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  1. Forgot to mention this, but if someone adds you on this profile. Please delete them or do not accept their friend request as my account got hacked. I sadly was not able to get it back from two chat sessions with playstation support. If i ever do get it back i will post here.

    1. goman21


      You mean your PSN account?

    2. damian103ea
    3. MidnightDragon


      Damn, man. Sorry to hear. :(

  2. The panels dont rotate on my screen though
  3. Yay! Got my first plat!

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    2. ee28max


      Nice work! :yay: More platinums to come with the help of this site! 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! How was Needle Point, aka the race from hell? :/ 

    4. damian103ea


      It was hell, at least i didnt do it with the veyron which is nearly impossible :P

  4. Well, this game is so glitchy i cant even get past the second chapter. In the second chapter after you steal the memory of some architect girl theres a large billboard you have to go across and you can fall down to a lower level on it. Well i keep falling down, even if i jump on there and dont touch my controller which makes the game unplayable. Well, this was a shit experience and completely ruined the game for me. Glad i didnt pay real money for this and got it for free from a gameshare.
  5. I just downloaded remember me and when any character is talking theyre not moving their mouth, it looks quite funny and wanted to know if its a common occurrence
  6. Finally decided to do it. Had some problems along the way but the game works fine now! And everything i earned is gone as well!
  7. Grand Theft Auto V Stick Up Kid GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores
  8. I will most likely be buying Xbox One this year. Maybe i'll sell my PS3 and buy a PS4 next year so that if there's any good exclusives on the PS4 (which there is some already) i can play them as well. The only annoying thing on Xbox is the controller but i can get used to it.
  9. I've made too many mistakes to count in games, but this is one of my larger ones. In Gta online and the prison break heist, i had been trying to finish it with randoms for 3 months until, we finally got to the beach. It was the farthest i had ever gotten and when parachuting down i.... hit the cliff and died. Everyone rage quit after that and i still can't beat the heist. That was the most painful moment of 2016 for me.
  10. damian103ea. I don't have any gamerscore yet but i'm buying an Xbox One soon
  11. One one hand the PS4 has Uncharted, The Last Of Us and The Last Guardian. But on the other hand Xbox has Forza Horizon 1,2 and 3. And also had Sunset Overdrive. I've thinking of buying an Xbox One because more of my friends have it but, what do you think?
  12. This is a cry for help but also a warning for people. I played the international b tournament to advance to international a. I finished 1st in four of the races but finished 4th in one race meaning i had the same amount of points as the person in first place. I was ranked second on the tournament leaderboard at the end (although i had the same amount of points as the person in first.). It said i won the championship. After i clicked continue i got a black screen. Now everytime i try and access international b i get a black screen and i have to restart my game. Is there any known fix or will i have to start over? UPDATE: I have checked and i turns out i can't access any class from the main story as it too gives me a black screen.
  13. I guess i'll post mine as well You joined PSN on 20 September 2015 Hours of online play clocked up: 2 Putting you in the top 79% The game you've put the most hours into: Grand Theft Auto V With your total hours tallied at 259 ( wow... pretty suprised there.) In 2016 you really got into : Grand Theft Auto V (definetly not, i ended up hating it) Time spent in the game : 166 Your torphy cabinet : 0:platinum: 3:gold: 54:silver: 339:bronze: ( not suprised there) That puts you in the top 16% (Wait... WHAT!?) Your rarest trophy: Corpse Killer Number of players you share this trophy with : 2787 Number of games in your digital library: 18 Of all the games on PS Store that's only 1%