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  1. actually i like it a lot. I held off on both games and never bought either one. Mass effect will be nice to play through and Biomutant actually looks like a decent game i thought about buying several times and held off.
  2. I love the poll question is shovelware more like number one or is it more like number two?????😂 Well I always likened it more to number two....but thats just me! 😆
  3. yeah no shit. they want me to keep buying games they should keep expanding the 1000 save cap. I only have 400 games and still had to delete a bunch of stuff because of games that take up multiple slots.
  4. just earn another trophy in another game and it will work again. Happens quite often.
  5. what happened to this? yeah we're gonna need a new leaderboard now. The old one should be considered settled nobody will be ale to challenge it now if they shut the shovelware down. Only way forward now is a new leaderboard.
  6. it's not just my personal view. it's Sony's view now too buddy along with countess others.
  7. I don't understand you're point here. Sony didn't bathe in billions by making bad decisions the whole time. If they are banning shovelware despite the money it brings in there is a damn good reason.
  8. you overestimate the worth of the shovelware is the problem you have. You have assigned all sorts of value to this trash where as in reality it looks like shit on a profile and the little bit of money Sony brings in on it doesn't amount to enough to make up for the damage it does to their image for selling it.
  9. It kind of seems like a necessary step going forward. unless we want the leaderboards to be dead to legitimate players going forward. Nobody playing legitimate titles could ever catch up at this point.
  10. ok yeah too bad none of those people bothered to mention it I would have waited too. I should have researched into it further can't believe I didn't think to do that . Usually, i'm very hyper vigilant when i sense there may be a problem. oh well I got a save so hopefully it's triggered by that last mission and not by the trophy. A really big update is in the works for the new map releasing. I think it happens real soon bu tI doubt that will address this as they are probably working on the new map.
  11. I just can't believe you're all still going on about it.
  12. Live free or stroke hard!
  13. Man these people complaining about all your free content . It's too much hassle and work man. man it's free content dude how could you complain about free content. its a 1mb file.. Takes two seconds to download and 1 minute to finish. the devs trying to do something nice and all you do is complain.
  14. well there you go then. the next big innovation. Why tap x over and over when you could just hold it down? That could be some next generation shovel shit ware.