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  1. Good luck! Hope it works out for you
  2. Dying light
  3. Little big planet 3
  4. Bioshock for me no contest. My all time favourite games, nothing will ever top them for me. I've done all 3 100% twice now and would happily do them all over again. The platinums can be quite a challenge on the hardest difficulty. Bioshock 2 has online multiplayer trophies which can be a grind but the mp is so fun it really doesn't matter lols. The dlc on the 3 games is all great, especially on bioshock infinite. Burial at sea has to be the best dlc I've ever done. If you have never tried any of these games you are missing out on or hell of a unique story and atmospheric experience.
  5. Would be handy to have alright but still I'd never bother doing it. I've got rid of a few really shit 0% ones in the past but I really don't see the point in starting it with games that have progression on. At first it'll will be a case of deleting any with 1-5%. Then the fiendishness will set in, ah its 70% buts its shit I'll never bother going back to it..... Or that, yea fuck it delete, delete, delete..... By the time you done you've dropped down 10 levels lols
  6. Super meat boy Ahhhhhh this fuck annoying game!
  7. Apparently that disturbing odour WAS the food....
  8. An absolute tonne of games to get through on my PS3 still. I often play on one system for a while then the other. Always a good plan to keep an eye out for the server shutdowns, they are becoming alot more frequent now. Sad times!
  9. Just done the debug on Jak 2 on version 102 PS4 no problem. Seeing as I've done it legit on the PS3 and the fuck awful vita version I deserve a treat!
  10. The bioshock collection Dying light Horizon zero dawn Killing floor 2 Aaero Burnout Paradise Plants vs zombies Garden Warfare Batman arkham Knight
  11. Dishonoured. Not really my type of game at all just couldn't get into it, hate stealth games with a passion as they bore me senseless. Those trophies that you have to do a whole playthrough without killing anyone or being seen sounds boring and annoying as fuck!
  12. Some of the best dlc I've ever played! You'll not be disappointed Oh sir the insult simulator, don't DO IT! One of the most horrible annoying plats I've ever got. I don't want to think about how many hours it took me to get that stupid say no more trophy but I could have earned 10-20 plats or more in that time....
  13. Likes a game of golf surrounded by mines. Respect!
  14. Was going to enter but after checking the game list I have most of them lols. As the family guy mustache camp dude says. Rools is rools. Good luck to everyone that's entered!