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    Games games and more games!
    Not bothering going out to the shit outside world unless abslutely needed.
    Not interacting with people, people for the most part are shit full of their own self importance, this day and age more than ever!
    One day having my own island surrounded by cats, dogs and any other animals I can rescue. I like animals alot more than most people.

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  1. Yes and no lol. I always make sure I grab them when they are available so I have them in the library to download when I want to play them, but the amount that I have in there still untouched is now beyond a joke..... And the worst part is that its games I buy too lol.
  2. Deus Ex: A Man Divided
  3. The wolf among us. Easy telltale plat but one of the best!
  4. Resident evil 5
  5. Very sweet and colourful but nicely badass looking also! I love it! A solid 10/10
  6. Resident Evil Code Veronica X
  7. Street Fighter V
  8. Infamous First Light
  9. One of his all time best games is Detroit Become Human. A very good choice it is too!
  10. Blazblue Calamity Trigger
  11. Table Top World Racing Tour. One of the more annoying racers
  12. Payday 2
  13. Setting up drive club on a certain hot lap track to continually earn xp for me while I just went and did anything else other than play the game because it bored the shit out of me. Why I decided to to buy all the dlc for it I will never know!
  14. Watchdogs. One of those games I've been meaning to go back to for years now....
  15. Hardware Rivals. A very boring grind in the end