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  1. it all depends on what you want to do with your list. I have tried to complete most game i play and in some instances I have failed. The average trophy whore i don't think understands what goes into it. for instance i spent over 450 hours to 100% BO4 to this point and they are about to drop another dlc which depending on difficulty could the another 50 to keep that 100%. in that 50 hours a really good person at whoring trophies could get another 10 platinums. Trophy hunting is going after those difficult rare achievements that not everyone has. Games with over 250,000 owners and less than 1000 people have completed every single trophy that is an accomplishment. Stacking games isn't an accomplishment. It's only reasonable to assume if you did something once you can do it again. Give me a list with over 100 platinums and a 90% plus completion rate with a average rarity around 38 or less and that is something nice that took time and dedication. Anything else is casual gaming and chasing meaningless leaderboards which is fine if that is what makes you happy go for it. If you want to chase leaderboards you have to stack the easy game so do it. It's not for my taste.
  2. The hard missions are actually easiest with 2 players. The scaling for damage is perfect. I was playing one of the levels with 4 and we kept getting slaughtered. Keep in mind though that we were all pretty much just hit level 30 and didn't probably have the best gear. Anyways a bit later two of us played the same mission and we walked through it absolutely no problem. If at any point in this game you're having a hard time gear up. A few items and a bit of a dps boost can make all the difference in the world. Not to mention the skills were broken yesterday morning when we were trying to play the 4 player hard. That made the game 100% tougher when you have no turrets. I think to answer your question playing this game on hard right now solo is probably going to be difficult. There are just so many enemies to deal with by yourself. on the other hand at some point it will probably be a breeze when you get exotic gear on down the road. I can solo hard for the 1st one pretty much without going down and it was the same amount of toughness when it 1st came out. The whole feeling that is expose to come from a looter shooter is weak to strong. It's simple progression and the aim of the game.
  3. for the 1st time i spawned into someones request and they were down already and i still did not get the trophy. Some bullshit probably won't get fixed considering a lot of people are somehow managing to get the trophy.
  4. No i went from having my turrets active for a very long amount of time to them only being active for like 1 second. Also sometimes the turret shows available but i try to throw it and it is stuck in my hand and I have to switch weapons to get out of it instead of being able to toss it out. I'm finding this game incredibly tedious to get through. Lots of bugs and poor matchmaking. I want to free roam in open world and I get matched with someone playing missions. another problem is application errors which always seem to happen on hard play throughs of missions which according to guides need to be restarted entirely if you disconnect during the mission because it's bugged. Another problem is matchmaking for hard missions takes forever. I keep getting rolled like a little b**ch in the Dark zone. I can't seem to handle 4 purple enemies and 3 yellow with 15 red rushing me and tossing drones and exploding cars and tossing fire grenades at me all while shooting and running at me smacking me with batons. It's too damn much.. I get blown up shot, smacked, droned, lit on fire, shocked, sniped with a turret all at the same time. I mean i pretty damn experienced at the Division but shit even with a high dps and great gear i can only handle so many enemies flanking and rushing me at once.
  5. I played V2 on ps now last summer and I have to say that by the time I finished I had forgotten about the poor visuals and frame rate and everything else that seemed dated. V2 is an excellent play with just the right amount of challenge. I love the entire Sniper Elite Franchise and will be playing this remaster somewhere on down the line. Even with playing this on authentic solo it is still the fastest Sniper elite platinum you can obtain.
  6. why don't you just get a friend and join a lobby on opposite teams kill your friend and then place or get a group of friends and kill one of them and then team up for an advantage. It wouldn't be fair to buy blackout characters because some people couldn't afford them. We can't have that with a bunch of socialist left wingers. Maybe if the government would buy them for EVERYONE then it would be ok. Instead of posting on here write your congressman and tell them how unfair life is because you can't figure out how to unlock Reznov in Blackout.
  7. So how long is a play through going to take on ranger hardcore? What do yo rate the difficulty 1-10? I'm assuming this game is much longer than the previous 2?
  8. Damn I had no idea. I thought first blade 1 and 2 were the two dlc's. I thought it was kind of a rip off being as they were so short. Lol, Makes sense now.
  9. was a 3rd DLC part of the regular season pass purchase of the game or is it additional and free to everyone? I thought we were getting two with the season pass.
  10. ok thanks! at least i know you can still get it if you had more than ten wins already. I was worried the trophy would only pop on the 10th win and I was going to be screwed. Thanks for clarification!
  11. so i have question for you. you had mentioned that you already had like20 wins but a bunch of them happened while the trophy was bugged. What was the end result? Did you have to win one game for every game you won while it was glitched or did you actually have to get ten more wins?
  12. it does not auto pop and nobody knows what counts and what doesn't prior to the patch. So it's hard to say how many games you have to win.
  13. The only thing I can imagine is the wins didn't track toward the trophy while it was glitched. So maybe any win you had over the past several weeks doesn't count. Another theory is you have to do ten more wins starting as of the most recent patch. Another theory is it isn't going to pop if you already have more than 10 wins. another theory is it is still bugged for a lot of people. Who knows. I myself am fed up with this bullshit game. I did all the requirements for the platinum within a 36 hour period and weeks later I still can't get the platinum after the patch. Just because the website has tracked your wins doesn't mean the trophy count is the same. The trophy could be set up on it's own tracker or something so I think if you keep playing and winning eventually it will pop. If you get ten more wins after the patch and it doesn't pop then you have done all you can do.
  14. so i just got my 1st crown royale since the patch and nothing. I had 12 wins already prior to today. So I guess it only pops on the 10th win and if you already had more than 10 wins you are screwed.
  15. So the 12 wins i had won't count? I have to start over and get 10 wins? I was hoping if I got one win the trophy would pop. I already had the trophy for the one win. I literally started playing the game the day before the patch that broke the trophies. the 10 win trophy was all i needed I had 9 wins before they broke it. Ended up with 12 helping friends finish their wins off.