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  1. I had a similar issue - I actually got my first Dark Matter by evolving the Mel Daniels domination reward from opal to DM. The trophy didn't pop. I then backed out to the main menu, and when i re-entered myteam the trophy popped immediately. I didn't close the game at any point from evolving the card to backing out of the mode and re-entering, so I am not sure if this would cause issues.
  2. Andrea9281 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided I played the game to completion and, like many people, Foxiest of the Hounds glitched on me. I made saves throughout the playthrough to go back if this happened. It has been a long time and many games ago, but best I can remember this happened: I did the killswitch trophy on Marchenko for "Laputan Machine" trophy. This trophy cannot be combined with "Pacifist," so I thought it best to reload save after doing it so that I could try to get both Pacifist and Foxiest trophies. I played the game out to completion, received pacifist for not using killswitch, and killing no enemies elsewhere, but did not receive Foxiest. I researched and saw this solution on true achievements, and reloaded my Killswitch file. Used this on Marchenko, finished the game this time, and trophy popped.
  3. This post on reddit indicates that weekend league for FIFA 19 has been re-opened and you will be able to register for it until the year 2030. This should make the trophy attainable by practically everyone who wants it. I don't have the game anymore myself, but if someone is able to test it and confirm the trophy pops as it should that would be very useful information!
  4. Been awhile since I posted, here's the prepared information for all the games I've done since my last post: Last of Us: 41% Grounded Mode DLC: 0% FIFA 20: 64% Payday: The Heist: 73% Payday: The Heist Wolf Pack DLC: 84% Everything else was unprepared.
  5. Just wanted to document the competitive multiplayer for this title as there is almost no information about it anywhere on the internet. Required Number of Players: You need 8 consoles to start, no more and no less. You must play in ranked mode for trophies to count. The Modes: There are two modes associated with ranked multiplayer, each lasts four minutes. It is RNG which one you will get for a particular game. One mode gives you points for killing opponents and throwing them into grinders that are located around the middle of each map. The red team wants to get the targets in blue team grinders and vice versa. The second mode awards points for pushing (with your gun) balls into the grinders, and also throwing opponents into grinders (but no points for just killing them.) You definitely want the first mode, but the second one can work well enough that it's not worth quitting the match if it pops up. Matchmaking: Pretty simple. Make sure everyone is set to the same matchmaking region (the game asks your preferences the first time you log in, but you can also configure it in options.) The game is quite dead, with us encountering just one random the entire time, so you should be fine to set it to whatever region is most convenient for your team. Once you are in a lobby you will see a number at the top of your screen indicating how many people are in the lobby. You can then press the options button to see their names. From this menu you can also press triangle to invite friends into the lobby. This is a good method to work around potential connection issues, and also prevent the matchmaking from doing something dumb (we had situations where players were divided into lobbies of 1 or 2, instead of them all combining to one lobby of 8.) You cannot party before searching for a lobby in ranked, you can only invite once the lobby has been opened. Trophies: There are six trophies associated with ranked mode. I won't go into detail for all these but will instead combine them into four distinct actions you must do to complete them all. 1.) Kill the referee. The referee stays around the centre of the arena and has a video camera on his head. Very easy to kill with any weapon. 2.) Toss an ally into the opponent's grinder. For this, someone on the other team must kill one of your allies (preferably close to the opponent team's grinder.) Now press circle (default) to pick up your fallen ally, get closer to the grinder, and toss them in with circle. You have a limited time to complete this action, about six seconds, so make sure you aren't wasting time and that your ally is relatively close to the grinder when they are downed. 3.) 40k team score. Have one player per team work on killing to pick up the other two score related trophies in the process (40k team score will pop for everyone the first time any player achieves it.) There's no secret to killing here, it's a classic boost scenario. Shoot enemies with the weapon of your choice, preferably close to their grinders, then throw them in once they are downed. You get 2000 points for a kill, 1000 for a grinder toss. For more efficiency, consider designating a booster on both teams. These two do not kill each other, and instead focus on killing only the three other enemies. This way, everyone in the game is active in doing something (killing or boosting) and you are potentially halving your total number of rounds required. Clearing 40k and the other score trophies will not be an issue even if you only have three players to kill per team. If you encounter the mode with balls to score instead of kills, don't bother killing. Instead move the balls in and especially make sure you score the golden ball when it appears. You won't be able to get all three trophies in this mode and with this method, but it will give you carnage coins and probably enable you to get 40k team score at least. This mode is tougher to divide, and probably better to just stick to one player earning the points here. 4.) Repeat step 3 until you have 10,000 carnage coins. Depending on how well you do, one four minute round can get you close to 5k coins, so this could take just one additional round of boosting. Time to complete: We had 9 players needing this boost (so we had to have one wait for another to finish and drop out of the lobby) and it took us just over 2.5 hours to get all 9 done, with a few connection drops impeding progress by perhaps 20 minutes in total. Averaging it out, you can expect 15-20 minutes per player, so if you have more alts the boost will take even less time than this. Miscellaneous Information: When you first boot up the game, there is a short (7-10 minutes) tutorial. It's not too intrusive and gives good information on the game that will help with your boost and of course the platinum overall, so it's worth playing it out on your first console. If you are running multiple PS4s, this can be skipped by having another player invite the alt into a ranked lobby. After accepting, will automatically join it, cancelling the tutorial. There appears to be no region lock. We had players from three continents in the same lobby without issue. There is no idle kick, but after each game is finished you need to click through a few screens with your alt to confirm that they stay in the game. If they don't confirm the prompts quickly enough, they are kicked and must rejoin. Teams are randomised at the start of each game. This isn't really a huge problem because the trophies are so short, but it's something to keep in mind if you are trying to have two boosters, one on each team. What we did was designate one primary booster prior to starting the match, then designated the second booster based on who was on which team. We selected a player on the opposite team of primary, and typically the one who had the fewest carnage coins at the time or who hadn't played in the longest span of time.
  6. @LETSGOBOWLING24 It's back up again and has been for about the past two hours. Just finished the Warlord glitch yesterday when servers went down...26/27 weapons done. Checked this morning and match creation was fixed, played enough to finish off weapons and put this awful grind behind me!
  7. UR Platinum 152: Syndicate Prepared percentage: 14% on 1 June I thought this game was great fun and somewhat of an overlooked gem from PS3 era. The co-op experience is excellent, especially with a full group, and the single player campaign is interesting enough, if a little on the short side. In terms of trophies it is definitely more of a grind than skill-based, though some of the CEO rankings on hard mode require a bit of expertise with the game.
  8. This is why I say to start with either the finals spotlight sims, OR the all-time spotlight sims that were released today. These two variants have no player requirements, while like you mention the current and historic sets do have gradually increasing requirements (from 3 players in game 1 to 10 players in game 5.)
  9. Lots of plats for me tonight with a few more coming soon, so here's the info on each of the plats I have popped and potentially will pop in the next 24 hours: Prepared percentage prior to 1 June (all others at 0%): Female protagonists: Most of these games were tolerable, but nothing special. Wipeout 2 was actually a fun and not especially challenging UR that I would suggest to everyone (who still has a PS3, lol.) No online boost and a sub-10 hour plat is tough to find among URs. NBA 2k20 is going to see a big rarity plunge with it going free to PS+ in a few days, but unfortunately it won't help much because of the fact that I had all but one trophy done prior to the start of the month.
  10. @jemmie Congrats on an epic blindside! Takes me back to the first competition I competed in with you: THTL season 1, where I did much the same mind games to blindside CJ and make it to the finals. Of course, I didn't end up winning that finals and you won't win this, but that is still one of my favourite memories of a competition. It's satisfying to be the underdog and pull off a stunning upset, and I hope you enjoy it for what it's worth Since I'm sure you'll be retiring on this high note (and I may just do the same) I will just say that it has been a lot of fun competing with you over the years. I regret the stupid drama that happened and my role in it, but I still look back fondly on running and planning events with you. You're good at the mind games and always kept me on my toes, even if I don't think you ever actually pulled a win on me. Maybe when we both un-retire at some point 😉
  11. Excited to see how much lower this will go as a result of PS+ next month. I had a good time with it but not sure that I will be coming back for 2k21.
  12. The existence of packs definitely is gambling to me, and they have other lower stakes things like the weekly spin wheel and ball drops after triple threat offline/for locker codes. Starting this no money spent in July of 2020, I would suggest the following: Make spotlight sims your priority, particularly the all-time and finals sims because these have no player requirements (current and historic require 10 players per team on your roster to complete.) Some people would suggest domination, and that's definitely worth doing at some point, but the MT and token rewards are far superior in the spotlight sims, and you'll want to accumulate MT fast. You also get some outstanding free cards through this grind, including a Larry Bird that has 99 in all stats and enough additional galaxy opal players to build an incredible team. Use the MT from all-time and finals sims to prioritise building rosters that can do historic and current spotlight sims. You need to have 10 players per team, doesn't matter what value or set they are from, which means you should pick three of your best players to be your permanent fixtures, then find 10 cheap cards to compliment them. This way you can continue the offline grind while also building your collection. You might see some of the teams in this mode and find it to be daunting, particularly for your starter team. Luckily there is cheese available to help in the form of the Nets Playbook. A play you can run through that will guarantee you score almost 100% of the time, regardless of your skill level with the game. Here's a good video outlining how to set this up: After you have finished spotlight sims, go back and play domination. All the cards in this mode are outdated now, but they still count toward collector level. You get something like 300 cards for completing this mode + several hundred tokens and perhaps a couple hundred thousand MT. Don't bother with the unlimited multiplayer mode or triple threat offline. Triple threat online can be good if you are an expert at it, but it takes a really good squad to compete and time to master that in my opinion is better spent on the dom/spotlight grind. As you are earning MT from spotlight sims, invest it into the market. Your priority here should be cards from premium sets - I would buy any for under 3k, but start with those you can find at or around 1k (should be plenty to choose from.) I suggest these over trying to get a bunch of current series players because 1.) these cards are far more usable than any current series set - you can find some cards that would've been day 1 gods for like 1.5k now and 2.) we don't yet know what cards will be attainable through packs when 2k stops updating the game. Current series will always be oversaturated in the market, but random premium cards could become scarce and see their value inflate. If/when new super packs are released, priortise these cards. Super packs always mean market crash, particularly for the lower end cards in the collection. As you are playing you will also accumulate tokens. These tokens should be redeemed in the market for ALL emerald, sapphire, and ruby cards to give you a quick boost to collection. After this, it is best to start using the tokens to rip "Lights out" packs in the market instead of acquiring more exclusive players. 30 tokens is simply not worth it for 1 amythest player, when you could rip 5 packs for that price. These packs will almost never give you anything truly good, but we don't care about that - you will be picking up a lot of cards you don't have, AND you will quick sell those you do have to acquire easy MT. In this way, you are efficiently converting your tokens to MT and cards.
  13. Give me 5 days 😉
  14. Have you been able to get the trophies for unlocking other racers after doing this? Such as Teemto in the second race or Fud Sang in the Oovo IV one. I was able to get trophies for winning races with cheats enabled - they don't disable everything, they just seemingly prevent you from getting the racer-related trophies because the game doesn't play the cutscene of the podracer being moved into your garage after you defeat the character. @Avatar_Of_Battle When I tested this I deleted my entire save file from the PS4 menu to be sure I could earn the trophies. I'm not sure if just deleting the one profile would be sufficient. I think the trophy pop is tied to the cutscene so if you were still able to get that on a second profile it might work.
  15. No difficulty options of any sort. I think the controls for this are pretty good. I have played only Jedi Outcast so far and found it so clunky that I lost motivation to finish it (maybe someday...) but the controls here are responsive enough, especially when you upgrade turning. It's certainly not the smoothest racing game on the market, but it's far from a frustrating experience too. Another thing to note for anyone starting this over the next few days: Don't input the cheat codes to unlock the Cy Yunga and Jinn Reeso characters until after you have beaten the entire game and earned the trophy for unlocking the other individual characters. I tested this and inputting the cheat code unlocks all racers instantly now. Beating the original race that would normally unlock a certain racer does not award the trophy if you have previously unlocked them via cheat codes, so you would need to create a new save and play through all the races again.