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  1. Very easy list. Some of the longshot ones are missable thou. (given you can start a new longshot to get them)
  2. Purchased a 500gb ps3 today to try tidy up some of my poor ratings. 

    1. zzJACKEDBEASTzz


      only 276 games to 100 percent lol

    2. Jc_Nz


      Haha id love to say that will happen but we both know it won't 


  3. #24 Life is Strange. Found the first 3 eps slow but boy does it pick up

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! :yay:

    2. DamagingRob
    3. PooPooBlast


      Congrats!  made it my 75th btw :)

      Lol though I'm The opposite. I found the first few episodes better. Overall though it was a great game. 

  4. Plat 23: Madden 17 

    Finally ticking some backlog off!

  5. 20th Plat Ghost recon Wildlands. And also puts me over 30% completion. Chuuuuuuur

  6. My highest trophy count for a single month is 210, i currently have 105 this month... 7 days to get 106 trophies? 

    1. starcrunch061


      Need to plat Sound Shapes? With the 100%, that's well over 130.

  7. Finally got my 4000th trophy! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ruffedgz




    3. DamagingRob
    4. Hemiak


      Grats, and this might be the dad in me talking, but why isn't that kid in a car seat? 

  8. Needing some people to fill out an operations game in Battlefield 1 so we can get the trophy. PLEASE....

  9. LOVE being able to move games to my external hard drive! About time!

  10. Well this isn't very frustrating then is it! Just spent hours wondering why i wasn't have these pop. Fml
  11. Back grinding trophies after a wee break! Hoping to get 32% completion this week :huh:

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Nice, good luck and take your time, don't rush! :D 

  12. 0 Portugal vs France 2
  13. Wednesday 6th july 8pm Portugal 0 vs Wales 2 Thursday 7th July 8pm Germany 1 vs France 2