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  1. Master Chief from Halo and The Guardian/Cayde/Zavala from Destiny.
  2. A - Assassin's Creed II B - Bully, Battlefield 4 C - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 D - Destiny 2 E - EA Sports UFC F - Friday the 13th G - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, 5 H - Halo 3 I - Injustice 2 J - James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game K - L - LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga M - Minecraft N - O - Overwatch P - PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds Q - R - Red Dead Redemption 2 S - Star Wars Battlefront T - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Tron: Evolution U - Until Dawn V - W - Wolfenstein: The New Order X - Y - Z -
  3. Love the rank and location mate, winter is coming.

    1. VelaXityyyy


      We have the same. xD

    2. Ringtonwhaledog


      lol, best place to be 

  4. Star Wars Battlefront, Modern Warfare Remastered, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Until Dawn, Friday the 13th.
  5. Hey brother, thanks for the follow.  Cool to meet ya. :D

    1. VelaXityyyy


      Hey, no problem. Cool to meet you too! :D

  6. I've played this game alot just for fun but I can't get these trophies to unlock no matter how much I drop kick or head butt someone. Anybody got any advice?
  7. It'd be cool if somehow the new MW game and Ghosts were connected but ik that's a dumb idea. I'm not sure who the villain could be, makarov, zakhaev or sheperd would be too predictable. Will he/she be a completely new character? Who knows.
  8. Modern Warfare as set in the Modern Warfare setting and a soft reboot connection to the franchise. I agree that COD should take the route of having a well planned, thought out game every 2 or 3 years. MW3 fixed all of MW2's mistakes imo, apart from the noob tubes and the stupid death streaks. With Ghosts, I'm honestly not sure what their was to fix from MW3, did Ghosts even have death streaks? If they didn't, that's another fix. Ghosts, specifically the MP, had alot of mistakes I can't defend, but the difference is these weren't established features in previous games. Infinite Warfare fixed all of Ghosts main problems as far as I'm aware, IW just got unlucky with the futuristic combat hate train. And now MW has fixed the futuristic and dlc problems. I haven't been as intrigued by a cod since AW and MWR, this game seems completely different. I'm hopeful, but I understand the sceptical side of things.
  9. When did I ever say I got hyped by the name alone? I could go on forever so I'm gonna make it short. 2008-9 was a different era for gaming compared to todays standards, it's much harder to reinvent a formula that people won't criticise. Every COD game invented and brought something new to the table that people enjoyed that haven't happened since, MW3 Elite DLC, BO1 COD Points etc, but that's irrelevant. Alot of people who played MW2 most likely didn't even play CoD4. We can't represent peoples thoughts and opinions, but I strongly believe people loved MW2 so much that they can't really accept another to be better. BO2 is a big competitor in that range. Since so many people from those days hate the futuristic games people are gonna see that as the right opinion and latch onto that, hence why IW got so many dislikes. "Failure the greatest teacher is" Infinity Ward learn from their mistakes and have ever since CoD4.
  10. Played it as a kid and loved it. Definitely gonna buy. I hope it has online.
  11. I hope Cpt. MacMillan, Makarov and Sandman make some sort of cameo or reference.
  12. Yes, it is Modern Warfare. How is that a bandwagon? And to say Infinity Ward did a horrible job on Infinite Warfare is an understatement. In my opinion, Infinite Warfare was actually good. The campaign was fun, and the multiplayer was pretty smooth, with contracts/grinding that would keep you engaged to free dlc guns to a great movement system. It was a game released at the wrong time, and I don't think it's IWs fault. People were fed up of futuristic combat by the time IW rolled around and having the game being developed the past 3 years, how would have they had known? As for Ghosts, it's just the MP that is hated really. Imo, Campaign had a good story and a fun combat system. As for Extinction , that was a great addition. I really enjoyed Extinction for what it was. It was something new and to be honest, I like it way better than Zombies. Finally, with MW3, which also is my favourite COD, IW couldn't win. MW2 was so loved that you couldn't really make a sequel that fans wouldn't complain about. If you made it completely different to MW2, people would criticise it. If it was familiar, people would criticise it. Making something fans love then taking that and making a sequel never ends well. MW3 is now one of the most loved CODs and I think launch affected the game severely, just like IW. Also bare in mind the fact about the Respawn Developers leaving, this just dragged MW3 down. Finally, number one rule for me is criticism triumphs over compliments. More people are likely to voice how bad something is than how good something is. I bet their was millions of people sitting down enjoying MW3, Ghosts or IW and the fact is people who disliked it were more likely to go out and write a review on why it sucks or not. I generally think their was alot of people who enjoyed MW3, Ghosts and IW but I think it just comes down to nostalgia and popular opinion. Hence why I think MW2 is if not one of the most popular CODs. My first COD was MW3, and even if it's not the same for everyone, it introduced me to COD and because of that nostalgia with the game and all those fun memories, not only is it my favourite but just like nearly everyone else IW annoyed me because it was way different to what I was used to in Infinity Ward and COD in general, leading me and many others to get blinded by nostalgia and hate it, wanting to get rid of futuristic combat. But now nearly 2 years later I've come to realise IW wasn't all that bad and really was a well developed game. I've hurt my hand typing this since I'm using my PS4 browser so I'm not gonna talk any longer for now but I thought I'd just bring my point across. Thank ya, lol.
  13. They already said post launch content is all free. And even if they wanted to use Modern Warfare as a selling point, why not? The whole point of a business is to sell products and appeal those products to consumers. Unlike Black Ops, the Modern Warfare title hasn't been diminished yet, so I say use it all you want Infinity Ward. Make COD great again. (bring back ghost xd)
  14. Everyone is hyped because it's modern warfare, lol. And saying their hasn't been a good cod since BO1 is a lie. MW3 and BO2 are amazing in their own right as was AW, BO3 and even IW if you like futuristic combat. People latch onto a bandwagon of "everything b4 this was great" when in reality it just comes down to what style of play you prefer. It's all personal preference at the end of the day and if you said "I THINK there hasn't been a great cod since black ops" then that would be alot more grounded.
  15. "It doesn't take the most powerful developers on Earth to make a good COD game. All it takes is the will of a single fan." What the hell kind of name is Modern Warfare, eh? How'd a muppet like you pass selection? The SAS are finally back. And England is back . And Price is back. And Ghost is back. Hell, let's bring Gaz and Sheperd back too. Let's bring everyone back.