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  1. mine popped quite late too. I was reading on a redit forum or someplace that it pops all over the place. one guy said he had over 20,000.
  2. the game is fun. I had one trophy not pop when it was suppose to but it randomly popped not too long after. It was scarecrow for scaring 1000 animals. By the time the game is done wouldn't be surprised if I don't scare 20,000 or more so it's not a big deal it doesn't pop on time. but i'm having a blast with this it takes patience if you can handle that then no problems.
  3. me too i'm so sick of hearing all this shit. The politicians are to blame they stirred all this shit up. Most people are accepting of others and there will always be those who aren't, end of story.
  4. No i played hell let loose it was good just meant that it was free so i didn't have to buy it after the experience with The escapist game. There is no excuse to leave a game completely broken with a major progression bug. Therefore i blame both the Devs and the publisher. You shouldn't be able to get away with selling someone something broken. But anyway you really know your stuff very impressive. I would never have looked into all that. Also the Escapist games were really great games which is another reason i'm kinda upset about not being able to finish them. i might someday try to get it done with the speed run method but it really just seems to be a bit annoying because aside from learning the map and failing over and over your at the mercy of RNG as well.
  5. Corporations should stay out of politics period. Corporations aren't people they don't have an opinion and when a leader or select few leaders of an organization presume to speak about the beliefs of the organization as a whole they fail to represent everyones opinions. I was taught at a young age to never discuss politics. I never knew anybody in my family's political beliefs besides my mother. I grew up in a place where political opinions went both ways so it was best to keep it to yourself. Social media has changed that in this world we live in today and everyone is at everyone's throats. Real easy to sit behind a computer and mouth off about your beliefs and put others down. If this new way of the world doesn't end it will be our end for sure.
  6. Team 17 i believe is the same team behind the Escapist series? It floors me they never bothered to fix the patch they made that broke the woodbury map so it crashes when the game saves which means you can't sleep in game because it saves when you do and you can't die because it saves and you can't survive past a certain day or it saves. Now the work around was to learn to speed run the level relying also on rng. However it is a mid level of the game and the normal casual gamer isn't going to be able to pull that off. Team 17 just says screw it and never bothers to fix it. For some people they literally bought a game they can't pass the 3rd level because of a glitch in the game which came about as a result of the very last patch they ever put out for the game. Even though i like some of their games it's hard to ever consider buying another one after that. I believe they are also behind Hell let loose which was free,
  7. For character missions that read complete the mission arc for said character do the side ones not matter? After completing a lot of character side missions I was reading the guide and noticed the requirements for the missions the guide listed were different from the missions I completed. So i'm guessing the mission labeled as side missions count for nothing as the guide says to complete said characters main missions? Have I just wasted two days doing a lot of these side missions? The main missions seem to jump around from character to character so it's impossible to knock out all of one characters missions before the next? I guess what i'm trying to ask is if i just follow the main missions arc will it net me all the trophies for the characters and completing the reserve i'm working?
  8. wow it's all within your control. there are ways to progress things and the key is to always have nectar to give the npc's when you're able to talk to them. This game is a great and an easy enough platinum. I wouldn't even consider it RNG talking to the NPC's it is all scripted when the conversations can happen based where you are in the story and how many times and how much nectar each npc has been given. always talk to everyone available and always have nectar especially focus on the npc's that require nectar in the later areas of the game so you don't have to make deep runs just to give an npc nectar. It's not at all hard or even that big of a RNG nightmare at all.
  9. it's such a tiny little list of ps classics to be paying extra money for on a monthly basis isn't it? People are getting excited about a few of the games but when they're finished with those few games then what? The ps3 game list is the same list that has been on the service for the past several years, only it's missing a lot of them that they decided to take off.. Most of the ps4 games are free ps plus games most of us have in our library. The others are hugely popular games the majority of us have bought. Just like a big modern day gaming company to figure a way to sell us something we already bought once. This service all and all is very underwhelming. I would like to see ubisoft include the splinter cell games for the ps3 collection. The classics collection is a joke so far. I can't see paying for that monthly or any of it past the basic package that allows me to save my game progress. Also don't forget Ubsisoft was going free to play with most of their games in the future anyway. they were all set to be free in the future whether they partnered with playstation or not. Ubisoft can't hardly give their games away anymore. They put them on sale two weeks after they release. You played one you played them all. Following the pattern of adding a few games to the service each month isn't going to cut it. They need to add a much bigger selection from the get go imo.
  10. yeah i could see that. Some places in the game are so dark and I imagine it was worse on ps3 version. Frames and darkness and a bit clunky.
  11. I'm playing dark souls remastered right now and finding it to be really easy but I haven't played 2 yet. Guess I'm getting used to the Series because I thought Dark souls was suppose to be one of the harder ones. I had far more trouble in Dark souls 3 than Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 is next for me to finish out the series so i'll know soon enough.
  12. The other site that has votes for difficulty usually has about 5 to 10 people who have voted and that number really doesn't represent a large enough pool to be reliable and I have often found it to be less accurate than a single person writing a guide who puts a lot of time and thought into the decision. If there was a certain amount of votes needed to validate or post the rating like say 100 or 200 than possibly it might be better but something like that would definitely need to be implemented and still might not work. Having a difficulty rating from 5 to 10 people who are flexing trying to say what an easy time they had will never work. I also find on the other site some people give games a ridiculously high difficulty rating like as if to say if I can't do it in a few attempts than it's a 10/10. I'd encourage anyone who thinks this is a good idea to go and look at some of the community polls on and see for yourself how ridiculous some of the polls are. It gives you the breakdown of how many people voted 1/10 and so forth through 10/10. Usually they have less than 10 votes and usually half the people will say easy and than the ones who can't do it say it's a 10/10.
  13. Amen i won't be that sucker that buys this game day 1 for full price and then has to fork out for three season passes to keep the 100% while people who didn't but it day 1 get it free for ps plus and then get handed the first dlc pack free also on down the road while I keep forking out money. It's like they penalized the day 1 buyers of their game and then rewarded people who didn't really want it with a free copy of everything. Snipe Elite games are fun to go for the trophies. They have a bit of everything in their trophy lists. The great thing is it will all still be there in 3 years when the game sells for $10.00.
  14. i'm excited to go back to this one for a few more trophies. It does take awhile though to get 5 matches on a map because the matches last so long and there are quite a few in rotation. almost wish there were a few more trophies to work towards while playing the matches. I'm betting that their are more updates that add maps and trophies as time rolls on. Probably the same thing each dlc pack play 5 matches on some new map. I do know the PC or steam trophy lists are much larger than the current console lists so we could be getting trophies for awhile. Beats the hell out of battlefield these days anyway.