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  1. 8.471 Congrats!
  2. Hey there I would also like to join and leave 😁 I hope it’s still active. You could either send me an invite or I will request to join tomorrow. Hope you will help me πŸ˜„ PSN: IncreaseDark Thank you in advance 😊
  3. I don't know why so many people are going for this argument. I understand this if all the Super Meat Boy trophy requirements would be changed to "Die 10 | 20 | 30... | 10.000 times" after you worked so much on this flawless runs, but to say this about a trophy you earned luckily before suddenly the autolog servers were shutdown. This would be an easy choice, because the first guy who says: "I did so much for getting this trophy and you all don't deserve it after the change" is selfish egoistic hypocrit. I won't care if any trophy requirement would be changed for any game that I have already earned 100 % of the trophies. I am just happy for all the others.
  4. Sign me up, would be nice to win something once. And thanks for your offer ^^
  5. That's a generous thing to do, sign me up!
  6. Okey, hey guys. I don't know if this question is already put into this, but just in regard of this quote as an example I will ask this. Is than e.g. PS Plus gambling? If yes then loot boxes, too. If not then somebody should explain why loot boxes then. Ok for some the 2 free games are not of any interest and only care about playing online, but what about those other people for whom it is switched around? I buy PS plus for the free games and as a nice addition I can play online whenever I want. Is it gambling because I hope to get the best games every month? Because I don't care if I get shitty games for most of the times. Maybe it applies to the loot boxes as well. Please answer and thank you. Have a nice day
  7. I am ignoring the game I am currently playing because that'd be pointless. Then it is: Super Meat Boy! Well what an easy one I got advised
  8. That's heavily nice. Count me in, please. Hab a nice day.
  9. I'm agreeing with the comments above mine. Even if there are also a lot of videos for the VR missions the somehow randomness let's you throw the controller. It is a hard but endurable and eventually achieveable task and on top grindy like MGS4 cause of the multiple playthroughs needed. I was happy that it was the first game I finished cause it should only gets easier. And again like the others said. MGS4 is grindy but the variety of videos out there makes it so much easier. There were just a few bosses and sections that will give you headaches. MGS2 were really more of an thinking of "maybe I will never do it". Not that it is an easy platinum though! it's still in my opinion the second hardest MGS game. MGS2: 8/10 MGS4: 7/10
  10. You are the best! Futuridium EP Deluxe It is cuurrntly my rarest trophy and I hardly doubt that it will ever change because it is now at 0,07 %. I definitely did trophies I am prouder of, but it is an accomplishment for me in way because it was a long time in my backlog, but the 100 % weren't possible because of an unreleased update. Since only 30 other people have this trophy, it is cool that the 5 rarest trophies are all from one game.
  11. Sooo I tried it today but it just won't work really. I got access to US servers and I can see it because I can see exclusive Netflix content. But when I start Don't Even Think I only got the message: Error Message: Failed to acquire the server list. Somebody knows what I can do with this message? I am trying out different servers but I just can't see what the problem might be? Help pls.
  12. Great thanks man! I googled a while and found out the same way you explained me. But I saw that I should use payable VPN because free VPN maybe cannot hold a stable connection or something. Was somebody noticing the same thing? Or is it really no difference at all? Realized that, too. Tried creating another US account and I could play it then. Thought maybe it is acc blocked but it just the region. This really get on my nerves because I don't know why they are doing that >.< Well I will try it out tomorrow. Will see if it gets a stable connection.
  13. Thought about something like this, too. But could you give like a little step by step explanation? Like which VPN app should I use and how am I supposed to do get this working on the PS4? Is it possible. Would gladly appreciate it :))
  14. Hey guys so I wanted to play this game before shutdown. I am from EU, so I got like 3 days late to download this game before it was removed from the EU store. I tried then downloading it with an US account, but when I wanted to play it with my EU account after starting it says the error message in the title. ERROR MESSAGE: Please log in to the PSN account used to download this game So it is clear to me what it says, but is there any way to play this game with my EU account? Or am I screwed for this? Would really like to play it and would take any suggestions for workarounds. Thanks guys! ^^
  15. I was in the same position since 3 days ago. I searched for like almost full 2 days and was infuriating, because I just need to study it and I slipped it once near Barrow Lagoon and didn't see one again in any of the mentioned places even if there were 99 % of commentary about "oh I watched forever but this finally helped". So I can't tell if it is with all animals but this in particular I am somewhat sure that there is a sort of glitch which can occur at somepoint that you can only find a moose at a single-specific place in your game and you have to find out which. After you will find it you "reset" the glitch and the moose will be around anywhere again. So aaaall these posts about "He spawned for me at [INSERT LOCATION] and I tried out 10 times and 9 times he spawned" you can calmly ignore because they probably won't work for you. Unless it is a new place you didn't try out yet, he won't spawn. For me it was finally at Cattail. Just the final lucky shot. Because I looked everywhere but there. I searched every mentioned specific location and even whole West Elizabeth, just because it was mentioned in game that it inhabits this area. I am sorry for your position, but just try out all new places once, eventually you'll get it. And don't try to bait-spawn it. Only female ones will spawn. With that said. Good luck!