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  1. The best part of the game is when you would die in the raid and it would respawn you on the side of a mountain and all you could do was tumble down the side of it all the way down, then wait some incredible amount of time to respawn. Assuming you weren't so far out of the map of play a AI could finish you off otherwise you would just be stuck there until it was all over. It was the most broken game I ever played. Of course this was back when the raid 1st dropped. I assume it was polished quite a bit but i wouldn't imagine they completely fixed a game that didn't sell.
  2. well what is crazy is the season is suppose to have three episodes so its cheaper to buy them each individually than it is to buy the entire season pass. Regardless I'm getting my 100% as I have 100% on all rebellion games and my punishment for their shitty money grab is goin to be to never buy their games until they are on the $5.00 rack on sale, which they always are! fuck em! 79.99 for the original game and season pass was a very generous buy on my part for what you get and i won't support them like that anymore!
  3. When i bought this game it said the expansions were included yet i go to the store and it says 19.99 could someone fill me in on what is going on with this. Edit: if you go to the actual store it was free however if you go to the game extras underneath the game icon on the home screen it wants to charge you 19.99.
  4. Can anybody comment if this game is worth the $100.00 day one price tag? I mean is it a finished product unlike Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ubisoft's last triple A release? Is it something special or just a typical Ubisoft open world. I swore to never support Ubisoft day one again but I'm awful bored of waiting for the ps5 and the new games coming next month I may need this to tie me over. I'd expect this game to be a cut above anything else they have done in recent years considering the extra production time and the poor reception and lash back over their last crappy production. Is this the case?
  5. I see this I think of the movie Swingers where they made Gretskys head bleed! Classic game classic Movie! They were playing the genesis version I believe.
  6. they've probably been holding out for the Next Gen Console so that they can take advantage of all the new hardware and graphical capabilities it has to offer. LMAO
  7. I already mentioned in another post wait for a complete edition of this game this is bullshit. Had I know I would need a season 2 pass I'd not bought the season pass for the 1st season. I know now to not buy Rebellion games at release anymore I will wait a year or two as I did with all the other ones. I say this because they are likely to follow this same formula awhile.
  8. so i go to download the new Damnation Valley map and it want 6.99? I bought the season pass they have all been free so far. Why do i have to pay for this? Edit:So after looking into this deeper they only included 3 maps with their over priced garbage season pass. this is beyond ridiculous to have to pay $7.00 for one shitty repetitive level that looks like all the rest. I have a feeling there are many more to come all priced $7 each. Horrible anybody looking to buy this game I'd recommend waiting for a complete edition on sale a year from now if you don't want to get soaked for $7 a level the next year.
  9. Thanks for the info. I probably will leave this until it's all out. no sense in doing it now and loosing its again 6 months from now. I absolutely hate fighting those pesky marauders so that fact there are going to be more in this doesn't excite me in the least. Aside from that annoyance the game was ok. Wish they could come up with something for trophies other than collecting a bunch of collectibles but i guess that is all they can ever come up with at bethesda.
  10. So these secret achievements is this the way xbox words story related or hidden trophy descriptions so not to spoil the story? And the lists looks great when i pick this up in a year for $20.00 with all dlc it will be a blast. Love Watch Dogs. Never liked the online though so it will be great if they keep online out of it through the dlc.
  11. you can absolutely get suspended for and f-bomb and I know people who have and you can absolutely get banned for multiple offenses over a period of time. your talking about something you know nothing about evidently it doesn't take much to get a suspension form Sony. half the user base doesn't get reported. Those that do usually face consequences.
  12. to be quite honest man you have no idea what concerns varying people may have. I have concerns that have nothing to do with terror threats or racial slurs or anything similar. Sony has a track record of banning people for a lot less than racial slurs or terror threats from messaging. It doesn't take much one f bomb will do it. My advice man is if you are having trouble in parties find new friends or don't join parties that upset you. everybody shouldn't have to be on edge about what they say because a few people might be delicate in nature and can't man up and take a joke or whatever. Just because the phone company did it doesn't mean we have to accept Sony doing it. Just because it's happened in the past with other technology doesn't mean we should all give up on our privacy.
  13. dude why are you making post after post taking up for sony. You're like maybe we got criminal behavior on there. That is all a load of bull. this is for people to feel safe. to curb potential bullying. etc. Nothing more and I really don't see why people can't just take it upon theirselves to leave a party if they feel uncomfortable. Wouldn't that make more sense? Why is it I have to potentially have my voice recorded without my knowing and passed on to a higher authority for review.. Seriously you think this is all ok. You'd fit right in someplace like china where you have no privacy or rights.
  14. it appears to be the case. You must send out invites 1st i believe. it's hard to say with everything so messed up.
  15. i understand but so now we should just let sony do it too? What kind of ass clown logic is that?