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    Games games and more games!
    Not bothering going out to the shit outside world unless abslutely needed.
    Not interacting with people, people for the most part are shit full of their own self importance, this day and age more than ever!
    One day having my own island surrounded by cats, dogs and any other animals I can rescue. I like animals alot more than most people.

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  1. Deadpool
  2. Lots of decent ones to choose from but I'll go with trackmania turbo
  3. Dead by daylight additional chapters with base game
  4. Battlefield 1 and congrats on the oh sir the insult simulator plat I know how much of a bitch that is! Payday
  5. Enjoys a challenging game
  6. Far cry primal
  7. Bioshock 2
  8. Truly skilled gamer
  9. Resistance 2
  10. Bugsnax
  11. Dead by daylight. Fun plat with lots of ultra rare trophies to bag
  12. Injustice gods among us. I hear it's a long grind and a pain in the ass
  13. Likes their ultra rare silvers and final fantasy
  14. Loves little big planet
  15. Crash bandicoot