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  1. No big surprise, the Vita is dead since 2-3 years now. And there are fewer game releases on the PS Vita (which also get an release on PS4) and far too less exclusives for the Vita. Shamefully, I like the Vita but Sony put not that much effort in the Vita it has deserved.
  2. :platinum: #115 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

    I loved it, awesome JRPG. Put easy 130 Hours into it.


  3. #115 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Cold Steel Conqueror Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 6/10 As the credits roll now for a second time, I finally finished Trails of Cold Steel. Well, the ending get me the second time like it did the first time and I can't wait to start part 2... which is good for me, since I get bored relative easy. Anyway, a solid JRPG with a good story, a surprise ending (no spoilers though) and a gameplay you can enjoy. Not too difficult as well. There are a few Bosses who are a little bit a challange like the last two - three bosses on nightmare, but you can manage it. I put more than 130 Hours into it, enjoyed every single one. Also shoutout to @Leon Hasegawa who made an awesome here so you can't miss anything.
  4. PSA: Kingdom Hearts 3 is 14€ right now on amazon.de . However plan to buy it, now seems to be a good time

    1. dermarx


      However = Whoever. Whoops 😅

  5. [Trails of cold Steel] Almost finished the second playthrough, I'm in the final chapter again. Hope I can finish it by the end of the week.

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    2. Phoenix_argentea


      Tokyo Xanadu is really fun! After plating ToCS I understood how many elements (and references) Falcom took from that series and put it in Xanadu: weapon customization, minigames, link events, characters. I mean, Falcom put the advertisements of their games inside the city shop!:yay:

      But the combat system is action and similar to Ys games. First run on calamity difficulty is a tough challenge!

    3. AndyKazama


      I'd follow a good guide on your Xanadu play 2 to tidy up what you miss. It's not boring , as you need a hard + mode run, just tedious.


      Not a fan of multiple runs and realising I gotta to a Outer World's supernova speed run and party full second run for the plat annoys me (love the game tho)

    4. dermarx


      Good to know. Right now I'm too much into ToCS, so I guess the second one will be the next I'll play... and a little bit Civ VI or NFS Heat if I feel like changing the genre

  6. Trails of cold Steel 3 finally came; was stuck in the customs forever.
  7. Zombie Army Trilogy - Bought it because of my friends recommended it to me. Well, played it for one evening, thought it was boring and never touched it again ever since. Not my kind of game, I guess.
  8. Hello and welcome; nice to meet you.
  9. [Trails of cold Steel] finished my first playthrough. Good story, unexpected ending. Of course I messed up the monsters and the treasure chests so I have to focus on my second playthrough

    1. AlchemistWer


      I'm so happy the first chapter has 3 separate trophy list 😅

    2. Phoenix_argentea


      @dermarx  You're not alone! During my first run I managed to miss a very short hidden sidequest (the one related to the janitor and the school director in chapter 4), two monsters during the chapter 2 (and one noble student during the school battle). :facepalm: Luckily I didn't miss any treasure chest, but the platinum requires two playthroughs, so you need to replay almost everything (especially for the other master Quartz)

      And we have also the turbo mode! B)

    3. dermarx


      Haha, will take some time until I'll repeat everything again :D Going for the platinum though, so I need to be careful not to miss anything and then move on to TocS 2. Don't know when I'll come back to finish the EU-Version

  10. [Need for Speed Heat] Played an hour or so after midnight; it is pretty cool, but they should work on the graphic art a little

  11. Via PSN. Hope it is good
  12. Unpopular Opinion: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Loved it despite the negative Comments for the game. Also count me in for Assassin's Creed. Hope there will be a remastered version coming out like they did with AC3 and Liberation
  13. Well, I already own Nioh and Outlast 2 is certainly not my kind of genre. More time to work on my backlog.
  14. finished and submitted for review
  15. Last of us 2 delayed Well, too bad

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    2. Rewemarkt66


      and while i believe it will be a good game, not always was delaying a game better or helped to fix stuff, at least from what i heard and read. especially if too many delays happen. im optimistic tough, i liked the first game^^

    3. BlazikieronUS


      It looks like they've delayed it because they released they didn't have enough time for everything they wanted. They're making the best game they can, and aren't a trash company like ea or whatever, so they aren't overworking they're employees (making them unhappy) to push out the game. The consumer isn't the only person in the equation, so I don't see why anyone who isn't entitled would complain honestly.

    4. EcoShifter


      They delayed it "so" it has a better chance winning that GOTY award :\ Would have been better for that game to be released 2/21 so that certain other game could have gotten the attention they'll likely deserve and so it'd end up going on sale quicker.

  16. #114 Assassin's Creed Rogue Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 4/10 Finally finished it, had a lot of fun with it. Grinding for all those collectables was - as always - a pain in the ass. Getting 100% in all sequences was sometimes a little bit difficult. The Guide here was very helpful so thanks for that.
  17. :platinum:#114 Assassin's Creed Rogue: Finally finished it, enjoyed it very much. But as always too much grind to get all the collectables.

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    2. dermarx


      Thank you.

      Yeah it was different with the ship but enjoyable

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  18. I made a trophy guide for Hyperdimension Neptunia PP in german for a different website, so I start to translate it this weekend and publish it here, too.
  19. I start to write a guide for Hyperdimension Neptunia PP, made one in german so it is basically translating it.
  20. #113 Song of Memories Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 1/10 (it's an easy VN after all) Finished Song of Memories, read the whole story. It was fun to read, but the story was also dark, and you can't save every character, so there is no Happy End. But if you are into VNs you should defenitelly check this out.
  21. :platinum:#113 Song of Memories. A beautiful but dark VN which was fun to read.

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    2. dermarx



      @AlchemistWer It is more a normal VN, you have to fight a little bit, but except the tutorial you can skip those fights. Also there is a guide here so it is pretty easy to finish

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  22. My latest purchases: Death End ReQuest and Date a Live from the Big in Japan Sale and Tomb Raider is Deal of the Week.