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  1. RGG Studio announced on Twitter they adjust the character model and the japanese voice for the character of Kyohei Hamura. They also mention the launch date for the western release (June 25,2019):
  2. Happy Birthday Chester
  3. Hey dude, long time no see. How are you these days?

    1. dermarx


      I'm fine thank you. Litte bit busy because of work. Hope you are good as well?

    2. MMX20


      Yeah, I am. Got a job and a new smartphone.

    3. dermarx


      awesome. Hope you enjoy both.

  4. A desicion has yet to be made. More Infos via gematsu:
  5. Add me please, finished Shinovi Versus, (both) Estival Versus & Peach Beach Splash. Kagura
  6. oh nice. Looking forward to play this
  7. lulz, what do you mean?
  8. Releasedate for Trails of Cold Steel will be 3/26 in NA and 3/29 in EU & Australia Source
  9. These three little beautys (finally) arrived today. Senran Kagura was stuck in the customs but Yakuza 6 was pretty quick here - boobs are more dangerous than the japanese Mafia (Got Kiwami 2 from
  10. Nothing too difficult, I guess. Really looking forward to play it, already preordered
  11. Looks like we have a release date for US and EU; It will launch on September 3rd. Also there are two different Editions available: Also there is a english trailer online: Source
  12. Long time no see, dood. Everything alright?

    1. YaoiGod


      Sorry to butt in but i thought i should let you know, Satoshi quit this forum after he got a warning point for a year old post at the time. He's still active on PSN.

    2. dermarx


      oh, okey. I just wondered, since last time he was online was quite some time ago. 

      Thanks for clarifying