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  1. I honestly think Hardline's "takes too much time to complete" argument is so absurd to me. I feel like the main problem with those 40K trophies is mainly that you have to play 1 class for a whole 100+ hours ish while you're still having fun. Playing 1 class for 100+ hours ish is so repetitive and gets boring and stale too fast. If the trophies were turned into "Get 40K kills total across everything" the experience would be actually fun and more interesting.


    anyway just got 800+ kills for today. Tomorrow is probably gonna be my 1st 1/4 10K trophy done :) 

    So excited to finally play any other class. xD 

    1. DamagingRob


      If you have a higher tolerance than some, then more power to ya. I know Far Cry 2 broke me, though. I wanted to quit once my partner was done, but he wouldn't let me. :lol: I wouldn't ever want to attempt something that is four times longer. :/

    2. Extratenzy


      @DamagingRob i think boosting something that takes time as well is a nasty situation to be. At least with Hardline you can grind whenever you feel like and how many kills you wanna aim for in everyday. Though, yeah Hardline is indeed longer but it's definitely not as painful cause boosting the other trophies are so easy and the main problem is just the kill grind.  xD 


      I can't wait to finish Hardline on PS4 as it'll be my 2nd time finishing it in a legitimate way of grinding the kills. Then i can start and relax with doing Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. :D 

    3. Mr_Skirra


      I got two of em done without paying much attention to it. I got over 60k kills in MWR multiplayer just because I was having fun so 40k isn't too bad either. The problem for me is Test your Mettle. I just miss out on the boosting sessions each time and the servers are dead for that gamemode.

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