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  1. Happy Birthday Chester
  2. yay. Pretty Happy about that, I should continue 0.
  3. not much info yet, but Sega teasered a video what could be a new Sonic Racing Game:
  4. Did that as well, played Root Letter on PS4 and PSVita simultaneously, so no problem
  5. Here is my Blackmage:
  6. Official announcement and trailer: Source More Info will be released on 27th April
  7. Omega Quintett - 3,09% Platinum Trophy Obtained all trophies.
  8. Just want to point out we discussed about it here:
  9. Looks like we will get more Infos tomorrow: 'Shadow of The Tomb Raider is the climatic finale of Lara’s origin story. Available September 14th 2018'
  10. We didn't? Oh, well then I shouldn't be that surprised..
  11. 15 Trophies and 1 Platinum? Wow, that's cool, that's nice. Could be easy but let's see.