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  1. Last achiever for earth shaker was August but they added mars so rotation may take longer. I'ver heard to wait for earth shaker, the other missions on hard are a bitch. How much easier is earth shaker? Is it really that much easier to acheive?
  2. Can anybody confirm or deny if the undying seal counts towards the trophy? Also, for the badge or items you have to collect such as the imperative or subjective, etc. These are not time sensitive correct? only the stuff for the Vex offensive? Meaning I can still work on the spear of the Fore and shaders and stuff after the season of undying ends??? I'm sure I can get everything but the tracker for Randy's knife is not always tracking properly so I'm stuck at 6% and the only solution is to play rumble and get back to back fusion kills without reloading or dying which takes a lot of time. also, I 'm not sure i'll be strong enough by season end to beat the nightfall on master for the Spear of Fore. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  3. unless they patched them they aren't that bad. the key is to cheese them by having someone hold down a certain area while the others attack objective. On two of the missions you hang out on top of a roof completely safe while your team hits the objectives. On the 2nd mission you can easily hide out in the air control tower near the runway that has sniper rifles and unlimited amo. You can provide your team some cover and if about to die crouch down behind the consoles to regain health. The hardest one is the one where you have to protect the armored vehicle. I didn't see a way to cheese it but I would imagine having a team and using sentry turrets when defending the crates would make it a lot easier. It's the only one I haven't finished yet. I did them all in a public lobby without a mic. I always held down an area and stayed alive and let my team rush the objective. People rushing the objective will die over and over again. If everyone rushes you are getting wiped. If people spread out the enemies spread out.
  4. You can easily beat all of those maps by having somebody hang out on a roof or in a room with one point of entry to stay alive and avoid a team wipe. Without these methods of "cheesing" they are extremely hard to beat. Which is the part of this game I find bad. You shouldn't have to hang out on a roof of a building to cheese a win. It seems lazy that they can't come up with a challenge other than continuously spawning enemies. I'm sure there is a legitimate method probably involving saving up points to spawn in with the kill streaks like turrets etc. Maybe even you can pay for credits for these items I'm' not sure. It takes awhile to save up for them and some of them cost 3000 credits per use. To put it into perspective i played these missions about 10 hours over two nights and have about 8500 points saved. A helicopter assault or whatever it's called costs like 3000. A sentry turrets cost 500. I wouldn't be surprised if spec ops didn't end up pay to win. I find it hard to believe they made these continuous spawning enemies so difficult just so people can camp on the roof and win.
  5. evidently you do give a fuck....You came on the post to talk about how stupid it is to pay $60.00 so you seem to care quite a bit. You didn't comment anything on how the game was or ask any questions about the game. You simply just started badgering everybody about paying full price for a game you wanted a review on, or secretly wish you could afford. Now tell me something since you're so smart, how you going to get a review for the game if nobody bought it?? Pretty stupid to buy 150 games you didn't bother to play talk about paying full price for a game at least i play them and don't let them sit around like some sort of idiot that wastes his money buying games he doesn't intend to play anytime soon. LMAO. seriously you're too easy.
  6. the point is people that think it's a matter of smart are stupid to buy the game for full price evidently really value $60.00 as being some big sum of money maybe the difference between being able to afford rent or not. Some people don't have that problem so they can spend it more liberally doesn't make them stupid as this moron says. He acts like he came up with the concept of waiting for a big sale like he's so fucking smart and the rest of us need clued in. I don't wait for a sale because I don't have or need to. I spend money foolishly all the time, is it something to be proud of? NO. Does it make me stupid? I think not. Maybe the person who figured out how to come up with throw away money is smarter than the guy sitting around waiting on the new COD to hit $5.00 so he can pay the mortgage. Maybe he's a broke genius. I have no idea, but he is a troll because he knows everyone on this post paid full price and he came on here to badger them.
  7. Just because you're budgeting your little 60 bucks for a game it mean absolutely shit to me. 60.00 is nothing my friend. It's neither stupid or smart when it is such an insignificant amount of money. Secondly it wasn't aimed at just you because there are a lot of jealous broke little kids on here that run their mouth about how stupid it is to buy a game day 1 not just you. I think I made my point to why it is necessary for people to support games day 1. I was paying 60.00 per game back when you were still shitting your pants most likely. I pay 60 for games all the time i don't end up liking all that much. The point is these forums are opinion forums. People ask how the game is and if I say it sucks don't turn around like a little chump and tell me i'm stupid for buying the game. I piss the 60 dollars so it doesn't bother me I'm just answering a question so that somebody can make a better informed decision. I don't mind being the tester because I can more than afford it. I go out to a bar and spend 60.00 on a round of drinks so i don't see any point on holding out on a game for a 20.00 discount. I mean here you are on the forum reading up on how the campaign is. Certainly you realize that the people commenting on this issue bought the game at full price correct?? So my question is did you come on this post to be a troll and tell everyone how stupid they are and not expect anybody to say anything about it? Here you are waiting until the game is 5.00 you must have money problems and people buying games early must really piss you off because you made about 8 comments on it. Maybe you should quit being a hypocrite and quit reading early reviews. I mean you're just so damn smart for waiting for a big sale why didn't anybody else ever think to do that???
  8. I'm all but positive you can just chapter select and finish each chapter on veteran that is how most if not all the other COD's are.
  9. just have someone land on the stadium after they die and respawn and then they stay up there until the mission is over you can't get wiped that way. No enemies will get you up there except possibly the helicopter at the end.
  10. People who can't afford games on launch get so freaking jealous of those of us who can it's pathetic. Every game release you have some broke chump on here crying about how stupid it is for us to buy games on release. As I stated once before don't bite the hand that feeds you. If the devs waited around for your broke asses to buy their game at 20x the discount as some mathematical genius commented, we wouldn't have very quality games now would we? Only a complete idiot would sit around and advocate for EVERYONE to quit buying games upon release when that is what keeps them playing these high quality 100 million dollar game productions that they can pick up on sale two years later for nothing. If WE ALL PAY NOTHING WE WILL ALL GET NOTHING AS FAR AS QUALITY is concerned so sit back and wait and let the BIG BOYS pay your way as always!!!!!
  11. funny how everybody is so skeptical of adding a really bad game to their list of platinums all of a sudden. We should only be going for really good games like Slyde and 1000 top rated.
  12. I really have no idea but when my game installed I had like 4 or 5 pop up notifications that spec op add on was ready for use. I also think that if everything was available somebody would be finished.
  13. So does anybody have any idea how the liberation dlc trophy is going to work for completing all special operations? Are we going to have to wait an entire year before they're all released before we can get the 100% or is it simply just all the operations available at launch?
  14. The game is one of the most miserable games i've played to date on the ps4 and I've played a lot of them. They should pay me 99.99 to play their stupid shitty game. These dumb shits want to sell me a private world. I mean there is hardly anybody in the world i play in that is public anyway. They want to sale me a virtual sleeping bag? you must be joking!
  15. wow i mean regardless if it's a hard list or an easy one I can't believe multiple people have already achieved the platinum in less than a day. At the very least i was hoping this campaign would be long and occupy some time not something that you can breeze through in a few hours. Don't really know what to think of it. It's for sure too easy to get the platinum.