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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums; Nice to meet you. I also like Final Fantasy. If I have to pick my favourite one - which is difficult - I'd choose 8 or 14. Anyway, have fun here; See you around.
  2. It's nice to meet you. Welcome back
  3. Congrats to France for winning the World Cup and also congrats to Croatia. Second is more than most people expected, they should be proud of it

  4. lol, somebody watching France vs. Croatia? Did Griezmann a Fortnite Dance after his goal? :D

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    2. Phil


      World cup still going on? Shits longer than the summer Olympics. 

    3. Nitroman65


      In case some people forgot to see it. 

    4. Satoshi Ookami
  5. There seems to be an issue with the EU-Store. Release is now 18th July for EU-PSN:
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    2. AlchemistWer


      Inside Arland: Totori, you can finish it between 25~30 hours. Dusk: Ayesha is the faster to plat but Escha anf Shallie also are easy. Mystery: any Sophie, Firis or Lydie and Suelle. 

      Rorona and Meruru both need around 50~60 hours in orden to win each trophy, but Meruru need two playthrough and Rorona just one if you, of course, met the requeriments for all endings.

    3. dermarx


      I see. Thank you :)

    4. AlchemistWer
  6. vgp finally shipped my Copy of Shining Resonance. One of the games I'm really hyped about.

    1. ShonenCat


      Looks pretty good ^^

    2. mecharobot


      Mine didn't arrive at day one (because some important guy decided a few years back mail must not be delivered on tuesday's). However if all goes well, I'll finish a plat today and join the hunt tomorrow.

    3. dermarx


      I have to wait 7-10 days until I have my Copy. It's worth the wait

  7. Falcom will share first footage and new Infos on the game in a live stream on July 12 at 8pm JST. The program will contain the first footage of the game, a Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo interview video, and a deep discussion on the game via the Dengeki PlayStation editorial staff. You can watch the stream on YouTube Source
  8. again we get a new Weekend-Deal, this time only EA-Games For example: SIMS 4 for 19,99€ Need for Speed Payback for 19,99€ Burnout Paradise Remastered for 14,99€ Valid until 10th Juli 12:59am I'll add a complete list as soon as I found one online have a nice weekend
  9. Welcome, nice to meet you. I enjoyed Yakuza 0 so far. Should go back and finish the platinum
  10. Happy 4th of July

    1. ShonenCat


      Happy 4th! :yay:

  11. There is the Record of Agarest Series Bundle for 20CAD in sale that's like 15€. Are the Games good? :hmm:  

  12. So, I can't download Heavy Rain because I have Beyond: Two Souls. Does anybody have this issue, too? :hmm:

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    2. Stevieboy


      I'm able to download it from the PS+ store page on my PS4.

    3. dermarx


      Seems like this the issue is fixed.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Store knew it's a shit game :awesome: