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  1. I would strongly suggest that, before you beat the final boss and go into NG+, that you grind/farm out armour limbs from the last game enemies. This will help make the 'craft 20 Gear set' trophy a lot easier as you can break down 1 high level parts into several level 1 parts, reducing the time to grind/farm armour limb parts. If you going into NG+ level 1 parts become come level 11, but are treated as the same level, if that makes any sense. Either way, I also advise that you cut as many different armour limbs as possible along your playthrough, legs/arms are easiest but you'll always be lacking chest and head armour. Any left over armour should be broken down to level 1 and then use to make armour - level 1 armour is the cheapest tech scrap wise to make. I was being conservative with my tech scrap and armour scrapping, but by the end before the final boss I had 11 armour sets made. Also keep an eye on the Sniper and Drone weapons trophy, depending on how far into the story you are and how you beat certain boss, you can lock yourself out of three of the snipers and locking out getting the drones until your 2nd playthrough. Hope this all helps!
  2. I reporting back about this trophy for the last time. I hate to think about all the hours wasted doing this. This was my 3rd attempt getting what should be a simple trophy, and after levelling up my 3rd character to level 99, I bit the bullet and pushed over to level 100. And thankfully this time it actually popped! - I got a bit worried when it took a couple of seconds to pop, but it finally did! To possibly help others that stumble upon this here some things that might help you avoid the trophy bugging out: *Avoid using glitches *Avoid areas that are lagging when you are getting near level 100 (this is just me being cautious) *Don't character swap, this may mess up the tracking, so when you create a character to get to 100, stick with them until after you get the trophy *The 'Monster Mash' event might be buggy, so don't hit 100 while doing the event, I hit 100 with my 1st character while in the event and it didn't pop. You can still grind the event though for good xp, but post level 50, Glowing Whitesprings ghouls give you better xp per minute. This all may get fixed in the next patch, but I ask those who are close to level 100 and are worried to be cautious: either wait for the patch just to be safe, or if you are feeling optimistic push on to 100. I wish everyone the best with this game and tell those who haven't played it yet to just outright avoid the game unless you can get for £10 or less. As for me I am deleting it and don't plan on touching it anytime soon and moving onto Resident Evil 2 at the end the month and am going back to replaying Fallout: New Vegas in the meantime.
  3. Great to hear! I'm currently level 59 and rising, have been grinding at Wotaga, but i'll be sure to avoid it when I get to level 99. I've also been using every point I get like you did to possibly avoid this problem. Also when I made the character i'm now using, I have stuck with them and not switched characters back and forth at all, in case that causes problems. This is currently my 3rd attempt. I may get to level 99 and then wait for the patch, just in case its fixed then, I hear the patch is coming sometime this January. I really don't want to have to grind again with a 4th character.
  4. So it popped on your 2nd time round? Did you do anything different? Or avoid anything specific? And how did you level up to 100? Once I get the scorched earth trophy i'll probably try one last time levelling up to 100 if it worked for you.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've just sent my ticket under the 'crash/blocks progress' option, not sure if its the right one but its a bit limited with options to pick. I ask anyone else who is suffering this bug to write in as well - hopefully they will take note and fix it (but don't hold your breathe).
  6. Do you want to know what the real kick in gut about this is? On the Fallout 76 support page they have an article that tells you what to if a trophy/achievement doesn't unlock... It tells you to fix the trophy to have to..... re-do the trophy... and that's all. On top of that there is no way I can see to report the bug to Bethesda. I have no idea whats preventing this from unlocking, each patch seems to break something else rather than fixing it. Well at least i'm not alone in this problem. I may try re-levelling again after the next patch, but it isn't a priority of mine. Knowing how Bethesda drags its heel it could be months until its fixed, if at all. I guess introducing loot boxes is now their priority. To those with the bugged trophy still reading this: Save you time, get all the other trophies and then leave this game alone, or better yet, play any different game made be people who care.
  7. Well, I to anyone who is still remotely interested I said I would report back: I took a brand new character, marched all the way to Wotga to grind at the monster mash event for level 1 to level 100... And still the Level 100 trophy still didn't pop. I even grinded to level 101 just to make sure, still no trophy. This and the 'Scorched Earth' are my last trophies for the platinum, but it seems I wont be getting at all now. To those that didn't get the level 100 trophy first time round but some how managed to get it to pop, please tell what you did to fix it. For now i'm just done with this game, and Bethesda in general.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Its seems to be affecting only a small bunch of us. I am also feeling very demoralised due to all this. Now that i'm over level 100, the monster mash seems to be only giving me 1/2 - 3/4 xp of a level each run. A run taking about 15/20 - 25/30 minutes each. I'm now level 106 and its starting to really take its toll on me. Nuked Whitesprings gets me always seems to give me 1-2 levels if i'm lucky, but no ones nuking it much on my servers and doing a sile run is a complete ball-ache. You hardly get any xp from all the robot in the silo as well! Like you, I've heard conflicting reports about people who re-levelled with a new charcter to 100. I'm hesitant to start a new character if its all for nothing. I might wait and see what happen with the next patch, to see if it fixes anything Bethesda has dragged its heels with the event trophies, only now getting patched with the next update, so prospects are looking grim. Knowing our luck Bethesda will further nerf xp gain or break something else with the patch. Regardless I will report back when/if I get the trophy.
  9. Some of the other trophies have been somewhat buggy but eventually all popped. I've seen 98% of the game world now and there nothing else really to do. And just playing the beta seemed to have caused unfortunate problems for me and other players. Bethesda should really be hit hard for this game, as petty as it sounds, this truly is the last straw for me with their games and don't plan on buying from them in the future.. And with Obsidians new open-world game coming out, it should hurt Bethesda even more with how shoddy their games really are.
  10. Well, since i'm closer to level 125 then if I restart, I think i'll keep pushing on. In my challenges list, it shows I have reached level 100. This and the 2 bugged event trophies are the only ones I need for the platinum. If not i'll wait for the next patch to see if it fixes all these trophies. I didn't think you could make back-up save with Fallout 76, since its a live game. But if I have to re-grind to 100 i'll try and see if I can. The fact they keep nerfing how much xp you can earn from enemies fills me with dread if I have to re-grind.
  11. The Level 100 trophy bugged out for me and has popped. I've used a new character to get the trophies after playing the beta. Every other level has correctly popped. From level 65/70 - 100 I've been grinding the Monster Mash event, and haven't knowingly used any glitches. My theory is that maybe because I played partly on the beta but now use a different character, the levels I got for the beta interfered with my other character. A similar thing happened with my lockpick/Hacking trophies, they eventually popped getting the needed 50 + 20 on top (that I did in the beta). I think I was level 25 when the beta ended, so i'm going to keep grinding to 125 and then see what happens. I'm seriously getting tired of all this games problems, if anyone knows a way to level up fast, I would be grateful to hear.