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  1. nice job figuring this out
  2. Anybody have any idea how to do this? I've been trying to figure it out but can't find any clues. Assuming it has something to do with the mascot.
  3. somebody should fucking sue them for still selling a broken dlc pack at full price.
  4. glad it helped.
  5. drop into the windmills and check every windmill as well as the grey sheds in between them. If you don't find the crate then quit out and try again. I find the dog tags out there 3 to 5 times a day. The challenge isn't finding the tags it's killing 3 people with a specialist skin on after finding the tags. Let say 20 people a match where a specialist skin. by the time you find the box usually there are 50 to 60 people left in the game so that leaves 10 specialists spread all across the map. Takes a lot of luck and clutch play to execute the challenge once you have it. Good luck!
  6. I don't know the answer to that.
  7. launch hitman 2 and in the menu on the right it says GOTY legacy pack and the icon switches back and forth from that and patch notes. Click on the GOTY legacy pack and it will ask you to redeem legacy pack. Click on that and it tells you you can buy it or launch hitman 1 and click on legacy pack in h1 menu and access store from there to get it free. Are you able to get on the H1 servers? Holy shit i just got on it's free if you do as i said and log onto h1 and then go to store. on another note check the challenges for nigh call. They require you to do all the classic challenges on all the h1 maps on master difficulty. that is going to be a massive grind.
  8. The instructions said to launch hitman 1 and go to the store from there. Is that what you did? My problem is that all night since 11:00pm central time, Hitman 1 says it's down for maintenance. So I can't access the store from hitman 1 since it won't let me go online. i'm quite sure this is a trick to try and get us to purchase the legacy pack for 20.00. So timely of them to do maintenance when everyone is trying to access hitman 1 to get the legacy pack.
  9. yes i was playing hitman 1 it couldn't connect because server was under maintenance. had to play offline.
  10. i logged into hitman one and the legacy pack was listed there and it said not yet available. that was several hours ago. then I started it up before launching hitman 2 and the servers for 1 were down for maintenance. so maybe it will be available soon. I really wanted to do it 1st so i'm hoping so anyway.
  11. does anybody know if we will be able to play the legacy pack with early access or do we have to wait until the full release tuesday? I'm not finding the option to download in store.
  12. The lobbies we were getting last night we came across a lot of groups that were working together in doubles lobbies. So it's possible to boost. How easy or efficient it is is another question. As far as Treyarch banning people they can kiss my ass. They can all line up and who gets to kiss it 1st will be some RNG bullshit like their stupid trophies.
  13. people are intentionally not playing with a specialist also to make it harder on everyone else to get nomad.
  14. Been a lot of shit trophy lists this fall. Hitman 2 no platinum replaying all the 1st games missions, Red Dead with all the missable's in a 200 hour game, Bo4 with the stupid RNG for the character unlocks, now this one with only 22 trophies. I may wait until we see what they have in store for Battle Royale Trophies before I get this.
  15. found dog tags in a crate in one of the windmills.