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  1. I believe they put this game on the store by accident. It wan't due out for a while yet from what I understand. I Saw it on the store myself but then I couldn't find it.
  2. People shouldn't have to prove they didn't cheat. you should have to prove they cheated. If you can prove somebody that synced their trophies late cheated than they should be removed. If not than they shouldn't. The top spots across the leaderboards are reserved for smut gaming. It's the ratalaka leaderboard anyway so unless there is substantial evidence someone cheated leave them the hell alone.
  3. I'm sure the game won't be dead in a few weeks. Warfare is a big f2p franchise. There will be many people who will be willing to pay 19.99 for some extra content. After all this is how f2p games make money is by selling additional content. If the mode struggles for whatever reason they ay end up making it f2p. I don't mind spending 19.99 but I am going to wait a few days to get some feedback on the game. I had a blast with warface.
  4. fair enough.
  5. I almost hate to respond because I know that sort of statement sparks debate amongst children on here but Saints Row games are straight out trash. Any game franchise who takes the cheap approach of repeating the same chore 50 times in a game and making you track from one side of the map to complete the chore each time is trash. For instance, I just played Saints row 4 and you go to the ship and get the mission then enter the simulation and track 2000 meters across the map to clear out Zin troops, or upload virus, or whatever then you go back to the ship just to fetch one of the same 3 missions all over again. This is shit gaming. If I want to run errands I'll just go to work. The entire game was compromised of this shit. The story could literally be played in about 3 hours i'm guessing give or take. Running the map and gathering an insane amount of collectibles. They couldn't even bother to clean up the game for the port. So many bugs in the game you wouldn't believe. The absolute most buggy game I have played hands down. anyone who thinks this is good content i'd hate to see what they consider bad.
  6. I was repeating something I read someplace that is why I said "from what I hear". I didn't say this is a fact. It is a fact though that it is garbage for 39.99. Should be 9.99 because the franchise is shit.
  7. I ended up getting it all resolved. The problem was I was looking at the challenge tracker under extras the entire time which only showed some of the challenges. The 2nd problem was that my game suffered from a somewhat rare glitch that happens sometimes when you play co-op with someone when you go back to your game post game nothing will spawn except two aliens that drive up in a car over and over. No CIDS, No murderbots, No portals period no matter what I did or how high my norieity got. Once I found the tracker under quests labeled as challenges I saw I was missing murderbots but I would have never known this because the tracker I was looking at said I killed 66 of them. The real tracker only read 40. I played dlc and killed murderbots but they wouldn't add to the tracker which was part of the glitched game I guess. The solution was to join my fiends game and as i started killing murder bots the tacker started tallying again. Problem resolved. Took me a lot of digging on the internet to find out others suffered from this problem so I guess it's somewhat a rare occurrence. I have to say though this game is a bugged out mess. Never have I had so many bugs in a game restarts of missions, wheres my cape worries, crashes, etc. In light of the new saints row 3rd remaster coming out my plan was to play as many as I could but this will be it. Company can't fix their problems for a re-release port onto the ps4 to sell the same broken game to some people twice. I won't buy any of their shit ever. thankfully I got it for free on ps now. My opinion is the game and franchise is shit anyway without glitches or bugs. Cheap repetitive travel from this side of the map to that side of the map to do the same thing again and again garbage.
  8. Ok so i'm quite sure i have did every challenge in the game. My trophy did not pop nor the the last challenge for completing all the the challenges. I have went through the list of challenges one by one and performed whatever action 30 to 40 times enough that if I was missing it a tracker would have popped up and then i'd know that is the challenge i missed. I don't remember the mech distance traveled challenge popping as complete i do remember the tracker popping up 3 of 4 miles traveled. Since then I have traveled in the mech a lot and i'm assuming I missed the challenge popping. Anybody have a problem with this not popping and is there a solution or workaround? I'm not seeing any forums claiming it's glitched or anything like that.
  9. i mean it's a single player game so anything you would buy would be optional cosmetic stuff i'm assuming. Some people who want and buy that stuff keep my price down because I could care less about the cosmetic look of a virtual character in a game. So be it.
  10. They're most surely clunky to people who didn't game back then. For me I was so busy at that point in life with job, marriage, kid, etc that I didn't even touch a ps3 and barley a ps2 console. I went straight from a n64 to ps4. So when I go back and play games from 2010 and before most of them feel clunky as all hell. To you maybe they don't seem so bad because possibly you played alto at the time and get used to it. I mean I grew up on a NES and honestly I feel ps2 games were more clunky than it was but i'm guessing that is just because I was so use to the NES and barley played a ps2. I remember playing N64 I never felt it was clunky either but i'm betting i would think so now after being spoiled with ps4. It's all what we're used to. However, I feel the early ps systems suffered majorly from clunky control and gameplay. During the ps1and ps2 days i was a Nintendo guy all the way. Gameplay mechanics felt so much better. You give me 007 on n64 or something like red faction on ps2. 007 played better all day.
  11. 32 across is a platinum breaker i think.
  12. list looks easy except maybe downing 20 players in one match. Depends on how long the match lasts etc. Gameplay looks fun as well. Is this fee to play??
  13. It said all they were doing was improving textures and that it was basically just a port and from what I hear Saints Row 3 remastered is going to be the same and they're asking 39.99 for that garbage.
  14. i only want 2 i have no interest in 3 or the 1st one. edit: found it. Didn't show up by typing the name in found it under new releases listed separately.
  15. So is it not possible to buy just mafia 2 do I have to spend 59.99 on the trilogy?? edit : I see that it is possible to buy them seperately but I'm just not seeing them in the store.