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  1. I haven't been on here for quite a while!
    I don't use this a lot, but I still went ahead and updated my profile/contact info/about me/graphics!

    I mostly use Twitter now: @taylorsalez

  2. Borderlands 3. I don't know how people play at 30FPS, I am never getting that game 100%.
  3. Max Rep Level 50 player with maxed out 400+ builds for Drift, Race & more. Completed every event, looking for a level 50 crew.
  4. - removed per moderation rules -
  5. Send me a message (Vaporwing), I'll tell you if I can help.I may make a new post about being open to help people on AW.
  6. Updated my profile picture & cover picture with up-to-date graphics.

  7. Hey :3 I'm very active, and looking for people to have fun talking to :3 ! PSN ID : whyyTay PS Systems : PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests : Yes !
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Too bad I got the Big League trophy on my old account, and not on this one :c
  9. Yoo

    Hey there, welcome Don't hesitate to contact people to make friends or if you have issues ^^
  10. "it sucks they don't have any more original ideas" what ? Go up and read @NTGSruler's reply, they changed literally everything and implemented tons of new ideas. The only thing I see resembling COD4 is Price and maybe the map aesthetic. But that's it. Plus, they already have COD4 Remastered that came out in 2016, so there would be no point making an improved COD4 since that's what they already did with the remaster. But hey, maybe we will see COD4 elements in there. I watched all 4 hours of the entire reveal event that happened yesterday, and I saw literally nothing from COD4. (and no, I'm not counting the night vision since it was only a useless filter they put in CoD4 for fun whereas here it's got it's own whole new gamemode & actually work like real night vision goggles)
  11. This is a soft reboot, it's own story. It is not at all an improved version of COD4 though, not even close. The MP is way different, plays way different, is 1000x times more deep and has very little related to COD4. It's a mix of MW2 & MW3 content-wise, with a whole new gameplay with Call of Duty.
  12. No battle royale has been announced. 10v10/20v20 & more announced as gamemodes in the standard Multiplayer tho. Crossplay between PS4 / XBOX / PC based on input method confirmed as well ! Good to see the original creators of Call of Duty, the ones who made the best CoDs (COD4/MW2/MW3) come back and fix all of Treyarch's mistakes and shitty "innovations" and doing so many things right !!
  13. Just updated my signature :D

  14. I love music, I'm sure you do too !

    So I'm sharing my "NightTime🍃Sleep" playlist with you :3


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    2. Taylor


      Absolutely !

      If you have twitter or discord, let me know, that's the best way to get a hold of me :3

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      I have Twitter - @25Max25. I do plan on doing a major change on my usernames online though xD

    4. Taylor


      Followed you ! DM me there whenever you feel like it :3

  15. Just finished everything, it's not hard. Only difficult tracks I encountered were towards the middle & very end of the Master Tournaments list, with 3/4 tracks that have very sharp turns. I just used the Explorer for every single race.