at all. people like you who have no expectations of the companies you support are the reason companies bombard us with unfinished and late crap.