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    Not bothering going out to the shit outside world unless abslutely needed.
    Not interacting with people, people for the most part are shit full of their own self importance, this day and age more than ever!
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  1. There is no way I will ever have a 100% completeion rate on my profile as I've had it for over 10 years and there are tonnes of games that were played years ago before I even got into trophy hunting which I don't ever have any intention of going back to. Even the trophy hunting itself I've been having a long break from for a while now and i have to say I'm enjoying my gaming alot more as a result. I'll probably start hunting again one day in the future but I just got that burnt out feeling for a while and though yea, bollocks to this! There are many times I've thought it would be oh so sweet to have a 100% profile but if anything I imagine its way more stress than its worth. Each to their own but it really doesn't bear thinking about constantly going over any game with a fine tooth comb that you can guarantee get that 100% to maintain it. I'd rather just play whatever I want whenever I want without having to worry or stress over it. Gaming has always been my favourite past time and I never want it to become something that is no longer enjoyable.
  2. Just met all the requirements. Repaired the last 2 generators with everyone dead and opened the gate escaping. No trophy 😡 Seriously if they are going to keep coming up with these fuck annoying trophies at least do it right so they don't turn into a glitch shit fest!
  3. Resistance 2
  4. Stardew valley
  5. Furi. Game did nothing for me
  6. DOUBLE TROUBLE SAVE TWO CLONES IN THE LEVEL OBLIVION IN SINGLE PLAYER 65 achievers 58,363 owners 0.11% ultra rare
  7. Platinum 700 DETROIT MASTER Collected all trophies! That game is a masterpiece. I bought it about 2 weeks before it was announced as a ps plus free game but I wasn't even mad. I'm more than happy to pay for a good game, and that is truly one of the best games I've played in years! It's one hell of a powerful emotional game that had all the hairs on the back of my neck standing up on alot of occasions. Difficulty 2 Enjoyment 10
  8. Same here haha! I found it a really fun little game. As soon as I found out there was a vita version I was all over that, I shan't lie I was filled with joy not having to do the entire game in one run like the PS4 version again. You should deffo go back to the first one at some point for sure 👍😄 I found out earlier this year that the JP version on PS3 had a seperate trophy list. My GOTY right there was that lols.
  9. Rayman Legends
  10. So Alone In a public match, repair the generator in Underground Complex's isolation room and escape.
  11. I'll give anything a good go, but if the game reaches the point of becoming an annoying chore I'll more than likely just leave it. If its no fun i just don't see the point. There are a good few games I've done in the past and soldiered on to get the plat done while not having any fun whatsoever and at the end of it I'm just there like....... Well I'm an idiot!
  12. Oh Sir The Insult Simulator. Anyone that knows, KNOWS!
  13. Seeing as you are pretty much up to speed with every game might I suggest enriching your profile with some Bioshock
  14. The PS4 version is quite the challenge alight, took me a good month to get the fireproof trophy nailing the perfect run. Such a buzz though lol. The vita version on the other hand is cake with a still fairly decent UR plat
  15. It really doesn't bother me that much and never has. Don't get me wrong it would be a boss feeling having a 100% completion but I imagine it would cause more stress if anything with constantly having to worry if you can definitely get the next game done and always having to fear playing any game you like just randomly. I'd rather just play what I want with no stress or worries 👍 playing for fun and enjoyment is what it's always been about for me. I'd never want my favourite past time to feel like work.