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  1. I honestly think Hardline's "takes too much time to complete" argument is so absurd to me. I feel like the main problem with those 40K trophies is mainly that you have to play 1 class for a whole 100+ hours ish while you're still having fun. Playing 1 class for 100+ hours ish is so repetitive and gets boring and stale too fast. If the trophies were turned into "Get 40K kills total across everything" the experience would be actually fun and more interesting.


    anyway just got 800+ kills for today. Tomorrow is probably gonna be my 1st 1/4 10K trophy done :) 

    So excited to finally play any other class. xD 

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    2. Extratenzy


      @Mr_Skirra What platform are you doing Hardline on? Since on PS3 it's extremely hard for some1 to create boosting sessions for it. Also the process of Test your Mettle is indeed so annoying. We would have 10 people and sometimes we couldn't connect because of region issues with party leaders. It took us 4 hours to do it alone. It's by far the most important trophy to get out of the way first before starting to grind as it's the only one that needs 10 players. :/


      And yeah the game is so fun if you don't pay attention to trophies rather pay attention to enjoying the game and learn to preform better in it :D 

    3. Mr_Skirra


      I'm playing on ps4. I can't wait to get that trophy out of the way. That game, and fifa19, the two games that scare me the most when it comes to never getting the 100% lol. 

      I honestly miss a remaster of Battlefield 3. I can't wait to play Nohshar Canals again on TDM with my m1014. 

      Now that was life. 

    4. Extratenzy


      @Mr_Skirra DUDE I WISH. Knowing EA tho i don't think they would do it. BF3 remaster on PS4 with 64 players and higher FPS would be fucking dope as hell.


      BF3 Remaster is something the Battlefield community has been wanting and asking for for a long long time now :/