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  1. it would be appealing if you didn't have to play for 50 wins anyway. It took two hours legit and in the process I probably got 5 wins towards my 50 so I'm just making a case that it isn't necessary to boost it in any way. If people want to waste their time by all means go for it. Also, you must understand that some people are quite confused on the requirements for squad wipe they think they have to kill the entire squad solo so that is another reason for my comment which was to clarify.
  2. how long does it take to earn the 3 new dlc trophies?
  3. or you can just play fireteam for 2 hours legit and you will get squad wipes simply for eliminating the last player alive on a enemy squad. I don't understand why people are going out of there way to boost this when you have to win 50 matches anyway and you could have this trophy finished by the 5th match if you only average two squad wipes a match.
  4. I disagree. COD cold War also comes with two versions but aside from that the game is a much better deal than miles morales at $70.00. 1st off 70 gets you a year worth of content from additional zombie maps to additional multiplayer maps. The multiplayer alone offers infinite replayability and the campaign although short is actually pretty badass with the next generation Controller. Miles morales is a good game but offers absolutely no challenge or replayability. It's as easy on hard as it is on easy. The game is boring a 2nd time which considering the game is only 4 hours long is awful. The best part of miles Morales is it kind of shows off everything the ps5 has to offer although I'll say the heptic feedback and adaptive triggers show off way more in COD Cold War. Miles morales given the length should have been 39.99 and that is generous.
  5. SO most definitely is what is important is that your player you want to get the trophy for finishes off the putt on EVERY hole. If you set the tees to red it's actually quite easy. I tried all three ways 1st I just played scrabble and had team score under par but didn't get the trophy. Next I tried having my player get the last putt in the match and still no trophy. Finally, I made sure my player finished each and every hole and the trophy popped.
  6. Does anybody know if the PS Now version of this has the dlc pack with it?
  7. absolutely that is why i'm wanting conformation before I ever play on my ps4. finding it hard to believe nobody has the answer to this yet. Seems like somebody would have played on ps5 1st and then went to the ps4 version by now.
  8. when you say make sure my guy takes last putt do you mean the last putt on every hole or the last shot of the entire match. It's hard to shoot par or better and hit the last shot with my guy on every single hole considering how easy it is to miss a 1 foot putt on legendary difficulty. I played a match and shot even par and my guy made the last shot of the entire match and no trophy. Also which course is the Boston course?
  9. what happens with multiplayer trophies if I played the ps5 version 1st will they auto pop on ps4? I'm guessing if they don't that could lock you out of ever getting them since it is cross generation and the multiplayer statistics would already surpass requirements so here is hoping that they auto pop.
  10. all you have to do is kill the last guy in a squad. Of course you don't know who it is but just get kills and eventually you will start popping them. I got three 3 kills in a row and all of them were squad wipe medals then I go 40 minutes without getting one it's a bit of luck mixed with skill how quickly you rack up kills. Far from a major grind and far from improbable. You should have this way before you come across with 50 wins.
  11. it will still help if i live in a place with good internet and it helps me it will help someone who lives in a place with bad internet as well. Not going to give you 20 minute 80G download speed but it will help a little. If it takes you 2 days to download a 80G file then maybe now it takes 1 day 20 hrs. Also, its about time because sony has been bogging down the download speed for some time now. I have 1gb fiber and it was still taking me 30 minutes for most downloads that given my speed should take 10 minutes or less. I'd say it's cut my 30 minute downloads almost in half which is a lot closer to where it should be.
  12. I'm betting it doesn't work ps5 to ps4 because nobody had popped the ps4 version in just a few seconds like they have the ps5 version. I couldn't imagine playing the ps4 version 1st if you owned the ps5 but ok. Me i'd rather have experienced it on the ps5 1st and do it twice.
  13. So what is the exact requirement for a squad wipe medal is it kill entire squad in one life or in quick succession? Also the mode is kill confirmed correct?
  14. Campaign is great.
  15. So got my 1st squad wipe medal it is way easier than all that it's for the killing the last guy in the squad. A bit of RNG but not bad.
  16. anytime you buy any electronic device there is a early fail rate associated with it. There is no piece of electronic equipment immune to the possibility of failure at any given time. This isn't even news its more along the lines of click bait. Alot of youtubers have been headlining videos with negative remarks about the new console and then when you watch the video it has nothing to do with what you even think it does. These youtubers are shit they make shit content yet because of their scare tactics they have more views than real news worthy videos. Recognize these videos make a mental note and never watch them again. Not saying that is what this particular video is it may very well be a legitimate bad console but many times they are made up to get views.
  17. Ill buy it on sale to get my 100% then I'm finished playing borderlands they're all the same and getting boring AF.
  18. It's having to do the ng+ for the 100% that turns me off. I wouldn't mind playing through the game once more but not twice.
  19. I like bit of a challenge sometimes also. Noticed you recently finished Nex Machina. Congratulations on that I need to dedicate myself to that veteran play through but I practice at it awhile and then leave it for 6 months and I need to stick with it. Maybe try resogun or matterfall made by same people.
  20. i really don't care if it's difficult or not as long as it's quality. that is what is important i imo.
  21. I fail to understand what the new found concern is here on this thread. Are people concerned all a sudden about too many easy games and stacks? Play hard games then. You don't have to be concerned about trophy hunting being pointless you are in control of your own list and nobody ever cared about your list except you anyway. Easy games and stacks have been a thing for some time now. At least now we are getting some stacks for some actual real AAA titles rather than ratalaka bullshit. I don't stack games normally, only once, but I'm kind of happy to be able to get two new COD's for the price of one and Watch dogs twice for one price. In a year or two the cross generation stacks will disappear and you can go back to stacking ratalaka.
  22. I'm sure as with past consoles this will be up to the developer. I hope they don't auto pop tbh.
  23. So exophase has the trophy list of this game listed as ps5 and no ps4 version. Does this mean it only has one list or do you think a ps4 list is coming. i mean if you play it on ps4 it can't be listed as ps5 can it? I'm debating whether to start it at all on the ps4 I'm not sure this game is something I want to do twice as far as trophies but maybe. I guess by release it will sort itself out but opinions?
  24. I wouldn't mind just the base game but i don't care to 100% all the dlc and a ng+ a 2nd time.
  25. I was looking at it as well looks odd to me also. Think i'll stay away. If you want a good turn based strategy game may I suggest Narco rise of the cartels instead. I believe it is on sale also but probably not this cheap.