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  1. It's Friday and it is also FF14 Endwalker Release day. I guess I'll stay in Eorzea the whole weekend and enjoy the new story.
    Enjoy your weekend guys

  2. :platinum: #148 & 149: Robotics;Notes Elite & Robotics;Notes DaSH:

    Finished both Robotics;Notes games, both are very fun. I enjoyed the story of Elite a little bit more then DaSH. Now I need to decide which should be my #150 :awesome:

  3. Can't wait to play this. Also need to buy the Neptunia Virtual Stars game
  4. Looks like we will get a few PSVR Games in the November PS+ lineup:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dermarx


      GuessI got it wrong, since english isn't my mother language. Read a german article which stated the same you sayed. Hope Beat Saber will be available, since I wanted to buy it a few times but didn't.

    3. Arcesius


      I hope for your sake as well that it will be available... It is an incredibly fun game :) Without a doubt the best VR experience I've had so far! 

    4. SnowxSakura


      The bottom 3 were bundled with a lot of the headsets too, I'd imagine they'd pick something else

  5. Woops, looks like I couldn't connect to the forums the last 30 mins. Did anyone had a similar issue or was this an error on my side? :hmm:

    1. CeliiaFleur


      No it’s been down for me too, for at least 30 mins 

    2. zizimonster


      Yeah, me too.