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  1. The Last of us Remastered MGSV Horizon Zero Dawn Jedi fallen order "I think some people will appreciate it more than others but they did this game really well" Hitman 1 or 2 since it includes 1 These are for sure my top 5 experiences but I will say this the ps4 is an amazing console full of a lot of very entertaining games. Very few games I hated and when i did it was because the developers released them before they were finished.
  2. i get what you're saying but is it a story worth recommendation really? Is that what people play dead nation for? Idk maybe it is I just didn't see it that way. I thought it was a pretty typical half assed story line that just was thrown together with little effort and thought. No big deal just though it was a funny recommendation, certainly not relaxing . I get the sense the guy was looking for a more cinematic experience than Dead nation. I could be wrong. No offense just made me laugh a bit because i'm thinking of games that play more like a interactive movie whereas dead nation is game play based you could skip the cutscenes and loose nothing as far as experience imo.
  3. yes and dead nation isn't a deep story based indie game. lol
  4. yes and it's all because if the game fails they will not add trophies. Battlefront 2 was a major shortfall, trophies were planned as they released them with the 1st story expansion. Then nothing. Same thing with Anthem. The game was a trainwreck not received well, no new trophies, Battlefield V horrible reception so no trophy support. I can't say i'm disappointed. Don't really want to have to go back to these shit games more than once anyway.
  5. As i've stated before they were going for realism and they nailed it because I imagine life was just as fucking boring as that boring ass game back in the 1800s. Looking for a perfect chipmunk carcass was probably a real hoot back then.
  6. So reading through the guide i notice a few trophies that are community dependent as when they happen people have to participate to have success in the mission. Are these still possible? Are enough people playing the game still or is it too late?
  7. Thanks for the response. Is there matchmaking for the 4 player trophy or do you need a team? I know very little about this game except looks fun and I love top down shooters.
  8. Can anybody confirm or deny if the undying seal counts towards the trophy? Also, for the badge or items you have to collect such as the imperative or subjective, etc. These are not time sensitive correct? only the stuff for the Vex offensive? Meaning I can still work on the spear of the Fore and shaders and stuff after the season of undying ends??? I'm sure I can get everything but the tracker for Randy's knife is not always tracking properly so I'm stuck at 6% and the only solution is to play rumble and get back to back fusion kills without reloading or dying which takes a lot of time. also, I 'm not sure i'll be strong enough by season end to beat the nightfall on master for the Spear of Fore. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  9. GTAV Doomsday heist. I realize this is not for the platinum but as somebody who really likes to complete games to 100% this trophy is something I would only ever attempt if everything else was 100%. Why? Because i think its stupid to have to unplug your ps4 to keep from having to restart the entire heist and if you fail to unplug or disconnect in time then everybody has to start over on count of you or you have to start over because of somebody else. It isn't worth it. If I did it I would rather practice it enough so that we could do it without fail rather than sit next to the ps4 waiting to pull the plug but it's hard to find people who want to do that as well.
  10. has anybody seen anything that would indicate the devs are aware of the token problem for the challenges and possibly working on a fix? I'm asking because I got locked out of the platinum and do not want to do it again until it's fixed unless I have to roll the dice and try it again. I would think this would be a top priority to fix since it's basically the whole progression system.
  11. If I miss a collectible can I replay the mission to get it?
  12. I'd be willing to bet we never see mp. Doesn't even make sense from a financial standpoint for them to add it so why would they? If they added it at release maybe, but to add it a year or months down the road isn't like it's going to attract that many more players. I just don't see it. It wasn't a promise upon buying the game. It is more of a rumor or something left open as a possibility. of course things like this happen if a lot of money has been made or they believe they will make a lot of money from doing it. I don't believe that is the case so i'd say it will never happen.
  13. Sorry to bear the bad news but somebody had confirmed on steam it didn't count. there was hope that the ones from the 2nd major expansion would but no such luck.
  14. yeah except the undying title doesn't count which I found out after i had almost completed it. For the trophy it has to be a seal released with forsaken.
  15. so I tried a 2nd time making sure not to close application and still no luck. The only difference I see was maybe it works better if just missing a few skills. I needed quite a few so i'm going to try and get as many as I can on my 1st save and try again. Literally if one more challenge doesn't award me a token i'm locked out so hoping for the best.
  16. I'm not sure tbh but I don't think so. I'm going to try again because I just had the game screw me out of 5 tokens out of 7 in one play of a mission. Spent quite a bit of time on it too so this is getting frustrating. I'll make sure not to close and let you know.
  17. nice! Sadly for whatever reason this did not work for me. I had about 40 skills purchased in 1st game and already had two challenges not reward me tokens so I just started a new game and farmed the 1st mission by killing main target quite a few times. I purchased every single skill that didn't require challenge tokens and a few that did and no trophy.
  18. This game is so fucking stupid. so they do an update about 30 minutes ago that requires a restart and upon restarting you read to gather on island for opening of raid. So you fly out there and the drones still come and blow you up. I think they are pretty over hyped about their stupid raid where as most everybody just wants to forget this stupid game ever existed. First thing that happened upon logging in the 1st time in two months was i got stuck on a rock! Fucking ubisoft! OMG the raid is a absolute train wreck as well. They should just add raids to all their games all with 4 boss fights. be glad you only have to enter it an not beat it.
  19. anybody know if we will be able to matchmake for it or do you have to have a team?
  20. 3 should be ok now. I don't remember how long after release I got the platinum but it was fine when I played it. I have played more technical nightmares than it like a certain Tom Clancy game called breakpoint. Getting the platinum in 3 is super fast a day or two tops. It is good fun for that day or two. I'm finding contracts to be even better but it is a bit more difficult and a bit buggy as it just launched, nowhere near unplayable. Contracts is sandbox open world where you have multiple objectives spread across a map and you can tackle them any way or order you want. Just how a sniper game should be imo.
  21. i guess my question is though are you counting the gadgets that require skill points to unlock. We need to unlock at least two items that require tokens for the 14 gadgets trophy jack of all trades. My problem is i didn't realize these tokens were going to be cutting it so closely and unlocked 3 gadgets that required 1 token each. am i going to be screwed now or am I still good? I mean i'm thinking we have to unlock them because some of the challenges involve using these gadgets. The sniper turrets has a challenge directly tied to it. The drone can be used for taking out electrical equipment but i'm guessing i shouldn't have unlocked it because the emp grenade which didn't cost a token can be used in the same way. I just noticed an update maybe that fixed the token problem. Lets hope anyway. I agree though the challenges are really not that bad its just a slow process. Thanks for all your advice and input as well!
  22. So i need to do all the 3 token challenges? Some of these seem very difficult. I spent 1hr 30 minutes completing this mission it wants finished in 25. Lol. i didn't realize it was that many needed and spent 3 tokens unlocking a mine, turret, and drone. I guess i should just start over since i've only completed a few challenges anyway. Some of these items are needed to complete other challenges. I keep getting failed on one of the challenges where you can only kill one of the targets and nobody else in the 1st mission. Twice i killed him and only him and i look at my challenge it is marked failed. I think we are not only combating glitched tokens but also glitchy requirements in general.
  23. So does anybody experience issues with the map? Nothing is marked on mine. We have the ledger that has all these symbols and literally my map is almost always blank. Sometimes the fast travel points are even disappeared from my map. Sometimes the locations of interest have blue or red squares around therm or sometimes there isn't a mark on the map.
  24. curious is the game any fun? and good luck!
  25. No i understaand that but some people are saying the only seals that have counted toward the trophy so far were the forsaken dlc seals. My question is if the Undying seal will count or not. Before today the undying seal was unobtainable as everything wasn't released so i'm hoping somebody will earn it and didn't already have the trophy to confirm if undying seal pops the trophy or not.