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  1. Dardiana_1 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End No idea what is going on here, I played through this game multiple times, every time taking my time and following all guides available here. edit: first time seeing one of these, so just read the rules. This is what I'm being flagged for: The only thing I can think of is that my first playthrough was on my normal ps4. I bought a playstation 4 pro, synced the content between the 2 devices and started my second playthrough on the playstation pro. Possible that not all content had synced from the normal playstation and counted when the pro triggered it? I can't see any of the dates or timestamps that you are talking about, so can't really verify any dates or times or provide any further proof until I know what I need to proof and in what timeframe. D.
  2. thanks, but don't really care that the town is known. big place
  3. Ok, since more clarification was requested by a couple people, I dug through a couple boxes and found the receipt of when I bought the playstation pro. This was together with a sale for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 (the 2 other items on the receipt) Anything that looked like it was identifying I got rid of on the receipt itself. https://imgur.com/1ePLztT date of the purchase in my trophy log can be found here: https://psnprofiles.com/Dardiana_1/log?page=27 In the months leading up to the purchase I got more and more issues with online connectivity of the ps4. I got a constant stream of messages connected to psn/not connected to psn, ... I was still able to play my normal games, so didn't care too much. More and more people at my work started to buy playstations and were playing online, and I wanted to be able to join in. (this also lead me to get on here and actually track trophies) Unable to do so, I looked around for deals on a new playstation. I came across a good deal and bought my ps4 pro. When I came home, I did a direct connect between the 2 playstations and was able to migrate all data over. (profiles, games, saves, settings, ...) Fired up the new playstation and once it was confirmed to be working correctly, wiped the old one and traded it in. I continued to play as normal. When all my new and borrowed games were done, I decided to pick back up on uncharted 4. This is when old trophies were syncing with psn, even though I earned them at a previous time. Since I did sync my whole console, all the screenshots of the original trophies are present on my system, with the original dates (09/11/2016 for https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4719-uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end/20-shh-sleep-now for instance) see screenshot for the old trophy https://imgur.com/uQiX62r and the next trophy earned was this screenshot https://imgur.com/4MmYxBz don't know why the color of the trophy bar is different. Maybe difference between normal and pro, maybe firmware version upgrade? when I go back through the trophy list for the game, there is the same trophy with a second screenshot, so I have 2 of them for a couple of the trophies in that game. in the screenshots, you can also see that the 2 actually popped in game, right after each other. The trophies for the headshots happen on the first mission of the game even. If you want, I can export all screenshots and upload them somewhere. let me know if more info is needed
  4. Thanks for suggestions on how to fix the timestamps by re-syncing the original playstation. But as stated in the original post, since there were issues with it, I traded it in to Gamestop. Also, for the people thinking about this being a (minor advantage) to the leaderboards, these timestamps would actually turn out to be later than the original ones, so there is no advantage for me or anyone else here.
  5. @MMDE can we have a definitive answer to this one?
  6. So buying a new playstation in the middle of playing a game is not allowed? And be honest, if I were to cheat at any of these trophies, which I didn't or don't know how to even start, I would not pick 4 bronze ones that 80% or higher of all people completed. There is a lot harder stuff in there than that. But I made my case, as far as I can think, buying the new playstation must have triggered these. Not up to me any more now to see what happens.
  7. Thanks, I can see the time in between trophies, but as I'm reading it, someone said I got 30 stealth kills all at the same timestamp. Or am I reading that wrong? But yes, the last month or so I had ethernet issues with the old ps4, part of the reason I traded it in and went for the pro. I honestly can't remember if trophies popped after launching the game on the new console or on first occurrence of a headshot or not. Been more than a year now since I played that.