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  1. Any word if there will be any new trophies? While I found the game to be one of the most disappointing i've ever played, I would be happy to jump back in for a few trophies. As long I don't have to beat the final boss with no shell again.
  2. This has me a bit nervous. I would settle for a 'remaster' of 1 and 2, and a 'remake' of 3. 3 had a great setting and atmosphere wasted on a terrible story and gameplay. It was also in 3 that I noticed the first instance of 'microtransactions' being implemented into games - with its option to buy crafting materials with irl money. I guess I will hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I'm yet to buy the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster. EA is still up there with Bethesda on my list of 'Game Companies to avoid'.
  3. So is this a 'remake' in the recent Mass Effect Trilogy sense? Or a remake in the Resident Evil 2/3 sense? Because I would be fine with the former, but if its the latter it seems really pointless. I replayed DS1 recently and, apart from some minor graphic issues, it still holds up really well 10+ years on - both graphicly and gameplay wise.
  4. There was a rumor going around that Village was meant to be 'Revelations 3', and that it had several story changes. Also there is the rumor 'Revelations 3' is coming out later this year as 'RE Outrage'. Again these are both rumors, so take it all with a huge sack of salt. I find Village to be a good game but not a very good Resi game. I'm still very conflicted on it. It seem like the tried to appeal both to horror Resi fans and the action Resi fans - which amounts to it being very 'eh' tonally. It did feel in places like a 'Resi 4 greatest hits', I never really liked Resi 4 and I wish the series would stop regressing back to it.
  5. I managed to do it but only by barely grazing through with the minimum requirements. I found the "Slow-Motion" power up really helped on levels 5-8, enemies seem a lot more speedy. Especially levels 7 and 8, and helps with Soldats and archers. The enemy archers are a huge pain, one time they won't hit you at all, other times you will get you blind sided. Or in my case of Factory area 2, waste 6 grenade rounds because they deflected the arrow heads and not hit the archers. Also for Village 2, if you get the full 41 combo (don't forget the small blue bird at the beginning!) you can take area 2 pretty casually and get enough points for the 'S' rank. Just try to keep your combo until the archers and you should be fine - don't be afraid to be liberal with you Mag if you only want the 'S' rank. Factory 1 and 2 where the biggest pains, it just comes down to holding your combo for as long as possible. And that you get lucky with the power up, but even then theres RNG with enemies, I would of had a longer combo in Factory 2 area 1 if the the 1st Daughter actually appeared properly. I like the concept of the mode and power ups, but its just executed so poorly, it should of been more like Revelations 2 'Raid mode' rather than a weird mix of Raid and old mercenaries. This sort of gameplay works better in a more linear fashion. I pray to almighty Wesker they don't include dlc trophies for this mode, once was enough for me, I can't be bothered to try and unlock the 'lightsaber'.
  6. Rant and spoilers ahead, of course. I've been dithering about whether or not I like the game. I certainly enjoyed it but I found the story very lacking - its seemed to be answering questions no one was really asking e.g. What was the source of the Mold? Mother Miranda is a big nothing character with confusing motivations that aren't really made too clear until the very end - and even then its confusing. Something about bringing her long dead daughter back? Also she is over a 100 years old/immortal because of interacting with the Megamycete? Also what was the point of the 'Ceremony?' - at first I thought it was just for show to keep the four Lords and townsfolk in order. But there is no supernatural explanations in Resi 8, why didn't Miranda just do the 'ceremony' as soon as she got Rose or while Ethan was buggering around Heisenberg's factory? And the stupid throwaway mention of Ozwell.E.Spencer rubs me the wrong, mainly because its in a throwaway document right at the end of the game and the game doing the 'You know this completely unheard/unmentioned character? Well they actually influenced events from the very beginning!" thing. The twist that Ethan was 'dead' all along and was actually a 'mold zombie' was so... so what? We already knew he was infected and could reattach limbs because of it in 7, and if Ethan is 'Mold' what does that make Mia and Zoe Baker? They where infected a lot longer than him. And I have to mention Ethan had some really bad voice acting, he is up the with Henry Townshend as the the most apathetic reaction to horrific events and sights in a horror game. As I was playing the game I was waiting to find anything, documents or otherwise, that linked the game to the overall series but it felt like one big 'when are they going to get to the fireworks factory' - if people get what that means. The fact the game chose to exposition dump its major connections to 7 at the very end reeks of bad writing. Also the BSAA is bad now? When did that happen? Some of the Lord could of used the better development, House Beneviento was a major highlight but you end up learning so little about Donna outside the Gardener's Diary. Heisenberg had the interesting angle of possibly being an ally but this only after he tried to kill you several times - which weakens the idea, why would Ethan trust him after all that? His factory should of focused way more on 'body horror' rather than and excessive action: The factory should of went a bit like this: - Enter the factory, meet Heisenberg, escape Sturm without really seeing what it is. - Creep through the early factory finding remnants of test subjects, notes/audio logs detailing 'gruesome experiments'. -Encounter the first Soldat in chair, fight it, "phew! I'm glad i won't have to see that again'... -Then the big visual reveal of the factory mass producing Soldats, giving you the fear and dread of having to face more of the abominations. Village is a good game but I do almost question if needed to be a Resident Evil game - take Chris out and some minor details and it could be its own horror game. The ending certainly sets up some interesting things for 9, but they are going to really have to pull it out of the bag to make this new Resi trilogy pay off. The series also needs to stop regressing back to Resi 4. Hopefully we get some kind of story DLC, maybe detailing what Chris was up too? Or at least something that address some of the bigger series connections that man game lacked. I've had this bottled up since my first run and just had to get it of my chest. I know people like to hate on Resi Resistance , but I really enjoyed it, putting hours into it before the last update. This was in part due to Daniel Fabron and his charisma and dialogue - him and Alex Wesker are two of my favorite characters to introduced into modern Resi. They have to use him in the future it would be shame to waste a character that has become a bit of a fan favorite. Maybe in the rumored Resi Revelations 3 that might come out this year?
  7. What I don't understand is, is that if too many people are using the PS Store, why would this affect me being able to play games I have already downloaded? I keep getting the error that says my PS3 isn't activated when I clearly know it is. Its a good thing I didn't buy any dlc's I wanted on the ps3 store, sine I still cant download/install anything.
  8. Is everyone still having issues with this? Since yesterday I have been unable to install content or play any games I have downloaded. I thought maybe if I deactivate and then re-activate my PS in account settings that it might fix it. But I keep getting error codes when I try to do either. I 've checked that the 2-fator is off (it is). I recently did the Alien vs Predator proxy server thing to get the 2 XP trophies, and now I'm worried I've done something bad. But don't think this has caused anything because I was playing a download game after I put my internet settings back to normal.
  9. A quick PSA for those that might have issues with the XP IP address method: (I will assume you will all know how to start it) When connecting to the multiplayer - you only have to see 'searching for games'. When you see that quickly exit all the menus and get on the Marine campaign asap. I kept losing connecting before 'players required would pop up, but I can assure you only need the initial 'searching for games' to appear. If you can't keep connected for long here are 2 things to try: 1. First have 'Media Server Connection' set to disabled in the network setting menu on your PS3. 2. If you are not quick to see 'searching for games' before disconnecting, close the game and try again, took me 2 attempts to be quick enough.
  10. Update: I got all the trophies so I thought I should update with my findings: 1. Predator Paragon and Clutch unlock in game - so you know if you definitely got them. The rest unlock in the rewards screen. 2. I ended using Discord, it worked best for everyone. Text chat is also another option, there is no in game mi function. 3. 'Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer' can be done with 3 players but it MUST be on the Predator game mode and NOT Hunter,Hunted. 4. Using Method 3 in the guide you can grind the level 30 trophies in about 3-6 hours with 3 players depending how on-the-ball your boosting team is. To speed up he Joker levelling, have the joker player keep swapping control of 1 point with the Bane player, also have the joker player keep killing the hero. When the 'Joker boss' becomes available have the joker take control, you get 250 points for melee a hero with Boss Joker. Some additional things I have learned: You can do 'Predator Paragon' with only 7 players - for this to work you need to have the player who needs to be Batman set 'always opt in as hero' in potion preferences, while the other 6 unique players have it set to 'always opt out of hero' - this way you will start the math in private with only 1 hero/6 thugs instead of 2 heroes/5 thugs. Also to get round the Error 3 message when starting the online, you need to leave for a bout ten minutes and then try connecting - it should connect then. In the mean time do not accept game invites until you ae past the Error 3 message - this will mess everything up.
  11. I've been dithering on whether or not to go back and get the online trophies since I haven't touched the game since release. Especially considering the servers are meant to be shut down but are surprisingly still up. I did manage to get into a few matches but the lobby had 3 player sat max levels curb stomping everyone - it wasn't very fun. But after studying the online trophy guide, I thought I might try and find the answers to nagging questions I've had that I hope people can answer: - Do the online trophies unlock during the match or after? I've herd how some can be a bit glitchy and not unlocking properly. - How easy is it to communicate with others? I see the trophies Predator Paragon, I like Those Odds, Clutch and Know Thy Enemy will all require good communication with several players - Can you use mics in match or do you have to plan before starting? - Can you get the 'Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer' with he minimum 3 players? Because this will speed up earning it with the fewest resets. - And my biggest question: To go from level 1-30 for all 3 related trophies, roughly how many hours will it take? This will be a big deal breaker as getting two other for a long 3 man boosting session can be tricky. If its not too harsh to do I will begin planning boosting sessions in the future. Otherwise I think I might of missed the boat on this one. Hopefully people an answer my questions, thank you for your time.
  12. How many matches have you played? According to the patch notes, for the PS4 at least, match making is meant to prioritise players of a similar rank/skill level. Of course if these criteria can't be met you will get lumped into any available match. Its pretty extreme to claim the game is unplayable.
  13. I remember seeing an E3 interview video years ago where the interviewer referred to Travelers Tales games as 'Telltale Games'. The TT members didn't look very happy but at the same time they where too polite to correct it. As for their Lego games, I've noticed its very rare that they will bother to patch the game to fix bugs after release.
  14. What baffles me most is that they added new mastermind equipment that increases the chance for npc creatures to do grab attack. Getting constantly grabbed, breaking free and then getting re-grabbed is already extremely obnoxious to deal with. That and they have added equipment that benefits gun/camera users like Spencer and Nicholai. Just what we needed more of: ways to constantly gun players down and recovery cameras quickly. And i'm not seeing the matchmaking changes. 1st match I had was against a rank 32 Annette, with me being the only high rank player (rank 44), the other player was one rank 14 and two rank 1s. 2nd match was against a rank 1 Daniel while me and the survivors where all above rank 30. Haven't played the new map yet but have done some testing with Masterminds in practice mode. Area 3 will be nightmare to play against turret spamming Nicholai's, the camera placement and wide open area means that turrets will be hitting you long before you can locate them.
  15. Certainly seems suspicious either way.