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  1. Don't trust killcams, they are often wrong in WW2 (or at least were when I still played it last year). Also, team balancing is unfair, but that's how it's been every year with Call of Duty. The one year they actually implemented SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking, in 2014), everyone hated it, and we still hate it, so that's a rip for everyone that isn't an experienced Call of Duty player. The MP is awful, mostly because of its change of direction mid-way through its life-cycle, which was good but too late, and resorted to patching up the game. It does have its ups and bright sides, but overall, probably a D-tier Call of Duty. I recommend you play BO2 or BO3 for a more polished experienced.
  2. Pretty sure the trophy is glitched. I 100% the Specialists Headquarters, and I didn't get the MP 101 trophy (nor the Angel Heart calling card).
  3. Call of Duty 4 have been remastered. It came out last year mate, it's literally called Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered.
  4. Every single time I've done it was on Bio Lab.
  5. Oh I didn't mean to say that they haven't explored Vietnam, re-read correctly, I meant come back to Vietnam again or explore somethin they haven't explored to this day^^ Black Ops is old but gold Quickscoping isn't gone, the patch did absolutely nothing to sniping, as quickscoping is not affected by the patch. Only blackscoping is, but no one, even the greatest sniper (imo Optic Spratt/Pamaj or Thief btw) will blackscope since it's just stupid. Yeah, people playing for K/D are annoying :/ I could be the one that does that to get headshot for diamond camo, aka not play OBJ for the sake of camos, but I stick to HC TDM so I'm not a negative weight on my teammates shoulders in OBJ GMMs.
  6. Yeah, that'd have been great. It's always the same theater of events. Hopefully we get a Vietnam game next year or something around events CoD hasn't explored yet :l
  7. I've been using the HyperX Cloud II for a year now and it's pretty damn good.
  8. Oh boy, let's get into it... I. Are you misinformed ? You're the ONLY ONE I saw that didn't get the advertisment. There were never supposed to be 4 modes. The "co-op" mode was Zombies. They just used the term "co-op" to hide the fact that it was Zombies, for the surprise. People are not AFK in lobbies "because they're bored of this Zombie because it's trash". If they found it trash, they wouldn't even play. Either people are navigating in the menus and discovering what the modes and loadout menus have to offer, or they're simply AFK, busy, and forgot to back out. Stop assuming they're AFK because it's trash. Makes no sense. LMAO, the map is not even that dark, that's your TV that's the problem. It is darker than Treyarch Zombies, but it is intended to reinforce the horror aspect of it. My brightness is low in-game and I can see perfectly. Either put your TV's brightness up or get some glasses. Zombies is NOT P2W. You don't pay for ammo, you don't pay for powerups. You can get them in crates by just playing. I just completed the first Easter Egg and I haven't even used 1 consumable. You don't need them unless you're really that trash that you can't make strategies and have to use 10 Max Ammos powerups in 1 game just to survive. Nothing is P2W if you're decent at it. II. The game is NOT P2W. Fucking hell. No. The whole "good gun = better lobbies" patent you're talking about is not in WWII. Nor any CoD game to date. It's been confirmed. Gun variants in this game are only cosmetic the only advantage is that they give you 10/15% more XP per kill, and that is nothing. So useless. Their matchmaking is not P2W and has never been in CoD history. So : You don't pay for better guns, because there are no better guns, only better LOOKING guns; you don't pay for better matches; and what the fuck do you mean by "better costumes" ? You mean the cosmetics costumes ? They're just clothes, no advantage there lmao. Plus the crates aren't buyable in either modes until November 14th. III. CHEATERS ? HAHAHA LET ME FUCKING LAUGH You're mentioning AW and saying "people stopped playing b/c of too many hackers". Let me obliterate your point : I have 25 days played in-game on AW. Grand Master Prestige (Prestige 30 level 50). This is the CoD I have played the most (been playing since launch, so 2 years & half IRL time). I've mostly played on PS3, and I have only encountered like 2 hackers in the 1000's of games I have played. On PS4, Only 1 hacker because of the PS3 -> PS4 account progression saving system they have in AW. On BO3 ? NEVER MET A HACKER. I'm Master Prestige Lvl 350, so I played a shit ton. People didn't stop because of hackers, since there wasn't any. They stopped because they didn't like the whole "exo-suit" idea, and some because they were trash at it and calling people good "hackers". I've been called a modder/hacker/cheaters so many times on AW, just because I was good. Like you can't drop a nuke without hacking. Or 26 in my case. Well, you can. They are no hackers on WWII. Not even one. I've been playing since Day 0 (Nov. 2nd) and I'm almost Prestige 2, and I have diamond snipers. So I played a lot already. And I never found any hackers/cheaters. Some people are just good at the game and soundwhore. Just fucking get good or stop complaining because you get mowed down by good players. IV. Yeah, the campaign was short. I liked it, but nothing much more. Was pretty short with only 11 missions. Was enjoyable, but it was just another CoD campaign. Nothing special.
  9. Please, PLEASE tell me you're talking about PC and not being retarded talking about PS4. "controllers with mods in them" LM-FUCKING-AO Scufs and similar controllers are NOT modded, they just have paddles and remappables buttons, they're legal even in MLG competitions. I've been playing CoD for 9 years, and on PS3, yeah there are hackers, but not a lot at all, but on PS4, I haven't seen ANY. There's no mods/cheats on PS4. I'm almost Prestige 2 in WWII and I haven't met a single hacker. So to say "there's hackers every game" is fucking ridiculous. If you're getting dropped by a player that jumpshots/dropshots because he knows where you are because of the MANY ways you can detect someone (cough soundwhoring cough), don't call it hack. Just get good and deal with it.
  10. Thank you. How many times have I seen spin-offs and reboot after reboot after spin-off of the same Japanese game 15 fucking times.
  11. No, I wasn't specificaly talking about you. It was about those who commented about it and will. I don't care either if I die and I consider myself an alright player (already got sniper diamonds). K/D is useless and has no significance to me. Yes, I didn't talk about the braindead players who can't focus on the objective, it's my biggest complain in the community after the intense camping. Almost every game I complain about a teammate camping instead of playing the objective, didn't say anything against that. In solo games, in most games the teammates are trash, yeah. That's solo play. From what I've seen, most people (and youtubers but that's a minority compared to the everyone) that complained at Ghosts complained after AW. I was one of the people that complained on Ghosts, was fucking glad AW was such a good and refreshing game.
  12. Call of Duty: WW2 really is great. It's the most fun I had since Advanced Warfare & MW3.

    1. ee28max


      Glad you're having fun, man :). I'm getting my MW3 copy back soon and I strongly hope it ain't glitchy as MW2. 

      Laggy, spec ops-wise*

  13. I could've helped some of you, but unfortunately I don't have the game anymore and I'm grinding WW2. If you need any tips or have any question, you can ask me though. Some tips for Flip-Flop : Doing "Flip-Flop" is easier solo. I breezed through it 5 times solo, and it was way harder with 2+ players (did twice with 2+). Only use the Heavy Exo. Upgrade the Armor and Weapon Profiency wisely and first. The EM1 is the best gun by far for this trophy. Buy the "Exo-Stim" ability, and use it when you're about to die (screen flashing red), but for just half a second everytime. It will heal you enough. Don't camp, always move. Also don't forget to buy all the Goliath upgrades (missiles) once your Armor and Weapon Profiency is at Max so that you absolutely obliterate enemy Golaths. Oh, and do yourself a favor. Kill thoses annoying drones first before any other enemies as they will down you while running around as everyone shoots you if you don't.
  14. TL;DR : The matchmaking is fine, stop being a bitch about something they fixed and everyone bitched about it, so they reversed it. People are now complaining about what SHG fixed with Advanced Warfare. The CoD community really is fucking indecisive, for the 9 years I've been playing CoD (since WaW), they always complain about something, then it's fixed, then they complain about the fix, they bring it back to the OG state, still complains. Here, it's the matchmaking. Tired of getting against way better players than you ? Oh, sounds like something they fixed with SBMM (Skill Based MatchMaking) in Advanced Warfare, putting you with people around the same K/D and SPM as you (obviously doesn't work anymore since there's nobody playing anymore). People complained about it because they couldn't find easier games to play in. Everyone bitched about it so bad that it's not in any newer CoD. Now, they bitch about it again. And don't even start me on the "CoD is a copy and paste every year' bullshit they all said until Ghosts, then when AW came out and changed the movement system making it more fun and refreshing, they all bitched about it.
  15. Was down for me too (FR region), but after retrying, it put me in a queue for 20 seconds and connected me.