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  1. Now now, Sony is just small indie start up with barely two pennies to rub together, you can't expect them to be perfect.
  2. Did you notice any changes with the final boss? Or did they feel unchanged?
  3. Nice to hear they fixed the possibly bugged NPC quests, Nepheli Loux and Kennath's quests just seemed to end abruptly with no pay off. And Diallos just kind of disappeared during the 'Manor' side quest. Disappointing to hear the 'Mimic Tear' has been nerfed, I only used it for 2 end game bosses, and I don't think I could of beaten the last boss without it. I was hoping they would adjust the final boss, either separated the 2 phases into 2 separate bosses, or at least lower the hp on part 2. Along with stopping it from constantly moving to the other side of the arena and spamming AOEs. Anyone here who has beaten the final boss will get the issues with it, with out me spoiling it. For some reason it felt like go from NG to NG++ levels of difficulty. I spent 3 hours last night putting my summon sign down to help players beat the last boss, and only in one instance did I manage to help them succeed. All the other times, if we were lucky to get to part 2, we would end up running out of Hp/Fp and die before the boss reached half health.
  4. The Radagan/Elden Beast fight really hampered my enjoyment of the game. I was Level 150 with 40 vigor and i'm not sure how else I would done the fight without being that level. Radagan on his own is alright, you can learn his moves after a few attempts - though the constant AOE spam and blinding light attacks weren't very fun. Its the fact that you realise the he was just a resource drain for phase 2 with the Elden Beast - who spend most of the fight moving to the other side of the arena and spamming tracking AOE attacks. So you spend most of the fight chasing him down and chipping its health. It almost feels like you where meant to ride Torrent is this phase with how big the arena is. When I finally beat them I didn't feel I had won or succeeded - I felt 'well at least its over now'. Melania is very much a 'hit her hard and fast' fight - the more time you spend fighting here the more you are likely to make mistakes and have her heal herself to full health. Also, Is it just me but do too many bosses feign/slightly delay attacks during combos? Making it very hard to time dodges consistently.
  5. Since Netflix is behind this, this quote from Andrew Ryan himself is very apt...“An artist strives to frame his ideals in an image; to challenge his audience and to make his vision immortal. But the parasites say ‘NO! Your art must serve the cause…”
  6. It wouldn't be so bad if the opponent, when they clearly know they have the win, didn't spend an extra 20 mins flexing with pointless comboes. It's a miserable time all round really and will ultimately drive more people away than draw in.
  7. Thanks, I'll see if the deck works out better.
  8. I was using my irl decently strong Pure Destiny Hero deck, served me well until Gold IV - then I hit the wall, it's now 1 step forward 2-3 steps back. Ah, Gravekeepers! The OG anti meta deck. Would you mind sharing you Gravekeeper list? I know it's a lot to ask but it would help a lot, considering alot of these meta deck as quite hard to follow. Gravekeepers are relatively straight forward by comparison.
  9. Trying to climb up 'Gold' to get to 'Platinum' rank is rough. From 'Rookie' to 'Gold V' I was having fun, winning a bit and losing a bit, but still making progress. Now I've reached gold I keep getting paired with East-Asian players with meta decks and poor connection. So every match takes like 40 minutes while they wombo-combo or mass negate everything I attempt to do, and I don't get to even so much as play one card. It really reminds me why don't play competitive yugioh any more irl. I've gone -6 on Rank IV and now i'm demoted to Rank V. Looks like I might have to give the 100% a miss.
  10. They likely mean how the main emphasis was on the graphics being 'photo realistic', while everything else in the game is pretty dull or industry standard gameplaywise. For a PS4 launch title the graphics do still hold up, but thats the only thing The Order 1886 still has going for it. As others have said - it feels less like a game and more of a paid for tech-demo.
  11. Same thing happened to me, I kept drifting slightly, took me about 12 attempts before it unlocked.
  12. I've completed another network test last night, I made the most of it because I won't have time to partake in the other sessions. I managed to beat the main boss of the area and continue exploring until the demo say you can't go any further in this build. I feel i've played as much as I need to see until release though, so if anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer as best I can. Some extra observations from both sessions: You can find a special reusable that lets you summon in phantom enemies. You can't use these if you have a npc/player summons. I found 3 different ones, I bought the wolf pack one to test It used about half of my blue FP bar and summoned 3 wolves, like the one to can fight in the game. If you are battling a non-fog gate boss (i.e. in the open world)you can get invaded while fighting it. I got summoned in to help fight an open world boss right near the beginning, just as we started fighting it some twat invaded and made a be-line for the host who was preoccupied with not getting killed. Some what related, I got invaded by an npc invader in the open world, I started panicking because i had half health and no healing flasks, suddenly a straw hat wearing shinobi looking friendly npc summon suddenly appeared to help me. The friendly npc was very chatty during the encounter, his dialogue seemed to imply he is a hunter of red phantoms (I think they are called Red Fingers). There is crafting now, but you don't have do any if you don't want to. Crafting materails are found everywhere, you need to find/buy 'cook books' to learn new craftables. You can alternatively just uy the items from merchants. But crafting seems to be how this game gets around the issue in previous games where certain items would be too uncommon to to other using. This game may not be Dark Souls but buy a torch! There are plenty of areas and mini caves that are virtually pitch-black, with out a light source you are going to get gangbanged by the hidden enimies. Lore and story details (Spoilers, I guess?). On the topic of George.R.R.Martin, I wouldn't get to over excited about his contribution to the games development. I found this video a while back about him talking about his involvement, he seems he has had a very limited involvement that doesn't go beyond just setting up a foundation for the world setting/background. He also says its a 'sequel to Dark Souls', - is it a direct sequel? a spiritual sequel like Demon's-Dark Souls? Or did he not fully understand what the game is? Either way I find George.R.R.Martin to be overhyped, along with his 'i'm holier than thou' attitude to Tolkien put be off him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHzJG1hHTdU
  13. Pretty much, though I did notice some minor pop in from long distances - things like grass/small plants etcetera. And there was some minor frame rate dropping when I went near the big dragon in the lake - this only lasted a couple of millisecond. This could just be a network test quirk. It looks surprisingly very good for the old hardware, when I was on top of a very high piece of ruins I could look out in every direction with no visible drop in far away resolution. I'm planning on getting it on PS4 because god knows when I will get my hand on a PS5. But I can imagine this game will look stunning on PS5 with a 4k tv.
  14. Played the first session yesterday of the base PS4, theres a lot of content even in just the small area the network test allowed you to play in. My first observation presented without context: "Land Octopus Ovaries". Some more important things i'm sure people will be more interested in: - Elden Ring follows the Fallout New Vegas school of open worlds, meaning nearly everywhere you go or explore, there will be something of interest or use. Whether it being a crafting item, special weapon, spell etc. So there isn't really any area that that feel pointless to explore. You see that high cliff/ruins? At the top you may find an item of use or get a better view of hidden area etc. - The game really feels like the culmination of all modern FromSoft games. Its take many of the best elements of all there recent games, including Dark Souls 2. The heavy attack stagger for Bloodborne is here, on most enemies if you land a charged heavy attack, from the their front or back, will put them in an open stagger state with a glowie indicator that you can 'riposte' with, similar in appearance to Sekerio. Duel wielding 'power stance' from Dark Souls 2 is back as well. - Co-op has had a bit of an update. I was most interested in this because I like to help others To see summons sign you have use an item, a bit like how it worked in Bloodborne. You now have 2 ways to leave your summon sign: 1. The traditional leave it any where you want 2. You use an item that passively 'emits' you summon sign, while you go about exploring. Your summon sign will then appear near 'summoning posts', usually found not for from a 'Site Of Grace' (a.k.a bonfire). I used this method while exploring and would get summoned by players on the other side of the map. There was also a bunch PvP related items but I didn't look into them - I will see next session. - Spells are fun to use again! They are also pretty strong, so I hope the don't nerf them. I've been playing the 'Enchanted Knight' and used a few spells, each one have fairly unique animations. The have different names now but its (so far) the classics trio of Sorceries, Miracles and Pyromancies. So far Sorceries are linked solely to intelligence, while Pyro and Miracles are tied solely to Faith - Functionally it play like a Dark Souls game, and the comparisons are very hard to deny. It uses a lot of the same voice cast, the voice of the Maiden is same as Yorshka from DS3. This isn't a big deal for me, I personally love to hear regional British accents in these games, a lot more refreshing than generic American voices or the tired old Troy Baker/Nolan North types. I have noticed many reused animations e.g. the wolves and dogs have the exact same moves/attacks as DS3. Theres an optional boss right near the starting that I swear has the attack animations as the the giant horse riding samurai boss from Sekerio. That said there is a lot of new stuff here, its just that if you are as huge as a Souls-Borne player as I am, you will notice these things. - No sign of Patches... yet... Miyazaki is very fond of Patches, and has said in the past he will put him into the games he solely directs. That why Patches didn't appear in Dark Souls 2 (he didn't direct) or Sekiro (he was co-director). I was looking for him because my best friend demanded that if I find I was to kick from a great height. Though not completely unrelated, the 1st NPC you meet directly tells you yo, and I quote, "Go die in a ditch". The guy sounded similar to Harkwood from DS3, so he could kind of be this games 'crestfallen knight'. I only had a 3 hour slot so I was kinda rushing around with out really getting much done, so I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as if I had infinite time. I have another session slot tonight, so if anyone has any questions i'll reply to them later as well as bring in some extra detail. I will be focusing of looking into lore/item discoveries. And trying to find the giant pumpkin head i keep seeing player ghosts wearing.
  15. I see, I might try and round up a group in the future. How long did it roughly take for you to all the boostable trophies? My biggest problem with organising boosting session is trying make sure everyone cooperates and follows direction - its pain when people turn without researching the trophies requirements beforehand