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    Games games and more games!
    Not bothering going out to the shit outside world unless abslutely needed.
    Not interacting with people, people for the most part are shit full of their own self importance, this day and age more than ever!
    One day having my own island surrounded by cats, dogs and any other animals I can rescue. I like animals alot more than most people.

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  1. A waist of time is when you chain a load of watches together and wear them as a belt BTW 👍
  2. Master of the shooters
  3. Lego DC super villains
  4. The do indeed, I can confirm I played with pengy last night for hours and had tonnes of trophies popping
  5. Drifter - Drift 15 times in a row during a race
  6. No idea how to do it so I'll just say Bioshock lol
  7. Destroyer of souls
  8. Shadwen
  9. Oh my shittinghell YES! Game has just landed I didnt think it was here until tomorrow! I am more excited than a fat kid on christmas day with 10 selection boxes of chocolate!!!!! 😆 And now to think of an excuse to gome home sick from work 👍
  10. Driveclub. One of the most boring drive games I've ever played. Like an idiot I bought the season pass and all the dlcs after the plat. Its that boring and dull I just had no motivation to ever go back to it and deleted it. Waste of money lol, I just hope they don't release more of the same shite for it
  11. Driveclub. Its shit!
  12. Oh Sir the insult simulator 1 week 4 days 2.91% UR I don't ever want to see that foul game or any others like it ever again!
  13. If you plat it once then play the other NA/EU version most of the trophies auto pop I feel I earned it lol I'll take dead rising from SigmaCloud
  14. Overwatch
  15. Spiderman