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  1. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel And u've just remind me of getting 100% in Borderlands 2 and TLoU Remastered some time
  2. Someone would be that kind and could tell me at which time the deadline is for the 4th round? I would like to try out the Platinum Rain Day, guess I need to challenge myself to be patient enough to leave the game with one trophy left
  3. Kingdom Hearts 2 Was my first game on PS2 besides FIFA which I do not play anymore.... It was triggering my gaming career and really would like to find some time and money buying the HD Remixes and playing through all KH Games
  4. Naah from my parents I use their old phones, shouldn't bother them. And my brother is trophy hunter like me, so he can relate. Furthermore, I will only need them for a few hours at maximum
  5. Lucky enough, I got enough phones here at home, will use my old one, my actual phone, the old phones of my mother and father, tablet of my mum and the phone of my brother should work just fine ^^ looking forward to this easy plat!