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  1. absolutely the only hard parts are areas where you have to clear snipers and all it takes is a either a bit of practice and trial and error or watching a you tube video. People cheat everything these days. The only way to play these games is on sniper elite difficulty that is what makes them fun. Who ever heard of a run a and gun sniper game which is what these are on easy.
  2. you know in a group of 8 people too somebody is going to get disconnected during a mission that takes hours to complete. I put this up there with GTAV's stupid doomsday heist where you have to hurry up and unplug your console every time someone dies. Honestly this shit just isn't worth it. Don't they play test this shit before it goes out. Why would I want to spend days grinding this repetitive boring game to get a gear set to do this raid only to get my ass handed to me by some bullet sponge boss over and over again. I read that even with the best gear 8 player teams that play this game competitively have to be damn near perfect with every shot dam near 10,000 of them just to beat this 1st boss. Sounds fun then when you finally beat him one of you get disconnected. oh shit. no trophy for any of you. STUPID! They will be lowering the difficulty for it trust me ubisoft always does. Just wait and don't stress over it too much and it will be 10x easier a month to two from now. They need people to play the game it isn't doing so hot and nobody is grinding for gear to loose over and over.
  3. I could get behind a system that allowed a person to delete maybe like 5 games lifetime. possibly maybe even 2 game a year or one. However, to just let people delete any trophy they wan whenever is sort of stupid imo. Why not just let us add any trophy to out list to. Maybe we could drop them 5 per trophy we wanted and wouldn't have to put forth any effort. I say 5 lifetime so that a few times you make that mistake and start some shit game you hate then you have the opportunity to be forgiven per say. I mean if everybody is on the same playing ground then why not? but to let people delete everything whenever is too much.
  4. Can somebody explain the difference in playing the morbid run in co-op versus solo. I played the 1st round in co-op and we died quite a few times. I then played the 1st 2 missions solo and had little issue died maybe once or twice. is that how the rest of the game is on morbid solo if you already maxed everything out for armor? Or does it get super difficult in the later rounds. The 1st two rounds almost seemed like the difficulty below it did without the upgrades. Co-op it was a bitch. I need to go back to it but honestly I find it hard to go back to, it was so repetitive.
  5. was it a bug? I don't know the it was bugged or just intended to be done solo to get the trophy.
  6. I hope someone confirms this because I want to play the game but won't because of that issues with memorable moments trophy.
  7. They should have debug mode for Mayo so People don't have to spam x 5000 times. The excuse could be that spamming X so many times in rapid succession is needlessly wearing out my controller so this way it will last longer for other games.
  8. I wouldn't say i'm triggered by you buddy. I'm curious as to how you reason things and type before you think. Several times you've stated points that are too easily rebuttled. i'd say when someone keeps stating points that are easily countered over and over they are the ones that are triggered. Searching for an argument that doesn't exist is a sign that you are frustrated. It's ok to be wrong. But go ahead and have the last word I'm finished talking with you about this.
  9. honestly I'm not too keen to see trophies tied to a 8 person raid because i don't care to have to organize 8 people for a few trophies. However, any regular dlc such as Survivor or underground type of stuff bring it on.
  10. LOL...Did you say "EARN" a platinum using debug mode???
  11. I honestly don't know which is the more stupid thing paying $5.00 to stack the same 99% completion game 4 times or using debug mode to pop all the trophies in a game. I mean i guess some people are just collecting virtual trophies for a virtual cabinet and don't care whether or not they can look back at something they earned. If I don't earn it then I really don't even want it. It means nothing. The trophies are supposed to be a representation of going above or beyond in a game or setting a feat or conquering a challenge. I don't get it. It's one thing to boost an older game that no longer has a player base so that it is complete in your collection. Buying games soley to debug them. Auto popping Jak and Dexter, Conan, etc. Why?
  12. Lol really? I don't have to look at your play choices to determine you were defending them. You're not making sense.
  13. Just curious but I know there were a lot of network issues when this game 1st came out for ps plus last fall. Has it gotten any better? I'm assuming maybe it had something to do with the influx of player base do to PS Plus. Thinking by now maybe the player base has died back down.
  14. no examples because what he's saying doesn't make any sense. On one hand he's saying that your forced to buy dlc for AAA titles to get 100% completion but you're not forced to buy ratalaka stacks to chase the leaderboards. I'd like to see the leader stay the leader without playing the weekly 4 tack from Rata! We're talking over 4500 gamer score which can take me over a month to achieve they can achieve in a afternoon. people argue we can buy and rata can sell whatever they want. I agree. that isn't the argument we're trying to make. We're saying there should be some sort of requirements for a game to have a trophy list or that common platinums should be ignored for the leaderboards. However, I'm guessing that would put Rata out of business because despite what great games the people defending Rata say they are, they wouldn't be buying them if it wasn't for the cheap platinum.
  15. yeah you're the only person in the whole world who has a job. Damn, it's like having a conversation with a door knob. You started defending your play choices and why you play what you play and I was simply stating that I was making a general assumption not a personal assumption about you because I never looked at your list. You could have had Wolfenstein 2 stacked for all I Knew.