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  1. Lots of the usual copy and paste FIFA stuff, but it seems they have added a lot more to FUT mode. Assuming VOLTA is as easy to level up as last year, and not as brutal as in 20, there should only be two potentially difficult trophies on the list. Specifically, the "point to prove" (for making it to the FUT champions play-offs) and "true grit" (for reaching milestone 1 in division rivals) trophies could be plat breakers for most people, depending on what these features look like. Both are likely to take many games, meaning boosting that was possible for division/FUT draft trophies in earlier FIFAs may no longer be realistic this year. Even if these end up not being as challenging as I fear, I don't think there's any argument for this plat as easier than FIFA 18, at least. That title required a minimal amount of online play and was rather quick to complete too.
  2. Every other game in the mode has a minimum MT requirement. In the menu when you are choosing what difficulty to play on, it says something like "Win the game and earn X MT to unlock Y Reward." The last three games in a set typically have a higher MT requirement than the rest, with the final game having the highest requirement of them all. Try making sure you attempt at least 10 free throws and 5 3pt shots. Also play up-tempo to give yourself more chances to score, and try to assist on most of your baskets.
  3. I am hard at work on the NBA 2k22 trophy guide for PS4 but thought I would share a boost method that I just used to help me become the first person on the site to earn this trophy for PS4! Note that I did the entire boost on PS4, I am not sure how different this would be for PS5. I am also unsure about if the trophies will auto-pop when you move to a different generation. It looks like your season win/loss progress does save, so there is a chance it will. I will test this at some point to confirm. What you will need: 2 consoles (or 1 console and a helpful friend) A couple alt accounts, just in case Ability to be online late at night/early in the morning This trophy requires you to give up 75 points or fewer across a total of 10 games. This gives you some margin for error while boosting this trophy - you can connect with the wrong player 3 times, lose the game (adding 21 points to your total,) and still pop the trophy! The Method: 1.) Both accounts use gold coach + 3 low overall (71 or 72) gold players. For my main, I used Eduardo Najera, Ben McLemore, and Ryan Hollins. The alt I used for most of the games had Nate Robinson, Kurt Rambis, and Darko Milicic. 2.) Wake up or stay up until a very low activity time in your local time zone. I woke up at around 4:45am and finished at 6:15. It's even better if you can do it on a weekday as opposed to the weekend or a holiday. This is vital so that you avoid most other human players who will try to spoil your run. 3.) Get your accounts ready to search. Always have your alt account search first! You should have the alt search, then about 1 second later start searching with your main. When I started doing this method, my main NEVER matched with a random since my alt would always pick up the first random. If you see your alt find a match, quickly press circle with your main in order to cancel its matchmaking. 4.) When your accounts have matched up, play out the entire match. This should be easy and quick since you are controlling both players. You don't want to just quit out with the alt, because quitting can cause the game to register as a loss for your main, adding 21 points against your total. Every couple of games, I did allow the alt team to score a single basket. This probably had no effect, but the rationale was that it might help with matchmaking and wouldn't harm my run in any meaningful way - it added so few points that I still had 3 losses as my margin for error. 5.) When the game is over, re-queue and repeat. You need to successfully connect 7 times in the 10 games, but you can connect extra times if you would like to earn some of the better rewards on the board. I matched the alt for an 8th game and won the diamond Gus Gerard! Additional Notes: About halfway through the run, I started having trouble connecting to the alt account. The alt would constantly pick up a random. When this happened, I swapped to a different alt account and that seemed to mostly solve the issue. Therefore, it is worth starting a MyTeam account with 1 or 2 additional alts just in case you need to use them during this boost. If you find a friend who can actually boost at such a weird time of the day, you can try the method if you do not have 2 consoles. However if your time zones are dramatically different it may not work. It also may not work if you are too far apart within the same timezone. Having your alt as a PSN friend does not seem to impact the ability to matchmake. Both alts I used were friends of my main. I made sure to win the final game of the 10 even though I didn't need to. Theoretically you could get away with losing the last game as long as you still had more than 46 points left to concede, but I wouldn't risk it. If you are comfortable with taking the risk, absolutely make sure to play the game out without quitting or dashboarding. The trophy popped for me right as the game ended. If you quit before that happens, it could cause it to glitch out. When my alt did run into randoms, I let it stay in the game for a minute to assess who I was playing. About 75% of the time, it was a bot running 3 centres and using a macro to move up and down the court. Bots are easy to distinguish because they run lineups like this, always do the same thing on offense, and play no defense with their user-controlled players. They also typically have the auto-generated PSN usernames consisting of two random words separated by a hyphen, with a number at the end of the name. If your main does run into one of these accounts it could be worth playing out the match. You can probably win conceding fewer than 10 points, which will keep your margin for error intact at 3 games.
  4. Unknown. The last trophy that had an issue like this was 2k20's "One-Man Show" for scoring or assisting on half of your team's points in a single game. That trophy did not auto-pop after being fixed. However, since this trophy is tied to career progression instead of a single game, and your draft position is always viewable on your player card, I suppose there is at least a chance that it will auto-pop when fixed. I would expect to have to play as a new character though. If you haven't started the mode, just play up until you are about to get drafted. You do need a second partial playthrough of mycareer anyways on PS5 (to get the G-league championship,) so you could always just keep playing with your current save to get the other trophies, then when it is fixed aim to get Belle of the Ball while you play the g-league path.
  5. I put in a bug report on 2k's site and on the official sub-reddit. You should do the same, if you have time In 2k20 a trophy was broken for about 3 months after launch before they fixed it. The more attention we raise, and the sooner we do it, the better chance we have of getting it fixed. Since you've played a bit of career mode, what are the "fashion icon" and "music mogul" trophies like? Looks like those are the only ones people haven't unlocked yet besides the glitched "belle" and time-gated "unicorn" + "gemologist" myteam trophies, so I am curious how bad the grind is/what it entails.
  6. Has anyone tried getting into lobbies with bots in triple threat this year? Last year I played a lot of triple threat online for fun, and I would run one emerald + 2 bronzes. About 80% of the time I would run into a bot that would just do the same predictable play every time, meaning I won a lot of games 21-0 or 21-3. The rest of the time it was usually fellow cheesers that I could easily beat, albeit not so decisively. If that method again works for this year, I think this trophy won't be bad at all. I don't have the game yet so can't check I definitely do not expect to see bots in draft mode so that trophy will still pose a challenge to newer players.
  7. They posted a dev blog explaining draft mode - your team is eliminated after 3 losses OR 10 wins. So unless the trophy description is wrong you will be able to go 10-2 and still get the trophy. No indication on whether or not there will be an offline draft mode as well. FIFA has the option for both online and offline draft, but I haven't seen for 2k yet. The holo cards will indeed be interesting. I would not necessarily expect reward cards to have a chance at being holo - that would add nothing to auctions and would not incentivize people to open packs. I do however think that at some point in the year 2k will have locker codes that have a guaranteed holo player. Even if it's a guaranteed trash player like 2k usually gives with their codes, that suits our purposes just fine. Same situation for getting a card graded a perfect 10 - I would be surprised if reward cards can qualify for that, but of course we shall soon see. If not, punching in locker codes will be even more important this year for no money spent players like myself.
  8. We're finally back to a hard 2k platinum! The two stand-outs are "This Is Sparta" and "Lottery." The former will probably be the plat breaker - you need to play 3 v 3 online which are games to 21 points, giving up an average of 7.5 points per game. If scoring is anything like it was on 2k21 this is going to be virtually impossible - even playing good defense, the opponent would still get bailed out often enough with lucky makes. The only saving grace for most people is if they retain the overall-based matchmaking from 2k21 and you can play with a low rated team and match up with bots a lot. If that's the case it won't be bad. Lottery will require you to win 10 games before you lose 3. On one hand this is a lot more margin for error than "This is Sparta," but on the other there will almost certainly be zero bots in this mode, since you will have to pay MT to get in, and the games will be much longer. The PS4 list is even worse - you have the same two difficult trophies + the requirement to fully max out your player's stats and badges in the mycareer mode. This is every bit as grindy, and much more boring, than doing the collector trophy in 2k20.
  9. If you plan to start on 2k21, do so in the next two weeks. There are at least three trophies with a strong chance of becoming unobtainable two weeks from now: Bling Bling (earn a season ring from any season in myteam) Welcome to the next level (level up during any season in myteam) Weekend warrior (win 5 limited games in myteam) This current season is confirmed to be the last, and there are just two more limited weekends. The trophies haven't been confirmed to become unobtainable after this season ends - they could do some sort of infinite season/limited mode for people to continue earning these - but I would not count on that, and would absolutely do these as quickly as possible.
  10. You can cheese the requirements by running one of the Ruby or lower Lebron/Michael Jordan cards. Then you can pick any card from any tier to use in the lineup, instead of using a higher level Lebron/Jordan
  11. I'm 8 games completed and on the 5th board (I am just doing two per tier in order to get a look at them all faster.) So far it's a mix of really easy and really hard. The easier games are actually simpler than anything in mystery dom as you play a bunch of clampsless cards. Harder ones are far more difficult than most/all of mystery dom. A few invincible cards thrown in, even. I'm on current gen so it's still easy to cheese them. Closest game I've had was a win by 8, but I kept it close on purpose to get some free throws at the end for the 10 minimum. Most games have been 20+ margins. It's derived from both premium and reward sets, like the level 40 rewards and out of position to use a couple examples. Below is the link to my livestream where I am trying for first achiever
  12. Lots of free dark matters to earn with the All-Time Spotlight Sims challenges released yesterday. These are definitely the hardest challenges I've seen from 2k overall, but there are still some that are quite manageable and will help you get ready for the final domination. DM Terry Dischinger in particular is a must get. You have to win a game of triple threat 23-20, essentially, using any of your players. This isn't bad at all as long as you bait them into scoring the 20. I have every season reward card dating back to Season 3 and he's easily better than all of them except maybe Luka. I would also suggest DM Cam Reddish and DM Eddy Curry. Curry's challenge is quite easy as you need 200 points on rookie difficulty with 6 minute quarters. Spam 3s, deliberately play no defense so that the opponent gives the ball back, and you should get it easily. Reddish you need to prevent any single player on a team of Kobe + bronzes from scoring 10 points in a 20 minute game. There's lots of strategy you can use here - intentionally foul players who don't have a lot of points, double team Kobe with different players each possession so that you're varying which bronze is wide open, wasting as much clock as you can before scoring - and the reward is a fantastic SG that should be more than good enough for your final domination squads
  13. I had a similar issue - I actually got my first Dark Matter by evolving the Mel Daniels domination reward from opal to DM. The trophy didn't pop. I then backed out to the main menu, and when i re-entered myteam the trophy popped immediately. I didn't close the game at any point from evolving the card to backing out of the mode and re-entering, so I am not sure if this would cause issues.
  14. This post on reddit indicates that weekend league for FIFA 19 has been re-opened and you will be able to register for it until the year 2030. This should make the trophy attainable by practically everyone who wants it. I don't have the game anymore myself, but if someone is able to test it and confirm the trophy pops as it should that would be very useful information!
  15. Been awhile since I posted, here's the prepared information for all the games I've done since my last post: Last of Us: 41% Grounded Mode DLC: 0% FIFA 20: 64% Payday: The Heist: 73% Payday: The Heist Wolf Pack DLC: 84% Everything else was unprepared.