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  1. Finally starting Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers. Bye live, social media, friends and work for 3 days straight :awesome:

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I accidentally subbed for 90 days now... which I regret after playing for 3hrs.. haha.
      I think I'll keep it a night and weekend thing so i wont be burned out on it this time, but im pretty sure I wont sub after 90days.


  2. Maybe the guide can help you out: Basically there is a bug the trophy won't pop, if you have more than 50 PSN Friends
  3. Yeah, post it on FB, IG and Twitter and other social media pretending someone would care 😂
  4. We get a remastered Version of Final Fantasy 8 and I couldn't be more happy :yay:

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    2. DamagingRob


      @BB-BakkerJ The trailer was shown during Square's E3 presentation, as well. Finally, all 3 PS1 numbered entries with trophies. \o/

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      @DamagingRob Yeah, I’m not following E3 at all to be honest. Can’t wait to play this again. Although I actually still have the PS1 disc version and the ps3 Digital version 😁.

    4. Rally-Vincent---


      My favorite FF, I am pumped.

  5. I know it's a rumor but maybe we get a new DLC for Borderlands 2; and it is for free. Hope the rumor is true, I would be more than happy 

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    2. KingGuy420


      I want to this to be true but I'm filing it under rumor until we get confirmation.


      The rainbow rarity being found in the games code already lends some credibility to it. The whole "increasing the level cap to 80" makes me question it though.... We're already at 80 lol.

    3. TheYuriG


      no, 72 + 8OP levels which afaik doesn't give you extra skill points. now it's gonna be 80 + 8OP, so more points and stronger builds

    4. KingGuy420


      @TheYuriG yeah but how's that gonna work? Is there gonna be 8 new op levels? Why isn't that listed? Is the level 73-80 gear going to be exactly the same as the op1-8 gear? Seems like a pretty big waste of time. Especially since the biggest complaint with the 72 upgrade was too many skill points and they acknowledged that.

  6. Only one since my PS4 wants to close the game if I start a second game... Jokes aside, I play 2-4 Games at the same time. Most of the time 2 singleplayer games & 2 Coop- / Multiplayergames with my buddy.
  7. Congrats to both of you
  8. I saw on play-asia it is with english sub
  9. Beautiful version of pushing me away:
  10. We have a release date: Physical editions of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition will launch on December 3 in North America and December 6 in other territories, while all of other titles will launch on September 24 in North America and September 27 in other territories for $49.99 each Also a trailer is online: Source
  11. :platinum:#110 Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - so glad I finally finished it, didn't enjoy it as much as the AC before. Well, another game on the pile of shame finished. Next: AC Rouge

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    2. dermarx


      Thank you. And I see I made a typo calling it Rouge instead of Rogue :D

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. dermarx



  12. #110 Assassins Creed Liberation HD Difficulty 8/10 Enjoyment 6/10 Finally finished it. It was not bad, but I enjoyed the AC games before this one more.
  13. #108 & #109: Inksplosion (PS4 & PSV) Was a little bit more difficult than I expected, but it was fun. Also Trophy Level 34 now

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice PSN Level up :) 

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    4. dermarx



  14. The game will be release on June 11 in NA and June 14 in EU. A battle System Trailer is also online: Source