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  1. Doing the content for those gonks was beyond annoying! Such a great feeling to finally do it though congrats man
  2. Back to the future
  3. Heart and slash Bad puppy trophy I need to kill 10 more cop dogs but its impossible because every time I get to the second area where they are locate the game crashes. Broken glitch ridden piece of shit game! Avoid
  4. Current top 10 Friday The 13th NA 0.63% Flame Over 0.77% Starwhal 0.97% Friday The 13th EU 1.04% Tricky Towers 1.10% Grand Kingdom 1.18% Absolver 1.20% Modnation Racers 1.26% Worms Battlegrounds 1.58% Downwell 1.93%
  5. Too fookin long lol. Some I can think of, Absolute drift Beyond 2 souls Claire Destroy all humans 1 and 2 Just cause 3 Transistor Ghostbusters Dungeon punks.... Many many more and growing. You should get the crash 2 plat, I think I've mentioned it before 😂
  6. Dying light. Such a boss game
  7. Absolver Absolution Earn all trophies
  8. Absolver 1.19% Absolution Earn all trophies
  9. Plat 458 Absolver Absolution Earn all trophies I bought this in a sale a week before finding out it was plus 😫 this one could have been a really great game as it has such a boss concept, but for me it got boring fast and was not that good at all. When you first start it's alot of fun and very satisfying beating the first boss encounter. Then it's basically one massive grinding borefest.... The worst points about absolver is how unclear it is and the map and navigation. That fucking map! Not only do you have to find an altar to be able to check the shit map that really doesn't help at all, but you also have to try and remember how to find them. Now the whole open world is not massive but it does consist of around 8 different areas that each have altars but all intertwine multiple times and it makes it a pain in the arse! I'd had a break for a week at one point and when I came back it took me half an hour to find the arian quarter. After running around aimlessly and finally getting to it I find out that it was next to me from the point I first started from at the raslan 😠 seriously they need to put a way point marker in this. Then the grind. Bleaughhhhh. This was fucking ridiculous. If I hadn't paid for this game and just got it as plus I'd have fucked it off soon after starting it. Some advice to anyone struggling wanting to speed things up. The kruetz boss and his allies are great for farming style and move xp. I learned most of the 4 styles there in less than 10 mins for each one. To get all the moves quickly go through each school on the forum on this site, very helpful you will learn them all. 👍 And one of the more annoying things, every time you join a school, even if you've been a member previously you have to do about 20 pvp fights to get enough xp to unlock the sword deck again before you can start learning those moves. Fucking stupid! And the pvp fights are absolute WANK! Like the game in general. I never want to see it again. Difficulty 6 Enjoyment 2
  10. Trophies like this and those in dishonoured, beat the game without alerting anyone or killing anyone instantly turn me away from the game. Have to be the most stupid boring trophies created alongside rng!
  11. Still the same now sitting at 0.19%