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  1. omg sorry man but isn't it the point to have to earn it for doing something hard? I mean it sounds like you want a participation reward for sucking at it. Your words not mine. It's one of those things where if you keep doing the same thing you're going to get the same results. You need to try a variety of different approaches to this challenge and see what works best for you. I haven't completed it yet but I'm probably going to come back to this game at a later dat because I really don't want to play through the 60 hour story again right now.
  2. I mean i played it on a ps4 pro on 4k as well I didn't have any major problems. Certainly not nothing that ruined it for me. It seems to be inconsistent from one person to the next.
  3. Any issues this game may have are barley noticed by the average person. I had no issue with the game and feel it is way more polished than most games from major developers like Ubisoft. It may not be Red Dead level polished but hell it's way more fun to play. This is what gaming should be about, gameplay.
  4. wow 400 stunts! i think JC3 was only 250 or something. some of them were pretty difficult mainly just a few wingsuit challenges. But ok i bought the game so probably start it soon.
  5. me and my friends played the game so much we ended up being able to beat it without the code. Before we found the code couldn't get past the 2nd level. having to replay level one over and over only to fail on two made you not want to go on. once we were able to play the entire thing we slowly got better at each level individually all at once. Bet today I couldn't get past the 1st level without the code.
  6. i'm thinking of getting this game What would you rate the dlc in terms of difficulty? thought i'd ask since you seem to know how to do it. Just Cause 3 the only thing i liked about the game were challenges. Are the challenges in this game any fun? I'm trying to clean up my account and don't want to add anything super difficult so that is sort of why i'm inquiring.
  7. This is so stupid that they do stuff like that.
  8. I'm not sure ubisoft and brilliant are two words that should be used together. I haven't seen anything brilliant out of them. Decent and somewhat entertaining maybe! Watch dogs is far from brilliant. It's not the worse but it doesn't really incorporate anything original or groundbreaking into their games as with most of Ubisoft franshises.
  9. They said before the game came out that in June there would be a survivor difficulty with new trophies! People this wasn't a surprise it was pre-announced! Is playing the game a 2nd time new content? Not really. It's how they make you feel like your getting something free. However, we had fair warning on this one.
  10. How long to finish atlantis dlc 2?
  11. how long does it take to complete this dlc???
  12. Yeah it doesn't feel like get gud is enough it feels more like you're playing a looter shooter 5 difficulties below the recommended difficulty for the enemy you're encountering.
  13. I'm probably doing the same. It honestly feels impossible to me at this point. playing with very experienced players we were getting wiped after putting up a good fight time and time again. 500 zombies running around a map all at once is too random for the perfection you need to complete this. Especially so now that the amount of special zombies is so high. they take too much time, resources, and attention that you're not left with much resources to deal with a horde of regular zombies after dealing with them. If you make it though one wave of special and regular zombies you are so low on resources and health the next is impossible. If they are going to increase the difficulty they need to advance progression so the player can keep up. The difficulty was challenging before so I'm confused why it needed to be increased. They seem to think the difficulty spike was subtle they way they worded it. I don't think they meant to make it this much more difficult. probably didn't play test it enough to see that you don't have enough power or resources to deal with the special zombies on high difficulty under this update. They even said certain missions were easier and I can guarantee that nothing is anything less than two difficulty levels above what it was before. If they are coming out with extreme, this difficulty on insane could already be called super extreme. so no need now. lol
  14. I concur the difficulty spike since patch is pretty big almost like raising everything up 2 difficulty levels. I'm playing insane missions with some level 250 guys and we were getting wiped at points from nowhere. Had missions that played on insane and then after patch played on hard and it was harder than insane was before patch. That is equal to or more than 2 difficulty levels.
  15. Thanks for the responses everyone!