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  1. Bought Outriders in the latest PSN Sale
  2. :platinum:#144: Assassin's Creed Syndicate: I liked that one a lot, much more than Unity. There were some graphical issues on the PS5 but nothing to crazy. Sadly it crashed 5 or 6 times during my playthrough. Now I will continue with the Jack the Ripper DLC and that's it for the 'old' ACs. Can't wait to play Origins though

  3. [TSW2020] Short rant about this game. I have a love and hate relationship with Train Sim World. I can enjoy it, it is a nice relaxing game to calm down after a day full of work but the thing with trophies not popping really sucks

  4. :platinum:#143 Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5). Well, guess that was a zero effort plat for free, since everything autopopped, but I take it

    1. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Congrats, even if it was a auto-pop plat!

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. dermarx


      Thank you

  5. :platinum:#142: Dirt 5 (PS4). After a short break, I came back to finish the PS4 Version as well. Double-Plat, yay. I also liked the Soundtrack in Dirt 5, a few songs made it on my Spotify Playlist.:yay:

  6. :platinum:#141: Life is Strange 2. This was quite fun, liked the first LiS best. Since it is basically the third LiS, you get what you expect. Didn't get the best Ending though. Love the Soundtrack as well, it is always nice in LiS

    1. The Arizona Ranger
    2. Doomed_Gary


      Congratulations! Don't hear a lot of people mention the soundtrack. It was understated, but quite good. 

    3. dermarx


      Thank you

  7. :platinum:#140 and also Trophy #10000: Dirt 5 (PS5) Took almost 11 years to get 10000 trophies.

    Dirt 5 is a nice arcade racing game, and the plat didn't take that much time, and i like the Dirt Series, so I'm pretty happy with this as my 10000 Trophy

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Burek_san


      nice work congrats :yay:

    3. dermarx


      Thank you :)

    4. Shera L Greenwood

      Shera L Greenwood

      Well done. :)


      Your not the only one who ascertain both platinum trophy and Trophy 10,000th. :D 

  8. With the closing of the PSN on PSVita, I feel like I have to buy some games and DLCs, which I don't know I will get otherwise. Trails in the Sky for example. Poor Wallet

    1. SnowxSakura


      At least trails is available on steam

  9. Thanks for the reminder, I need to buy this SK DLC before Store is closing
  10. :platinum:#139 Assassin's Creed Unity. Finally finished it, was a little bit frustrating, Controlling was sometimes a little bit broken and Arno didn't run or climb where I wanted him to. Anyway, I have my Birthday plat earned; start the Dead Kings DLC now

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dermarx


      Thank you very much

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz and HappBirthday! 🎂

    4. dermarx


      Thank you

  11. :platinum: #138: Project Cars 3. Took quite some time.
    I liked this game, but I can see why people are complaining about PC3 because it is very different to PC1 and PC2.

  12. Woops, guess a little bit late but happy new year to everyone. Hope this year will be a better one for us.