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  1. you know AC pre-sales have to be suffering with Bo4, Red dead 2, Spiderman, Fallout, battlefield v, Tomb raider, hitman 2 etc.. all coming out this fall. No way i'm paying 100.00 on an assassin creed game that will play, look and feel, almost exactly the same as the one that came out last year. they could stick a remastered version of all the AC games in and I wouldn't spend 100.00 on it.
  2. I never played the regular pitches. I joined a friend who had them unlocked and played all 7 with him. trophy popped no problem.
  3. you need to play a match with a friend who is in your club and score a goal against another team of 2 people in a club. However, you must do so randomly via public matchmaking. It is luck of the draw in over 60 matches at least we haven't made a single match against another club. I made one solo and scored a goal but of course that doesn't count. I tried matchmaking in ocieana with another club of people we know and we never matched up.
  4. thanks!
  5. so do you have to randomly match against another club in standard matchmaking or am i missing something? Me and my friend played about 30 to 40 games today and never matched with another club.
  6. So far the only difficult parts of ng+ have been the areas where they strip you of your weapons. Escaping the bunkers, escape in the car, etc. They seem very doable just a bit frustrating. You may or may not die a lot. with limited ammunition in these segments headshots against the infected are a must. I'm enjoying this play through more than the 1st. kind of nice just playing the story not having to focus on all trophies and just focus on the difficulty.
  7. wouldn't have minded playing through the game a 2nd time over the summer before all these new games were about to be released. Last thing I want to do is play more far cry 5 at this point.
  8. yeah i always ate new foods at my base. then i would run outside of it and back in to save. I would eat sometimes 5 or 6 different new recipes at once doing this. The trophy is not glitched. Everything unlocked with no problems.
  9. When someone has earned the trophy on this site since june 11th I'll know it's fixed. I'm doubting they will fix it at this point. Rip the dream.
  10. The Gorod Krovi easter egg trophy in bo3 is currently glitched as of a early may update and that trophy is unobtainable until they patch it if they patch it. This makes the 100% unobtainable. The game crashes during cutscene before the trophy pops. It is a glitch in the game effecting all platforms.
  11. I would agree except this is happening to a very large amount of people across all platforms so In this case It won't help. People on various forums have already confirmed so much. For the people it is effecting nothing seems to help. It's an error in the game code that will require a patch.
  12. If you find out it is fixed please let me know. I didn't see a update come through but I guess I could have missed it.
  13. You're correct you post threads bitching about people bitching about games. As I've stated I've seen many of your posts and usually they are argumentative or just plain rude and are in most cases on forums about games you don't even own. You just troll forums like the forum police engaging in arguments wherever you can. Point of fact you don't even own this game do you?
  14. I see quite a few of your posts on this site. You have no point. You don't exactly exemplify positivity as you are complaining about a lack there of.
  15. I didn't say you were being a hypocrite. I asked if it made you better or just a hypocrite, to bitch about other people bitching. It was a question left for you to answer. see my point?