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  1. I got the disc when it released and still have it now. Really enjoyable game. Doesn't bother me at all having to re dl and install for even more content. If only all devs would take a leaf out of their book! Can't believe anyone moans about this....
  2. Big congrats to all the winners and thanks much to everyone that put this together along with all the work behind it, and everyone that were good enough to supply the prizes! Its been a hell of a lot of fun reading all the quotes and brings back some fine gaming memories
  3. Nice stats dude! I'm jealous of your rank. If I didnt work so much I'd be better!

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    2. RoxasOnFire


      Hahaha I shall try, sir.

    3. MIKEY-L-666


      Thanks man! Hating people in general and the outside world helps alot haha

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      Truest thing I've heard all day. 

  4. Mother Russia bleeds. One really tough plat by all accounts. Nice!
  5. Plat 415 Jak X combat racing King of the Road Unlock all trophies Seriously, one really shit game! The controls are an absolute joke. If you upgrade any car it makes it even worse. The ai is cheap and you spend most of the time trying to get the car right again after is just randomly drives into a wall or explodes off the slightest hit on a wall when you are not being taken out by the shitty ai. This one is definitely up there among the most shittest games I've ever played! A chore to finish, I would have never even started it had I known how bad it was. Its doable but annoying beyond belief. What a horrible fuck awful game. BE GONE from my HD you vile fiend
  6. Jak X combat racing. Wow is this game shit! Got it with the bundle and started it after doing the others. Wish I never did
  7. Oh my goodness this game is shit! I wouldn't have even started it if I'd known how bad it was. I'll just get the odd hour a day in if I can even manage that as its a chore to play and will be an even bigger chore to finish it. One question I have it how the hell do select the cars view!? It randomly changes the view when starting a race from the view of your car being in front of you to a shit view of nothing as if you are looking from the steering wheel and it's even more uplayable. There is no control instruction option anywhere in the shit game and after trying every button I'm at a loss.
  8. Entry 8 and final one. GET BACK! YOU SLOPPY JALOPPY! Oscar Calraca. Bioshock 2 Some boss quotes from that mp
  9. There are always sessions for boosting on this everytime I look. I noticed 2 earlier 👍
  10. The 100% was quite the pain in the arse! Fun though